Thursday, November 29, 2012

Firework display during Deepavali

Coconut tree
Palm Tree Effect
From young to old everyone enjoys fireworks that blast into the sky; create an artificial florescent and colorful Rangoli in the present of dark nights and Deepavali is an occasion in India where fireworks displace enormous charming across the nation and adding more glorious to earth among the twinkling stars of universe. This Diwali I got a great opportunity capturing the vibrant firecrackers that fascinated the sights across the sky; and I spent more than an hour shooting the colorful comets at the neighborhood of Chennai – Neelankarai, at my grandmother’s sister house.

The pictures weren’t so spectacular and perfect at blossom, but I tried my best sitting on the power wheel chair with no preconscious from which side the florescent firework hold its display, clicked random from whichever direction it comes and by observing its blowup volume. It was enchanting and enthralling completely and I got to see variety of colors and designs beholding the sight and the sound cheering the festival spirit and celebration.

Following are few photos I captured from deepavali. Hope u like it!
Comets collage
Fireworks collage
Green comets
Green Comets
Red comets
Red Comets
Deepavali 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Online frustration

Sometime speaking truth turn against us, and I had been through such moment lately and really lost being touch with someone with their decision to block, who maybe could have become an associate in future if continued to share. I don’t feel for the one’s mischance, because maybe there could be another one will fill that gap of mine or hers and for that matter that does not mean I’m going to stop speaking from heart and express the reality, but there are so many to understand and respect the feeling.

There could be some fake profile, maybe created for fun sake or purpose of sharing, concealing their identity but the matter of concern endure me to uphold the secret where I know the person personally. It feels hard to digest the matter if they are possible impossible and when time to meet each other, it feels so guilty to act like nothing and again sign in on the voucher to wither recurrent without discussing the matter.

Many a time I feel narrative but nothing comes to mind when thinking about uncertain situations around me, wherever we go the mind impound to a circumstance where deceitfulness deserves and fake notes get fascinated. I’m not suppose to complaint here, but I share a part of frustration that keep on discouraging me for a while and many a attempts become nothing in their emerging process diverting the main course and intention of others. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A little romance

She comes in handy
when I yearn for an embrace
bind like a wind
blowing away the gap between.

The moisture air
become warm in our breath
her whisper voice
says the love to me, silently.

The gazing eyes
behold her mysterious world
trying hard to discover
a lonely planet on iris universe.

She smiles so sweet
holding mischievous at corner
trying to seduce me
against my enormous desire.

It feels so soothing
when she brushes the hair
the stimulated nerves
entice me to dream wild.

Very close to her lips
inspire me to kiss
trying hard to not imprint
but impossible after getting tempt.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ecdysis – Snake shed scale

Every year during the rainy season, we find snakes in the open ground adjacent to our apartment and the only thing preserve either of us was the compound wall; but this time one of a snakes entered our parking lot and slithering here and there before thrown other side of the compound wall by our watchman. This was the first I saw a snake come across the compound wall, whereas I have heard my neighbors making noise about snake couple of times early, and I believe it could have come through the open gate at the entrance since there’s less chance for them climbing the plain vertical wall.

From the time we shifted to apartment in 2005, the open ground has been left unchanged with growth of wild vegetation and survival of few trees; and except threaten of snakes, it has the advantage of many esp. deriving different species of birds and insects and giving a pleasant stay environment of calm and less pollution. A year back to back too, we sighted a rat snake staying sometime along the other side of our compound wall and among the debris making its bedroom by wrapping an old bed left by someone (check the photos here).
Snake Attire
(click pictures for enlarge to view the snake scale near)
Two days later to Deepavli, my mom found a shed snake skin or scale on the open ground along with the neighbors, and few meters from our house the snake had molted its entire scale stretching few meters in length. Some said it’s a cobra scale and it must shed during the new moon occasion but being uncertain, I compared the photos which mom captured for me, with Google images, to ensure the species.

I also learn that the process of shedding scale in snakes, which according to scientific term, known as Ecdysis (strip off in Ancient Greek), or molting or sloughing in normal usage is shedding of the complete outer layer of the skin in one layer, which is a repeated process periodically throughout a snake’s life. A snake is suppose to shed its skin once or twice a year, whereas the younger once which still growing shed up to four times a year and many a time the skin peels backward over the body from head to tail, in one piece like an old sock.

