Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Out of stock

We had gone through water scarcity and Chennai was infamous for it once but I never remember we went through dryness of petrol bunks, where almost bunks in the city were out of stock for the last 6 days. The shortage of petrol and diesel had also spread to suburbs… where filling a bottle of petrol takes maximum an hour waiting on the queue… that too only after sought through lot of petrol bunks out of stock.

During the time of protest against the hike on petrol in India… the scarcity of petrol and diesel has brought into the light, the obvious truth that living without it has been tough even though the price of petrol has been on constant rise.  I wanna think the scarcity of petrol and diesel in Chennai is supposed to divert people from the hike on petrol by the petroleum companies or government. But till late night the situation was much favor to the petroleum companies since lack on gasoline, people had come down to buy no matter how much it cost!

I couldn’t stop thinking or thanking the petrol companies to come out of stock to make us realize the worth and important of gasoline… even though I agree and feel truly that running out of petrol causes lot of trouble. But it was interesting to read few columns on newspaper about how the petrol scarcity forced people to take few steps aback as saving petrol, for ex. those vroom on traffic signals have come down to switch off their engines or become patient till green signal falls!

See how much we could save in petrol and diesel, if we follow such methods through all our rides as much possible and rolling down the windows and switching off the A/Cs while free from pollution and heat could rejoice plenty of liters of petrol and diesel. A sustain on speed and driving at minimum speed control would save lot of petrol and also gives maximum comfort and guarantee to life… which  is precious and has a lot to achieve, love and sharing and celebrating many special occasions of this beautiful life.

Love you all!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Princess of hills

Princess of hills
Portrait by Jeevan (click image for enlarge)
I just find her very pretty
wrapped around in scarf
and like a beautiful flower
she blooms a smile
as mysterious as mist;

Taking a step at back
and holding hands across,
she gave an impressive pose
with a little charm on face
which I still feel adorable;

The picturesque lake of kodai
in mist backdrop, enhanced…
leaving aside a small shrine
and least visible on water lilies
embrace a sense of spiritual.

The elegant outfit
and the worn around scarf
resembles a style of Kashmiri
unlike the crown of Himalayas
she’s the princess of hills.

Footnote: The one looks so favorable to shoot was none but my sweet (cousin) sister Dhana! She is always charming, and esp. during our vacation in Kodaikanal - which is called Princess of Hills, she was enchanting and I captured this one while she was standing casually on the lake pavement.  I thank her for giving me such a lovely pose seeing me shooting at her and I must say it is one of a beautiful and best portrait I have done.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fairy falls, Mist and Fun evening

