Thursday, January 31, 2013

VBO and following things – Javadu Hills

Following, checking the VBO’s largest telescope inside the Vainu Bappu Observatory, we drawn back to the 6 inch telescope for watching the celestial objects on space. This is a facility impended only if there is a clear sky and the observatory is open to public only on Saturday, to visit the telescope between 2 to 5 pm and staring starts and planet viewing adjoined for 6.30-10 pm. We waited for nearly an hour until the dusk disappeared and twinkle stars get to sight, the place sounds quiet except the resonant of our batch waiting to watch through telescope, the winter cold wraps around under the open sky and moist meadow. We saw guards wander with rifle to keep away the wild animals entering the campus: elephant, bison and wild boar are found commonly around VBO’s forest area, belong to Javadu Hills.

6” Inch Telescope shed
The observatory is located at an altitude of 700 meters and quarter distance from Bangalore compared to about 210 km from Chennai. VBO is one of the field stations of Bangalore based Indian Institute of Astrophysics, which is primarily devoted to research activates using the optical telescope. There are about 6-7 telescopes built around the campus of VBO, except for the 1 and 2.3 meter telescopes; others are small domes and shed. The 6 inch telescope that allowed viewing for public was kept inside a shed (that u see in the above picture), which top is pushed aside while using the telescope and its position is fixed to view specific celestial objects on sky. That, what has become an obstacle for me from observing through telescope; as the view point has kept high from ground, I couldn't keep up to being tough.

There were more than 100 students waiting behind us, so I kept a quick out of the shed realizing the difficult. My parents who got the opportunity to watch through telescope found Jupiter and three shining stars closer. The students who lined behind us were those exits during our entry, seemed waited for long time at the gateway to view via telescope. The security is tight inside the observatory and guards wore a moody mask, but the officers are kind enough to slender tie for me and encouraged indirectly for taking the course.

Mini observatory
It was pitch dark, when we left the telescope shed and there were no lights to lead us to entrance. Except following the road for few hundred meters, I rode the wheel chair tracing the center white line torched by my cousin, using his cell phone. Being winter, the darkness settled early from the pink shades the sun left behind the forest scene. It was adventurous driving back to Jamunamarathur from VBO through the thick adjoining forest road where one or two vehicle only passed.  The village town doesn’t have great hotels except only one pure vegetarian mess; all are non-vegetarian teashops preparing traditional Tiffin’s like: idly, dosai, pongal, parotta… and biriyani for lunch. There are many Biriyani shops in funny names and almost different in taste from one another… u may wonder how I know. For the lunch next day, we brought biriyani from more than couple of shops to taste which is best and getting there for remain of us.

You see something IMG_3435
For the dinner that night, we brought Tiffin from one of the tea-shops  That wasn't so bad or good at taste but enough to keep content the stomach and somehow hygiene hopefully. Gladly the night went off peacefully and comfort since the suite and mattress become favorable, kept away the sleep difficulties, I used to experience in absence of home comfort. We also had some fun that day, watching the monkeys business while waiting at the entrance of the VBO for some time. There was this cute little monkey perched to a branch (check picture above), behold through its gestures and behavior unlike the elder one which was trying to steal something from a bike pouch. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

A piece of art

Image courtesy: tumblr
She stretched her arms 
releasing herself from attire 
to a state of beautiful sculpture 
that no one ever unearthed.

Her each gesture, entice 
to take a trail upon her curves 
outlined by silhouette shadow; 
that no one touched alive.

The wishful eyes, behold 
the beauty exposed in low light 
a feeling of embarrass, embark 
secretly watching her desire.

Staring at her shadow, eyes 
almost lose sense of gazing, relish 
upon revealing her structures 
that deserves watching.

Touching an utmost desire 
her imposing position; imprison 
leaving behind the window’s pane 
unveiled her silhouette beauty.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pondicherry Beach

Pondicherry Beach

One late morning we passed the Pondicherry beach while letting us ahead to Point Calimere in Nagai District; the beach looked deserted during that day of the time last March. Guess it was a weekday, and being sunny no one were left around and the way it looked (neat and clean) impressed to shoot few shots. This was the beach shaken up during the Thane cyclone that struck couple of months early to our visit then, seems taken a quick recovery to our surprise and it looked even better than our early visits.