Snake Skin
It’s said that the snake stops eating and often hides or moves to a safe place before shedding the skin; the snake wriggles out aided by rubbing against rough surfaces is demonstrated through my above pictures. The discarded skin gives a perfect imprint of the scale pattern and it is possible to identify the snake as this discard is reasonably complete and intact. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thuppakki – Only for firing

The hang of Kasab (the lone survived gunman of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack) and the month of November go hand-in-hand with the release of Thuppakki (Gun) is a coincident, because the movie also deals on terrorist bombing in Mumbai. The movie is a wonderful action thriller, driving Vijay on a serious platform and it would have been much better if it was drove through this genre track without derail through songs and insensitive love scenes.

The film’s highlight was the action sequences and Santhosh Sivan’s stunning cinematography, and cleverly moved scenario by A.R. Murugadoss – the director of the movie, is flashed. I feel few scenes and songs are forced inside the story to satisfy the fans of actor Vijay (I’m sure they won’t like it too) and I wonder when he will realize or lose zeal this custom of giving unchanged unflavored unwanted scenes to watch.

Nothing interesting in the movie like the action, the fight scenes are not recommended for light hearted and the exciting part was shooting a dozen sleeper cells at a moment in various places across Mumbai. The climax is a total mess up upon the anticipated and the director seems had no choice than giving up to frustration to end the movie, by escaping though a speed boat!

The songs weren’t so fair but couple of them was stylish in Madhan karky and Pa.Vijays lyrics and Vennilave is calm and beautiful song acclaim to voice of Hariharan and Bombay Jayashri and shot at Swizz. Villain Vidyut Jamwal well suits the roll of a terrorist head and being a martial artist, he deserves the combat at the climax and unlike Mattrraan, Kajal Aggarwal doesn’t hold importance in the film than adding some spicy to gun roll.

Thuppakki – Blast more than shooting.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunday Santhai

During my recent travel to Thiruvannamai attending my father’s friend daughter marriage, I come across a Sunday Santhai (market), where livestock’s and agriculture products are brought to sale by farmers from the surrounding villages at a public place. The Sunday Santhai is very famous among rural villages and it is the only place for local farmers to buy and sell their produce and the Santhai is also gathered on Wednesdays.
Goat parade
A scene near the market where an old man diving the goats to market. 
There are many Santhais in Tamil Nadu renowned for specific products and the Manaparai Mattu Santhai between Tiruchi-Dindigul highway is popular for bulls and Pollachi host the second largest market in the country doing business at coconuts and cash crops at intense. The Tamil Nadu government has also developed ‘Uzhavar Santhai’ (farmers market) in each district and little towns for the benefit of farmers to sell their products directly to consumers than middleman who exploit both as well.
Dry-fish stall
We passed the market while driving towards Thiruvannamal after attending the marriage and the market was at its peak business and the place was crowded to unable to stop and take photos, so we shot few of them from moving car. Both sides of the road were parked by bikes and bicycles and we witness number of cattle brought to sell and being Sunday there are many meat and fish stalls installed allover… and there’s one of a dried fish stall above.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Big Fish

Watched the 2003 American fantasy drama, Big Fish, based on a storytelling series by a father to his son despite his distrust on his stories, he continues telling stories from the deathbed on his eventful life across young age and what interesting was the characters in the stories are extraordinary. The film’s major plot was reconciling between a father and son and the son’s attempts on mending their relationship were all dramatic and heartwarming at climax… when he reveals that whatever his father said is true and only he had exaggerated them.

The stories at flashback is radiant and have characters that are fairy tale sort and the places are all prototype and classic at viewing; and the fall of the father (played by Ewan McGregot) in love at young age with Alison Lohman is very cute and adorable. The hidden town of Spectre is fascinating with all friendly people; the circus is somehow hilarious and the show of conjoined sisters is an excellent image on graphics and the giant man (Matthew McGrory) is a show stealer.

Albert Finney’s approach on his character is award winning and his expressions through storytelling is alive and elegant; and Marion Cotillard is bewitching and her attitude and compassion towards her father-in-law is beautiful. The movie deals with the motion pictures are quite wonderful and alongside the simple screenplay were obvious reading through senses and after all, the profound between the father and son is inspiring.

