Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Money Matter

Money changes many things,

people do not know what to do

with a lot of money in hand

take a hazard in booze.

Hard earned money, lose value

when the requirement is not met

rather filling the empty glasses

that flushed off the drain.

Eyes are obvious to absorb

the changes, followed by shapes

surprise to believe, monetary

could derail anyone however sturdy.

Relationships too change

in money making attitude

drives one from their natural state

or what the latter had been pretending.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Legend SPB

The unchanged voice went silent 
a singer of most sang numbers
– in the world of music
aired forever, to blend with our breath
until we hold up to our last breathe. 

The singing moon may disappear
but the nights that everlasting
continue to lullaby in his voice
as sweet syrup for many to sleep
and console hearts that feel solo.  

A legend in the coat of humble being
what the humankind would reciprocate
if I could simply describe in a word few.
I may not be aware of him fully
but he tops my list of songs on any device. 

His inspiration and passion for singing
can't spare anyone aspire to sing 
though he’s a singer for common man
there’s no one better than him
to sing without breathing.

His epoch in the world of music
is invincible by any one generation,
and in the competitive world
one can’t imagine his achievement
and the attitude of down to earth. 

P.S. Long live SPB through his consoling and soothing voices and songs to touch many generations to come and he will always be remembered, apart from being the king of melody, his humanity and humbleness will retain in our hearts. Rest in peace S.P.Balasubrahmanyam (another victim of Covid 19), the legendary singer of India who gave voice to about 40,000 songs in multiple languages - and the only singer in the world to sing number of tracks in cinema to enter the Guinness book of world records.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Like the spokes on wheels
life rotates in support of
passion, affection and hope
to do better in life.

The activity of pedalling
like one’s deed in time, forward
the life to an enhanced state
of peace, wise and prosperous.

In the long run, normal bends
to slow down the pace
or pick up things at difficult, that
life isn't distant from worn out wheels. 

Like spinning wool on wheels
life weaves through relationships
love, trade, recreation and reproduction
to represent another wheel of life. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

RGB Monday

I bought a wooden desk organiser from amazon to keep books and other things.  I put some books from recent read and found it colourful to make use for RGB Monday. The blue in the back is a switch box sticker of a truck and the organiser has spaces for mobiles and specs and few other things to hide in bins. The detachable design is strong and sturdy and easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

A runaway cock and the neighbour

There’s a chicken shop in our street or to say a few houses away from us and every day morning they unload cages of broiler chicken and a few caged country chicken from a truck, and while doing so a country cock runs away from them and climbs up a tree, and to a top where no one can catch it. The labourers working at the chicken shop were the laziest that put any effort to capture the cock which became an advantage to it and the cock well settled in the trees of neighbours. 

The family living in the opposite house weren’t that generous to allow the cock inside their compound but the country cock doesn’t confine to anything unlike the broiler chicken that has a destiny has become a headache to them. The cock chose the open garden or lawn in front of their home as his favourite hunting ground for forage and used to fly off the compound or perched on the neighbour's tree when the owner came out to the garden. Until now, the situation wasn't different and the neighbour has a reason too to shoo off the bird, despite the fact it digs off the seeds and plants from ground, it doesn't keep quiet all the time rather crying loud esp. During the silent afternoon and sometimes even at night its crows disturb the peace and slumber of all in the house, including a 90+ year old man.

So far no one tried to catch the cock (even the labourers of the chicken shop) and the cock too doesn't come out of the gate or compound (or run into the streets) of the neighbour’s house. The house belongs to a 92 year old retired wing commander but it was his son in 60+ takes care of everything and he’s an enthusiastic gardener and loves planting or seeding new ones. Sometimes he used to share vegetables grown in his backyard and they don't familiarise with anybody in the neighbourhood and most of the time it was a smile or a few words of greeting that ended our relationship even though we are neighbours for 40 years. Click here to see and read my post on this house and neighbour!

I couldn’t get a clear shot of the cock from the mobile but you could see the cock in the image above and behind the gate it strolled.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Haiku Yellow

Behind the fence, blooms
a beauty in yellow, quite
under the lime tree. 