My first time to the Pondicherry beach was at the beginning of this millennium and that time it was only rocks left behind the corridor platform and we could enjoy the drizzle splashed by waves while sitting on the platform. Now the beach was extended into the sea, creating a corridor on the seawall to keep away the erosion and building some sand area for beach visitors. This was my third time in the beach to just pass unlike early spending some time, the beach left quite with no sound of splashing waves and sight of some sea birds at distance.

Gandhi Statue, Pondicherry
The Promenade beach, as popularly known as Pondicherry beach on the Beach Road is one of the main boulevard of the city, where one could find heritage buildings and offices of the Union Govt. including the State Secretariat.  The beach extends for 1.5 km along the shore, has the statue of the father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi – is the center of attraction.  The four-meter tall statue was beautifully adorned by eight granite pillars, surrounding a shrine like shelter.

Being close to the old harbor, the beach holds a pretty sight of the pier extended into the bay. And the old lighthouse on the beach lane, opposite to the Mahatma Gandhi statue is a wonderful old tower installed by French East India Company in year 1836. This old lighthouse was the first modern lighthouse on the Coromandel Coast, served the mariners for almost a century and half before proudly become a monument under the Union Territory Administration – a fitting tribute to its valuable services.

Old Lighthouse - Pondicherry
The old lighthouse

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clouds form

Floating clouds
Pic by Jeevan
Clouds form unshaped figures
for mind fishing an image
that hold close to heart
or resemble thought.

Clouds form a winter cold
from the boiling point
beneath the ground;
the moisture air frozen.

Clouds form a custom comprising
elegant to perfect blue sky
as an emblem of divine
sun shows grace from behind.

Clouds form in interesting shapes
speaking its own language
endlessly rewritten
on the board of blue sky.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vainu Bappu Observatory - Javadu Hills

Vainu Bappu Observatory
After reaching Jamunamarathur – the capital villages of Javadu Hills, and having lunch, that we brought along with us from home, we are told by the guest house care taker that they will allow into the observatory only by 5 pm,  to watch through the telescope. So he suggested leaving by 4 pm as it is 10 km from there and since having two more hours to go, we decided to explore the small lake and garden at half a km from the guest house. The lake and garden were not so attractive, and the lake is nothing but a conversion of already existing village lake that used for irrigation to the fields around. The real pretty sights are beheld around the lake, where fresh green paddy fields gleaming at us to expose to sunlight amid mild step farming.

The main course of this trip was to check the observatory and it was first time for me visiting an observatory, other than the only place I visited regard to space was Chennai Birla Planetarium. Vainu Bappu Observatory located at Kavalur village on the Javadu Hills holds the largest telescope of Asia, which was named after the great Indian astronomer and discoverer of Wilson-Bappu effect, Manali Kallat Vainu Bappu. VBO is an astronomical observatory behind many unique discoveries on space and reading remarkable cosmic rays, through the 1 and 2.3 meters telescope, the observatory has detected atmosphere around the Jupiter’s satellite Ganymded and rings around Uranus and Saturn. In 1988, a new minor planet was discovered using the 43cm Schmidt telescope and it was named after mathematics genius Ramanujam.

The observatory is isolated from any activities of being and almost surrounded by vast reserve forest, stands as a testimony to Indian astronomy. We reached the observatory early in time traveled thought the dense forest, but we were not allowing inside the campus and requested to wait sometime until the early batch comes out. I know that we need to walk nearly a km from the entrance to the main observatory; I kept my power wheel chair fully charged but enquiring a couple who came out we become uncertain about the distance. Even though we decided to progress, the guard noticed me allowed to take our car inside and we find more than 100 school students come out of the observatory.

Our family
Me and my family
First I was mislead by the white cylindrical building with dome that holds 43” telescope which resembles the 93” telescope, the largest among the observatories inside the VBO. Then we were redirected to the main building with more widely in breadth and spectacular height. The observatory being elevated from the others, cool breeze brushes once get out of the car and we were taken by the lift to the top floor where the largest telescope was assembled. The telescope was attached to a huge hydraulic machine that turns and moves up and down, manually and as well automatically sitting on two wide column. It was like a dream come true when the aluminum plated dome open to sky view, and rotate through a rack rail which could go around 360 degree.

