Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lodged with princess of hills

The day dawns very early receiving rays of sunlight into my room, and I wake up in aware to see the beautiful princess of hills (kodaikanal) through the open windows, in between the disturbing concrete structures immerge the beauty. First I felt like a prisoner seeing the princess from behind the cages, as the window bars looks like that and it was more enough for someone living within city developers, whom dismissing the beauty as untouchable fruit! The homes and buildings are prisons; we build for ourselves to live with no life, and like released in parole ones or twice a year, we go in search of pleasure that nature gives.
looking for princess
Unlike we keen for shadow on a sunny day, I wished for sunshine morning to make me out of shiver, the cold night gave. I stretched out of home, as I find the place interesting the previews nightfall, I stroll on my wheels around the front yard and it was a simple cottage with roof tiles, and portico with its kind to gossip moments and a swing to move in comfort. It was a lonely cottage to get on our wish, with garden of pears in backyard with sliding lawn and tiny flowers in mini pots. Interestingly there was a Jeep and being a big fan of 4x4 I often get noticed by the vehicle, and it was modified like a hunter jeep and it was the first thing attracts me getting down there.

hunter jeep
a little dream home
I could not forget this place so easily, more than for what it was; I had an accident with my wheel, while trying to climb a steep path to fall backward along with wheels. It was a great time that I escaped with unharmed! Everyone was really scared about this incident and special attention had been given to me then and I acknowledged it’s truly my mistake. I was very careful then, the mistake never repeats and disturbs our pleasure. What all I had been enjoying stays for a brief time, as we had decided to shift our cottage in lack of some facilities and in meantime we stoned some pears and took pictures around the cottage, that I don’t want to leave.
the pear garden
Later I felt the move is also for good and better, and it also has some other story to share later. The places we stayed where 2km away from the center of kodai, and the new cottage had a kitchen to cook dish on our wish, and whatever cooked there tastes sweet. On our first day, aunt made ven pongal and every time it comes with a distinct flavor, and the thing is said to be the water provide the hills make the dish very special.
yellow red flower

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Highways and Clouds

cloud watching
The highways that laid down these days and across in process, is connecting well the main cities and towns are gift to travelers, who loves smooth and quick access to there destinations. We know roads are stretched to development to make easy the transportation and stress free travel, but sometime I think against this progress that why do we need highways to be widen by cutting down all roadside trees and destroying identities that stands for long. Especially on sunny days, traveling on highways is anxious without air condition on, which I hate to be and lack of shadows that can’t make chill sometime on long drives and I really feel what the traveling I was looking for doesn’t gives this highways and its simply bored and dry to travel long distances seems indifferent. On other hand I was happy about the quality of roads that could meet international standard, and those frequent on roads could enjoy the comfort which doesn’t fulfilled me.
NH 45
Last week I visited kodaikanal and few places around Theni district and as usual it’s more than 12 hours of journey. Keeping in mind the heat waves, we began our journey at 5.30am from Chennai and reached kodaikanal before dusk. Its third time in a decade I’m visiting kodai and quite right on route, and people who can’t agree with me caught up with puzzle, wasted time and fuel traveling in-between Vathalagundu and kodai road before finding dad’s friend wait at kodai road junction. The ghat road leads to kodai was quite flowing, thus everyone wonder how quick we reached top and it was a beautiful day of sky watching across land and hills.

The sky was wide open with clouds floating like cotton candies and displays child art similarly. I always wish to watch clouds that we imagine to draw wherever nature needs and it was such delight to watch in light blue backdrop. As we move on hills, the cotton candy clouds just crashes on the hills as mist and split as cold breeze; and when we head the guest house the place was soaked in drizzle. The sky was still opened to reflect lights in-between clump of clouds even nearly 7pm and we goose bump as our feet sense the coldness of earth. It was a pleasant stable that night and the house was really wonderful, and I will make a post separately on that.

