Thursday, December 30, 2010

Easan – ill favorable

Sasikumar’s Easan has spotlighted a part of city’s night life that revolves around night clubs, pubs and restaurants and how some today youngsters taking over the advantage of being trendy. Though the movie is based on revenge it has more to grasp on city life and the unchanged view of village life that access net and computer and the usual politicians ruling the police.

Samuthirakani as a police officer has performed well and his attitudes are reliable to be a right police man and the wrong politician (AL Azhagappan) has a bright future depend on his acting alike a wise artist, he shows a live performance of seeing a serious politician. The young boy who took over the revenge done an excellent joy and expressed on purpose but what strike me was giving the axis to a school boy is not a good idea to say about to a society and we didn’t expect a movie from the director-producer who created Pasanga to nation proud.

The movie is not coming under any genre as it has blend everything as a movie to run more than a three hour moving like a tele serial. The movie is a media player for many people who sleep before a world wake up to dance in mid-night and destroy in seconds and how the trendy people develop an anchor in the mind of civilians who innocently caught into a wrong fashion or passion to become destroyed.

The trendy people are all not good and bad, but its richness and money power that change their costume as well as their attitude without working or thinking about future what their father will take care of. Today the education and profession has given opportunity to taste the international trend, but we are not to fall totally into an awesome culture and develop a siren against our very own which is still praised by everybody. The movie is a right indication of wrong attitudes of people.

Wishing everyone a bright, happy and elegant New Year! Good bye 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

(Big) Temple visit - Thanjavur

(The continuation of travel to Thanjavur)
striking with moon light - and no lightning more
After undergoing refreshing task dad’s friend who arranged a person to take care of sustain, guide us to the Big Temple in evening. There was something curious seeking through eyes to see an existence of thousand years of history which has been mingling in mind as images. After parking the vehicle, the blow of tube whistles by foot vendors greet into the temple, where the elephant standing beside blessed with trunk those agree to go withstand. We moved along those stepping in and out through the three layers of temple towers what exhibit a strong and obvious grace to the temple complex. Its let down to know the temple’s tower in the above picture lost one of its fine stone pinnacle to recent lightning strike.

The first view of the whole temple tower was in a sun setting background and the flashes of rays emitted a glorious aspect to the temple tower and the complex, which radiant to sunlight. The temple was very clean with vast corridor to go around the temple leisurely and parents who show interest to visit sanctum first, left me in care of cousin in the corridor and took elevated steps to sanctum, gave me certain time to observe the millennium temple complex. We went around the temple tower wondering how marvelous it was built on a solid platform and admiring the graceful architecture that behold.
under big tower
Tried to read the inscriptions that craved around the basement of the temple tower were hard even to find what letters they are and the temple tower was the main target for me to shoot from various angles and it was interesting and adventure to bring one into the complete structure. I pressed by cousin to lean down to get me into the vertical shot of the structure and it came out as content. After sometime parents came down through the side entrance to pose like a space soldiers completed their mission (vision), perhaps something special for them to observe.

We moved behind the temple and the sun’s radiation still occupied the tower and the clean blue sky lights the shrines to view the detail intricate works on it. The ‘arumugam’ who guide us asked me did I see the lizard and I don’t know what and I thought there might be some lizards like the ones in kanchipuram temple coated in gold and silver plates. But it was real lizards on a neem tree at the backyard that attracts everybody to look out and they said it is fortune to see three lizards at a time. Everyone was pointing their fingers that it’s here and there, but I couldn’t see one at all as they said the lizards were in wood color, I didn’t show interest.
back from vision
After a lot of shots and perspective going around the temple tower we came to an end to take rest sometime by relaxing on the platform, we leisurely observed the temple and chitchat, not quite about the temple history, but obviously related to it and I enquired about the fact of light and sound show announced by the government on behalf of 1000 years history, the arumugam said he doesn’t know about it. I requested my parents to leave temple only after it darks, so that I could see the temple how it glows to sodium lights and it was wonderful to capture it in moon lit night along the artificial lights.

It was truly a remarkable sight for being patient and conveying the parents to be sustain, since they planned to visit another temple in line. Somehow the temple was appealing for more lightening; the lights scintillated the tower were glisten alike adorn by golden inlays, particularly in front of sanctum and beside. Me and cousin went ahead and captured the radiant tower and the brilliant view that accompanied the lawn and families sitting beside, a cute toddler was giggling here and there, but it was too late to think before in hesitate, the child movies away from our focus. It was truly a great moment being there and restoring it here.
glorious night

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

My sweet little heart

My sweet Christmas wishes for Merry Celebrations.
Let it be a fun filled and joyous festival season.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Margazhi - the month of winter

The winter is here to feel us warm and cold by decrease in temperature and somehow cool in nights, it’s a wonderful month called Margazhi in Tamil which is my favorite season’s among. Thinking about Margazhi (winter) causes much cold to sense and memories which retrospect as memorable and introspective to refurbish the mind and body to exist as obvious content. Cold morning is the always delight of this season and one could truly feel refreshing waking up one early morning or go a walk in the chill dawn and breath the fresh air emerge with cold nor warm inside the blanket which don’t want to wake asleep.
Margazhi - a month of drawing kolam.
Margazhi is a month that pleases among the Hindu dwellers to draw kolam or rangoli – which is drawn by white powder or flour and adorn in color powder to catch anyone’s attention. Though many residences including ours drew kolam in front of the gate way all over the year, point it to make it something special throughout the month and those can’t make it certain for everyday takes this opportunity to showcase their skill, interest and joy on drawing kolam. Sweeping the gate way along sprinkle water is a way of activity before going into action that deserves much attention and calculation among dots depict the traditional art cause by women. It was something interests me to watch how mom or aunt nor the neighbors make it so perfect and colorful to devote their culture and perspective.

