Saturday, May 30, 2009

An event account

There is nothing more to say, but about to share something I caught up with my cousin’s marriage I attend last Thursday in Chennai. Since 2003 I haven’t attend any marriage functions or events as it never get me this interested and important, and lack of ability and facility are reasons I could say, as I feel inconvenient and unlike to cause trouble others. This time where the marriage held was happened to be easy for me to move and thus my cousin’s family being closely associate with us and almost like its our home function, I couldn’t deny there prior offer with love and being myself loved to attend her marriage. Yesterday we called her in-law, and then she said she’s well being with her husband and in-laws, and as well I aware she never talked to him before marriage and being unfamiliar with there families even though they’re relatives.
with bride-groom
By evening 6 we reached the marriage hall with couple of people seated and I selected a place and parked my wheels and joined with cousins following. Its been six years since, I never know any changes has happened and thus to know the coffee had turned into bonda, which I said ‘no’ to many people asked me and there was something annoying is saying ‘I am fine’ to everyone's inquire ’how r u?’. I laugh into myself, am I saying right and here the right answer is wrong. I wonder how many of them really think about us in meantime and it seems like people came to face each other and want to share something that is ‘how r u and I am fine’. It doesn’t get me sense, but at least there are people to ask ‘how r u’ gets comfort.

After the process of bride-groom procession, the evening began with reception and light music. I have to say about light music, because it drum beat of ears and broke our hearts, with its loud speakers. It’s been long time since I listen to light music in marriages, but I feel glad now not because of getting the opportunity, but escaped these days from the heck. Sometime I just wanted to kick those idiots disturb the peace and pleasure with loud speakers, and the whole procedure itself drumstick, but no music. The bride-groom stands like displayed, by receiving wishes, gifts and taking pictures along with others and in meantime my cam was busy taking pictures along with photographers. At last we stand along with bride-groom for pictures and it was something nice having a cam to save pictures for ourselves, and so thus I able to post here.
made certain
After dinned we returned home by 10.30pm, after spending much time wandering, chatting and snapping either on various position. We waked up morning 6 and back to hall by 7, when the process was ahead of rituals and tying knots in between particular time. Just being away and watching unclearly unbelief, there was some rituals going on something like path worship, garland exchanging, and in between tying knots, which is something mark the marriage; then it continues with exchange of rings in hands and toes, presenting things and sweets to invitees, before again going with a photo session. After sendoff the bride-groom to in-law’s, I spent sometime along with chami – who makes amuse with her attitude and cousins, who are yet to leave home that day, as their summer vacation are to end on Monday, we reached home by noon.
sweet chami playful

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lonely gesture

Lonely gesture
Like the day will never return
I looked across the open sky
like the shattered clouds I see
the sudden solitude disturbs me

The time heat was melt by evening
thus breeze began to blow, and
not alone it moves the leaves
but also the memories of past

The birds twitter to fly across
conveying me that we’re still here
looking for you’re sense, keep aside solitude
here nature exist for you

The empty enclosure looks at me
with space full of gesture
thinking about happier and laughter
just came to conclusion by school’s reopen

I never saw the solitude side
while being along with kin’s these days
while they annoy sometime
I think about love and it wasn’t bothered me
- as they are my brothers

Sometime it taught me patience,
and sense that everyone has a need
that nothing goes loss, as I learn
young minds to develop mine.

I wanted to correct something goes misunderstand with last post. The marriage is for my cousin and she is my childhood friend and I regret that some of you understood that my cousin and my childhood friend are getting married. I am extremely sorry. But today her marriage went on quite amusing and I am so happy seeing her going with him nicely… will share my experience on marriage later.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love forever

Love forever
Like no were ever
like a bloomed flower
came out from a newly bud
within pretty concealed

Having seen her smiling
but never understood the reason
today she smile, and there was a reason
but unknown it came from her heart or not

Today like a beautiful lady
in traditional wear
turned her look nearly homely
and I wish her attitude remain so

Coupled with someone in a day to go
to believe the times is least to apart,
mindset and relations apart,
I wish love bloom forever for her.

One of my cousin and also childhood friend is getting married tomorrow and I take this chance to wish her from my heart.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Let’s hope – the only thing to say

I don’t think anything much into seriously, but I can’t avoid thinking about the situation in Sri Lanka. I don’t feel regret for those searched there end, but to the innocent people brutally killed and those left in struggle to survive after conflict. While getting to bed last night, I shared my distress with dad that we’re comfortably sleeping here on bed, switched on to a/c to welfare; but there our fellow beings, in temporary shelters under threaten, suffering to injure with no basic facilities to relief pain and hearts without solace missing dear ones.