mist sit on hills

Thursday, June 25, 2009

fate and desire

(pic:I wonder where these goats go on fate to rest on human dish or migrate.)
These days life seems so dry and tiresome, unwilling to do anything and wanted to sleep, but no slumber. I’m feeling setback, whether I hide or seek somehow its true and mind says something goes wrong and I can’t be normal, as there was something striking me that I have done a mistake, but I don’t know what it was. Perhaps I had been traveled for a week long and what I had gone through those days could be reflecting on my body and mind that seeks interest to be normal. More than saying I’m trying hard, I struggle everyday to maintain my activities that goes out of touch. One or the few activities obviously indicate me lose of hope and one important thing is walking. I can’t walk miles, but I could put few steps on my own in help of calipers. I could say it’s the only hope that left for sometime now that I’m on my foot. It really bothers me these days, if not physically, it affects my intension.

The sun shines throughout the day immense, which could I blame for the suffering? I wake up lately not less than 9am, and to my wonder I couldn’t sleep more than 6am in cold weather and feel so active, thus I am trying hard to wake early and interestingly that day would be more fine than normal. Hopeless, it comes always whenever I’m imbalance and secondly I couldn’t console myself with fate or do I greet him, because I could be blamed for desire. But it’s a part of my life. I’m also a normal being with mind, to console to live with what I have, thinking myself better than others who face severe disorders and multiple challenges. I think I have a way to go and immense in mind, but I never know or not what yet to happen. I have an outline of my life, when something goes wrong unexpectedly it suffers for long and I always feel, for a day’s drama we should never loss our real life last for long. But I feel of crossing the line in weariness and desire, whether I would happen to fell in the ditch of drama. Mind and body often acts different and what mind says couldn’t followed by the body, and what surprise is unexpected downfall. I escape from the believers who can’t understand the disorder, but nothing can stop me from strive which distress me often. I do care little about my body which is not in my control, but mentally I was occupied by thoughts about my physical.

In short, I was caught up between fate and desire, and obviously fate would win and sometime desire least prevent and advance fate.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jeevan’s world turned 4

On June 20th Jeevan’s world completed 4 years in blogging.

I’m thanking you all, more than your support, courage and love, which keep me going both virtually and truly. This blog would be something special to me, forever till right moment, that kept connected us far away into closer. I love this space and feel like glowing star in your reflections of mind and knowledge. I was nothing when I began this journey, but now I have everything to share with you all and unless you became friends my world would never continue to be so. Thank you :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jeevan Travels

I will be traveling the next few days, and will be away from here for sometime. Take care all. Happy blogging :)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gazing moon

gazing moon
(click picture to enlarge)
You’re bright like tube light
and cold like kodaikanal
we learn science since; you’re a mystery
gazing around every full moon nights
striking upon your blazing beauty

Midnight in bright orange light
have been astonished upon your visits
through the stripped window screen;
though the space immense like ever
I couldn’t quite enjoy your beauty

Sometime on cold winter days
you dawn into dusk, in red in color
to let me astonish, could you turn ever
your reflection on sea
where I see silver waves swing – its beauty

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pollachi to Chennai

Day: Dec29, 2008
from coconut country
It was inseparable morning, like as usual ever time I go on trips, leaving this coconut country Pollachi. Not because this is a place I have ever seen this much coconut groves and that I couldn’t make up to Top slip and Parambikulam, because I felt I need some more time to experience the change as the time was little brief. Since six months I visited pollachi, I could recollect something on my way back to Chennai by just withdrawing on the same route we took ahead. And it was morning time that I got to disclose the views around that get concealed in darkness while arriving at night.
There’re many coconut groves along the way until far from Pollachi and it was great thing to see many windmills, to stand and rotate gentle towards wind. After awhile came the Tirupur Corporation, with dust spreading across to some maintenance of road work and raised building as fence on both sides, we stopped somewhere to purchase clothes in this renowned banian city. It seems Tirupur is busy always and clothes are nothing cheaper like we thought and only those experts in textile industry could approach the right shop to purchase quality clothes in the confusing state of uncountable shops. Though we brought something, but couldn’t agree completely on its stability.
ayyanar statue
We had our lunch in Bhavani, and I found a long banner inviting even strangers to someone’s marriage, with a big picture of bride-groom, and faces of those seem to be relatives to the couple are pasted around the banner. And we stopped somewhere near Mettur, to find a village beside roadside with pretty paddy and sugarcane fields, and to move further to see a Ayyanar statue with some others and a horse nearby, which I was looking forward to see for long time in real. Throughout the way from Bhavani to Mettur it was green paddy fields and Cauvery running along.
earth fragrance
For the third time, I’m coming across Mettur dam and this time I saw a whirlpool on the reservoir. It was swirling with an uncertain sign of neither dragging nor motion on the surface of the water in a different shade. Doesn’t know whether the whirlpool sustain minutes before we arrive or it’s existing for long time, where a man was drawing his coracle against the whirlpool to escape nor I better not know is he fishing at safe distance. The other side, water was opened to flow from dam, where people sweeping clothes and vehicle, with a man and other sending there coracle.