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Monday, September 14, 2020

RGB Monday


While the farmers were busy washing, and packing carrots in sacks (what you saw in my previous post here) I found this little temple peacefully located adjacent to the activity of farmers, adding quiet to the afternoon.  Leaving back others at  Kukkal lake bank, where we picnicked last year July during vacationing at my uncle’s woodhouse near Kodaikanal, my cousin and I drove down the road from the lake just to see what lies beneath and was pleased to spot this temple in a fresh coat of paint. Google maps mark this as Amman (goddess) temple and I get no details other than that. But I guess it's a popular temple among the village people from an image I saw in google where people throng in average numbers. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020


Some kind of wild or unknown insect, which perhaps looks like a sort of mosquito. From a long back visit to Yercaud 

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Washing and Packing of Carrots


Apart from tourism and cold weather, Kodaikanal is popular for vegetables that grow in mountains esp. Carrot is produced at large, along with the medicinal hill garlic which is an important cultivation in Kodaikanal upper villages of Poombarai, Mannavanur, Polur, Kukkal and Vilpatti. An important thing about the Kodaikanal Hill Garlic was it was granted by the prestigious ‘Geographical Indication’ (GI) tag – a name or sign used on products which corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin.

Going past the Kodaikanal town on the observatory road would take one to one of the beautiful mountain village called Poombarai at about 20 km from the town and Kukkal is another peaceful and pleasant village of the mountains about 10 km from there is where these photos of Carrots were shot.  What you see here is farmers washing carrots near a small canal that flows from Kukkal Lake above Kukkal village and stuffing them in sacks before taking them to markets in mini trucks.

Carrots don't look pretty when uprooted from the muddy soil because the condition of the soil - deep loose loamy - is left in a state of dirt that does stick to the carrot  and it's only after hard washing reveals its bright color. The carrot grows above the elevation of 1500 meters and is cultivated yearlong with assured irrigation unlike the land below the range (of 1500) that rely only on monsoon rain. Kodaikanal upper villages are located around 2000 meters, experiencing cool weather throughout the year and I enjoy taking drives around the scenic landscapes of terrace farming and forest.

Monday, September 07, 2020

Just a rant... on the violation of people's relaxed curfew.

When will our people become self-responsible people? Do people, especially the younger generation, really understand the pandemic situation that dominates the entire world? As for our state of Tamil Nadu the social distancing and wearing of masks is followed only by certain people or to say half the population denies the rules and some follows in improper manner that may cause infection. Last week the government relaxed almost all restrictions imposed due to the pandemic; and allowed opening of resorts and lodges but it’s unclear whether the tourist places are open to the public. E-pass had been made mandatory for anyone visiting popular tourist destinations and hill stations particularly but yesterday being Sunday (the first Sunday after two months of total lockdown Sundays) the hill town, Kodaikanal, was besieged by a number of bikes and cars!     

A week has not passed since the relaxed measures were announced, and by then people had already returned to normalcy in full swing or rapid force, forgotten on which condition these relaxations were given. I understand that everyone is in need of a break and nothing could bring a change better than traveling, as people are locked down at homes for more than 5 months, an urge to getaway couldn’t be wrong but we aren’t’ even partially coming out of the pandemic rather leading 2nd in the world with new achievement in Covid 19 cases with each passing day, how can we expect a positivity in a neglected world? Our production of cases has reached nearly 0.1 million per day and it’s really disturbing to hear about 1000 deaths counted daily in India. We talk about how precious each life is and at the same time casually pass a death on the street – just thought of saying something – but the death of 1000 everyday doesn’t seem to make any sense or thoughtfulness to rattle us.  I know we have to move on and couldn’t stay on a thought just like stagnant water that could only mess up later but don’t we have the responsibility to do a bit in changing the scenario?  Or at least stop helping spread the virus by coming out unnecessarily, because it isn’t the time for fun or unless we follow the rules strictly we put others' life into danger along with us. 

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Changing Colors


From tender green to rusty
leaves cling to different colours
revealing the various stages of life
identical to mortal.

From a baby like shoots
leaves thrive to greenness
mushroom a layer of bottle green
mellow yellow as they grew older.

From a chapter of a tree
leaves unfold to different phases
as bystanders of better or for worse
built on the creators' standards.  

From summer to spring
leaves don’t stick to green
akin to the season's change, leafage
alter colours n gives way to new shoots.