Not to mention this was a season of breeding mosquitoes after the cease of rain and everywhere it would be wet due to morning dews and snow, drawing kolam is not an easy task among balancing the mosquitoes and cold weather. I am not a person to wake upon every dawn of this month and I take the opportunity on the last day of the month which is celebrated as Bhogi festival in South India – a light of bonfire which is believed as driving away the bad by burning waste things from home. In the childhood days I am more passionate on celebrating the bhogi and hitting drums which is made of clay and buffaloes skin, aind I never slept so easily the night and wait awaked to hear the drum beats to indicate the dawn and almost it would be my friends to do it and we all go together around the neighborhood and celebrate the dawn with much warmth and pleasure on lighting on.
The month of Margazhi is devoted to dance and music, which is a sensitive season among the artistes involved in the completions and organizers of the concerts. There are many theatres conduct programs, including the traditional Music academy and Sabas (concert halls) involve in constant programming throughout the month and institutions like Kalakshetra prepare students for these completions. I haven’t been to any of these festivals that exhibit the finest classical dance and music and create paths to so many artistries to showcase their skill and let aware others about the art and tradition that increase interest among people. Though I like the traditional classical dance and music I interested to go for classic folk festivals which is organized by the month end of Margazhi called Chennai Sangamam, is creating more vibrant and charm for the last couple of years of its launch with variety of fork performances taking place in parks and open grounds.

The month of Margazhi begins in mid of December and continue to the mid of January is believed as auspicious among Hindu women’s to visit temple every morning and many young women in our neighborhood would check the temples daily without fail to get something as present or gift towards the end of the month. I always like the mild sunshine that peeks through structures and grille reflecting heat and light into home and the dry skin tone to look for the brief sense of light.
foggy evening
The prime cold of the year witness last Sunday to even hideaway the lighthouse of marina to the foggy weather in evening and been drizzling however the city reduced the temperature certainly. The unusual sea with raising waves about to chase seafront easily reminds me about the firmly tsunami which is suppose to commemorate on coming Sunday, which held back on the same day some 6 years before. More than the thought of striking tsunami that always holds back in memories and the distracted mind that took time to settle firmly, it was the very pleasant weather similar to ooty kodaikanal – the hill stations of the state, which took back. Moreover the winter is here, to relax and enjoy the warmth of mild coldness and sunshine that enhance along the enchanting festival season.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

CRT out LED in

It’s been more than a year our 15 years old Onida CRT television lost its charm and fades away its dwelling colors to lose interest in watching television and thus gone off completely one Sunday from viewing programs and came to an end from proceeding. Unknown what to do in between before going for a new one, came the state governments free television scheme to aid our problem and that too we haven’t received yet then, we brought the one from our grandma’s home and used until we get a new one free .
LED TV  in home
It was time getting down to the least television set from the comfort viewing zone, and it wasn’t different rather except viewing more radiant in color and better viewing than just being. The one and a half year ran very quickly and it was for the Ayudha puja we brought the television to watch special programs and we hadn’t think for a new one in the active running until lately I found interest on LCD before I get to know about LED. I therefore thinking about the television to be best in quality and economically confine to cost of money, I went for the Samsung 26” LED TV after considering a lot about it in net and comparing it with similar products.

There is a reason why I go for Samsung immediately is because my computer monitor is Samsung which exists for a decade now without quite any trouble and if not the product is good it can’t withstand this much and I never want to give away my monitor and many have advice me to change for LCD, but I can’t think for another one when I am constant with the clarity and color which took back many into surprise. There are many advised us to buy a big TV but I have a different opinion with them about the size and viewing that LCD or LED having a wide screen it shows the objects broader and damaged pictures while watching nearer and I think these TVs should bought considering the viewing distance and the spacious of the rooms and what important is the picture quality and clarity and not the size.
We bought a new Samsung LED TV on Wednesday and the picture quality was excellent and the wide color enhancer plus the mega dynamic contrast cause an exciting viewing the vivid display. I can’t keep away from its art and technology series which shows everything so refreshing to views that where watch many times before. The other day I watched the famous Tamil movie Anbe Vaa, one of the leading colorful movies of its earlier introduction in Tamil cinema was something bliss watching it in the advanced series of technology and unlike before I enjoyed the song puthiya vaanam... captured in Shimla, just put me in surprise how pristine the picturizations were even in those earlier days and it was amazing while realizing now. Thanks to the new advanced television series that helps to review the revisited things refreshingly and new. I prefer this television mostly to watch movies and I have list of movies I wanted to watch only after getting a latest television has exist now and I wish to watch more movies further to enjoy the enhance and beauty along with art and technology.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My expressions and experience

Sometimes I feel so happy without a reason and I think so am the happiest person in the world and I want to shout loudly with the greater trouble with multiple disability, I stress my world to lead happily. What people seems nothing cause me much concern to be happy and what people avoid as tiny are greater to me to observe highly, and if not the tiny drops, where are the rivers and oceans alike how each heartbeat is important to survive. Some people think owning gadgets mean happiness and if not a person or thing as qualified what the meaning in holding it without connectivity. Sharing is the main process of gadgets in connectivity and without sharing thoughts and feeling there’s no use of thinking and feeling with the most trendy and costly gadget in hand.

