Friday, November 28, 2008

I think

Summer Candle

Our knowledge develops more in education but is there anything taught to controlling our mind when it goes insane? Today not alone the wisdom is enough; we should teach how to clear the insane. It’s good for a better future to catch up, to get release from anger or anguish when something goes wrong or fail to success. So let we clear the deed first and make it possible that students or youth learn to make express there mind in right way. I wonder to think what happen to some people in name of terrorist, killing there fellow ones insanely, when we could understand the sense and pain of another person. I usually see anger comes when there is pressure and indigestible of what others enjoy something that we not. In the inability, some want to disturb someone’s pleasure. It was like that to see terrorist can’t accept the true defeat of human beings in union and development in there nature.

There is a powerful thing terrorism had got, it’s the youth. What to put in ground grows, so instead of putting well, some insane people put the evil that we face in terrorism. For a developed mind it’s hard to convince the thing as they have come across years of wise and mentally capability, so they chose the youth at there tender age. It’s the tree that could not bend, if would try, it broke, but not with a plant. As it is in beginning stage of growth it could incline anywhere the force of wind and comfortable space. This might thought the banned groups to pull young people into its target to bend and fold like there wish. Terrorism is not border based, county own or religions depend, it’s everywhere the mind thinks. More people have course to follow in life, few pickup very young and proceed towards there goal, and some have nothing to do get struck into the illegal net to endanger. Many are bewaring, whether there beloved ones may fall into illegal hand of not alone terrorism, other things like smoking, alcohol, drug addict, sex ect... there we need a course of action to get them back to norm in pain and anxiety.

I really don’t like making criticism of anyone I known to write here. But generally there is a feel among people that anything could happen inevitable, because mind won’t think always same. We come across many people, things and practice everyday what can be strange to unaware, when we try to follow, it shows the result, may be right or wrong it depends. Our mind must be prepare and capable to understand which path is right or wrong to chose, that can possible only one is aware of either sides of life. Many a time people hesitate to talk about some critical issues with children or students what’s happening around, well they may think it’s unnecessary to let them know, but I think it must for a bright future. It’s analyzed and realized that could result in our lives. I wish our generation gets better and best education to there knowledge and sane. All the best!

The picture of Kanakambaram flowers was taken from our flower pot, which scientifically known as Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Summer Candle'.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Strike before it bites

IMG_1572 mosquito

Terrorist strikes in Mumbai :( what can we do is just sympathetic than nothing. Every time we condemn the incident and I to express that we need union between people, but what’s wrong is not in our hands. I think often is there any other punishment to those take another lives than sentence to death, but I feel if they truly realize there harm to others would get the lifetime punishment in lack of peace and happiness. Could that possible with terrorist or some other anti-social people? Definitely the answer can be no or hardly impossible. I see they are built up structures to harm, where constructor are hidden somewhere; the operations done by them remotes operates by someone.

India is peace loving country, harmless to anyone and we follow not to be an eye to eye person? Even in these qualities of people there lives another little species, the mosquitoes. In my views they remains the reason how terror strikes are happening even there are tight security. In our everyday lives these small species threat us with bites, which disturbs the slumber at nights and in wet seasons, so we make prepare ourselves with mosquito nets and repellent to keep ourselves safe from bite and vexation. Even though some mosquitoes enters to make annoy our peace slumber, like that however we protect ourselves with defense and three difference security forces there are few entry of terrorism happens occasionally. Even then we try to find out which passage is available to mosquitoes and make tight package against there entry, as well we might tighten our security after the terrorist enter into territory to create violence and then we to give importance. In the run over times after which gets to normalcy we reduce the security and look blank without any idea from which side the terror strikes.

Whoever, when the mosquitoes to bite won’t we protect and hit before it bite or just leave it to bite and go? Whomever, we aren’t exception in this, does we? The terrorism is like that, we can’t show kindness towards them when knowing they are born to injure. When the bloody violence getting stage we are speechless and idle to express our strong condolence and anger. We don’t know how the government going to deal with terrorism in future, but our entire wish could be no terrorism in any territory around the world.

The picture of mosquito was taken today morning with macro shot when it falls down after a short circuit with power bad.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bright in color

Bright color

There was a trend growing around faster is the buildings and homes to paint with bright colors. I think it all begins first in villages, where something showy they like to be there homes. These days its growing more in outskirts and in cities like Chennai at the least beginning. At every turn there is something as strange bright in color staring us. Where people don’t care much of appearance, just painting with any lime distempers are now looking for pretty colors to get easily observe.