It was a lovely dawn for me on the hills of Kodaikanal during our second day on vacation and the sun beams flashes between the trees just made my day very refreshing and warm from the cold night. The frost window panes were melting slowly from moisture to droplets to cause beautiful texture reflecting to the woods green backyard of the Yorke House of CSI Retreat Center. The Yorke House, nested atop the center surrounded by tall trees of pine, eucalyptus and yellow mimosa quite retreat weather is wet or sunshine.
My world :)
Whom i consider my world, Parents (click each image for enlarge)
After the breakfast in the restaurant of CSI Retreat, we spent some time taking photos to one of a picturesque background of green and mist passing and they all come out very beautiful as family photos. Thus we aren’t new to Kodaikanal and having no plan to go where, it’s my choice to choose the place I haven’t revealed and certainly there’s a place  not to miss this time and it’s the Fairy Fall.
Fairy falls
Fairy Falls
The Fairy waterfall is 5km from Kodaikanal on the road leading to Observatory and there’s a small sign board indicating the falls isolated from the tourist attraction. A road slide down from the main road makes the ride narrow and the falls has been brought under the horticulture garden to close by gate but there was none to stop us, so we went opening the gate with no sign of falls and the only visible was bank of mist.
Fairy Falls
It was cool indeed and later the mist moved, we get to see the wet rock expose to lack of water and above the marsh beneath a round-turn platform is build to check the falls near. Even it was disappointing to see the falls without water, I could imagine the wonderful it was suppose to fill if there was enough water. Some websites claim the old famous Liril soap ad was shot here and it is also called as Liril falls, where the late pretty girl Karen Lunel clad in bikini play with soap and water. But I’m not sure it’s that Fairy fall or Pambar fall!
Amid mist
Mysterious mist... bliss
We still hold time for lunch and so went around and during the season time the road lead to Pillar Rock would be one way and we have to take diversion at upper lake view and it took us nearly two hours to come across the Pillar Rock as caught between heavy traffic jam! It was never like before crowded and vehicles were standing for few kms and it was completely mist blanked, cool and fun throughout the slow-motion. One of my dear cousins took the steering first time on hills and I was the guide of him on routes and encouraged him a lot to go ahead and him soon become familiar on Ghats.
Indian Hummer
My hummer, Scorpio car
In between the hide and seek of sun, clouds and rain we had great time playing after the noon lunch and we have nothing to do then than going on chatting and women playing  musical chairs, badminton and rings. I personally had fun identifying the silent deeds of movie names and I kept clicking with my camera while they keep on playing, laughing and smiling and it was a worriless moment indeed.
The Kodaikanal Lake was almost misted and crowded by tourist this time and we had a pleasant evening sit back to the bank of Lake Platform before heading to the CSI Retreat where the real fun and treat waits for us. It’s the camp fire which is very special to me and this is the first time I am experiencing it like ever fun indeed! My uncle arranged it for me and we were all around sat to chairs waiting for the service maid to light the fire woods and as soon it went to flame the gala time begins.
Fun around Fire
 The cold was almost drive away and a warm feeling began to embrace and the sense of dancing in others slowly caught fire to the songs played in our car. It was a wonderful experience for me enjoying the bonfire as well sharing the moment while others having fun dancing around. Our enthusiasm last over 10pm and even it rained amid we never mind of getting inside and used the chairs as umbrella holding about the head and kept moving creating a new dance style!
Camp Fire
It was a moment like never experienced before so enthusiastically and the night might always remind in mind as treasure and even the entire trip was remarkable and memorable to never hide away.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer tree

Summer tree

I replaced this post after little work with Photoshop to promote the poem and picture of leafless tree take in front of my house… which is on rejuvenating process after stripping its leaves wholly.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Art by Jeevan

Art by Jeevan
I painted this drawing few years back and I couldn’t remember what’s the name of the king was… But I guess he must be one of a Mughal empire. It’s been longtime I painted or drawn something and it’s not that I’m not interested or motivated by something to draw... it’s the drawback in physical activity of hands and stress keeps me away from painting. Laziness is also a reason for the lack of attempt to draw with tough hands hold to pen or pencil.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Angel’s trumpet - Frosty pink

Angel's Trumpets
Angel’s trumpet, also known as trumpet flower or the horn of plenty is a tropical shrub grows flowers up to 10 inches in long and 4” across.  These are the flowers that are mostly white in color, but they are in delightful forms of yellow, blue, red and pink decorating our yards and gardens.
Angel’s trumpet is richly scented, white, lily-like trumpets that hang downs are intoxicate fragrant in evening.  As they grow well on any good moist garden soil in full sun, I have seen them almost in cool climates on hill stations.
Brugmansia 'Frosty Pink
Ange’s Trumpets is a common name for two closely related genera in the Solanaceae family of Brugmansia and Datura; Brugmansia Frosty Pink is the name of this particular color of flowers that I captured in Kodaikanal.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer memories

The nature sun is very unkind towards us today for the first time in this season of summer and the heat waves are so rage making it ever so hot day of the year.  Usually this season might be wonderful at home with sea breeze rising by noon but today its quiet different with the usual breeze which instead of pleasing, rashes away. It’s an expected mighty during the peak season of summer, but still I wasn’t cared and hoped the usual sea breeze will blow away the heat but today it had joined hands along with it to become normal very later.

Usually this is one of my favorite seasons even the temperature raises to peak; the wind would bear nostalgic memories of past and caresses slightly during the empty afternoons. What mostly striking memories of this time was the vacation and happy days spent at granny home and along with cousins the holidays are the most charming phase of life with cool cadies, ice creams and juice items. Playing Ludo, snake ladder, monopoly and trade business has been a part of this season we play and the days would be totally noisy and most of our excitements were on afternoon under the water tank shadows on terrace and balcony where the cool breeze uplift me in air.