I felt rotating along with the dome when looking above and goose bumped, stimulated by the entirely new setting and following the conversation with one of a scientist demonstrating the operation of telescope, took me to infinite stage. Many of us generally know the universe that exists within our solar system, but there could be immense such systems in our galaxy with earth like spheres where people could live and seek to connect alike. The observatory plays a vital role in studying the universe and does a front-line research with the telescopes here. It was something amazing that I couldn't even image that we were standing close to an object that beholds the mystery which is impossible through naked eyes. And I feel like touching an endless height.

Open to sky
The floor below the telescope has a round iron platform which I first through to rotate, but the scientist cleared our doubt later by operating the hydraulic platform that lifts to make easy the service of telescope. He explained that it is a kind of facility that any other observatory doesn't hold and they keep an eye clean on lens always. The observatory has a steal platform; going around the dome outside the building holds a 360 degree view on the landscape of total forest area. So it is out of noise and light disturbance, which is the main obstacle for reading light rays and except the entrance, overall campus doesn't have a light facility and was completely electric fenced to keep away wild animals.

I feel bad for not taking my camera inside the observatory thinking they might not allow, because of security. But some took photos with their mobiles and there were no restrictions, and I only got to capture the building and natural setting of the campus. I was really wishing to watch something through the largest telescope but these are used only at night and not for public to watch. They have a 6” telescope for public to view stars and planets after dusk and we really had to wait for an hour to watch through telescope. But for me that even wasn't a chance because the viewing point of the telescope was kept high and need to climb few steps.

[To be continued….]

Friday, January 18, 2013

Maa Kolam – a cultural identity of Tamil!

Pongal Kolam by mom
Maa Kolam is one of a cultural identity of Tamil people and drawing a beautiful as well colorful designs at the doorstep during festival seasons, will fascinate everyone with a smiling face: there’s a flat mate in our apartment who pass comments usually encouraging us when we do something traditionally and seeing our pot kolam on Pongal, he says that it remind his hometown. Doesn't it make sense and smile knowing it felt someone nostalgic? Whether it is in India or abroad, Kolam stays as a stable distinct feature of Tamils; with various forms wherever they are settled. Kolam becomes a reflection of individual skill of Tamils and basic faiths of goddess those believe in such. And even we don’t have big thought about kolam that unites the diverse features of life, exposes the artistic talent of homemakers.

There isn’t a specific period when the practice of Kolam took shape, but a traditional kolam is drawn on rice flour and its posture has changed on various stages from plain white to colorful state now. Next to rice flour, the Kolam is drew on a powder grind from a specific white stone and later the colors or flowers are added to enhance the beauty during the festival season. The specific of drawing kolam is believed to bring auspicious to home and by doing so we also keep our house and streets clean and doorstep looks artistry. The kolam is based on a calculation of dots, which has various methods like straight and cross dot, lines and flower patterns become a support in life esp. for women in solving many loopholes in family. So it seemed as an essential for women practicing kolem which helps in developing their mindset and optimizes their existing talents and noble cause.  

Pongal Kolam
Kolams are drawn on various states of India and variety in styles. For example: the Athipoo Kolam of Kerala and Rangoli drawn in north Indian states are equally noted for the kolam drawn in Tamil Nadu.  Besides Alpana of West Bengal, Sanji of Uttar Pradesh and Rangavalli Muggu in Andhra Pradesh. Athipoo Kolams were drawn with flour first and later decorated with flowers which mostly used are marigold, oleander and chicken crest flowers. Rangoli is a colorful kolam, drawn using salt to increase the color saturation and prevent spreading of colors in wind and moreover the salt is comprised as pride of wealth.

Not only during festivals, Kolam drawn as a daily activity of Tamil Nadu: we are one of the countless houses that drew Kolam everyday at the doorstep and during the Tamil month of Margazhi a special attention is given to Kolam. At this time of month, conducting kolam festivals are specific in Tamil Nadu and unlike many other festivals celebrated during this month, a festival for Kolam is only held at here. In Margazhi everyone used to draw a big kolam in front of their homes and using this, people in their area or street create a team and conduct contests and gifts are presented to those well drawn. And it does not only stop there, but by this way people are motivated to disclose their talents and encouraged for an enthusiastic challenge.