Depression is a part of everyone’s life and I too get depress often when people fought by keeping me in center the inner ability which is inability seek for a segregation to maintain peace and humble trouble to keep the train to run to not halt without diesel. Sometime my tear drops could be the answer when world asleep or wake beside unnoticing thinking my state and comfort I console myself that there are worst cases in world to troublesome to survive, am just a conscious person to exist with consensual selfishness and indeed depend on someone’s need to survive. What tenses a lot was the abnormality of human being, being unmindful or cruel to be in attitude and lack of helping mind in supporting others. It might sound like complaining that I am one among those affected by and am not going to deny which is true that none other than my parents aid me crucially and what peoples expectation are confusion except worth, money and entertainment, when they’re bored.

Sometime I just don’t want to express what’s in my mind, but certain thoughts and feeling want to tell the world what going through the inner ability of mine. It’s highly tough to explain in detail because it might sometime hurt anyone who comes into a confine situation and cause discomfort in mind and body to relax the temporary state of exist as a companion or aid circumstance. What bothers me to think was why can’t people be sustain in thoughts and feeling as same as they are like the temporary sale and being unique is not wrong and I would be humble always for those behind my exist and seriously I am spellbind by those cause to be idiot. I am quite anguish about people who only look after themselves and never think back how life has been and how often it was changed perceptively towards other and there is only a lot of selfish and tantrum to teach people about corruption. I always wish people who can’t motivate me could please stop discourage the mind I got by reading and realizing the fact who am I through a lot of experience and emotion, given by them. Thanking them all for strengthen my inner ability to sustain mentally strong and enchanting through various norms given by this life. Thank you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Travel to Thanjavur

It’s always pleasant to mind and body when it comes to early morning drive and its more healthy to inhale fresh air, before the world wake up to spread immense debris as particles. We took yet a similar journey towards Thanjavur lately and it was ECR instead of Thambaram we took to connect Chengelpet – the NH which leads a smooth drive until we take right before Vilupuram to Thanjavur over the state highways, which wasn’t good to say about till Neyvali Lignite Corp.LTD.
Being an ardent of SHs, I liked the journey of crossing many little towns and villages, which isn’t an easy sight when traveling in NHs. We stopped at Panruti to buy some cashew nuts which is very popular here, and there are many cashew groves cultivating enough nuts to export foreign countries and it is also renowned for jackfruits and one can’t miss the aroma of baking nuts when u pass these groves following the town. There are many retail shops too selling cashew nuts on the way, but quality is not guarantee. We brought the nuts from a shop inside the town and taste is nothing to say about, but the tender coconut we drink over there is much flavor and enough content of cost.
tender drink
As I was expecting, there wasn’t enough paddy fields or greenery to expose my favor on this route but there were many canals flowing fully and somewhere children diving and swimming in the gushing waters from the unlocked barriers. Though it wasn’t up to my expectation, the full stretch vast lands of paddy fields are nice to view and Thanjavur was differ from what I thinking back as an immense rice brand rural respiratory is a moderate town hiding the name ‘rice grain repository’.
Cauvery irrigational canal
Few miles before Kumbakonam comes the Anaikarai (dam bank) - where two dams built across the river kaveri for storing water is the only way for passenger to cross the river to reach other towns and villages. The dams being a narrow bridge, allows only light weighted vehicles to pass and those travels by buses has to leave it and take another bus to continue their journey by walking across the bridge or take a share auto. The dams looks like an older one similar to Kalanai, is locked to release water through canals to save and prevent water from flowing through river to merge with sea.

The eyes were searching for the big temple tower soon we enter the Thanjavur town; and I could only get a sight of it in-between a space unbuild. The town was little crowded and the hotel we lodged being in center of the town, the constant roar of horns and movement of vehicles are something beside the share of striking sun and thus being noon, we finish our lunch and others head to hotel to get refresh before head to big temple, I stayed up to vehicle to avoid climbing the steps to lift first floor. The hotel Lion lies very beside to a branch of fully flowing river Cauvery and having hotel Saravana Bhavan in underground it’s easy for us to go with our favorite savor.
Cauvery River - Anaikarai
Just to reduce to length of the post I shatter to write as separate posts further.

Monday, December 06, 2010

சென்னையில் மழை / Rain in Chennai


சென்னையில் அதிசயம்
தொடர்மழை அவசியம்
மழைநீரை சேமிக்க வழி இருந்தும்
சாலையிலும் கால்வாயிலும் வீணா போக,
மறைத்துவைக்க வழியில்லை மழைநீரை
எங்கும் தட்டும் தரை, மண்ணில் எங்கு புதைக்க?

ஏங்கி தவித்த காலம் போய்
ஏன் என்று கேள்வி எழுப்ப, மழையே போய்விடு!
எங்கோ வாடுது என் பூமி, போய் பொழிந்திடு
ஒரு நாள் மீண்டும் அழைப்போம் பொறுத்திரு.