The film adapted from the novel titled the same, was directed by one of a notable director Tim Burton and the film was highlighted through number of nominations award. Since I leaned this film deals with father son relationship, I want to watch it sometime and having been cherishing a strong bond with my father, I couldn’t stop giving way to the perspective by watching the movie two nights before. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deepavali 2012

Deepavali, the festival of lights switched off lately was enchanting like each year with dose of firecrackers, sweet, snacks and sharing... even I felt little lonely this time, the memories caught up with fire of previous years of delight, cherished. The day began for me as usual except the constant roar of bombs which kick started the explosion earlier than the allotted period (between 6am-10pm) to blast firecrackers; it’s impossible to imagine a Deepavali without noise of cracker... but maybe one day mind set to appreciate the silence on Diwali.
Firework Display
The day was spent partially in front of the television watching those advertisements and special programs that flashed in-between, but the interesting part was the ‘Pattimandram’ (poet’s discussion) on who helps a lot – younger ones or elder ones, in general and the speakers were all well brought up the points at discussion with a lot of sensible humor. It’s good to see many younger ones joining the discussion latterly and they all draw a greater attention and develop an interest towards their attitude on Tamil and discussion.

Like every year, the neighbors shared the happiness by distributing sweets and snacks, prepared by them or bought from the shop; I enjoyed tasting them all at great zeal and we also shared the traditional sweet and snacks – Athirasam and Murukku – made by mom, to cheers the festival spirit. I sent few SMS to friends as wishes and called out one of my best friend from Tirunelveli and it is something we usually do during either of our festivals and it was wonderful talking to him as well his mom who is so beloved and heart full of blessings for others.

It was a day I haven’t touched the laptop and switched off the television sometime after the noon and in the company of boom, mind took backspace for a moment triggering the roll cap memories and time spent together with kith and kin. In the evening we left to our grandma’s sister house for lighting some firecrackers and they live in Neelankarai – the down south of Chennai, and they hold much space for leaving fireworks and the area itself beholds a lot of firework display during Deepavali give me some wonderful opportunity to capture the colorful sky.
My Chakkara
We spent more than an hour watching the various Arial outs bursting into the sky and illuminating the moonless night into many twinkling lights and radiant colors, which was a remarkable sight ones in a year. I well know its disadvantages and noise and environment pollution but I couldn’t stop myself enjoying the display of fireworks and this time I got a wonderful camera to shoot much pretty photos.

Will post more on the firework display later... 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Joint pain and Joint family

This week I received a supplement on orthopedics along with ‘the week’ magazine and it reveals many a causes and treatment for joint pains and knee replacement and one of the reason that doctor’s point out make me feel hit the nail on the head. Apart the active lifestyle and life expectancy, fall of joint family has been noticed by the doctors for the increase of joint pain, where one remain to take care of things independently.

I wonder how true the joints has been an important part in our lives to make a move and it should remain forever in motion with emotional cord chained within near and dear ones in family. I truly acknowledge the doctor’s perspective on joint family and I have a reason too to come to an agreement and the supplement came on time in my hand when I could feel the pain (not at the knee) of disjoint at heart.

I have experience on living as a joint family during my childhood and those days were never been same again and we were accompanying my uncle’s family (family of dad’s bro) and grandmother then. In the 1bhk house of own, we divided the huge kitchen with a barrier to make it as a bedroom for my uncle family and the arrival of aunt was very helpful at mom in sharing the household chores and taking care of us as kids.

Later my cousin born, we are forced to shift to ground floor of the house to give more space for them and even then we were like live together at through and practice and no event were celebrated at parted. There were some renovation and rebuilding take place at house in later days and we still continued to support each other at despite desperate and share common festivals and celebration and even after we shifted the location for my comfort my mind kept joint with them.

First time I feel the pain more in lately when they decided to go on individual basis on taking the custom related to Deepavali and for me the matter is not the custom or ritual related, which I don’t have faith but sharing the festival spirit and happiness. I believe the festivals are created for get together people and sharing the moment of happiness and love, but their decision to disjoint at traditional level makes me feel despair and anguish.

The sharing means not only about happiness or celebration but also involves helping each other when it comes to work or preparation of stuffs; and in a joint family there’s much chance for such tendency and if one wasn’t well the other take care to give rest for another to quick recovery. This is the natural state of a joint family and during this festival season we really miss the helping hands from our aunt, and mom solely had to prepare the Deepavali ‘sweet and snacks’ to share with relatives and neighbors.