During summers these are the memories cherish me while taking back in to solace and the wind plays a major role in recollecting memories which swing me back front inside the heart. The wind is one of my inspirations during this season where some of the notable poems were written on this time and leaving mind to slim various thoughts, the afternoon calm give way to the deep insight to wind through the open windows. The crashing leaves, chattering squirrels and chirping birds are the nature resonant keeps the spirit upwards and self motivated towards the end of pleasing evening… writing a poem or letter from the heart, floating in the air.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kodai 2012

The day wakeup for us about 3 in the morning and driving out of home by 5AM in two cars, it was surprise to see still the signals at GST (Grand Southern Trunk) road works out on behalf a smooth traffic flow was on the road, since the international airport is on way.  It was a pretty wonderful dawn as we passed the suburb traffic, it was only on such occasions I get to see the sunrise which was vibrant this time with colorful hues and while passing the Kolavai Lake of Chengalpattu it glitter so beautiful on water which I couldn’t capture by poor chance.
Mist spread on mountains
Mist spread on mountains
We had our breakfast somewhere before and near Tiruchi and lunch on the hills half way to Kodaikanal, which we usual have at Tiruchi and only this time we were earlier on hills. The sun beating heavily at the foothills went gradually rising down as our msl level rose… the mist and clouds began to cool us under its white blankets and shower later.  We had no idea about rain as we come across the day with heavy sunshine; the bags tie to the roof rails were supposed to drench escaped with mild wet cloths.
Sis collecting mimosa
Cousin sis Deepika collects Yellow Mimosa (see the flower at last pic)
As we reached the CSI Retreat Center House beside the Kodaikanal Lake by the late afternoon enthralled me in its pleasing cold and pleasant stay environment among the woods and lawn. It was just like a home stay where breakfast and dinner were provided by the retreat center and the Yorke House allotted for us has a spacious hall and a dormitory to accommodate 20 plus people, and it was like a dream come true of staying together with dear ones under single tiled roof.
White-vented Myna
Jungle Myna
The house came entirely under our control and there are round tables for chatting and playing cards and having dinner together… even there’s a TV in the hall we aren’t interested to watch and more than it wasn’t playing gladly. Being nearby lake, dad and uncle went on their way walking after a small refresh and tea, we kept chatting and I was flashing around and found a couple of jungle mynas retreat at the lawn and there was a  dog lookalike a husky in spiky hairstyle! Lol
Spiky hair dog!
My uncle’s family is a regular visitor to the CSI Retreat Center and my cousin used to say Bison or Indian gaurs   are regular visitor to the retreat center for grazing and two days before our arrive too there were bison’s around the house, says the manager. But till we left the place staying there for 3 days, there wasn’t a bison but we saw a herd of them next to the Bryant Park’s forest area which extends beyond the CSI Retreat Center.
Indian guar captured near Bryant Park
It was a newly experience for me to sleep in a dormitory with cots one above another and it was indeed fun being together with cousins and even after lights turn off, we kept chatting and teasing like nothing. The younger once are all sent to sleep at upper berth and elders remained at the lower along with me and it was somehow warm at the lower berth since the contact with cold roof is prevented. It was quite wonderful being together and sharing our space and lean hands which I wish continues not only on this occasion alone.
Yellow Mimosa
Yellow Mimosa
More on the vacation is yet to continue…

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Indian Summerset

Indian Summerset Lilium
Dropping temperature
sprinkle drop lets at night
bringing fresh flowers
to bloom at gleam.
Fresh Bud
The summer set’s in
but still remarkable at height
where ridges and mountains
moisture like fresh flower buds.

Footnote: Indian Summerset Lilium was captured in Kodaikanal, and the pastel pink flower was so pretty catching our attention and the flower bud looked just fresh like out of shower was impressive!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dad’s health cause

The last 5 days were not so good for us since dad health was little ill due to diarrhea and low sugar sent us to deep distress and once the diarrhea comes to halt, the low sugar sent him to shivering and slightly moving condition. One entire night he was restless between the bed and restroom and next day he was seen physically so weak and was forced to check the nearest clinic for medication and drips of glucose which gathered him strength but it doesn’t last as soon the sugar level decreased.