The contradictory information through media makes the situation uncertain and we have no other way than to believe whatever the Sri Lankan govt. says and promise on giving relief to the people affected by war and resettle them were they belong, within 6 months and creating equal rights soon. But still the true situation after conflict is not clearly defined; and what bothers me much is does war really end and like some people says that still army target innocent Tamils after clearing the terrorists?

I wonder sometime do Sri Lankan people have ever worried about the war in their soil where thousands of innocent Tamils killed brutally. I agree their celebration for the death of LTTE chief, who was a big threaten to there lives but I also condemn their celebration, because it hurts to see them celebrating where thousands of innocent people killed and still suffer to get them freedom from terrorism. The Lankan words gives hope to ears that all evils are cleared and there was a course of action on restoration and giving back their rights, but it hardly touches the heart to get solace.

Now we need to know what’s happening on the late war front zones and how people are treated at displacement camps, and it seems journalists are denied to report and capture the true situation. It’s important to know what causes our patient and pain these days exist for and what the bloodsheds worth being? I wish at least now let the army be human and serve ‘Tamil’ people with dignity towards any cause that brings comfort and peace. Sure it’s an easy thing to say from here, having the right to express and comfort of living, but we can’t even stand from there. At least we can try to understand from them, what’s being struggled to live and survive from an uncertain circumstance means.

Ban warned ‘history could repeat itself’ if the grievance of Tamils weren’t addressed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet gesture

The other day I visited my uncle’s home and it was such a treat of innocent, sweet and love. It was a day that merely takes away the sorrows of anything that could disturb and I turned to be a child when the moments spend with a one and half year’s – my uncle’s daughter Chami. First she kept a silent distance staring at me and refused to get near, but I still looked forward to her, while admiring her common interests completely in swing. It was an event organized by there home and for a change I agreed to visit, but I am glad to do to think later how beautiful and pleasant the day was. There are some kids I hesitate to move easily, because of there uncertain smooth conversation and bold enough to say something to make hurt. I really see there’s a lack of innocence and sincere in them, where there elders mind influenced to change their attitude. But I see her standing away from others and the way she conveys from her heart.
sweet chami
She is a kind of child we see generally in our homes and what special about her is, I have never been so closer to a child in past lately, except my cousins, when she allows me into her world. It’s a fantastic world where even a pet doll could bite; and it repeats for sometime to unharmed, like how I stepped into her world. For sometime I hide out of her sight, and it let me know how fascinate she became in brief time we met. From then she began to seek my attention and man I moved when she call me often in her imperfect language, and as I kept in mind to go her way, I enjoyed that presence of mind and like rarely I wish the moments extend when time to return home. She has a kit as her pet and its lovely the way she treats the cat and she sounds sweet when calling her cat meow… from the balcony and to my surprise the cat response to her by coming around to visible.
lovely expression
She attached to me like I have ever been and she is someone gift smiles and taught me something she observes daily and alike every child she has her part of disobeying and I condemn the thing what she does by opening the tap and dissolving the soap to have mouths of food. The parents are showing a wrong indirection to children by allowing them to do what they wish without teaching them worth destruction and I am not inhuman to say act severe on children, but what we teach at this age caught up with them easily and the practice could reflect while they growing up. As she gets familiar with me, she started to play and response until leaving home, with a desire to come along with me alike she does with those she attached. So she came along and dropped me at home, and spends sometime with me to leave unwanted after taking few pictures I share here.

There is an another post similar to the title here, which goes easily with this post.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My thoughts pursue

Glad to know Sarath Babu has earned more than enough votes I expected in parliament election, which is 14,101 and positioning 5th in receiving more votes in south Chennai, sending back few political parties and independents. I see it as a welcome move, and this shows how much people are looking for a change. Like someone said, Sarath has taken a long step to get this expected sliding, even thought he deserves appreciation for his effort to stand against the strong political upholds and money power. The thing I like to say is, first the candidates must make sure they are aware among public and at this present most of the people doesn’t know who Sarath was, and at this stand what the independent candidates going to gain is nothing, but losing deposit.