After met with NH7 and as we move further climbing the little ghat, we found many monkey beside the road, which is a common sight here, and as we dropped some food stuffs, they came around collecting by staring for pictures, and more than adults there’re many cute little ones. Along the way there’re clusters of coconuts dropped for sale and we brought a dozen to home, and the sun was hiding its face behind the hills by evening around Krishnagiri, it was such brightness in crimson to blind someone for moment to staring. And it was time running uncontrollable to the movement of vehicle and it was night 10pm we reach home. I conclude my travelogue here which I begin to write six months ago about my travel to valparai and its surrounding.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Charming chami

She is so fascinate and nevertheless she attracts me to delight.

However I hear her calling me often and gets anger if someone stops her to cry.

She talks little, but smiles far to get shy; thought she wants me to attend her.

Being fond, she never liked someone to scold me; just like some do to test her patience and love.

No ever kid has been so fascinate with me like her, because she is so special in heart to express love.

But man I’m really feeling heaven, in presence or distant, dreaming about her innocent and love.

Here I’m wishing her from heart, that peace and pleasure prevails throughout her life indeed in love.

The video was taken last week in my cousin’s marriage, and she was playing with facial powder and though she thought its kola mauve (rice flour) to drop them on floor to draw lines. However it’s lovely! :)

Current song is my favourite, ‘Varainthu vaitha suriyan’ from Jayam Kondaan, quite beautiful song.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Through window

I saw birds flip it wings in joy;
the dark clouds gathered to pull me out
and the rain drops
and breeze, that touched my sense
and leaves that moves along.
reflections of heat
One evening,
the clouds reflect heat in color
collected throughout the day,
the sun was blamed forever
for the unbearable flame
that left people in distress.
reflections of heat
I wish often the days
continue as clouded sky
until immerse the sunlight
and branches that sprout leaves,
in between the sky closed to rain.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tigers Parked

Tigers Parked
When there are many things to attract in hill stations, there was something growing around are these Tigers. We take this picture last year in Ooty and these tigers were sitting at one hairpin bend near a tea factory. It’s obvious why tiger was kept at one of a turns, just to make people surprise and certainly it does, but later what surprise me was, these tigers are kept here for business. No, the tigers are not for sale, and who will buy those fade in sunshine and rain but some do business with them. To make clear it’s not a real tiger hehe...

One of us liked to take picture with tigers and when get down of vehicle to reach tigers, suddenly someone came run from nearby leaving his small carrot shop on a table top, asked 10rs if like to taking a picture with tiger. Then who stands there, and who are we? It seems he only had left the tigers on the small grass mound to pull money, along with the carrots he harvests around. There’re days we could remember, people who visit photo studious used to take pictures with apparent animals, film stars and leaders by standing beside and dropping their arms on there shoulders. This is something different, and I wonder were they getting this idea, but it’s a trick to get money and it seems it spread to other destinations. From this what I come to tell is... nothing! Just I remind this after seeing a picture from kodikanal lately, that someone had kept a beautiful tiger with little cubs alike and it easily attracts children to spend 10rs or more for taking pictures! He receives money only if someone sits beside tigers and sure someone will not miss this chance which would not happen in real.