More likely than, there was a similar taste going around in villagers is to construct there homes alike one another. I see in many villages, the homes with portico and beside a steps climbing. To add, the boom in real-estate overturns there life, getting a SUV take place the front. A turn is good, but over turn could be fine for them, not for a country depend on agriculture! I pretend what glam could be until one is pretty and the wish is not wrong that it should be ever, but for the short duration of please, why should we lose the everlasting support our lives. To live we need to do some deed and enjoyed when there is warmth in fire and a circumstance in lack of woods where do we go get fire. Everyone likes to live richer and comfort, when this caught the track it’s harder to get back to roots. Is what happens at many places, where the new comforts want them not to plough into fields?

The above picture was taken on weekend near chengalpattu. I know this house from the beginning stage of its renovation from its past bush structure. It takes more than a decade to get this colorful structure and it hold coconut trees that are uprooted somewhere to buried here. It wonders anyone even in this place of rural-urban people have a wonderful flavor.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend travel

Date: 22.11.08
My Grandpa's home

Traveling is good, and when its drizzling is wonderful. My therapist call to say he would be coming morning and we had a plan of traveling outskirt, so told him let he make it earlier thus there won’t be delay in our traveling and get home at least by late evening. In-between mom calls her aunt in chengalpattu (a town 50km away from Chennai) that we are coming to lunch. Somehow they got some destination and I get to travel, out in pleasant drizzling. Any how he dint came at all until 11.30, so we droved! Usually I go with cousin, mom and dad in the maruti 800, as it feasible alone, but after getting a SUV in pursuit, it was wish to go out with our grandparent and cousins in the vehicle of enough spaces. We took the OMR, which is facelift to sufficient smooth drive; digest to the rough drive we experience in past. When going with family they usually want to visit temples on our way, so they stopped at the tiruporur murugan temple. It was untimed to gate closed and moved getting few snaps of the temple tank. Its something always filled with water, and unconditionally every year we come across this temple.

I love riding on the stretch between thiruporur and chengalpattu, known locally as thiruporur kootroad (combined road), is well mix of forest, villages and fields, to much greener remain near Chennai. Last time I was get to capture more monkeys on the way, but due to drizzle and rain they are invisible that day. It was something we could provide to our grandfather is taking him to his old home. The village we come across was my grandpa’s native, and it was such opportunity for us taking him there and it was anything he could exist to remember and to meet his neighbors. It was the picture at top was his home, which wasn’t maintained properly and yet to destruction. I remember climbing on the window bar, sitting on the gate way and seeing more old pots been arranged inside the rooms and large backyard. Ones we followed our grandpa into the village through single foot path which leads to grass floors and cross a pond of feet water to get some plants from field. It was the time I could wander on my own, and grandpa was more active and aunt was unmarred its fun get to village and rarely we come to this home, most often we visit grandpa’s sister home.
Perungudi Toll Plaza
The newly built toll plaza in Perungudi is yet to activate soon

From there came to grandpa’s traditional deity temple on the way, and it was empty as usually. The paddies around the temple are tender to grow and evergreen in color. Along the way there was fields and cattle to come across and it was dad’s first attempt on a SUV - Scorpio, so this travel helps him getting comfort drive on this not busy road to practice more. It was by we having lunch at grandma’s home – as she was my mom’s aunt and retired teacher, who could remember her retirement post here. There were many changes, and to my favorite place of then vacations is always in my memories and more residents where exist and bright colored homes to charm this recently. They live in suburb of the town and it’s the spaces and freeness as kids we rejoice come here and also playing with cousins. Some more on the travel will continue as part of another post.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dismissed suspense

There was something very beautiful I was expecting from time I begin listening to this lines from Vaaranam Aayiram, song Mundhinam Paartheanea. It goes like ‘Hi maalini! I am Krishnan. Naa itha sollia aahanum, nee avalavu azahu... inga evanum ivalavu azaha oru… … ivalavu azaha paathirukkamattanga. Am in love with you!’ (Hi Maalini. I am Krishnan. I have to tell this, you are such beautiful… here anyone such beautiful one…. such beautifully must not be seen. Am in love with you)

First time I got to see this scene in television today. Must acknowledge that I could not see its beautiful! Don’t know how about for others, I was disappointed with that scene, where I expect is something that I can’t explain how felt I was dreaming with that lovely dialogue. It’s not young and romantic, what I truly expecting was the scene must have the young Surya proposing to beautiful Sameera Reddy his love on her. But it was oppose, that father suriya who was in young then converse to the step down heroine Simran. I won’t tell simran is not beautiful, but it was unfeeling and the situation is untouched!

Simran’s first introduction was with Surya in Nearukku near and that was also sweet and likable. The movie also has beautiful songs and one of my favorite ‘manam virunbuthea’ is paired both and lovable. Tamil heroes don’t get such older soon, and look very young in makeup, but actress don’t stand long as heroines, and get down to character artist. No, that’s not the problem. It’s the feel that missing! Even an old pair can propose, but it must bring smile and pause watching. I got strange and odd feeling, how the sweet vocal of surya assume through audio is least a lot while watching! I could not wait visiting theater to watch this yet to be a enchant movie.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bird watching

Picture of a Hawk on our compound wall.

