Friday, December 23, 2011

Cold Break

Time flew very soon and here comes the Christmas to exuberant the year end, as well as the year ahead to brighten with smiles and happiness and peace at heart. Wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year :)
(our Christmas tree)
Due to cold, I couldn’t read or write much now, so let me pause here to play sometime before or after New Year. I bought a Christmas tree and decorated it with the help of mom and cousin Ashwin and here u could see my tree gleaming with led bulbs. Photo was taken with mobile cam, and more on the celebration soon. Pls forgive for the clarity. Take care and enjoy! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trip to southern tip

I went through a mixed emotion and feeling through a journey of nearly 2000kms touching the southern tip of the country as well as the beginning of the Western Ghats. For a week there were quite no television, laptop, internet and newspaper to let know anything happening around and it was a world boundless to any thought or thinking about home or things to depress than impressed by many way.
It was a wonderful journey to say which has something as setbacks too to my ever long distance in travel and interrupted at many places but still managed to complete it quite. Early it was my cam to go for capturing unclear pictures and frequent hang to lens error couldn’t mend until now as the price requested for is two third the sum of cam cost want us to go for another instead spending the partial rate of an advanced one on the old.

As soon touched the NH following the suburb traffic, we discovered a trouble with the vehicle that began to wobbling like a boat on the road after 80kmph or leave accelerate free from high speed. It took lot of our time searching for a service centre and each one we seek gives a different opinion on the problem and one says to our surprise that Scorpios are like this, but this is the first time for us to experience the wobbling in 3 years of using Scorpio.
Kumari Munai
It was terrible when it wobbles on speed and we all frighten about this shake and my grandfather been a drive for long time doesn’t see it as a normal sign make us to give prior to the vehicle to put back our plan and only later doing the wheel aliment in Madurai gave us hope to move ahead with wobbling become less. This is the first time for me to watch a sunset on sea, but if not quite the sight was majestic!

The guest house we stayed in Kanyakumari has a wide vast sea front and being at a distant elevation the sight was grand with the Vivekananda Rock memorial and Tiruvaluvar statue to left and Gandhi Mandapam and Kamaraj memorial at beneath, the sea was stillness to ships and boats sail on. The most emotional and heartfelt moment of the travel was visiting my friend Razick’s home in Tirunelveli and I could not say a word how I felt when faint with love.
Ocean view
Our Black Scorpio
Me and Razick where friends for nearly 7 years introduced through yahoo messenger and from then he’s become a part of my family and have met more than couple of times at my home and we always wished each other on our festivals and his mom is whom always desire to meet me whenever I call him. I made sure the visit and was indeed moved to the core how she welcomes me with tear… and I was emotionally stunned and couldn’t express anything at her behalf love and hugs.

I would consider it as one of best moments in my life and always be a memorable one to ever last and I quite forget holding the camera to take photos along with them but my memories captured the in-erasable portrait of hers. Love u mom!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mayakkam Enna

A photographer pursuing his aspire to become a wildlife photographer, is a one line story of the Tamil film Mayakkam Enna (why this dizziness?), which might bewitch one through the dramatic performance by leads and cinematography in unusual lights to delight. Bearing the burden to their shoulders to full-fledged and in complete strain, Dhanush and Richa has done an impressive act.
This is first of the Selvaraghavan movie I am watching quite, though may be matured enough to understand and appreciate the acting want me watch it and except for the slow-paced, the movie enrolls in emotion and enhanced dusk. Richa as a debut doesn’t exhaust anywhere but instead refreshing in every aspect almost kept away the boredom to somewhat and the way she stares striking.

Dhanush portraits the role of a photographer very well and conveys the message of how the freelance photographers take it as a career on behalf and just being passionate struggles to get qualified and how easily the hard works are stolen without copyright. The movie at a different dimension has revel the way love is looked today; and too much on drinks is somehow awake or to inspire the youth to hold on?

Music by G.V. Prakash renders along the movie without diversion and all songs are written by the siblings Selva and Dhanush are youth attraction and sense a lot to the story. Kadhal En Kadhal, one of my favorite songs in the album is set wonderful to a backdrop of folk dancers and Pirai Thedum song was so expressive and animated! The cinematography is best at exposing the dusk and even a bit of light is highlighted. Mayakka Enna – an emotional picture.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai deepam
Lighting up the earthen lamps
illuminates the houses
enhanced to rust and red in color

Along the windowsills and balconies
the lamps lit on Karthigai Deepam
host a grand reception to bewitch

The brass lamps hold to the halls
embraces any festivals of sort
as auspicious to enhance and behold

The photo was taken last year by me on the occasion of Karthigai Deepam, which is a festival celebrated in the month of November-December on the full moon and alike Deepavali, Karthigai Deepam is also called as Festival of Lights.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


The reverberating drum beats, the hottest dance movements and immense procession is the usual Rio reveled! Not changing much from the spirit and fun and more vibrant in colours, the movie Rio reveals some exotic birds in action animation makes it much lovable and moves into the plot of birds smuggling.
The Blu, a male blue macaw hatchling falls into the cage of smugglers after a vibrant samba by birds, is dropped at the doorstep of Linda while transported in a van is quick picked by her to adopt as pet. The Blu, which is unable to fly, flew to Rio de Janeiro along with Linda to mate with a female macaw Jewel on the invite of ornithologist Tulio, who believe Blu is the last kind of its species.