I always wish for a joint family and it has a lot of positive aspects on life and the main reason was sharing and it may sound selfish if I say that a person with disability or old age, the joint family becomes a great backbone for their survey in case our parents or the children of old age find stubborn or struck with other chores. The joint family is one of a dream that often haunt me into the thoughts and I know it is impossible perhaps there is only way of disjoining families these day, I hope the best gift that life gives for us is the joint family – where there’s lack or less joint pains.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Diamond Ring

Diamond ring
Pic by jeevan (sparkle ring)
Light over darkness
life brighter like clay lamps
cheer the leader of joy – Diwali!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

ECR, and the other day

The other day I had a brief drive on ECR (east coast road) across Kovalam along with my cousins for nothing but just time pass and lunch and I had some photo opportunity on roadside. That day I didn’t take my camera with me so took few shots with the 3.MP galaxy player.
Rock butterflies
The Toll Plaza in ECR was the first of its kind for us to experience a paid road when it was introduced in 2002; and the road extends till few km before to Pondicherry. The toll plaza remains one of the pretty hold by itself on this fun filled scenic beach road and is decorated by few artistic stones painted on birds, butterflies and animals dividing the lanes with green mounds and decorative plants.
The ECR is a drive pleasure road for anyone taking it around to reach the many entertainment spots alongside and beyond the sculptural hub Mamallapuram and reaching French colony Pondicherry; it really needs more post to look into detail. The road is a well laid and moreover maintained properly with no bumps or jumps and taking the lane thought night was once interesting watching the roadside barriers and road stud flashed to reflectors on them.

Touching the ECR with few meters from home, the road remains as one of the most frequently used and taking away the prior when a thought of getaway exists and also the way out of city easily. The road remains free of traffic once out of city limit and it also has its share of disadvantage being exposed to accident-prone and rash driving to endanger.

Too shy Turned away
On way to Kovalam beach – the other day, we come across a bunch of pups on the roadside and only the one above came alone from the group waking along the road but it was too shy to give us pose and turning back as we moved further. Kovalam beach is one of a beautiful seafront shaped in curve and called as Fishermen Cove, the southern edge has a temple and during Sunday this place is packed with people visiting the temple and shore from far and near. 
Kovalam Beach
Covalong Beach

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Festival of lights – fires

Ground Chakara
Pic by Jeevan (Ground Chakara)
Once in a year Deepavali 
the joyous festival time of ever
an experience of shower in fire
reverberate to thunderbolt Arial outs.

Many a myth beholds as essence
but the real spirit for us, is
to light up a rocket
and cheer while it blast into sky.

Clay lamps light the occasion
everyone holding sparkle at smile
and amuse toward the flowerpots
emitting colorful flames and florescent.

Called festival of lights
for us its forever fireworks –crackers
beginning a month early to festival
the spirit seemed unending.

Night full of daydreams
how to create a blast tomorrow
and wishing to wake up early
to join the friendly neighborhood warfare.

The tradition has a lot
engaging and embracing the spirit
relish on sweet, snacks and new attire
but nothing fascinates me like firecrackers.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

மலரே / A Flower

Yellow Cosmos
Pic by Jeevan (Yellow Cosmos)

ஆயிரம் மலர்கள் பூப்பதுண்டு 
ஆனால்  உன்னைப்போல் ஒன்னும் இல்லை
புரிகிறது நீ சொல்வது
காதில் பூ சுத்தாதே  என்று!

For non-Tamil bloggers a translation is below:

Thousand flowers used to bloom
but nothing was like you;
I understand what you are saying
that to not lie around the ears!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

A day travel across Thiruvannamalai

note: (bear me for the long post... hope u like my travelogue)

We planned to check my dad’s friend daughter marriage on Sunday (28/10/12) in Vettavalam near Thiruvannamalai and so we wake up early as 4am and got ready by 5 and head the road half an hour later for the 9-10.30am Mukurtham (auspicious time of wedding). Accompanying my uncle and cousin – who drive the car, we also gave lift to one of our uncle’s workshop employ and his little niece whom were suppose to go by bus to Thiruvannamalai, decided to come along with since we have much space in our SUV leftover by my wheelchair at rear.
Tamarind trees line a road
(click pictures for enlarge)
I always love and enjoy beginning travel at early morning and this time too I had a wonderful drive through the chillness of the morning and even it’s not cold like winter, the clouded sky and dampness and tender sunshine were kissing the skin towards entice. This is the only time I could check the sunrise awake between the clouds or rise behind the mountains or buildings; it’s more cheerful than any other day since my wakeup time is usually not less than 8 o’clock. :)

