Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Check Post – 3

Here’s part 3 on the series on Check Post where I would like to share moments related to check posts that I have come across during my travel. Today’s post is on Berijam.

Woods arch
A welcome arch by nature through forest, shot during a visit in 2009
It was in 2006, we ventured into the Berijam forest near Kodaikanal and it was my cousins’ inspired me not to miss this place when I visited Kodaikanal for 2nd time and it was many time already for them. I hear them saying that leopards/tigers visit Berijam Lake to quench thirst and bison are common sighting the way want me to visit and experience adventure. Berijam is a pristine lake area located inside the dense forest and visiting it needs prior permission from district forest office (DFO) at Kodaikanal. A warden who arranged accommodation for us at Kodai, at that time, did help obtain permission to visit Berijam where only 20 vehicles is allowed per day to preserve the natural environment and wild.

We reached Kodai a day early to my aunt’s family join us on the trip in their car and we in cab SUV, but we got permit only for our cab car and we already 9 members on-board, received my aunt and two little cousins for a drive of about 30 km from Kodai. We doubt really will they allow our overloaded vehicle at the check post, but glad they didn’t check our vehicle and only dad get down to sign at the check post and we drove through one of the best preserved wild environment  of flora and fauna. The entire area is a biodiversity and unpolluted earth and it’s a complete pleasure and refresher to venture and its advised not  to get down anywhere other than the specified spots.

Berijam lake in 2006
Same view in 2017 -  no changes in shape and view on Lake
There’s another check post at the Lake area, where vehicles are stopped and parked aside the road and to check the place only by walk, but they allowed our car to drop me close to lake to get down to the wheelchair. I used manual wheelchair then and we spent some time on the lake bank, and taking photos it slowly started to drizzle and furthered showered rushed people to their cars, since there isn’t a place for shelter there. My wheelchair was pushed speedily by my brother to prevent getting soaked and in the force a front caster of the wheelchair came out and I was pushed further in tilt position till the car.  Berijam is a freshwater swamp lake and people are allowed only at defined space and to and fro through the car, our eyes were spotting for any wild animals.

Me at Berijam Lake in manual wheelchair aside dad and cousin in 2006
I have visited Berijam couple of times after that and there isn’t much changes on the place for good and each visit was a different experience for me and lately the forest department itself  running an ecotourism trip to Berijam and the number of private vehicles allowed has also been increased is certainly a disturbance to the ecosystem there. Berijam Lake is 9 km in circumference and located at 2165 MSL and it is also considered as one of biggest freshwater lakes in Asia. During my second visit I encountered Sambar deer, Langur and Giant Malabar Squirrel but beyond that the presence of nature and calmness wants me to go their how many times possible.

Friday, February 22, 2019


Sky is an infinite 
where change, a constant
around the clock  
a destiny undecided
like a departed tree leaf
floats aloof in wind direction.

Life is an infinite
where it travels into space
to face challenges unknown
dreams to pursuit
and courses of leaning
that never seem to end.

Sea is an infinite
when watched from shore
where sky and sea are parted
through a thin line
and one goes in search of
the travel is eternal.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Glowing Coconut Palms

Winter has its way out, like every season, slow extension of daylight sense the injection of sun and warning summer and at the end of the day it glows. Even after the sun disappeared behind the buildings, the trees top are set to glow by the fierce rays of sun, sneak peek through the gaps of buildings. The light exposed on the greenish orange coconut palms enhance the glowing light to golden treat and it was quite a simple pleasure I got to watch few time. Although these are some capture from last year or before winter, the image weren’t different now rather going strong with  glow where I could get even leafy shadows on trunks.

I wasn’t out anywhere lately and sky watching has become an activity and I take many photos mostly on sky these days. I saw a lone pelican last evening crossing my sky and sometime a bunch of white heron – which used to be common sights in past – but everyday about 6 pm, number of bats pass our sky, a regular journey of them from the trees of Theosophical Society to other bunches of trees along Buckingham Canal in Adyar. And they turn back to the Society in early morning which I ever woken up to see in the last 5 months, since shifted here. But my uncle confirms that. Glad I have this open sky in front of the house, surrounded by trees and a balcony to skywatch, keeps me going despite the haunting thought of traveling, which I haven’t done one close to a year now.

A crow perched atop a tank pipe while getting warm in evening sunlight

Monday, February 18, 2019

RGB Monday

My aunt's colorful Pongal Kolam drawn last month during the festival of Pongal, very next to mom's Pongal pot kolam.


Kolam is a custom followed by the households in south India and it’s a daily activity for many, including ours. And Pongal Kolam is popular during this time and many put great efforts to make it look wonderful and colourful including drawing something relevant to the festival. Kolam always been my favourite thing and I enjoy watching different patterns and for me, Kolam is apart any belief and its way of exhibiting art and beauty.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Melody of Birds

A  raw image, captured at Kodaikanal
Nature sings a song
taking notes from birds
and squirrels chirping on trees
plays a melody, through
the silent afternoon
when less others volumes.

The motion of palms
made pleasant moves
to the melody of birds in air
as they fly over, tweets
some sweet notes
to compose into a song.

Piles of dry leaves
invited birds to ground
to forage; via tiny crush of leaves
comes out string tones
to fine tune the song
birds sing from bare trees.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

தென்றல் / Breeze

தென்றல் வந்து தொடுகையில் 
புது இன்பம் வந்து தழுவியது;
அழுத்தத்தில் தத்தளித்த இதயம்
சற்றே சுவாசித்தது, வீசுகின்ற கற்று
தன் மூச்சை நிறுத்தும் முன்.