It went down as not so worrisome but the stressed intestine at other hand began to twist and pain and along with this he was mentally upset due to his condition and felt sorrow for not helping me on routines. Mom was indeed forced to take care of me single handedly with her already wrist and heels problem, it was impossible for me being easy and mind kept thinking about his health and wishing for a quick recovery.

On Monday he visited our family doctor and only later his health condition becomes better and again he took blood test on Tuesday which showed rise in blood sugar level as he didn’t take diabetic tablets in the confuse state on health and the cause of drips of glucose. He went out only late evening for a short walking after 4 days of suffering from health disaster and I could seen him little energetic now and bright smile on his face, which I wish last forever…

He’s also suppose to take a cataract operation at the end of the summer which has put forth lot of worries and if it is not for the surgery which has been nothing these days in the medical dictionary  taking care of me had been the worrisome for the three of us. Since after the surgery dad needs at least a month of rest for getting remedy and only mom has to take care of me, the toughness ahead really push back me thinking how could we balance… even though we express our grief of how to manage it seems senseless and words of void and feels so hopeless when no response for others, the so called dear ones.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn
The blue dawn

Purple at noon

Pink in the evening,

A day life

With different phases

Of shades and coloring,

The dawn breaks

After cold dewdrops rain

A relief from clumsy

How glorious

The morning glory

In ocean blue color

Delights till sun hides

At the end of the day

Fades away in magenta.

Footnote:  The Blue Dawn is a common name for the flower belongs to the morning glory family and native to India, Blue dawn blooms in the morning and fades away in evening. It’s a climbing shrub commonly found in hill stations and it scrambles over fencing and woody plants. The flowers bloom in dark blue and while in noon it turn purple and evening in pink. The flower above was capture in the noon on a roadside fencing at Kodaikanal.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Window's pane

Window's pane
The moisture window glass pane by Jeevan (clicked in Kodai)
The arrival of dawn
drawn into the home
through the window's pane.

The closed windows
reflects the life outside in
through the window's pane.

The ray of sun
passes the source of light
through the window's pane

The night breaks off
silently inside the room
through the window's pane

The life wake-up inside
only begins outside the windows
which I believe strongly
even though light passes
through the window's pane.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Family vacation @ Familiar location

Kodaikanal has been my favorite place since I began visiting and falling in love with this so called princess of hills and u might be checking blog posts on it lately and early here and I was there again last week-end with my dear once for a family vacation. We went as families of four in two cars and it was completely fun and enthusiastic unlike ever cheerful, remarkable and memorable trip.
My families
Along with our families who are close to my heart
We booked at the CSI Retreat Center Homes which is close to the Kodaikanal Lake with lake view is a treat in itself. There is couple of individual homes and suites and dormitory available to the budget and according to the number of people and we took the Yorke House dormitory on the top of the center and thus felt more individual and enjoyed the isolation provided by the undisturbed environment and away from people.

We were quite oneness and worriless being there and together provide a platform for sharing and understanding the phase of life and it was after six year we all were together on a holiday vacation that too to the same place of Kodaikanal. We always travel or go as a vacation by 6 or 7 people what our SUV can accommodate and it was very long time wish to enjoy the holiday as a group of people very close to us either.
CSI Retreat Center home
CSI Retreat House, Kodaikanal
This time we explored a not well known and road less travelled destination on the northwest of Palani Hills and it was completely heaven site with pristine environment and freshwater lake and beside the terrace farming sleeps a pretty village alike Poombarai. Not to forget the leeches that are plenty ready to suck blood with no sense and the source provide there was bliss and solace to heart and the lake view through the winding road is an unwind sight.

Almost the vacation went off through passing mist, cold and rain and every time visiting there a change wait at phase and some places remains same and what worst was the traffic that lines the winding roads. Except staying atop the hills, the traveling was worst indeed through the heavy sunshine and only for this trip we woke up as early as 3am to avoid traveling under hot sun.
My white angel
My white angel
Will post more on the trip in detail later at further posts…