The first time I visited Thiruvannamalai was 3 years back on the same month of October, and the ride were through Tindivanam and Gingee; which was partially a state highways passes through the countryside accompany by tress esp. tamarind on both sides of the road.  The road also cut across the fortified wall of the Gingee Fort which is one of the famous forts in Tamil Nadu holding a strong historical background.

Gingee Fort Troy of the East
Gingee fort is also called as "Troy of the East" by the British

We reach the wedding hall by 10 am, few minutes before the bridegroom tie the knot, but I didn’t check the marriage as it was happening on first floor I stayed in the car along with my cousin. Vettavalm is a small town 23km from Thiruvannamalai on the Villupuram road and thanks to my Samsung Player with GPS navigation that traced the route for Vettavalam without going to Thiruvannamalai, even thought we en route to this place about 15km by dropping the employ and his niece at Kilpennathur.

My dad and the father of the bride had been friends for more than 40 years, since their college days at Presidency and we couldn’t avoid attending the wedding as family though he had added my dad’s name in the invitation. He’s someone always be on traveling and he had traveled all over India and has friends at various level  and he’s basically a farmer but only his wife takes care of everything since he keep on traveling. His bad time he suffers from health issue now and discovers a bad sight and hearing lately which I guess must be because of his immense use of Cell Phone; and he almost addicted to phone and could not stop dialing someone anytime.

After spending more than an hour in the wedding hall, we had nothing to do then but I had a plan already which was waiting for dad’s approval and it was to check the Sathanur Dam that was about 55km from Vettavalam and 31km from Thiruvannamalai. It was less than 12pm then and we had no work to return home immediately, so proceed with the plan and the weather was still pleasant even there was a mild sunshine that day.

Sathanur Reservoir
On the way to dam we stopped at Thiruvannamalai to get some biryani for lunch but we couldn’t find a hotel or shop that sell chicken briyani, instead there were only beef biryani everywhere which I never ate and yet won’t eat. I only wonder how come there so many beef biryani center in a town where the ‘Nandi (Bull)’ was worshipped as god’s vehicle and idol in itself... I don’t want to get into the belief but I understand the need that there are many beef eaters exists in this town. (I read somewhere that more people from Kerala come to settle here spread the beef eating habit).

Sathanur Dam
Last time when I visit Sathanur Dam there was no one and we also couldn’t spend much time since we visited during late hours of evening, but this time being a Sunday many people gathered around the dam and mostly youngsters were vrooming in bikes, creating great annoy to public. The police were checking thoroughly every vehicle entering the dam complex and a special search operation had been held on youngster for liquor bottles, because during our last visit we get to see lot of broken bottles and plastic tumblers thrown at the end of dam.

The dam complex had been newly painted now and gardens were developed into much better and colorful sculptures were quite neatly maintained and a pool, restaurant and lotus pond seems added lately to attract more visitors. There isn’t much water in the vast dam reservoir and even less compared to my early visit and the dam bridges were locked by gates allowing only people through a small walk way which my wheel chair could not enter, but I spent some time on the garden taking pictures.

By 3pm we took our back home journey through Thiruvannamalai and it was a day beginning of full moon night, so the roads were blocked inside the town to leave us to go around the Arunachaleswarar Temple to reach the Tindivanam road. Thiruvannamalai is famous for the full moon stroll around the sacred hill here, receiving thousands of people every month who take a walk about 14km on the foothill road that come around the hill.

Arunachaleswarar Temple
(backside tower of Arunachaleswarar temple)
When we nearing Gingee, the gray clouds formed to shower heavily and the road being a two lane and work on widening taking place alongside, we forced to retard at progress until catch-up with national highways. The ride further was smooth and interesting but as we nearing Chennai the traffic began to grow steadily before got trapped into a traffic congestion near Vandalur moving at a very slow pace for more than an hour. We reach the home by 9pm, almost taking 6 hours to come across a 210km of travel but when knowing the traffic jam near Vandalur last for 5 hours, I felt glad we escaped with an hour.

