Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The uncertain sky

Illuminates in illusion lights

The bright sun-shine

Drives off the dark side

The gloaming moon

Glimpse with gray shades

Thus beyond

Twinkles the stars

The concealed ocean

Ripple with immense species

Yet the transparent water

Hid by a astonishing beauty

Holding plenty of mystery

Yet to reveal and unknown

Certainly fall out inside the future.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunset at Karaikal

Sunset at Karaikal
The sun gleam at me
through the windshield
I gaze the beauty yet to sleep
Sunset at Karaikal
The mild crimson sky
through the glowing sun
thus a gorgeous sight
Stunning sun-set
Drive away by disappointed wind
derives the sight of sunset
as gladder consolation to heart.


I get to capture this beautiful sunset from Karaikal beach while visiting the place last month end. Karaikal is a part of the Union Territory of India, Pondicherry. The sight of sunset was a chance brought by the strong wind which drives us from the beach shore as we couldn’t withstand the sandstorm that we ever experienced. The wind had blown away the dark clouds to unveil this lovely sunset which still fresh in mind to cherish.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Named after one of my favorite Tamil song from SMS, Oru Kal Oru Kannadi (OKOK) is made with an intention to make audience laughter and with the support of Santhanam, Director Rajesh has given a completely entertainment movie without much cared about a story unsure. The producer Udhayanidhi as a debut actor and along with Hansika Motwani, has tried their level best at just acting than stressful character.
 The entire movie is nothing without Santhanam and he’s has led the movie so well bringing the audience back to theater and gave a laughing treatment to everyone… but somehow at same time enjoying lot the comedy, there is a kind of repeatedly irritating. Unwisely everyone looks so white and bright on screen and the already white beauty Hansika have been whitewashed and the expressions of the lead were not so real and casual to impress.

 The director has tried to maintain his style of comedy and perhaps succeeded with the support of Santhanam and National award winner Saranya has done a beautiful role of a mother who encourages her son’s love. The music was not so impressive and felt so repetition of Harrish Jayaraj’s previous hits and unlike Rajesh’s previous movies the melodies where not soothing.

 The peppy song Venam Machan… is a good Gaana from Harrish jayaraj for the first time and the Azhage Azhage… is a duet beautifully captured the stunning deserts of Jordon and Egypt. The cinematography was pretty clear, sharp and colorful! The movie OKOK gives double guaranty for a good laughter and humor which many often miss to check between their always busy lives.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kodaikanal Lake

The Kodaikanal Lake is a very beautiful lake I have seen among the manmade and it gives a picturesque shape to the Kodaikanal town which lay around the lake, in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, India. The charming lake always fascinates me from the time of encounter to enhance more lately, the lake holds the pretty clean picture always even thought its water state has been revealed not so good according to reports.
Kodai Lake
Upper lake view of Kodaikanal Lake
The star shaped Kodaikanal Lake is the attraction of many tourists to this hill station and it is the foremost entertainment and core part of the visitors, with activities of boating, horse riding and cycling are the part of the 5km stretch of road that goes around the lake. The pavement along the lake is a best platform for walker to take brisk walk against the pretty coldness and beside the bliss of nature and store of spring of water as a wonderful lake.
Kodai lake - calm
Pretty calm lake
The Kodaikanal Lake was created by Sir Hendry Levinge in the year 1863 after he settled in Kodaikanal as a retired Collector of Madurai; he constructed the bund to form a lake and stocked with fishes and later brought his first boat from Tuticorin. In 1890 a boat club was formed and in the following year of 1910 a new boathouse was constructed and opened to public and tourist in 1932.
Lake side abode
A beautiful lakeside adobe
Kodaikanal Lake is a freshwater lake created in a marshy where three streams flowed and it covers an area of about 24 hectares. The out flow of the lake forms a wonderful waterfall at the downstream of 8km from here is called the Silver Cascade, which flows from a height of 180ft.
Oat at lake
Rowing oar at lake
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Monday, April 16, 2012

காதல் / Love - II

காதல்... பெண்ணின் மேல் மட்டுமல்ல
அவள் களையும் கூந்தால் மீதும்; 

காதல்... அவள் கண்ணில் தெரிவது
செவியோர  பூக்கள் கதைப்பது;

காதல்... இமை இதழ்கள் பேசிக்கொள்ளும்
மௌன அலைகள்;

காதல்... காற்றில் மிதந்து வரும் இலை
இதையத்தில் இதமாய் கரைசேரு

Translation of the Tamil version follows:
Love… not only on the women
on her blowing tress too

Love… what appears on her eyes
talked by her ear side flowers

Love… speaking of eyelids lips
silent waves

Love… a floating leaf by wind
pleasantly sails ashore the heart.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pleasant stay at Point Calimere