Chennai is in amazement
the constant rain is necessity,
even there are ways to store rainwater
it goes needlessly in streets and drainage
where no way to concealing the rainwater
thus everywhere its plated floors,
where to bury in sands?

Goes the season of craving
why, the question raised, rain u go away!
Somewhere dries my earth, u go and rain
one day will call you back, u wait.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Things that hit me

In parents competition
children’s are runners...
towards praise and money.
The passion and carrier
comfort and style
wanna forget them later one night.

Some people spray their body
as if gonna hit cockroach...
thinking of self sustain
and confident, loses there sense.
Than intend to attract pleasantly
lose there fair to irritation.

The immature parents
dismantle their child’s deliberation...
before they are right before
rules the child unruly
who refuse to play the child’s role
and grows unsteadily fast.

p.s. Lately life dismantles from its robust and things happen on its own turn down the force to keep away from here. If neither it was cold nor the constantly troublesome computer, switch off me nearly from here and some more distractions and awkward mind refuse to sit down to share something with cold, which sustain for long unlike ever to troubleshoot.

The pulse of my computer began to drop day by day and before it hang completely, we restored the OS and thinking down everything is fine, the Ethernet connection lost it supply due to lose of motherboard software somewhere, we struggled to install it finally. While thinking to write something about, a short circuit at mid-night
melt down the PSU (power supply unit) of the CPU and if not noticed it then the whole system might be busted says the service bro, after changing it the other day. Hope there won’t be any troublesome for some time and to write more with no interference and unsound mind and body.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Droplet leaves

a tine drop
Roll over to edge
and expose to sunlight,
the droplets glitter on leaves
and splashes
while birds detach from branches

Crossing across various particles
droplets sprinkle on the leaves
and cling to the wrinkles
hold till unwind; and drops
while greater motion at the wind

The droplets detach from nimbus
that in turn crystal balls on leaves
are hardly touched or played
while holding to the leaves
they reflect as a mirror.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Big Temple – Thanjavur

The Big temple in Thanjavur is world famous and the main aspect of the temple structure was its disclosing Dravidian architecture. Built by the great ruler of South India Rajaraja Chozlan in 10th century AD, the building completing its 1000 years of history today, still continue to exist to everyone’s excitement and amazement without fail. The temple complex is much spacious unlike anywhere and it has three typical towers to invite us inside the temple and each one is in a kind and distinguishes.
The Big Temple Tower
The main structure of the temple lies in the middle of the complex which draws into a fortress walls built in 16th century. The fort complex is fortified by three layers of wall protection and the whole structure and premises are built with granite stones. As soon we cross the first layer, the temple elephant welcomes us with blessing and led by a stone path to the second layer where the 3 story tower exposes with beautiful sculptors in sandalwood color.
glorious temple tower
The space between the layer 2 and 3 is grass hold and least crowded as it hold the place to leave footwear’s and wash out feet. Alike the 2nd layer, the 3rd one is also a 3 story tower displaying sculptors and thus being evening the tower expose to sunlight produces a striking tone to it. The setting down of sun with it rays flashing from behind the big temple, remarks the beauty of the structure with its gleaming background and thus a spirit silhouette to exist.
Carved sculptures
As we enter the vast corridor of the temple complex, the striking sunlight on the small temple tower excites me to capture the sculptures to the nature’s sodium light! It was very bright to remind that the main temple tower was ones completely covered by golden plates, which were stolen by those captured the temple later by war or by the own predecessors. The structure of the temple lies on the basement of a large platform, which holds a huge Nandi (bull statue) in front of the sanctum, under a mandabam and this was the stage lately witnessed the 1000 bharatanatyam dancers to commemorate its millennium.
Vast corridor of big temple
The main temple tower elevated by cone is one marvelous structure to be known as tallest among temples in South India and getting near is one nearly option to realize how spellbind and tiny we are before its grand structure. I was quite admiring the temple structure in astonishment by nothing to think about except imagining the things how the narratives of history describes the past of this building process. From every direction the building exhibits the scholar of the cholas and there thoughts, art and culture to be brought into a structure.

There are few shrines behind and beside the temple dedicated to various gods and the main temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. There is another marvelous shrine behind the temple to wonderfully carve around by pillars and sculptures; and in a sort it describes the art. The temple has old Tamil inscriptions around its base stones and it is said to describe about temple and things related to it and been written in ancient Tamil, reading or understand the inscriptions is not easy with our customary language.
Tanjavur inscription
The setting of sun and due to temple’s tone it attracts a lot to capture with eyes and lens to store in memory. The temple complex has an inner corridor along the fortress walls and the walls depict the ancient art and culture of Chola dynasty and related to Tamil literature. Beside the corridor, a beautiful lawn is maintained to add greenery to the temple complex and it’s awesome to watch the temple tower in day or night – due to lights, the nights turn glorious to check the temple – from the lawn.