Friday, November 02, 2012

A cargo goes aground

The Neelam Cyclone that stroke the Mamallapuram, a day before day, also produced an effect on the coast towards Chennai and beyond developing a number of tree falls and sand erosions on seashores. As I mentioned in my early post, the Marina Beach of Chennai – the second longest beach worldwide – is the gateway for any effort by sea or rain on Chennai and it stands at the first place for anyone to check the status of the city.
Pool ride
Pool ride by a biker in marina
I visited the Marina Beach yesterday evening to reveal the effects of Neelam cyclone and found the rain and seawater stagnant on the marina beach abundantly like ever and the inner road was flooded with water for more than 3 feet high. Even the SUV like cars find it difficult to cross the inner roads and we didn't take the venture into the water which was inviting for a swim but had fun watching boys playing in water and some bikes and autos splashing and creating great ripples. I really enjoy visiting marina beach after rain to check the stagnant water and joy of splashing without disturbing others!
Traveler swam in water
Later we moved to check the cargo ship that went aground near Foreshore estate, the adjacent area of marina, where the Neelam cyclone dragged the ship that was standing somewhere off shore into go aground. The road leads from marina through Nochikuppam was blocked and we had to go around the Santhome to reach the foreshore estate and ship was standing very close to shore and waves were so ferocious, crashing on the ship to reach unusual high.

The ‘Prathibha Cauvery’ is a Mumbai based oil-tanker anchored near the Chennai Port with 37 crew members on board, among which 32 are rescued through helicopters but the five who clambered into a lifeboat as soon the ship goes aground were missing, after the boat capsized due to rough waves. (According to news in evening, 4 of them were found dead ashore today). I guess it was the ship that I saw couple of months back visiting the marina beach and I also captured in photo.

The ship which goes aground near Elliot Beach, was moved into the foreshore estate yesterday and the place had tuned into a new tourist spot now for people who keep on visiting the shore to see the ship. When the news of ship gone aground spread like the force of storm, there were many gathered at the seafront to see the ship even dismissing the meteorologic warning to stay inside the house till cyclone landfall completely.
Prathibha Cauvery
My Canon SX220 does a great job capturing the ship, enduring the strong wind even at maximum zoom!
A Cargo goes aground
There wasn't much crowd at marina, but the foreshore estate is flooded with human heads and people were keep on arriving and leaving as families checking the ship. The time we visited, a helicopter of the coast guards were lifting the crews or officials who come to check the ship and dropping at the shore. People were so excited to see the operation that they don’t get to see easily except if a Navy show seldom take place at Marina beach and the last time I check a ship very close was during one of the shows. 
A cargo goes aground
If u look carefully, a coast guard helicopter is lifting a crew on the  photo.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cyclone Neelam stoke near Chennai

First time experienced a cyclone in my lifetime and I have seen and heard about its intense and rage through media many a time but this is the first time in last 2 decades that a cyclone stroke near Chennai. The wind was blowing at 40 km speed across the Chennai whereas in Mamallapuram where the Neelam Cyclone crossed ashore reaching 70-80 km speed and waves rose of 20 feet height and rushing 200 meters into the land.

The cyclone which formed near Andaman Island last week began to move north-west towards Tamil Nadu and its track had been predicted well by the IMD Chennai and warned heavy showering from Monday. We gained good rain on Tuesday night and the wind was blowing very strongly yesterday till midnight and during the time cyclone landfall the blowing was heaver and the tress were all dancing ferocious to the wild wind beats.

We had no power from the noon but there was enough power in the inverter which we installed for lights and fans and we also restricted the use of inverter power since it’s a 6 hours package and we had no idea when power will resume. The television blinks no signal when we try to check the status of the cyclone and after few hours the laptop also lost power, through which I was watching the live news on cyclone and later I turned the galaxy player for the updates.

Just 10 month later the Thane cyclone left a deep sad impact on the Cuddalore and Ponndicherry, the Neelam leaves a lighter memory without causing much damage to lives and property – which I believe. The cyclone also swish-swash the Marina beach which had become the gateway for any water calamities and it also pushed aground a cargo ship (Prathibha Cauvery) near Elliot Beach and 100 trees were uprooted in Chennai.

I captured a small video with my galaxy player below on the cyclone wind taken at my courtyard.