Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

The year has come to an end and whatever happens in a decade seems like happen lately and wonders whenever think about the past years. It feels like we have just foot stepped in 21st century but 9 years have already pasted. This year was little tough for me and most of all it was my mind that get disturbed by my health deficiency, and best of all is traveling, meeting new friends and writing, which I think have improved and more highly is friends support in blogging.

I have thought to do many things this year, but time has passed now and only a day has left to year 2010. I know past is past and tomorrow is hope which leads our life to so many times. Let’s hope everything would be fine in year 2010!

There are 365 days in a year, but there’s no other day like January 1 we welcome so enthusiastically. Days are infinite and this day 1 is also like the other, but we give more importance to this day and it’s something refreshes our mind and shows new hope to life certainly. On this day we realize the increase of our age and it’s the only day in the world where everyone celebrates.

Moreover people from various culture, practice celebrates this day on there own tradition, but there’s no less of celebration. There’s hope whatever begins on this day continues throughout the year and let us hope and wish good things continues in our lives too. Happy New Year :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

X-Mas 2007
Christmas is the most celebrated festival in the world, and I always like to take part of this festival. Other than faith, I like the fun shared through this festival all along the decorations and mood that I also celebrate the world festival.

Last year I was in valparai on the occasion of Christmas, and the churches in the municipality are decorated with lights, trees and rhymes of Christmas. It was a beautiful evening with sun setting down behind the hills and a pleasant atmosphere to sense; we were playing around the lawn even after night dawn.

Against our cottage there was a small church decorated quite simply and beautifully, and in nights the lights continued to blink. The setting of the birth of Christ still exists in my view and the whole evening was just fun. I took varies pictures of the decoration, but somehow it was erased from my cam. It certainly happened to be a winter festival and like never before.
Merry Christmas
Scared heart church, Valparai
Now, I’m driving myself into the mood of festival and trying much I can do to celebrate the festival. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope u all have fun. Take care :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A take

It’s been a while I blogged I know, and I wonder how I lack interest on blogging. I have been worrying a lot about my health these days and can’t avoid thinking a lot related to my health. We have consulted couple of doctors in meantime except our family doctor and one was a general physician, whom we met mistakenly instead of meeting a chest specialist.

First our doctor had preferred overdose tablets and it happens to reflect in some intestine problem in me and so we stopped the treatment for mucus clot and took medicine for intestine to settle down to accept the medicine. After checking with chest specialist, he revised the tablets and preferred mild ones so thus he could increase the tablets how far my body accepts.

I never thought it would take much time to get cure, when I came to know I need to take medicine for about 6 months to get dissolve completely the clot. More than the cause created by my health, it’s my mind that struggled a lot to cope with deficiency and still being in touch with the same set of mind, I’m trying hard to come out of the conflict I’m going through.

I find myself wondering at my attitude, thinking what others might think about my change in mind and seeking people. There’re many times I like being lonely and found bliss being alone, but it was totally different now and I really hate like never before being inside home and being alone. I must say my parents was my great support these days, and found what interest people.

I think sometime is relation mean only for celebration and people who can never think about us in meantime, what is there in celebration alone. Keep away the thought of others, I was thinking a lot about me these days and almost forgetting about everything and people, I exist in an unreal world where worries alone. I hope to be back in normal here soon and check everyone. Take care