While at aviary, the Blu and his mate Jewel are caught by a smuggler group boy with the help of a Greater Cockatoo, chains the blue birds together. The macaws broke the cages and end up in jungle, meet a Toco Toucan and with the help of his bulldog friend, the macaws are unchained to hook later in love after their decision to apart, that bring Jewel into the trap and Blu to pursuit her to rescue.

Meanwhile the macaw’s romances, sings and dances at a Rio-style party and fights to flee from the horde marmosets along with their exotic bird friends. The Toco toucan’s family is so sweet as well animates the real household with chicks as kids, and it was fun with the thieving marmosets and their set of activities.

The Rio de Janeiro and the grand Rio carnival is recreated well in animation at its nearest exist and Linda in the samba costume looks cute and every other character created looks alike - cute. The music was so catchy and vibrates a lot and rendering the Rio – the great fun and party city and a dream destination, the movie also has an excellent sound effect esp. via home theater.

The conclusion was so nice and happy ending gives a content feel and smile seeing the birds rejoice in jungle, even they are animation has a sense of real life. The beautiful solo as part of post-credits picture beyond the end was fabulous... (Check the soothing song at my sidebar).


Rio is a computer-animated movie from the creators of Ice Age. After watching its trailer on YouTube last May, I was impressed a lot to watch the movie but couldn’t do it until last week because of failure in downloading it many time.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Unnecessary anxiety

I think the authorities are creating unnecessary anxiety hold to the Babri Mosque demolition of December 6 every year. The incident wasn’t best part of time to remember except for the lessons learn to not allow such riots exist anywhere else again and just being cautious is enough to hold peace and silence for the lost lives on this occasion.

The people are not at such leisurely to keep in mind every incident happened in past and no way we could seek justice for this riot that took thousands of lives at many cities. What bothers me was in the name of defense; the public is troubled a lot at this time and even though they are ready to cooperate how well this sever search operation prevents anything that supposed to happen later or earlier in days to the demolition day.

The anxiety is something we can’t hide or avoid thinking about any negative aspects as a reflection of riot and being precautions is not a mistake and only prevents an incident or thing from happening. But what we need is a constant awake on the security and not alone only being alert at the times of such incidents and forgetting the people once across.


The Babri Mosque is a mosque in Ayodhya, Utter Pradesh, witnessed to destroy in 1992, when a political rally developed into a riot killing more than 2000 people by the following riots in major cities in India. The mosque was constructed in 1527 by order of Babur, the first Mughal emperor of India and was named after him.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Differently able

If there’s a word my entire world completes within is my ‘parents’, and they are everything to me I can say enough and their ability is what foremost to me to survive in everyday life. I can’t imagine a life left behind them and how many times I say I am not content with words or a mind of satisfaction that want so much to speak about and feels so eternal grateful.

I’m sure there’s a great challenge waiting for us ahead and it’s going to be tough more than enough today, I’m intend to live hold to the pieces of shattered hopes than thinking and worrying about the future unknown. I know it’s not a best attitude to ignore the thoughts about future, but if it’s going to be the worst for sure it’s nice being prevented and spared on live moments.

Moved to wheels for complete two and half years after lost back the ability to walk on caliper shoes and on my foot five years ago, I’m much movable in power wheels on plains than bitter walkabout in pain. I’m really grateful to the creators of these tools that support me when i unable to walk easy and life would have been setback a lot difficulty if these options doesn’t allowed to me.

The calipers that helped me walkabout for nearly a decade deserves the ability of me to stand even today and operation of power wheelchair on my own gives a freedom like feel even it’s for a certain distance or within home. I can’t even think of the difficulty in the absence of wheels and it would be the worst ever to change from one place to another and I am glad that I live in this advanced age to enjoy these comforts.


I like to thank everyone who supports me on this harsh journey and I’m sure without nobody beside I would have not enjoying this difficult world from being differently able. Thank you all here for listening to me and today is World Disability Day and the theme of this year is “Together for a better world for all: Including persons with disabilities in development”.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall

Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall is one among the notable buildings nested within the Cubbon Park, Bangalore, is a centre of attraction since it situated in the middle of the park. I have been there last summer while visiting my friend’s home in Bangalore, Cubbon Park is the initial place we checked after arriving there a day later.
Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall
The partially oval shaped building houses the Karnataka’s State Central Library is remarkable in red and this knowledge hub holds up to 2.65 lakh books collection including a braille section. We didn’t try getting inside the building as no one interested unlike me and intend to check other places we moved after spending sometime there.
State Central Library
The Memorial Hall is a classic European style building supported by Tuscan columns is built in 1915, in honor of Sri K.Seshadri Iyer who was Dewan of Mysore State from 1883 to 1901. The Library is entered through two porticoes at each end of the front, has a lovely rose garden at its frontage decorates and enhances the building.
Statue of Sheshadri Iyer
The rose garden has lot of roses bloomed in variety of colors and amid the garden stands the statue of Sheshardri Iyer. The building at the rear looks pretty nice and resembles the face of Vivekananda House in Chennai. Among the greenery and woods, the building is highlighted in red from anywhere
Cubbon Park, Bangalore