விரக்தியில் இருந்தேன் நான்
புது உத்வேகம் தந்தது காற்று;
வாசல் கடந்து இழுத்து வந்தது
ஒரு உணர்வு, விவரிக்க முடியாதது
தென்றல் தொடும் தடம்.

செல்வம் கோடி இருந்தாலும்
செல்லமாய் தீண்டும் தென்றல் போல்
தாலாட்டும் தன்மை கிடைக்காது;
முகமற்ற வாயால் ஊதும், அதனை
நாம் உணர மட்டுமே செய்வோம்.

---------------- -----------------

As breeze comes in touch
a pleasure came and embraced;
the heart swayed in stress
slightly breathed, the blowing wind
before stopping her breath. 

I was frustrated!
The wind gave me inspiration;
I was dragged across the door
a feeling, what’s unexplainable
the breeze touching track.

However billions is wealth
like the touch of sweet breeze
nothing tends to be lullaby;
blowing from faceless mouth
we’ll only do feel that.

Ps. Inspired by the cool breeze  blowing through  afternoon

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Check Post - 2

Check post is a series I have started (click here for post 1) where I would like to share moments related to check posts that I have come across during my travel. There’s a check post everywhere and these check post are important in sustaining a control over unruly esp. when it comes nature environment, wild and national defence and interest. Let it be anything, crossing a check post need consideration because skipping any working check post will land in trouble. Though we hadn’t messed up anywhere but got warned by the check post guards sometime and threat a penalty.

Just like in the previous post, where we stopped by a forest dept. check post before entering Hogenakkal and this post too is similar to the evening but here it was afternoon when we try to cross Papanasam check post to visit Karaiyar Dam in Pothigai Hills. It was in 1999, during my first time trip to Kodaikanal and Tirunelveli; we visited Courtallam on the 4th day of our travel and then went to Agathiyar Falls inPapanasam and Karaiyar Dam (which weren’t in our plan) and we had no idea about this terrain as well. It was our friend who hailed from Tirunelveli, took us around the places and guided us on the entire trip (which I think I need to write a separate post on it later) and after taking showering from the popular Coutrallam waterfalls there we pursuit to Karaiyar Dam, which is 10km uphill from Papanasam.

The forest check post at Papanasam blocked our Ambassador car, and I guess they request for a permission letter and if I remember we paid some amount per head of us for them to allow inside the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, where the Karaiyar Dam is built across Thamirabarani River. The road was narrow and potholed at many places where our Ambassador car passed effortlessly and entirely the road was silent and far empty with couple of stops with EB quarters and some settlement. The road travels along the Thamirabarani River and we could see huge pipes taking water down to the PowerStation at the foothill. I felt a sense of quietness all over; except for the voices inside the car and it was there I spot the Nilgirilangur for first time. The water level at the dam was far down then and a row of boats were parked along the bank to take visitor (on their willingness) to the other side of the dam  to check Roja Falls – named after the popular film Roja where  it was shot.

The view that I got from the dam is etched still on my mind. I rarely had a photo on it where I really need to dig out from the old photos collection. I was so interested taking the boat ride there, despite the ankle sprain I got on Kodaikanal; we were in lack of time as we need to head east to visit Tiruchendor before the end of the day. The picture of Nilgiri langur (above) was shot from the wilderness of Nilgiris during my visit in 2017.  

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Summer Breeze 2019

Summer breeze picked up
earlier to the season
transports me to past, where
some best moments exists.

Breath-taking it feels
every time the sea breeze
take off and land my field
to feels embrace wind.

Sun shone its fine
but still the winter chill
plays a role between
like a string in music.

And I enjoy this view
of palms and other trees
dancing to the tune of
imbalance wind breeze.

The trees lose leaves
like skin shed off layers
to prevailing dry weather
the wind blows to ground.

Monday, February 04, 2019

RGB Monday

My aunt's sparrow kolam for the New Year

Kolam is a custom followed by the households in south India and it’s a daily activity for many, including ours. Kolam always been my favourite thing and I enjoy watching different patterns and for me, Kolam is apart any belief and its way of exhibiting art and beauty.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Maya and Mysore pak

Our dog Maya loves anything that taste sweet (which I’m not sure all dogs come under this category) and whenever we have something she used to bark which means she needs some bit too. We rarely offer her some piece of sweet or cakes or cookies made of chocolate to satisfy her unending desire and to make her have medicine or tablet we used to hide it inside the sweet or chocolate because she never took easily orally a medicine. Sometime we voluntarily drop a tablet in front of her and pretend to pick it up where she swiftly act and take the tablet in mouth. Rarely she eats the sweet alone and split the tablets separately.

We don’t keep down things Maya is interested on when she was on loose and sometime she behaves senseless picking anything from the house dustbin. Two days back, relatives visited us and they brought a sweet box and some fruits which mom had left on the floor in thought Maya were tied and forget to shift things from there. When we saw later everything was fished off the sweet box. Maya had eat 1/4kg of the Mysore Pak and looked with a weighted tummy as if having offsprings and also found difficult to walk. We really thought/worried what going to happen to her as she already have wheezing and weaker heart and this heavy loaded Mysore Pak (made of generous amounts of ghee and sugar) could cause anything. But glad she’s doing well and turned normal next day after couple of toilet visits.

About Mysore Pak: It was originally called as Mysuru Paaka, in which Mysuru indicates the city of Mysore, in the Indian state of Karnataka and Paaka means sweet syrup, is a popular Indian sweet made of ghee, sugar, gram flour and cardamom.

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