Monday, January 31, 2022


It was like yesterday, we welcomed a new year, but we had already come to the end of a month of the year. January, a month to be refreshing and cheering up following the Tamil festival and cool weather, had become a month of great exhaustion, and on the other hand, the cool weather had come worsening the state while one is ill.

More than a week has passed since I touched the laptop. My health took a setback with fever, abdominal infection, and loose motion dragging me out of the course of regular activities. To put it simply, I'm not a person who takes afternoon naps, but all these days I was forced to take it with exhaustion and from sleepiness nights. My fatigue almost went to a state of IV therapy, but I didn't go that far and managed with ORS and chyme to sustain against the heavy dose of antibiotics. And I can understand the seriousness of the infection from the gripping pain in the abdomen. 

Now, after completing the course of medication, I'm slowly coming out of nausea and tracing back to normalcy. The past week was quite difficult for us, and I had trouble attending the restroom more times; the worst phase was at night, with no one to help mom and dad. I never faced a situation like this and am still reclaiming my previous condition and hopefully will do so soon as I  plan a short trip before the winter season closes. 

The covid doesn't seem to be an issue these days, except the consoling fact that many people wear the mask in public, either due to awareness or fear of paying fines. The govt. to comes to slack mood or deliberately doing so because of emerging local body election, despite the omicron at peak, many people move along with the symptoms of same but untested. Covid almost added to the norm, and the only thing we have to do is keep the system running smoothly until some changes occur. 

We are living at the best and worst at the same time. The worst is undoubtedly the deadliest covid, a tremor that keeps shaking the entire earth and killing millions, and the best is that we came up with a vaccine that quickly, and ever in history, to shield the people from the spikes of covid. I can't imagine a situation now without the vaccine; what a great source of life our scientists found, and many still hesitate to take, and some skip the second dose while the booster began. I wish everyone joins this war to break the chain that confines us in the embrace of covid.

I hope you all are safe and progressive.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Skywatch Friday: contrail and sunrays

I accidentally looked into the sky last week, as I moved into the balcony, found a jet flight crossing the sky, and as I had the phone in hand, I shot the flight with contrail before moving out of my sky.  

The same evening, a few minutes later, with almost sunsetted behind the rising clouds that rose behind a building, leaves a beautiful view of the sun's rays going upwards. It's not a daily occurrence unless clouds form over the west.

Hope you all have a nice weekend

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Monday, January 17, 2022

RGB Monday

Our Colorful Pongal Kolam

Not alone Pongal, any festival or event is not celebrated without drawing Kolam in Tamil culture. Although kolam is a Hindu custom or tradition, drawing a beautiful kolam in front of or in the courtyard of an event venue draws attention and adds charm to it. In Hindu custom, drawing Kolam is a daily activity of a household (mostly the women) in front of their house; until we moved to the 1st floor of our native home, mom used to draw Kolam every day. But now, due to a knee problem and difficulty in waking up early morning, she stopped drawing Kolam; but my aunt continued to draw the kolam on our doorstep, which was common to both of us.

This year's Pongal festival was better than the previous year where the covid and some personal losses took away the festive spirit and celebration mood. Though, this year too, we missed the traditional way of celebration with mud pot Pongal, what made it special was the arrival of the two new nephews. My sister’s (cousin) son, nephew Jeswanth, went to their house to celebrate Pongal while my brother’s son Kavin came here from their maternal home for the Pongal. Now Kavin had gone back, and Jeswanth returned. I hope you guys too had a good festival time if you celebrate Pongal.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Omicron Vulnerability?

Omicron is spreading at an incredible pace in India, and the trial for Omicron has stopped here as most of the cases are the same. The possibility of catching the virus has become a no issue as I guess most of the cases of mild fever or cough and cold should be Omicron, including myself. It began with a throat cramp, improved with cold symptoms, and mild fever. After medication - 3 days of antibiotics and cold medicine, I have improved to the point where I can type this post on my laptop. Perhaps, the mild symptoms of Omicron and 2 doses of vaccine help fight this stage.

First, my brother experienced the same few days early as mine, and now, my aunt also faces the same. It stops me from doing anything that I'm interested in rather than watching tv and listening to music since tired or annoyed by the cold symptoms. I skipped two days off of regular physiotherapy. I keep checking with the oximeter that reads normal, and the temperature is too normal to keep away the anxiety.

Though I know Omicron isn't life-threatening for those who took the vaccine and even unvaccinated face any serious issue or go to ventilation condition, the weaker immunity as mine has to be cautious. Our state Tamil Nadu has gone on night and Sunday lockdowns as cases grow as 2 thousand per day, and further restricting or relaxing depends on the increase or decrease of the virus spread. But hopefully, it looks like at the speed of rising, it perhaps falls short and disappears quickly from the society. 

With two years of experience related to Covid, we should be well aware of the reasons for that and adapt to the new lifestyle, which is already 2 years old.  But I am still annoyed hearing that some people haven't taken a dose of vaccine and fall into the custom of masking their jaws. For example, our servant maid doesn't wear the mask properly - at least she took the vaccine. And because of that, my mother wears a mask whenever she enters the kitchen. 

I hope you all are safe and following the covid protocol to prevent being affected.

Take care

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

New Year with Nephews

We celebrated our new year by cutting the cake in the wake of the New Year, keeping ourselves awake beyond midnight like usual, but unusual about this New Year was the cake and nephew Jeswanth. After 2015 I stopped cutting cakes for the New Year, not that I don't celebrate the new year, and though I lost interest in cake cutting, the real reason was no one to celebrate. 

For the New Year 2013, all my cousins met me on New Year’s Eve and stayed at our house all night to cut the New Year's cake and celebrate with joy. That was the last time I enjoyed the New Year and later years were just we 3 - me, mom, and dad - woke up till midnight, watching television, which boomed with a loud greeting of the happy New Year and a few greeting calls from dear ones beginning our year. 

Usually, my brother used to go to bed early or visit his friends on New Year’s Eve, so it was only the 3. Now, after shifting to the native home with my uncle's family in the adjacent portion, we have at least a few people around, but I still miss the cousins' company with whom I find delight. This year, my uncle's family came up with a surprise cake, and the arrival of my nephew is the reason behind it. This being his first new year (and first time seeing a cake), he was excited only to pick up the cake to eat rather than cutting the cake.

My nephew's activities have increased a lot these days, it's fun to watch them, and he's eight months now to sit and crawl on his own, and except for the time he sleeps, it is hard to control. Keeping an eye on him has become a must. He was kept awake till midnight to cut the cake, but unhappily, he has kept away from eating the cake as we can't feed him the same without consulting the doctor because he just got well from diarrhea.

Kavin - my other nephew and brother's son - 2 months old, visited us last week. As per custom, a newborn baby has to stay at his maternal parent's home for at least 5 months before moving into the paternal home. So, they stayed only for two days, and he's too little to have fun as he smiles and cries at the same. He notices the movements and sounds to either smile or cry, and he's someone who sleeps all day and is awake through the night. So, his wake-up time is too little in the day times to play.