The steps are something we have to climb one by one, but skipping few ones is depend upon our ability and before doing we need some regular practice by stretching our limbs or else will fall to injure. Alike a candidate before contesting in MP election, he/she need to perfume more exercise among people locally to deliver a better performance at summit. For that he/she need to bring a change and attention within his area using the local powers such as counselors, panchayat and legislative bodies to showcase there ability, power and knowledge. Only developed minds could vote for change and I am sure those poll there vote to Sarath could be those. And locally people are caught up with politician’s money lender and free of cost offers, and this stops them from working on there own mind reflects in resemblance.

I wish Sarath should not stop here, and politics is nothing before his interest and attitude to serve people on there basis amendments. He have to climb again and not like anyone before where there lose have lost there courage to progress. We need people like him and it’s our part to spread the message and I am sure the thoughts will rise among people through knowledge and none can stop the development under any governance, but we need to change the approach as anyone can understand the true care. At present none gives first preference to people, it’s the fight among politicians whom to catch the power and post, getting to any condition to forgive and sustain any illegal activities of alliance. If people only see the political parties, why do we need candidates? We can directly select a party to rule and believe blindly they will do everything for us and this is what happening around and many of us are unaware about the candidates we chose to vote. Sure this should change for good.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Done my phase

My ID to vote I vote
my proof to vote
The day came yesterday which I looked forward to poll my right as an Indian citizen for first time. As u know already the candidate whom I chose to vote, and there was nothing change in it and I don’t want to miss the chance and waited to do my exercise which came at last few minutes left for conclusion. As dad was engaged with a travel program and uncertain be back within 4pm, we call uncle to take us to polling booth and while time was shrinking I was slightly in disbelief, could I able to exercise my franchise when everything comes closer including disable-friendly polling. With half an hour to closing, we reached the school which reserved for us where no queue, rush or urge, I quietly poll my vote after conforming my name and picture in the voter list similar to my voter ID card, and after signing and led a drop of ink on nail, I moved to EVM and pressed the ballot button right beside my candidate symbol. A beep sound confirmed my vote and the officer moved her head to let me go.

The question not ends there, but it increases after polling. Those I came across ask me the same query ‘for what do u vote? I am more clear and eager to tell the symbol I voted to anyone and everyone is unaware about the symbol and candidate I said, and asked what he does. I explained the truth and stand strange from those repeat the same for years unchanged now. My uncle expressed his disbelief that people and politicians will never give opportunity for good people. I know my candidate’s winning opportunity is very very less and impossible, but even though I vote him to show the strength he receives being a unique person with worth attitudes and to show we’re here to welcome such people for a change.

Somehow I loved to tell the world, that people should think before they vote and everything is changing and we have to come out from the tradition mind of polling and for a day’s drama we should not loose our dreams. Some are very pride to say we will always vote for this particular symbol/party, and I find nothing difference in there attitude and they’re confine with either party. Many see the party and not the candidate, and in this stand the change is impossible and the change, is not from the same politicians or parties with newer alliance.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Vote for change

With just two days left for parliament election in Tamil nadu, and as i was engaged with a conversation, someone asked me whom will I vote for? Somehow I manage to evade, even though he just want an answers from me and asks me this or that party... I maintain silent and want to say it’s my right to vote for whomever I want, but instead said I am not going to vote for any political party. Whether its amaze or not, I have decided already for whom I should vote for. This was my first polling and I was looking forward to a turn from the common tradition of polling either parties which remains indifferent from there views and promise, and I found this independent candidate called Sarath Babu, a young CEO of Foodking and former student of BITS, Pilani and IIM Ahmed., from Chennai whom I came to know in past through a mail. When lately came to know he was standing from my constituency (south Chennai), I was interested in knowing about him more and I agreed when i came to read his views on entering politics and going through his intention, I decided he is the right person to vote.

He is someone, took career based on his passion and this was something I like more in him, when common people only aim on IT and he who came from the poverty chooses to be an entrepreneur with his intention and will power, inspire anyone on interest. I feet nothing wrong in openly saying who I like to vote for, whether it kept secret or not it’s the true. I am not going to see which party gonna rule the government or who become a prime minister, because it’s not in our hand and my single vote gonna change nothing, but an initial step to change tradition. My cause to poll him because, some one brought up from poverty can understand well the bottom of lives, the worth of hard work and what the true need was.