Pongal Kolam
Another reason to draw kolam with rice flour was because it giving life to the tiny species on surface, esp. ants use the softly grind-ed flour as their favorite food to survive. During the festival of Pongal that begins with the Tamil month of Thai, is a wonderful time to sight very colorful kolams indicating the rice boiling over the pot, sugarcane and turmeric images taking place besides the kolam. And the Pongal pot is kept to boil over at the header part of the kolam, before worshiping the sun. The same follows with the Mattu Pongal (bull pongal), where kolams are drawn with images of bulls, calves and bells and drawing kolam during the period of Pongal is a fascinating thing as well showcases the pride and happiness of family. And writing pongalo pongal in between the kolam conveys the wishes to everyone passes through the street and certainly kolam has become a lasting part of the beautiful Tamil culture.

(The photos on the pongal kolam where drawn by my mother, during the occasion.)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துகள் / Pongal Wishes

இனிய பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துகள் / Happy Pongal
Pic by Jeevan (mom's kolam)
தை திங்கள்  திருநாள் 
தொன்மை வாய்ந்த  தமிழர் திருநாள்
கால்நடைகள் தொட்டு  
வேர்வை சொட்ட
உழைக்கும் உழவர் திருநாள் 

மழையின்றி வெயிலின்றி 
அயராமல் உழைத்து 
உலகுக்கே உணவளிக்கும் உழவாளி 
வானுக்கும் பூமிக்கும் 
இடைப்பட்ட வாழ்வை இணைக்கும் விவசாயி. 

வாழும்  வள்ளல்களாகிய 
நம் விவசாயிகளை வாழ்த்தி
போற்றி பாதுகாதிட உருதிஎடுதிடுவோம் .

Thai moon festival
the ancient Tamil festival
touching livestock’s
and dropping of sweaters
working farmer’s festival.

Unexpected to rain and sun
working tirelessly
the farmer, feeds the world
connecting the co-existence
between earth and sky.

To the living philanthropist
farmers, let wish and take vow
to praise and protect their deeds.


Pongal, is a harvesting festival of Tamil people, festival of farmers, who feed food for the entire world. It’s a way of thanksgiving natural elements, cattle’s that assist the farmers for good harvest. Pongal is celebrated as four day festival in Tamil Nadu, with the beginning of the Tamil month Thai (Jan 14 or sometime 15) which believed to bring flourish, prosper and hope into life.

As per Tamil proverb ‘Thai Piranthal Vazhi Pirakkum’, which means the birth of Thai will show signs of new path in life. Pongal also marks the cultural identity of Tamil and a route of thanksgiving nature in their unique way of boiling rice – which is the meaning of Pongal; and worshiping cattle’s and sun and rain for their basic sustain throughout the cultivation.

This year the nature wasn't favorable for farmers, as well farming faced a severe setback with lack of rain and prevention of opening Kaveri water from neighboring state, all leads to destruction of crops.I hope and wish nature provides plenty of good deeds to farmers, flourishing ever like before and farmer’s golden paddy grains gain more scope than gold in trade market. So wish you all a very Happy Pongal. இனிய பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துகள்.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Songs that I cherish

A still from Puthagam
I was listening to the songs of Tamil film 'Puthagam' (Book) and one of the compositions of songs, truly impressed me. 'Mella Pookkudhe' was simply a beautiful song enhanced by Deepa Miria and Bellie Raj in their sugary tone; mesmerize me each time listening to this romantic rendering from James Vasanth.

Those were the same couple (Deepa Miria and Bellie Raj) who sung the awesome song Kangal Irundal has once again enliven with this melodious florescent. The directorial debut of actor Vijay Adiraj’s Puthagam, seems to be a decent romantic thriller which I want to watch after its release and the stills were already fascinated me with Rakul Preet Singh charming in pretty attires. And actor Arya’s brother Sathya leading the center page.

Another song that stole my heart was, 'Moongil Thottam' from Tamil film 'Kadal' (Sea). After long time A.R. Rahman has gifted some cherishing melodies in Kadal; whereas Moongil Thootam fascinates me both lyrically and musically which is hard to describe the depiction rejuvenated at heart. My all time favorite Harni has chanted along with Abhay Jodhpurkar, totally outstanding and couldn't imagine the desire the song supposed to behold on screen when it releases.