The dusk turned more darker when we reached the Point Calimere, cause is not alone the arrival of night but the power cut that shutdown all aspects of this last shore (Kodiyakarai) and the only visible through candle lit light. Point Calimere is a worst experienced place for us to go through the power cut which hold to every half an hour including the regular power cuts of 3 hours in morning and afternoon… the nights are more unwind for us inside the guest house and the only source of light was the inverter that light a single bulb in each suite.
First we landed at the Velliman illam, which is on the main road, to only move gladly to Thambusami Illam knowing there were no suites available at ground floor which turned gladder than regret to enjoy the isolated guest house away from the activities of man. Except the power cut, Tambusami Illam is a pleasant stay guest house where we enjoyed the cool sea breeze throughout the day blowing outside under the veranda and portico surrounded by trees.
Thambusamy Illam
The forest guest house looks glorious in the red tiled roof and painted in pale white with bordered red, splendor by the sight of peacock which is always there! When we reached this place following the government vehicle in guide of my dad’s ex-colleague from Nagapattinam Collectorate, who helped for us in booking this guest house and appointed a person to take us around… it was pitch darkness and had no idea what happening around except a blink of light from the elevated lighthouse at next compound.
Only the next day morning we get to feel the real enhance of this guest house holds around. The sight of frequent peacocks across the compound is a treat for eyes and sense to behold the beauty almost clear and near and with bloom of red hibiscuses and fall of rip leaves blend it more wonderful.   Also called as Flamingo guest house, it has two rooms naming Flamingo and Pelican and a common dining hall, we took refrain at Pelican and my uncle’s family at flamingo.
Thambusamy illam is a century old building built by a sea merchant called Mr. O.A. Thambusami Pillai who later donated the building to the government which took renovation in year 2000 to accommodate official visitors to Kodaikarai. The sign board and rock inscription on the wall claims the heritage and the rooms are spacious and facilitated without replacing the original doors and windows and also has open air meeting hall and umbrella sit-outs which are maintained unusable. Lol
Spacious courtyard
The guard who is appointed to take care of the guest house and visitors is so friendly and soon become familiar to share his knowledge about this place and general thoughts on things. He claims that Point Calimere is nothing but refers to the Point of southeast and Calimere is the name of who discovers this place and the seashore of Kodiyakarai is the northern part of Palk Strait that stretches across the Gulf of Mannar between the India and Sri Lanka, which is 43km from here via sea and during the war in Jaffna the sound of explosions were heard clearly claims the guard.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experience of Moon on Zoom

Full moon
The cold moon at sky
We spy
The uncertain shades
Experience of Zoom on Moon
The pretty white mass
In dimples cheek
Raises high above the eyebrow 
Moon sphere
The full moon sphere
Is the only reliable vista
One could visit in near future


I captured these shots on late full moon night, using the maximum optical and digital zoom on my new Canon power shot sx220 hs. The details were mesmerizing me as this was my first capture on moon so near and clear, latter wondering many a times seeing others magnificent capture on moon. The whole set was wonderful taking off and I added few lines along with it here!

Monday, April 09, 2012


candle lit The crows caw in chorus

The chirping birds from woods

Sing the song of nature,

A sense of Peace

At heart reconnects

The chanting melodies

Of yesteryears prayer,

The faith disappeared

But the truth at heart

Never denies the fact

That once I was faithful.

I don’t believe in mutter

In front of a stone sculpture

The deep felt heart

Indeed gives me content.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bird watching in my neighborhood

Nowadays I am becoming a passionate bird watcher and looking for birds always around my neighborhood and shutting down as much disturbance to listen to their sweet chirpings. Among the many birds mist passes our courtyard and perched to the branches, there are few regular visitors and home stayed by couple of Koels and crows.
Twin sharing
Asian Koels
Mynas are frequently sighted here like there’s always one when u need and Koels flew in once food left at the compound. They even beat the crows by arriving early to finish the left over and if this continues one day instead of shouting out for crows on special days to treat with vada, we perhaps could send sweet calls to Koel.
White Throated Kingfisher
As u all know already I think that a Kingfisher has been my morning visitor everyday and it’s still holding its habit and I only missing to check it outside regularly. The bird comes to perch irregularly these days except not only in the morning and I lately discovered that it was the owner of the sweet vocal that chirps aloud in rhyming.

The unbelievable me, watched it thought binocular to astonish how amazing and cute the little white throated blows out loud series of twitter.
Rufous Treepie
Rufous Treepie
The other day an unusual bird come across our sight and after a couple of takes on failure, I captured the bird when it perch a branch of Gulmohar. The bird looked different and finding its name and identity has been tough to only discover after a serious search on Indian birds.

Rufous Treepie is the name of the unusual bird and its call was something I could easily recall hearing here via the internet and interestingly the bird is a member of the crow family (Corvidae). Found commonly on open scrub and agro-forest areas, both the sexes of the bird are alike in main body color of cinnamon with a back head and long graduated tail in bluish gray and tipped in black is enhanced by white patches on the wings.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Point Calimere – a note on lighthouse and sea sand

Among the many beautiful things that come across our travel to the Point Calimere last week, the British lighthouse in Kodiyakarai scrub forest is one awesome sight at the edge of southeast Tamil Nadu. I waited for long time to visit this swamp island surrounded by salt pans, bird and wildlife sanctuary is home to many species of birds, animals and shrubs is a best place to experience the wildlife inhabitant.
British Light House
British Light House

Built in 1890 by the British in the Point Calimere is a 16 m round cylindrical tower with lantern and gallery; the lighthouse is painted white and lantern dome in red, said to white flash every 10 seconds. As a replacement to the 1000 years old Chola lighthouse which remains as ruin with only the bottom left today latter shatter to tsunami and recent thane cycle has forced to footstep into the sea.
Chola Lighthouse ruin
Chola Lighthouse ruin

The Chola lighthouse is erected 1000 years ago during the regime of Raja Raja Cholan and what remains now is the broken bricks and mortar on the ever so soft sand shore. The British lighthouse is old among the other lighthouses which flash could be seen up to 15 nautical miles.
Lonely in isolated pristine beach
Isolated at a pristine beach, Point Calimer

The entire trip to the Point Calimere was enjoyable and the route after Cuddalore was new for me to unexpected curves and bend of plenty but still enjoyed the winding road and come across cities and villages. The time we took to explore the places were unfavorable and its heavy sunshine during the day time and at same time very pleasant in evening and at dawn. The Point Calimere beach is isolated and the virgin beach sand is so soft and exotic to foot stand on… may be I feel it as I unmemorable when I last foot at sea sand. Wow