More than seeing what has done repeatedly; free of cost, illusion… we need something better into society and let that comes from an energetic and educated youth. There are politicians whose lips spoken about giving way to youngsters, but I don’t see it comes from there heart, if it was, we could see more young leaders. Slate is something we all began our life towards knowledge, and what we’re going to write on this could reflect and change the political intention. Whether he wins or not, it’s an initial step taken toward a change and I wish everyone supports him to victory. This isn’t a campaign post!
Read more about Sarath Babu here and watch video below.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Snap with Nakkeeran

As we yet to move out from flower show there was a little bustle where people attention turns towards an end, and there was like a get-together circle and flashes going around the people stands like U bend. I wasn’t interested at anything happens around, and as I was on my way clicking flowers, mom says to me in excite: Nakkeeran Gopal... I say its ok, but there excitement hasn’t calm and like don’t want to miss the opportunity taking picture with him, they ask my permission to call him. But I completely denied there suggestion and said it’s wrong, we should not disturb him, as he might came on a personal visit thinking the way those near to him are his dear ones or family. I know he was gentleman and kind person to get practice; even though I denied making this opportunity, moved unnoticed like no other in between gap the flashes stop.

I have this state of mind not to give much attention to celebrities and famous personalities when seeing them in public places, as they are also a human like us to share there space and have freedom to do there business and some privacy for there personal interest. I have seen in many places, if there was any familiar personality out, people interest to get near and stare at them, leaving what they have come for. The annoying cousin who was beside, kept asking me who was he and I explained him he was Nakkeeran Gopal, editor of Tamil magazine Nakkeeran. But he says so what, and again urged me to say more, and I told him that he had gone to forest to meet sandalwood brigade Veerappan when he was alive, and to rescue those kidnapped by him and he was the only person interviewed him.
Snap with Nakkheeran
As we were checking trade fair later visiting flower show, Mr. Gopal come across without hurry and alone, and suddenly dad called him for a snap and he agreed extremely and gently came across dropping by hand on my shoulder and I was quite surprise when he ask my name and enquired. A glance looking at his smiling face and big mustache, he kindly requests me to smile and we had a snap before he leave by saying bye. Really it was a happy moment; even I disagreed then earlier to call him for a snap!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chennai flower show

Three pretty parrots in idle greet us, while entering the air conditioned flower show organized by Lifestyle in Chennai. It was first time in Chennai and I just don’t want to miss this opportunity exist in a hot city. Even I could not get satisfy with this flower shows which was quite artificial with true flowers, I enjoyed seeing ever seen flowers. The show was enclosed by a temporary shelter, by paying rs.50 per head and rs.100 to camera we get to see beautifully arranged flowers on display in varies colors, shades and less fragrance. It disappoints to see those are just flowers and leaves grasped from hard cleaning sponges and it was truly a model flowers show. The flowers are at untouchable distance – for safe and good, but taking clear pictures isn’t enough because of dim and bright lights somewhere either and hardly for macro shots.
pretty parrots
The centre of the attraction was the different structures made of flowers and vegetables. More than flowers the vegetable portion was beautiful, with some creatively made dragon, peacock, cranes, sailing boat and few more birds and flowers. The things made with flowers were a wonderful Taj Mahal, a cute tea cup, and funny dinosaur and bear. On the others side there where flowers kept on standing and sitting position, but a beautiful display of unique flowers and the way it was decorated adorns.
IMG_4745 IMG_4734
Some of those flowers I liked more were the very little amount of roses and tulips, and ever seen species like Anthuriums, honeycomb ginger flowers and Heliconias. As part of conclusion there were few flowers kept to sale and interestingly those were very attractive than those on display, but it rates much as if one tulip flower was Rs.75. For those in Chennai it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend a day, cool, leaving summer heat away for sometime sense by seeing colorful and beautiful flowers on display. The happening flower show is yet to end on May 10 which begins on May 1. Except flower show, there was a trade fair on domestic things and flowers’; including a wonderful aquarium with varies species of small and big fishes! Let see them on either posts on some other day, as I have some more to share about.

More pictures on my flickr, yet to update more further.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sun set down

Sun set on ECR
Sun set on ECR
the pictures taken on ecr
Sun down to dawn somewhere… like how down and rise exists in a person’s life
We sit down to learn something… to stand proud in front of crowd
A seed is down to earth… to grow as a tree and plant to stay alive lives.
Building needs a down… where lays the strength upon
Let down to be a ladder… to help someone to climb victory.

