Friday, November 19, 2010

Droplet leaves

a tine drop
Roll over to edge
and expose to sunlight,
the droplets glitter on leaves
and splashes
while birds detach from branches

Crossing across various particles
droplets sprinkle on the leaves
and cling to the wrinkles
hold till unwind; and drops
while greater motion at the wind

The droplets detach from nimbus
that in turn crystal balls on leaves
are hardly touched or played
while holding to the leaves
they reflect as a mirror.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Big Temple – Thanjavur

The Big temple in Thanjavur is world famous and the main aspect of the temple structure was its disclosing Dravidian architecture. Built by the great ruler of South India Rajaraja Chozlan in 10th century AD, the building completing its 1000 years of history today, still continue to exist to everyone’s excitement and amazement without fail. The temple complex is much spacious unlike anywhere and it has three typical towers to invite us inside the temple and each one is in a kind and distinguishes.
The Big Temple Tower
The main structure of the temple lies in the middle of the complex which draws into a fortress walls built in 16th century. The fort complex is fortified by three layers of wall protection and the whole structure and premises are built with granite stones. As soon we cross the first layer, the temple elephant welcomes us with blessing and led by a stone path to the second layer where the 3 story tower exposes with beautiful sculptors in sandalwood color.
glorious temple tower
The space between the layer 2 and 3 is grass hold and least crowded as it hold the place to leave footwear’s and wash out feet. Alike the 2nd layer, the 3rd one is also a 3 story tower displaying sculptors and thus being evening the tower expose to sunlight produces a striking tone to it. The setting down of sun with it rays flashing from behind the big temple, remarks the beauty of the structure with its gleaming background and thus a spirit silhouette to exist.
Carved sculptures
As we enter the vast corridor of the temple complex, the striking sunlight on the small temple tower excites me to capture the sculptures to the nature’s sodium light! It was very bright to remind that the main temple tower was ones completely covered by golden plates, which were stolen by those captured the temple later by war or by the own predecessors. The structure of the temple lies on the basement of a large platform, which holds a huge Nandi (bull statue) in front of the sanctum, under a mandabam and this was the stage lately witnessed the 1000 bharatanatyam dancers to commemorate its millennium.
Vast corridor of big temple
The main temple tower elevated by cone is one marvelous structure to be known as tallest among temples in South India and getting near is one nearly option to realize how spellbind and tiny we are before its grand structure. I was quite admiring the temple structure in astonishment by nothing to think about except imagining the things how the narratives of history describes the past of this building process. From every direction the building exhibits the scholar of the cholas and there thoughts, art and culture to be brought into a structure.

There are few shrines behind and beside the temple dedicated to various gods and the main temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. There is another marvelous shrine behind the temple to wonderfully carve around by pillars and sculptures; and in a sort it describes the art. The temple has old Tamil inscriptions around its base stones and it is said to describe about temple and things related to it and been written in ancient Tamil, reading or understand the inscriptions is not easy with our customary language.
Tanjavur inscription
The setting of sun and due to temple’s tone it attracts a lot to capture with eyes and lens to store in memory. The temple complex has an inner corridor along the fortress walls and the walls depict the ancient art and culture of Chola dynasty and related to Tamil literature. Beside the corridor, a beautiful lawn is maintained to add greenery to the temple complex and it’s awesome to watch the temple tower in day or night – due to lights, the nights turn glorious to check the temple – from the lawn.

After a patient dusk, the temple dawns to the sodium lights and moon to add delight, it was wonderful to check the temple complex again to relish the amazing structure. It’s easy to see the people come in nights, take their own time to admire the temple and taking down the lawn they zest themselves with families and kids. Taking a brief look across the complex, telling myself that I will be back with more restfully moments, we moved out to see a dry moat and one of the Kaveri’s Branch Rivers to flow fully beside the temple complex.
marvelous shirine

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Extend celebration

The Jal cyclone has extended the deepavali celebrations by let off schools and colleges on Monday. Thus the cousins who were supposed to leave on Sunday left on Monday gave us much time to share and enjoy the holidays. The tremble of Jal was something causing excitement as it was nearing from time to time and it was the wish of everyone that it produce much rain, but it disappoints as it fail to stand strong to sweep with rain.
Color fountain
This deepavali was truly nice by getting awake the usual way of watching television which includes in the tradition these days doesn’t stop us from the process of oil bathing, wearing newly cloths and having sweets and special cuisine for breakfast and lunch. By afternoon cousins and aunt came home to share the festival and they prepared cookies and snacks to share with our relatives and neighbors which we hold as traditions.
Sparkle deepavali
Meanwhile watching the non interesting television programs and crunching the cookies and snacks, we waited till the dusk to dawn so that we light crackers and look into the sky for fireworks display. Usual we leave to our grandma’s home in suburb (neelankarai) to light crackers as there is much space and being a posh area we get to sight fireworks from every direction which means two eyes not enough. This time the cousin sister and uncle joined enough to trigger fire and most of all, Standard fireworks worked and the local brands refuse to raise upwards sky.