After a patient dusk, the temple dawns to the sodium lights and moon to add delight, it was wonderful to check the temple complex again to relish the amazing structure. It’s easy to see the people come in nights, take their own time to admire the temple and taking down the lawn they zest themselves with families and kids. Taking a brief look across the complex, telling myself that I will be back with more restfully moments, we moved out to see a dry moat and one of the Kaveri’s Branch Rivers to flow fully beside the temple complex.
marvelous shirine

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Extend celebration

The Jal cyclone has extended the deepavali celebrations by let off schools and colleges on Monday. Thus the cousins who were supposed to leave on Sunday left on Monday gave us much time to share and enjoy the holidays. The tremble of Jal was something causing excitement as it was nearing from time to time and it was the wish of everyone that it produce much rain, but it disappoints as it fail to stand strong to sweep with rain.
Color fountain
This deepavali was truly nice by getting awake the usual way of watching television which includes in the tradition these days doesn’t stop us from the process of oil bathing, wearing newly cloths and having sweets and special cuisine for breakfast and lunch. By afternoon cousins and aunt came home to share the festival and they prepared cookies and snacks to share with our relatives and neighbors which we hold as traditions.
Sparkle deepavali
Meanwhile watching the non interesting television programs and crunching the cookies and snacks, we waited till the dusk to dawn so that we light crackers and look into the sky for fireworks display. Usual we leave to our grandma’s home in suburb (neelankarai) to light crackers as there is much space and being a posh area we get to sight fireworks from every direction which means two eyes not enough. This time the cousin sister and uncle joined enough to trigger fire and most of all, Standard fireworks worked and the local brands refuse to raise upwards sky.

This time we left many Outs known as fancy fireworks and 5000 wala which crackled well and slowly and leaving rocket is an interesting thing and they are funny too and dangerous. The other cousins, who had great fun at their home lighting fireworks, came next day with light crackers gave chance to play with fireworks again and it was nice and bound with sparkles. They stayed with us following post deepavali and the time swings slowly inside the home watching movies and doing something gently and kind arguments and fights.
It was drizzling often with a fire on news about the arriving Jal and what really triggers was the news about leave to schools in Chennai and its suburbs as it supports their vacation to deepavali by counted 5. As a presentation to deepavali, I bought a new Sony walkman which was in pending with a friend for him to return from US, who came later on deepavali handed over me. It was a very similar one to IPod 5G Nano and it has a superb sound and picture quality, and watching songs are simple awesome.

cousins playing with sparkles (video)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Enthiran, the mass fiction!

After a month it releases, I watched Enthiran yesterday in the crowd less drive-in. When the movie was announced I was thinking then will it be a quite superstar movie or shanker’s science fiction, but almost it was a move gives importance to science and technology in shanker’s style and least scope for superstar to showcase his usual mass buildup.

The movie begins with no similar demonstration or huge fanfare following things to promote the actor or director’s kind of act. It’s new to a superstar movie to being simple cool in light blue. First impression is the best impression they would say, but I was slightly disappointed by the lack of contrast level on screen and comedian Karunas and Santhanam to go serious look. The comedy sucks with two good ones.
I couldn’t merge both superstar and the robot is one man in real and both characters stands separate on screen is pulse. The Robot Rajini impresses a lot and the strain the character could carry is obvious even still there’s lot of graphics. Aishwarya rai is very pretty cool in songs and love scenes those are least fraction. Irumbila oru Idayam and Arima arima songs are very well related to story and sequence and thus follwing songs Kaadal Anukkal and Kilimanjaro are forced into the subject. Thought nice with unique views and background!

Looking for logic in a fantasy movie is an immense deceives, but still there was something dashing at the end of robots destruction. There are many unbelievable facts on robots and abundant shapes and size for Tamil fans through graphics and mechanics. The end of robot was least fade with sorrow and the message was super.

Reading a blog related to the movie, I thought anyone could do a movie like this with foreign technicians and studious and it would be a movie similar to Hollywood. Then how come we say we had done something different and new? We could be glad if we had done this with our genuine technology and geniuses, who are very goes from here. Btw. Enthiran is an excellent movie to showcase the pride of Tamil cinema, with lots of uncertain and alien contribution.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Access deepavali

Deepavali is at corner (friday) and thinking about it excite me a lot and deepavali is a festival of lights delighted by everyone, whether they celebrate it or not, watching the light arrangements at home and colorful display of firecrackers at night let us into the mood of celebration and happiness. From childhood deepavali means firecrackers to me and the sound of crackers which sustain me awake throughout night hold me when it will dawn.

Those are days gone by playing with lot of crackers, sharing along with neighbor and friends who brought up with their crackers, it’s a non-stop celebration throughout the day and contest within who throw much litter before their courtyards. Lately life is so different and I still continue to buy crackers and let others play and I watch it enthusiastically happily.
(The Talk of the town is about the 1 million visitors to the shopping street T.Nagar in Chennai for deepavali purchase on Sunday.)
Seeing now how things have changed and the interests of people on deepavali are towards shopping and caught up with new release movies and watch television at home and brought up sweets from shops. Like many others I don’t wish much for new clothes, and for me the sweet means the traditional athirasam we make a day before the festival. Whatever distracts the mind and body, the deepavali has the magic wand to replace it with energy and enthusiasm and watch the colorful display of crackers and surround sound disclose the secret joy.

Just turned everything into commercial these days, deepavali is the most important festival in country next to New Year and Christmas, the television and papers are loaded with lot of ads on discount and new offers causes more interest on deepavali and access joy. I understand the cause the festival expose on environment through pollution and noise disturbance by bursting cracker, but still I couldn’t stop this nuisance and trying hard to keep away this interest and at slow pace I have come down to noise-less crackers and more color to eyes.