Last year I listened to so many songs and during the year end, the above two songs beat like anything and I also couldn't stop praising 'Mazhai Mazhai' and 'Aaha Kaadhal' from 'Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal' (Three Person Three Love). Mazhai Mazhai has truly blessed with sweet lyrics being blissful and music playing pitter patter, drenching through the vocal expressions of Karthik and Shwetha.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Greetings by artists without hands

I received a wonderful bunch of greeting cards with awesome paintings printed on it, through a post mail from an insurance company for taking their car insurance. What very special about these greeting cards are, the painting work on the card front were done with brushes hold to mouth and between the toe by handless handicapped artists, who are members of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association having lost their hands due to accident, illness or birth defect.

They sent us some gift-tags and envelops along with lovely cards, enclosed with a kind request for purchasing the products if we liked so and if not using it for further purchase via paychecks and online credit card. MFPA is an international for-profit association, wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help them meet their financial needs.  Over the half century, the MFPA had brought to the forefront, the aesthetic creations of the disabled artiest by providing them a platform to express their artistic talent.

What touched me was the letter attached with the mail, describing their life and self-motivation despite being differently challenged. It feels we are nothing when it comes to their talent of painting with mouth and toe, even I know it is a practice makes it perfect which does not come easily without intention and pain. By purchasing their painting I hope it will help them feel more independent and create an opportunity of earning and secure livelihood, dignity and honest.

Glad the greeting cards came on time when I looking for something to send my dear ones as Pongal greetings and before sharing it with them, I took some photos on the painting to save as since I loved the artwork. The cards came out plainly inside, helping me to write down my thoughts on selfless farmers messages signifying Pongal. Here I like to share the artwork, below:

Lovely greeting card IMG_3742 IMG_3735
Check their website for more reference and if you like to purchase their products. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

First travel of the year – Javadu Hills

My first travel of the year happened on the weekend and we did a trip to Javadu Hills; which is a part of the shattered Easter Ghats Mountains, rose between the Vellore and Thiruvannamalai Districts of Tamil Nadu, India. Being a low-lying hill station among the others visited, it wasn’t too cold but being winter there was moderate cold at night, comfortably. And it was the reason for me to choose this time for experiencing some cold, and as I expected the morning was immense refreshing with atmosphere foggy or mist. But it doesn’t wonder me, because it was almost same the way sensed on plains once we touched the highways, out of city and home.
Fog in suburb Fog in suburb
This is not from a hill station, but the hills beyond the Chengalpattu town among the fog.

It wasn’t like every day morning: for me regularly the morning means only after 8 or 8.30 am, the usual time I wake up whether it’s cold or hot no matter what. But I try my best everyday to wake up early and if not the passion for traveling, I wouldn’t be checking sunrise at all or unless bladder filled up to wake me early, that too not much less than the usual time. We experienced a fog of Kodaikanal or any other hill stations on the morning of Saturday and the fog visibly makes invisible the distance buildings, trees and towers and even the Kolava Lake of Chengalpattu lose its trace in gray white. Unlike the usual sight of stunning sunrise over the lake during our early morning rides and the fog lasted until 9.30 or 10am. The roads after Chengalpattu were state highways, which are my favorite lanes taking via scenic countryside’s that hardly visible through NH.   

Jamunamarathur is the capital village of the entire mountain range of Javadu, which has two ways to reach – one via Polur and Alangayam; and Jamunamarathur was the only place to accommodate on the hills, that too the government provided BDO (block development office) guest house. There are many towns close to the foot hills easily accessible via road and railways which also holds many hotels and lodges to accommodate. Gladly we took the Polur route which has a long ghat road section with half a dozen hairpin bends passing through forest division. Before taking the ghat or uphill road, someone needs to sign at the forest check post writing a reason to visit.
A Lake near Vanthavasi
A lake near Uthiramerur
It took more than an hour to reach Jamunamathur from Polur and thanks to the GPS in my galaxy player; it was very easy for us finding routes on Google maps. We already booked rooms at the BDO guest house, seeking their phone number at the Thiruvannamalai district govt. website, the guest house had been handed over to a private person in charge who maintained it well. We requested for a ground floor room and also before reaching there we contacted the person in charge on the way, but initially he told someone had haired the ground floor and later discussing with the other describing my state, they decided to shift the room so kindly and humble. Thanks so much to those unknown kind hearted and the wise man who arranged the rooms for us.