This time we left many Outs known as fancy fireworks and 5000 wala which crackled well and slowly and leaving rocket is an interesting thing and they are funny too and dangerous. The other cousins, who had great fun at their home lighting fireworks, came next day with light crackers gave chance to play with fireworks again and it was nice and bound with sparkles. They stayed with us following post deepavali and the time swings slowly inside the home watching movies and doing something gently and kind arguments and fights.
It was drizzling often with a fire on news about the arriving Jal and what really triggers was the news about leave to schools in Chennai and its suburbs as it supports their vacation to deepavali by counted 5. As a presentation to deepavali, I bought a new Sony walkman which was in pending with a friend for him to return from US, who came later on deepavali handed over me. It was a very similar one to IPod 5G Nano and it has a superb sound and picture quality, and watching songs are simple awesome.

cousins playing with sparkles (video)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Enthiran, the mass fiction!

After a month it releases, I watched Enthiran yesterday in the crowd less drive-in. When the movie was announced I was thinking then will it be a quite superstar movie or shanker’s science fiction, but almost it was a move gives importance to science and technology in shanker’s style and least scope for superstar to showcase his usual mass buildup.

The movie begins with no similar demonstration or huge fanfare following things to promote the actor or director’s kind of act. It’s new to a superstar movie to being simple cool in light blue. First impression is the best impression they would say, but I was slightly disappointed by the lack of contrast level on screen and comedian Karunas and Santhanam to go serious look. The comedy sucks with two good ones.
I couldn’t merge both superstar and the robot is one man in real and both characters stands separate on screen is pulse. The Robot Rajini impresses a lot and the strain the character could carry is obvious even still there’s lot of graphics. Aishwarya rai is very pretty cool in songs and love scenes those are least fraction. Irumbila oru Idayam and Arima arima songs are very well related to story and sequence and thus follwing songs Kaadal Anukkal and Kilimanjaro are forced into the subject. Thought nice with unique views and background!

Looking for logic in a fantasy movie is an immense deceives, but still there was something dashing at the end of robots destruction. There are many unbelievable facts on robots and abundant shapes and size for Tamil fans through graphics and mechanics. The end of robot was least fade with sorrow and the message was super.

Reading a blog related to the movie, I thought anyone could do a movie like this with foreign technicians and studious and it would be a movie similar to Hollywood. Then how come we say we had done something different and new? We could be glad if we had done this with our genuine technology and geniuses, who are very goes from here. Btw. Enthiran is an excellent movie to showcase the pride of Tamil cinema, with lots of uncertain and alien contribution.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Access deepavali

Deepavali is at corner (friday) and thinking about it excite me a lot and deepavali is a festival of lights delighted by everyone, whether they celebrate it or not, watching the light arrangements at home and colorful display of firecrackers at night let us into the mood of celebration and happiness. From childhood deepavali means firecrackers to me and the sound of crackers which sustain me awake throughout night hold me when it will dawn.

Those are days gone by playing with lot of crackers, sharing along with neighbor and friends who brought up with their crackers, it’s a non-stop celebration throughout the day and contest within who throw much litter before their courtyards. Lately life is so different and I still continue to buy crackers and let others play and I watch it enthusiastically happily.
(The Talk of the town is about the 1 million visitors to the shopping street T.Nagar in Chennai for deepavali purchase on Sunday.)
Seeing now how things have changed and the interests of people on deepavali are towards shopping and caught up with new release movies and watch television at home and brought up sweets from shops. Like many others I don’t wish much for new clothes, and for me the sweet means the traditional athirasam we make a day before the festival. Whatever distracts the mind and body, the deepavali has the magic wand to replace it with energy and enthusiasm and watch the colorful display of crackers and surround sound disclose the secret joy.

Just turned everything into commercial these days, deepavali is the most important festival in country next to New Year and Christmas, the television and papers are loaded with lot of ads on discount and new offers causes more interest on deepavali and access joy. I understand the cause the festival expose on environment through pollution and noise disturbance by bursting cracker, but still I couldn’t stop this nuisance and trying hard to keep away this interest and at slow pace I have come down to noise-less crackers and more color to eyes.

Let we all celebrate this festival of lights with safe and secure, bringing more laughter blast and happiness into sharing with near and dear ones, with sweet. Whatever might be the reason behind this festival and faith, the overall happiness is much concern. Still being an ache arm, I somehow manage to write with an intense desire on deepavali. Advance wishes to everybody :)

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