Let we all celebrate this festival of lights with safe and secure, bringing more laughter blast and happiness into sharing with near and dear ones, with sweet. Whatever might be the reason behind this festival and faith, the overall happiness is much concern. Still being an ache arm, I somehow manage to write with an intense desire on deepavali. Advance wishes to everybody :)

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Friday, October 29, 2010

A trail of my travel

Splendid millennium
The big temple in Thanjavur which mark the thousand years of it’s built shines to the sunset. Captured from my trip to tanjavur lately and it was a great structured to be remind and admire the beauty and grand architecture. It was my long time wish to visit thanjavur big temple and this time been celebrating its millennium year, I wished to mark my existence on its millennium year and thus happens this trip.

It was a weekdays journey we began on 18th Monday October and it was a planned travel to thanjavur, palani and kolli hills. It was partially wonderful and painful journey, because of my slightly down fall from wheels(chair) which disturbed the hand movement and pain still continues to strain me, but most of all it was an interesting and relaxed journey without much hustle and bustle.
paddy repository
Thanjavur which is said to be rice grain repository doesn’t showcase me much paddy fields or I didn’t went around the place to view more green fields, but it was good to see some vast paddy fields somewhere with no disturbance like pump sets or farm wells that interrupted like many other places and its almost irrigation is done by Kaveri river water that connect through canals.

We shared two places in thanjavur to stay and one was govt. guest house and the other was hotel lion city. The hotel room was in first floor and just been paid, my grandparents stayed there and we moved to guest house which was beautiful and nice. From there we move to palani, where my father wanted to go for sometime even we visited it when we (me and bro) were small kids, where we cried and fought in whom to go baldhead first.
palani malai
We just went near the winch and I told my parents already that I am not gonna come to the hill temple, but they wished me to come, and canceled finally only knowing that taking me to the hill top is impossible since the winch is too small and stands slantingly. In meanwhile we went around the palani sometime and discover the places nearby and enjoyed by touching the foot hills of kodaikanal which is 12kms from palani. let we talk more about it sometime… little struggling to write more since the fall down aches remains in shoulder.

About kolli, it won’t be an easily forgettable place for me, if not for the many beautiful villages and terrace paddy fields and very calm and pleasant weather with little left over medical essence fragrance, it’s the pain and fear that cause by the sudden down fall from wheels. It’s a moment everything felt like emerge with fear and pain that wanna stop me progressing, but somehow I managed to quite the tour kolli hills thinking the worth climbing 70 hairpin bends. sigh

Friday, October 15, 2010

Anna Park, Yercaud

In front of anna park
There’s nothing greater to describe about this park which lies in the center place of yercaud, but it has something to welcome visitors those visit yercaud. After searching for a botanical garden indicated by the sign board, which was nothing but a horticulture center that one needs to climb steep and steps, thus we landed in Anna Park.
red salvias carpet
This is a small park like garden with some beautiful flowers and roses in varies colors are the main attracts of the park. One part of the park decorates the red salvias, which looks like red carpet spread for visitor’s sight. In between shines the marigold alike the yellow bulbs and there are dual code marigolds too with red petals around it.

We head there in evening and it was cool enough to carry away in breeze since it looks like to drizzle quickly so as the dark clouds were covering the sky. We relaxed there some time on the green carpet and it wasn’t quiet as it was nearby roadside and summer time to be, so little crowded and children making noise by enjoying the slide.
Children enjoy sliding
The slide was something has the same way to climb and slide thus the cage like ladder to climb was locked, it was amuse and disturbing to see how children balance in sliding and slip down in unable. There were many white roses, some wild and pure white in bunches. There was a pretty orange rose with an umbrella like petal partly covering the pollen and it was interesting to see and capture a bee that come across collects the nectar and flew away instantly.
bee in
The fountain in the park center splashes nicely for some time goes off immediately before me likely to go near to enjoy the sprinkle. The park also exhibits nursery with yellow, orange and red flowering plants which could grow perfectly in hills alone, disappointed me later buying few roses and marigold in which only a rose blooms at home. Even it sounds noisier around the park, the three guys uncared about what’s happening around, enjoys there deep slumber in the lawn, beneath the decorative areca palms.
colorful marigolds
While visiting the park we received a call from a cousin, and when talking casually we surprise to know that they were too in yercaud. It was a great coincident and we know they were on traveling, but never thought we would meet at some point. After having cup of coffee and by receiving them and chatting over our journeys we apart to stay there and they continued their travel to Salem.

Later we spent some time in the lake bank and looking over the pedal boats rolling their latter rounds around the dazzling fountain in center of the lake. We spent there almost it went dark and moved to room only after clouds drive us before the thunder storm struck the yercaud that night.
dazzling fountain

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Striking blue marina

pretty blue sky
I saw the sky, it was blue
far away clouds gloom
thinking down, it was drizzly dawn
we head to beach
before sun settle down.

The passing clouds drop shadows
reflecting its grey shades
on the golden sand grains
thus sun strikes with rays
to squint glare sight

Coexist with two smart kids
and a brat, who isn’t bad enough
though similar to several kids
climbs the granite slabs
and rolls on the sand grains
striking marina
It was unlike a Sunday
missing those batting stumps
and lads cross-cut with catchs
except slow pace women police
and fast track bike riders.

