Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was listening to the songs of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa these days and when first time listening to this album I was little disappointed that lyrics can’t understood and felt like something strange. For me what attract first are the lyrics more than the music in a song and so thought I should have not brought this album instead downloading, but later listening for sometime the music and short-sweet words impressed me slowly.

Even thus there’s some disappointment over lyrics and the pictures shows it’s a soft and romancing movie, the songs aren’t handful to stimulate, except the amazing music perform by A.R.Rahman. Mannipaaya… is a caress to lost souls in sorrow and love; and the four couplets from Thirukkural is ingredient to sense and I realize the familiar in these lines later listening carfuls and those are the lines quite completes.

The other two songs that impressed me a lot are Anbil Avan and Hosanna. The both has something magic wander through music and few lines; and carries some spirit to stimulate sense and love, and in all Hosanna is the solitude I listen often solely.

Hosanna – an expression of praise, is simple expressive and thus its impressive. In this western style of music, I find something soothing while it goes on rhyming and English wording. Hosanna will always be praised for this soothing expression of peace and love. Hosanna, I love you so….

Here go few lines from the song, Hosanna :

Everybody wanna know what I feel like? I feel like
I really wanna be here with you...
Its not enough to say that we are made for each other
Its love that is hosanna true.
Hosanna... Be there when you’re calling out my name Hosanna!
Meaning of my whole life has changed!
I never wanna be the same... its time we re-arrange...
I take a step. You take a step...
me ah calling out to you
hello... hosanna


அந்த நேரம் அந்தி நேரம்
கண்பார்ததுக் கந்தலாகிப்
போன நேரம்... ஏதோ ஆச்சே!
ஓ வானம் தீண்டி வந்தாச்சு!
அப்பாவின் திட்டு எல்லாம்
காற்றோடு போயே போச்சே!

என் வாசல் தாண்டிப் போனாளே
வேறொன்றும் செய்யாமலே!

நான் ஆடிப்போகிறேன்!
சுக்க நூறாகிறேன்!
அவள் போன பின்பு
எந்தன் நெஞ்சைத் தேடிப் போகிறேன்...!

ஹொசன்னா... Hosanna!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Something last week

Touch me not
A pretty flower from the sensitive plant or touch me not. In Tamil it is called thottachinungi and scientifically known as Mimosa pudica. During the weekend travel with family and while stopping somewhere to drink coffee, found this plants on road side and had some fun touching its leaves to closing.

The pongal was really wonderful and we went to our native home and celebrated on the terrace by lighting pongal pot. After long time we cousins met and enjoyed the holidays and as I wish I can’t visit any village on this mattu pongal day and had a bad evening at beach by leaving the vehicle into sand.

Dad parked the vehicle near the shore and went to walk, and being a enthusiastic off-road driving, we tried to drive on sand by listening to one of my cousin saying scorpio (SUV) will go on sand and it has huge wheels to balance, we learned a never forget experience and scold from dad by making struck into the sand.

It was more than a 45minutes drama of fear and tension until releasing the vehicle from sand and pleasantly lot of people came to help us and it was a hard time for everyone esp. my cousins who tried many ways to pull it out.

The other day we watched few movies and Peranmai was wonderful in all. It has good story and message to this world and makes feel the worth of communication and hard work. The explanation was beautiful even it was little bit. The other movies are Kanden Kadhalai (which was fun and beautiful), Iyntham padai (good comedy and action – interesting) and Vettaikaran (annoy almost except few songs)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thai Moon Pongal

Pongal 08 02
Pongal, gladly known as farmer’s festival of harvesting and thanksgiving, and also celebrated as Tamil New Year for last couple of years is now here. The yearlong hardworking and tiresome farmers celebrate this day as Pongal and not alone the farmers; almost every Tamils in the world celebrates this festival as thanksgiving to nature.

The world celebrates thanksgiving and harvesting day in different names, but the point of view and hope is one, and its nature the heaven. Pongal is also celebrated in other parts of India as Sankranthi - the transition of the Sun into Capricorn on its celestial path.

In the basis of sun and moon, our ancestors calculated this day to be celebrated on the first day of Thai moon, which falls almost on January 14 or15, where sun diverts its path towards north after 6 months journey towards south. On this day people hope good things happen to them.

The pongal is celebrated for four days by marking bhogi, pongal, mattu pongal and kaanum pongal. In all these four days, pongal is considered as auspicious and holy day of harvest. On this day, farmers are seen on wealth and set to begin there auspicious affair and hope it continue throughout the month and year.

It’s sad to see, only on these days alone we think about farmers and there need and deed to us. Keeping away the faith, I appreciate this tradition celebrated for a true cause that holds our breath. More than the pongal that witness in cleaning up homes, drawing colorful lines and lightning clay pots to boil and flow milk as auspicious sign of vivid life, I love mattu pongal (bull pongal). It’s my favorable festival where we celebrate the cattle and bulls, who are our intimate friends of farmer in helping on many activities esp. the bulls that are used for plowing, caring, feeding…

On this day, the places around the bull stable are cleared up and a pongal pot is lit on a corner and bulls are taken into bath and painted colorful horns. Later the boiled pongal with varies vegetables are feed to them and set free on this day without giving much work to them and farmers get together in evening and next day by visiting there favorite places. Hope the auspicious begins on this day continues in our lives and esp. our life saving farmers. Happy Pongal

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Bug vs. Bud

I am on treatment for a month long now to get cure the mucus clot in chest and there’re months to go still to get dissolve the clot. But now it seems like no more a matter except swallowing 8 tablets per day and again it was my mind that struggles to get clear unnecessary thoughts. I am trying hard to come out of some thoughts, but still I’m being touch with it in some ways.

I’m going through some symptoms lately and now, though they aren’t certainly to be serious and pass like clouds, still somehow I worry in a force. I just want to blog and be active here alike back and sit before the computer, but nothing comes to mind and couldn’t get interest to read or write, and so I move away. At least I just want to post some pictures, but even that could not be done. I’m much worry these days will I lose my ability to be here and I forced a lot myself now to write something here.

In between last week a black bug or beetle went inside my ear bud at mid 2.30 am! I sense like a bug goes inside the ear and before I wake up my dad it went inside and began to buzz or grind, which makes me annoy a lot. We put slide, buds to throw it out, but it refused to come out and kept buzzing inside and besides creating pain and irritation.

Don’t know what to do and the pain was heavy, so decided to go to the near by hospital and checking out couple of hospitals with no doctors and almost closed, the other one was opened with a sleeping doctor. Since it was a 24 hours hospital, the doctor waked up from his sleep and attended my ear. Putting me lay on the cot and switching on the focus light, he tried with small scissors to bring it out and being aware about the bud tone and a non-ENT, he at last tried by splashing water inside the bud and the bug slowly came out and my bro standing beside suddenly take it out.

I thought it was a small one and will come out easily, but only seeing it size we realize our mistake. It was a mid size one in near 2 cm. and seems it has harmed my ear bud. To avoid further harm doctor put an anti septic injection and it was the first time in more than a decade I was injected a medicine. It was disturbing me for couple of days and now fines enough. But mind still at constant pace of worries and might take sometime to be normal and hope to continue reading your blogs soon. Take care. Hugs