Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cute Ammu

This is Ammu (click the photo to see big)

This is ammu, my neighbor kid. I have see many kids cry when they play, but I never saw this kid cry, always have a beautiful smile on her face. I love this child when she walks, it’s like robot walk:) It has been a week I saw this kid playing, (because my caliper have been broken last week, so till I get a new one, I cant watch this kid). When I was waking everyday outside my house, this kid used to play with other kids. Is their anything-happiest movement in this world with out see the kids plying? Everyday I will be waiting for the evening to see this kid and her friends.
Took this when she was walking


Keshi said...

Ammu is one of the SWEETEST kids I ever laid my eyes on! awwww what a darling!


Anonymous said...

Look at the innocence on her face.. I think that's what makes kids look so beautiful..

Unknown said...

Hope your caliper gets fixed soon, take care

ghost particle said...

get her to blog fast!!!....hemm..innocent child...wish her all the best in life.

Pavithra said...

She is so cute !! U r right kids makes us forget all our worries !!

Wish our growth stopped there !!

Priya said...

A child always keeps our heart and mind happy.

Movie Mazaa said...

Awww!! Shes sooooo pretty!

aruna said...

Glad you have some kid friends there & yes, she looks sweet!

Kathy said...

...all kids are cutee ^_^ i love the innocence in their eyes and the sweet smiles!

goodnight Jeevan!


Flora Pang said...

Kids are always cute, but the ones who don't cry, even cuter!
I love seeing pictures, and thank you for posting them.

starry said...

She is especially cute. what a sweetheart.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Cutie pie.!

Yeah, Kids are a lot of fun to watch. No doubt, the way the walk, the way they talk etc.

Remember, a few years back ( me long back :-) ) we were also like that.!! Hmm..MEMORIES.!!

Jeevan said...

Keshi – she was in my wallpaper now:)

Karthik – so true

Ange (WA) – I think I will get in next Monday.

GP – that’s sweet wishes form you.

Pavi – its very entertain to watch her.

Priya – its true.

Velu - :)

Aruna – there was also another kid, Sweatha, she come to my house and type some thing in my computer and go.

Kathy – last night was very fine:)

Flora – Welcome here:) I like the way you make the crying kid to smile form one of your post in your blog. Thanks.

Starry – really cute when she walks.

Venkitu – We all cute, when we were kids. I too have some memories, of walking behind my uncle’s bicycle, in a marriage function, we used to watch that video many times, but not the disk was scratch and destroyed;(

Butterflies said...

such a chweeeet kid~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

tulipspeaks said...

ah.. i missed this one when i was on break!!

of course she is cute.. coz she is Ammu


just like the one who wrote this comment!