The crowd pulling marina
was indifferent due to early eve
begins the process of mobile vendors
to arouse stoves and operate machines
for spicy bajji and sugarcane juice

That was a day end in marina
collecting shells by kids
and cradle for crabs in hot sand
thus grabbing groundnuts
spouse with Sunday for rupees 10.
sea way tasty food

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Moved by silver oak grove

walk in please
The silver oak grove in yercaud is very quiet and pleasant. Lying on the way to manjakuttai viewpoint to the east of yercaud, the place is simple cool and green. I know this place already through a tourism program on TV and remind to check and while leading manjakuttai (yellow tank) I saw this place and clicked few snaps. After while return from manjakuttai – a sunrise view point which is spectacular for its early morning views and it was simple a viewpoint for us who visited it nearby noon – I wished to spent sometime in the grove and so stopped the vehicle and relaxed a while moving into the grove’s in wheels.
calm green lane
The silver oak trees are well planted with certain distances in narrow lines neatly and cut off branches for nearly bottom half of the trees. It seems like the oak trees are still under development for the pepper creepers to climb on in future. As it was noon and time for lunch, we decided to bring the food to this place as it is 5 km to yercaud and so leaving us, cousins went to collect food parcels from the hotel. Meanwhile it was time for me to examine and take a leisure ride on wheels along the stretching grove’s slowly and inhaling the cool breeze and gazing the clean and green environment.
Crown of thorns
The Crown of Thorn is everywhere, which is pretty and poisonous, protects the grove as fencing. The woody, spiny and climbing succulent shrubs growing up to 6 feet in height and leaves that are found new growth has flowers shaped in small conspicuous pair of petal-like bracts in red, which also variably pink or white. As it was raining last night, everywhere it looks green and surprisingly clean. A couple of foreign girls came across us and seeing our pet, one come close to say cute and wanting to know will she bite, asked mom blindly ‘bite’ brought blink and think sophisticated!

I observed a spider web and it was interesting to note how they climb their net and move. I never seen spider practice with web and caught up with things, as I would be away if a spider comes near me. The oak grove is pretty to walk and to capture by standing in the narrow lines that extends like no end, but we didn’t complete the whole area and don’t know how length the road leads between the grove’s that pass hardly by any vehicle.
narrow grove

Monday, October 04, 2010

Endhiran hype

Everywhere it’s talk about Endhiran and its post and pre-release celebrations elsewhere. I personally feel the hype created by media and Sun picture’s is causing too much expectation and irritation among people. The fans celebrate it and Endhiran is not alone a movie to receive such abundance and every superstar’s release witnesses such enthusiasm and eagerness, but it defines larger this time as it involves the larger heads in movie industry including the subject.
Even missing the common wealth games excitement in country, many TVs tuned for watching the Endhiran movie release functions worldwide. Even I felt bad to say that I missed a vivid glow evening on doordarshan, watching our nation been displaying its very big and grand venue, were India shines very brightly like Sirius in the universe. The movie has talked much before it release and there’s nothing to say more about it and keeping away the suspect on hype and expectation, peoples response are overwhelm and speechless as of ever seeing a movie like this before in Tamil cinema.

It’s quite shanker movie in my view primarily where superstar might displayed like a super doll doing everything need for his character and fans. He’s general hero of almost everyone like him for his style and simplicity, and being super hype whatever he do are expose to publicity. The director has used this hype with strong media background; the movie is published with lot of expectations and causing disturbance in many ways to public. Thought we enjoy the hyper create by the fanfare, there is something for people to carry unmindful and do crazy which I like to dismiss and think media should stop encouraging such stupid activities.

I guess people are much endures to bear the movie’s non-stop publicity, sponsor by the Sun group of channels, which sounds aloud in-between watching programs, should think a good movie no need publicity and it will reach people by some ways through themselves. Don’t we listen to our neighbors and near and dear ones who watch the movies, but even though we need little aware about the movies which caused by the media, should be responsible and care to be publishing it in interesting and not irritating anybody. Looking forward to watch the robot with little expectation on Shanker and Superstar!

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

பாஸ் 'எ' பாஸ்கரன்

ஒரு வெட்டிப்பையன் கதையை எடுத்துக்கிட்டு வெற்றி பெற்றிருக்காங்க பாஸ்கி டிம். ஆரம்பம் முதல் இறுதிவறை ஒரே ரகளை. நண்பேண்டா நண்பேண்டானு சொல்லி ஆப்பு வைக்கிற இடமெல்லா சிரிப்பொலி.

ஸ்எம்ஸ் போல் இல்லாமல் சற்று வித்தியாசப்படுத்தி அதே பாணியில் எடுத்து அனுப்பப்பட்டிருப்பது நம்பிக்கையை காட்டுகிறது. பாஸ் 'எ' பாஸ்கரன்னாக அமர்க்களப்படுத்தியிருக்கிறார் ஆரியா. அவர் செய்யும் பொறுப்பற்ற செயல்கள் எல்லாம் ரசிக்கும்படியும் மற்றும் தளர்த்தியான கதாபாத்திரமும் சோர்வற்று சிரிப்பையே வரவழைக்கிறது.

சந்தானம் பற்றி சொல்லவே வேண்டாம், அவர்தான் இந்த படத்தோட பாஸ்! அவருடைய டைமிங் காமடி சுவாரசியம். டுடோரியல் அரம்பிக்க கையெழுத்து போட்டுவிட்டு அவர் படும் பாடும் கற்பனையும் கலகலப்பு.