I was caught up by a sweet annoy, my cousin ashwin, who is my only companion at present, wants me accompany him always. So an uncertain movement here again, but I love it too. Lets have fun.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Physically mentally

smiling doll from our dashboard
Listening to advice is for better, but when it goes overdose it irritates. Some people could not understand from what I am suffering from truly, even I try to explain they never believe unusual in nature and hang on a branch and says everything is same. Yes, I am same human being with invisible lose of strength and those who come upon treating my disease says I have no problem, just by regular practice and exercise I can recover since I am inactive; and says without knowing how I became inactive.

Without going around I come to matter; I just get mood out often lately because of this person I meet regularly at home. I don’t feet regret writing about him, even if it comes to his notice in future; he is none other than my acupressure therapist. He is attending me since November; and from then on he keep on pressing me to do more exercise to recover soon, but more than him I aware about my condition. Does someone really wish not to walk and avoid doing his daily activities of living? It’s such obvious I wonder why he could not or try to understand. He says he hopes recovery in me soon and too says that’s only in my hand. I want to ask him, then why do you? But I keep silence because he makes balance the absence of Physiotherapist and some worth exercise to maintain activities.

The disease Muscular dystrophy is a case to keep in touch with activities to maintain balance as much possible. It needs exercise to keep away falling illness and lose of muscle strength, and at same time doing more exercise and get stress witness in lose of muscle strength. Some of those experience there life with MD says, they feel downfall more than usual when doing exercise, and even doctors says to do exercise but not more. Anyone can say thoughts and examples to make me courage, but it only strengths my mind and not body. How can I hope I can walk again and be normal like others knowing well about my disease and do they want me to fall into depress and distress thinking about my position alike before? No I don’t want to get into trouble again and lose my peace. I want to stop those teach me about the stress I am giving to others, and they are just looking inside my life, but I am living and I am not insensitive to not understand others. Who switch on the lights to see my eyes dissolved in tears at nights? Who listen to my heart’s solo beats into misery? Who understand my desires that buried within my conscious? None knows quite about me. I am a person smiling before lights, keeping behind the dark shadows that make me sad.

I wonder sometime what makes me stop from being normal and more than science, it’s a mystery the world struggles to disclose a cure. There could be a way unearthed, as someone says, but I can’t fall under anyone’s idea to get weaker and give up my life today for inevitable future. I know until I stand on my feet, life will remain easier tough and for someone’s belief I can’t lose my ability now.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Hot and sweet!

Unless I experienced sunshine, I never felt how well heat distresses people. I went for a shot trip into sun shine yesterday, and returned while over to shadow evening. It’s not an unusual thing in India right now as we’re in mid summer season, the heat waves have been burning our souls and body. I managed to go with my parents and grandparents to attend a relative’s new home even in Chetput near Vandavasi. I almost avoid attending any functions and hesitate mostly, and even thought I did, my interest on traveling want me go ahead this time. I was surprised by everyone’s attention as well to them, as they would have never expected me and I was touched by there care and interest. My cousins grandma who was so kind towards me always, was very happy seeing me, came and sat beside me says something courage and glad she knows about me through my cousin bros.
lamps make special events
lamps make special events
It was beating sultry and heat waves, in-between some cool breeze and what we can expect in a summer, visiting a home surrounds by seasonal dry lands and rock hills. After spending sometimes bearing heat and viewing there spacious new home, with a savory lunch and taking few pictures, we moved with my cousin’s tears to come along with us. He urged me to take him along with us and get permission from his mom, but I can’t agree, because he has to be there when his many near and dear ones having there occasional season and special moments at there home. I know am not alone the person to share his moments and even to avoid his suggestion I left him unnoticed his attention. Our return trip was damn so hot and lack of a/c due to some problem, and well I agree if it’s necessary, it never turned the situation better until receiving home.
MGR statue
Going on arterial roads that connect small towns, the main problem we received was speed breakers, and crossing every village we have few bumps. Somehow we came across many speed breakers, more than 30 to remember and few are unmarked to identify and that too very keen. It mainly stops the smooth and speed recovery that delays uncertain reach. Throughout the way it was so dry and scorching waves, but the only better thing was traveling in morning and relative’s hospitality and happiness, and it’s so many years I have met few others. Here I share few pictures I took along the way and event. (click pictures to view big and clean)
a temple tower