(To be continued…)

Monday, January 07, 2013


Country Side
Pic by Jeevan (near thiruvannamalai)
Farmers pain
the well grown grain;
their sweater
the sweetest sugarcane.

Paddy fields
the farmer’s playground;
with plow and sickle
harvest the starvation.

the country’s spine;
as India green
represents the fertility.

Cows dung
the nature’s fertilizer;
cultivates organic
disease free mass health. 

Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year Eve

2013 - Cake
Surprisingly a year ends and begins identically flourished by cousins, who decided to celebrate the eve with me. Dismissing the party, the one suppose to attend with their parents, arranged the simple yet cheerful night at-home and sleepover occasion which is a rare occurrence with someone, who feels so bored visiting our house.  So it was something significant for me and unbelievable though when he called to confirm their devotion, felt more special and leaving me at unpredictable syndrome of joy.

It’s a minute journey of cheers and excitement, passes between the past and present; an essence to withstand as yearlong ingredient in memory. Perhaps there could be an enhanced new year following the present, which may highlight various aspect mislead this time, until then I wish the cherishing component exists. We bought a black forest cake, smeared with snow white cream surface and like how on an analogue clock; the plums stick to 4 cardinal points on round cake.

Keeping at mind that I like black forest, my cousin bought it for additional surprise – even he let me know already, there’s an infinite delight towards the delicious and their dedication embraced me to emphasis state. We had a brief moment cheering and blowing away the candles once the clock ticked twelve, and cutting down the cake while the year dawns at dark with music played around, before we led to bed an hour later.

This was a moment uneasy to forgive and having almost dear ones around, fascinated me like never before and I really want to thank them for keeping away their priorities and mindset to create it as a special occasion especially for me. We also had a small outing on the New Year evening, which I will write on later.

I would like to say enough, it’s enough. I really wear out receiving lot of Happy New Year greetings… so let’s stop and progress towards a prudent and prevailing year of peace, love, harmony and individual conduct. Hope you all had a wonderful eve and refreshing beginning of the year. Best regards!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Immoral conduct

“As disciplined conduct counts for the highest values in life,
it is cherished as more precious than life itself”  Tamil Saint-Poet. Thiruvalluvar

Everyone is virtuous in this virtual world until get a chance to experiment their conduct. No one is intend to attempt rape or involve in criminal activities; it’s the chance and entice that provoke to do something wrong, which sometime touches the extreme immorality and make ruthless. In no way we could seek justice for injustice and what happens to the Delhi physiotherapist was atrocious and it couldn't be left with least punishment and the incident is also a result of aggression and potential of deathtrap. It doesn't mean women should not left out at late night, women has all the rights as men deserves and it’s not men or women, for whomever it is, walking out at adverse situation and time evokes trouble.

Moreover its men’s attitude towards women has to chance and it’s not to happen between a sunrise and set; we are losing our moral attitude towards rough and our visions are lost at the end of the day. Children or youngster are more taught how to treat with money and not with a mind, and we have come far distance from worst ill-treated women and humankind but we many men still behold the attitude in mind and it’s the failure of the parenting that forget to induce the sense from childhood. I lately realized that parenting is the toughest job in the sphere, and it doesn't end with a duty and also causes social responsibility that begins at home.

However we are loaded with laws and rules and regulations, the mind to follow is indeed behind the motion and if there isn't a restriction we (humanity) couldn't control ourselves. A drop of sugar could not transform the tea into tastier, and we need at least a teaspoon of sugar; so how each individual is responsible to create an environment so gracious and respectful. However we enjoy the freedom and brave enough, there are situations we needed to prevent or be precaution to be preserved. For e.g. we have a car and hold the license but how fair we are not up to ourselves alone, there are roads with endanger curves and rash driving by passerby cars which hold obstacles, which we should tackle  only by self observance.

Overall the hands of future generations hold their self obedient in their parenting way and morality taught at the schools. I really wish the schools emphasis on moral science more than history, business math’s, biology, chemistry… Wish the New Year begins embraces peace, harmony, respect and concern more on conduct.