நயன்தாரா இந்த படத்தில் கொஞ்சம் நன்றாக இருக்கிறார். பாடல் காட்சிகளில் அழகாக தெரிகிறார், காரணம் உடைகளாகவும் இருக்களாம். அவரது சமீபத்திய படங்களை விட முந்தைய படங்களான அய்யா, சந்திரமுகியில் இருந்த வசீகரத் தோற்றம் எனக்கு பிடிக்கும். இன்று ஏனோ பாவம்மாக தெரிகிறார்.

பாடல்களை பொருத்தவரை மாமா மாமா... கச்சேரி ரகம். இன்னும் இரண்டு பாடல்கள் அழகாக படம் பிடித்திருக்கிறார்கள். வேடிக்கையாக பொழுதுபோக்காக குடும்பத்தோடு பார்த்து ரசிக்கும்படி படத்தை கொடுத்த இயக்குநர் ராஜேஷ்'கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

பாஸ் 'எ' பாஸ்கரன் பாஸ்மார்க்! நோ டாஸ்மாக்!

#The post is about the Tamil movie Boss ‘n’ Baskaran, which is quite entertainment I watched last evening in Drive-in theater.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Immersion depiction

Being late to write about, thought The Ganesh Chturthi was celebrated with delight everywhere to commemorate their faith and happiness just by sharing with others in whatever manner, the day was much delighted by varies cuisines and TV programs or visiting the nearby ones and looking out the procession that went on our street end Ganesh temples in evening. It wasn’t necessary for us to take the clay idol to the sea and been following the system of immersing in a bucket for last few years, got dipped into the water that evening get dissolved in morning to pour into our flower pots.
Ganesh immersion 2010
The university quarters beach, which is one we go often in palavakkal was suppose to be quiet and somehow clean, had turned louder and unclean like a market area, where things thrown everywhere to look dislike and different. There were countless water packets throughout the street that led beach thought me about the day’s weather and dry throats that quench their loud voice in immense joy and uncertain faith. The procession does sounds hard to separate it from the mortal one to the moral of the event and thus there were loudspeakers, bands and drums strikes with certain in time by time.

Each god has a vehicle in species to mention like mouse for Ganesha and peacock for Murugan but there’s one vehicle that almost used by gods in the procession was the small elephant (china yaanai), what people locally call the Tata Ace. The vehicles were kept on entering and exit the beach constantly, which is one of the three places that chosen for immersion in Chennai, where the university beach is allot for south and suburb and each vehicle hold a banner from where the idol comes. This time we couldn’t go near the beach as there were strict police protection and so we stopped nearby and watched the procession.
delighted idol step 3
The police have the reason to not alloy us particularly inside the beach road as we own back Scorpio which the enthusiastic devotees would think black as oppose color and thus could create problem. Later mom went on foot to collect some immersion pictures for me to see and the fireworks displayed in evening causes a lustrous series of fire and joy as the immersion came to close. The crowds drip as soon everything is over and shattered the remaining clay idols and else everywhere. In-between I were amaze to the glimpse of today’s rare species, the house sparrows, to crisp and intend flips their tiny wings urged me to instant fix the nest box at home, which I want to do for some time now.

gold coconut tree

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neighbor Angels

I would say that all the kids in our apartment are cute and angels, who carries away the isolation into the air every evening. The calm environment would be cleared as soon they arrive from the school and there isn’t certain for their causing noise and merry trouble. There are more than a dozen children in our apartment and keeping away the teens, everyone go around the apartment in there cycle and keep on gossiping until they leave by 6 or 6.30 to study at home.
Neighbor angels
The above three in the picture were the most active children and could be seen often playing and merrily go around in their cycle. Being similar in age group, they share there by-cycle easily and be cool always like no other responsibility, unlike their elder ones who spent less time to amusement and keep themselves distance with books and studies. Being a dog dweller, no kid will come near our home, but everyone’s excite about the dog and would call from far away, except the one who wish to come near and being younger to all, will convey me his wish by a hand movement and smile seeing me far or near.

He’s one of the darlings of the apartment and he walk pretty like a toddler walking and cute enough to capture our heart! Soundariya, Ammu and Varshini are the names of the kids in the picture and to say about them in a line: Soundariya is much talkative and kind enough to be humble in consoling her mates by giving anything to keep them from distress and cry. About ammu, she’s a cheering girl among the kids and always keeps a smile on her face and thus charming.
Fancy dress Ammu
I see her from crawling and she’s one cute being hold a post in my blog then, and wonderfully never changed in attitude of being so enchant. I amaze looking at her brother, whom I mention as darling of the apartment resembles her in every aspect and movement. He has a mysterious name called putta, which I guess it to be a nick name as he’s very little! Coming to Varshini, she is cute, brisk and bold, but teardrop for everything being silly and nothing and blame that no one let her live happily.

She’s so funny that times and I have listened her singing while playing and being at bathroom… which is against our bedroom, a block apart. She has a sweet tone and adorable while she fondle kids and convey to our pet maya. I never been close to these kids but I just know very little about them though observing their activities and manner they share with others. Evenings are the only time these kids come out and I love being outside to just watch them and wish I were among the kids being so nice and happy.