Friday, July 10, 2009

Mannavanur – beautiful landscape

Mannavanur grassland
Mannavanur is a beautiful landscape, situated at a distance about 35km from kodaikanal, is surrounded by grasslands. I heard about this place for very long time and got the opportunity only now after missing couple of times in past. The Mannavanur Lake is the heart of the place, which could be sighted as soon we enter the huge landscape route. It’s a wonderful view of grass mounds across the valley and water as its center of attraction and surrounded by hills, and little blue sky gives way to picturesque shots. Mannavanur is also a village, mainly depends on terrace farming and agriculture alike Poombarai and holds a sheep research center. And mannavanur is also called as Bison valley.
farming playground
On the way we could see a group of sheep grazing at distance and wished I could be there, but as we moved further the sight disappears and we came across the village and farm lands, particularly an oval shape field looked like a playground stadium, where rows of steps lead to ground. Various vegetables are cultivated here including broccoli, French and butter beans, and the village also provides home made dish to those approach them, even rabbit meat is cooked if requested. There is no particularly place to attract tourist, but if someone is interested like us can go up to the lake leisurely through meadow path, coming across grazing sheeps and rabbit form.
pristine lake
in sheeps land
I had a wonderful time wandering at meadow, getting near sheeps and stream that flows from lake, to the vegetable fields nearby. The mounds of green and chill climate never want me to leave the place, but few members of my family left in hunger drive us to vehicle and the gateway to lake doesn’t seem welcoming in debris and miry. But lake area seems untouched and undisturbed, which is a source of drinking water to the people live less than 100 meters elevation. We moved further away from the place and after the lunch I climbed some distance on wheels along the road lead to kavunji, another village in this region.

I found it was quite silent except the vibration of spraying medicine at fields and the compound of green brown terrace just caught up the eyes. The clouds gathered around the place turned the moment into perhaps rain and so we left before evening. On our way back we stopped somewhere in between pine forest and looked for a falls we found in past, but we’re at wrong indication and even warned by the one who guide us, few of them get down and stick with leeches and unless reaching room none could find it was sucking blood. I was bored to get down into cottage, so we went to the lake bank and spent sometime watching the reflections of light and went around the lake in car which was 6-7km in length.
eye catching


Jeeves said...

Brilliant snaps

Shuuro said...

Beautiful landscape jeevan. i like vegetation and mountains

Vetirmagal said...

Beautiful, like Englsih countryside. We keep watching discovery Channel. But, We have our own scenic , serene spots, so near.

NExt trip to TN , I would like to visit these areas you have captured in your shots.


Kavi said...

Brilliant ! I never knew of this place. But this is on the agenda for the next time.

I would like to get more details from you and check this out..

Sujata said...


Anya said...

Sooooo lovely green shots Jeevan

Beautiful :)
Have a nice sunday :)

Anya :)
Kareltje =^.^=

Keshi said...

great pics Jeevan!


Anonymous said...

Ir is beautiful, charming, vivacious etc. etc. :)

Dawn said...

WOW! What a beauty...thanks for sharing those pictures Jeevan you really brings life into it with words :)
Keep it up

Urmi said...

Thank you very much for visiting my blogs and giving lovely comments.
I have been to this place twice and liked it very much.After seeing your beautiful post with mind-blowing pictures feel like visiting again.As I am from Pondicherry so I have visited almost all the places.Lovely post.

Devika Jyothi said...

Beautiful landscape Jeevan..and nice reading,


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I am so reminded of Ooty looking at these wonderful snaps!

Superb capture, every single one of them!

Ash said...

Love the step farms and meadows. Amazing!

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

Dear Jeevan,
your photos give us a feeling as if we ourselves are there.


Jeevan said...

Thanks so much for all your praise on this beautiful post. I wish you all visit this place sometime in future to admire.

Kavi - This place can be visited as a day trip from kodaikanal and take the road to observatory and it would lead straight to mannavanur, and on the way u could check poombarai view. I think there are no facilities to stay and u may check the links follow to know more about the place…,

Knowledge said...

Nice one

Unknown said...

Fantastic pictures!!! I have lived in this place for two years some 30 years ago. Never thought it would appear online. I have been there last time some 15 years ago.Feels like I should go back again. How is the road form Kodai these days?

satish (pnb) said...

arguably the most beautiful place on earth, especialy if you use the director's vision comparable to imaginary scenes of heaven as well.. lived there for more than 2 years ...could be also known as king's own country..mannavan ur.

kodaisam said...


kodaisam said...

hai am maniraja from mannavanur . am working in hospital in mannavanur. i never expect my place comes in net thank u somuch nice place to live in. i have been here from 2006 really superb place

Anonymous said...

nice pictures and easy to read.

Hariom said...

Wonderful place. :)