Where have u been sounding
I listen, it’s pleasing.
The cut down trees, even after
you resounding from leftover leaves
and branches early morning

Your little tones tune to music
the cold dawn to leave
the sun to give sense in gleam
the clouds form like foam
in the light blue sky

More than two different noises
without annoying anybody;
the constructions to enclose quicker
than before, the little birds are
trying to flap wings in shrinking space

The season to arrive
in wish to listen more twitters;
the cranes to rise from terrace
brings out in sight of
bird watching habit.

# Check out Ghost Particles post here on our meeting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

M.N. Nambiar passes sway

M.N. Nambiar is a wonderful villain character in films, and facial frightening hero ever seen!! He is someone very unique and truly there was a wish in my heart that he lives longer and strengthen. Not one or two to remember, in his every character in films he print stamps, there was a film I loved ‘poovea unakkaga’ where he played a grandfather role in childish behavior, to think this role comes to mind first and his special styles of squeeze palm, rollover eyes and cheek abbreviation are none make him forget this veteran of world cinema.

Reading the flash in sun news afternoon was felt calm for minutes! Let his life be an example for young to being obviously good character in real and he is a man to server his belief to lord Iyaapa. There is no such actor and human like him going to appear in stage and he is the ruler of villains and roll model to those take his path! A lose who none equalize, lets wish for his peace procession and resting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

With admiring ghost

No he won’t frighten, he is a loving person and indeed my brother ghost particle. As my wish he glow my desire with his presence which is nothing more what we shared. He is a dear in the world of uncertain could I able to meet in person and so glad I was in his way of must visit. Advancing his days to back pack to home I wonder could I miss him, but oh nice, my brother not let me feel more and how well we understood get this opportunity exist. There is no difference in his communication and unfeeling of talking first time so far in our friendship, as we have been conversing for years. We have so many thoughts to share and agree with reason; mostly we spoke about blogging community and wonder what turns our old friends untouched with blogs and remain silent readers known or unknown. We both totally have sympathy on how well could it be having our old mates again to get back the interest and fun in blogging, that not mean we have only boredom today!

Was thinking what to place as recording our meeting and could there be anything like the collection of moments registered in our mind and capturing in picture? And whenever see the picture it recollection the moments. In the short time of planning its more excite u know, looking forward to the best in the lifetime meeting our very close friend, not only for who support when in pain and pleasure when we are happy. This ghost is very simple and kind being towards anyone come across and I am such get favor to have him near in my home today. Am I getting over? Nope, I think am typing from my heart!

Where the world leads is bright, in hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. Bro don’t we see the light when we talk about life in certain and everyone have much problem to deal, even though to live looking those beneath. The awareness on which is important and in short unknown term to falling friendly neighboring, so much we miss in this significant lives. The neighbors are the ones who could quickly attend our lives and much these days it reduces to live in strange surround particularly on flat system. Ok let me stop here before post take indirection than the things to express. I hopefully think this meeting will ever last in our memories and it’s the need that brought us together, so let disappear the thanks when we feel similar. Hope my enthusiasm never disturbs to miss the opportunity and so happy to see our dreams become true bro! :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Assent dissent

Have see lots of examiners in while where only lose of hope and disappointment remains. Sill I go through examiners those convey to cure accurately and place deliverance within season. Few are lost of sight, some uninterested later in relation with disease and not understandable dealers about the real problem and support there own cause. I hardly get things better from varies examiners at different stage of life, but every thing incompletes so far and new hopes rise like hopefully I fake to move head. Sometime I anguish for unable to be a fatal, living fatefully, but I really agree to the thoughts that are more acceptable truly and these days I could not blindly deny the offer comes from loved ones. There are more people come across me visiting recommends the doctors they known to be curing some other fatal disease, but how much could we take practice where only disappoint derives.

Everyone told to have a thing certainly to cure, but how could I only hope now and I see myself have a reason to think like. Recently I was support by two acupressure medicos, the one just out of university of naturopathy whom unavailable later and a middle-age man who learned the tradition art, whom currently attending me. Actually not a profession in medicine, but a skilled person in acupressure what I want to agree with him is the explanation which has sometime to accept the truth. What the thing makes me aware is this type of treatment helps the free flowing of bloods circulation and release of pain, but what I think the problem to be treated is weakness of muscles which needs to reflect the inner power. The nerves inside needs the power of muscles which stops the force exit, may be am not sure about it just thought like that. Whoever, have one thing to maintain and continues to express the same in different names ‘Physiotherapy’. The only practice that could remain my activities to limit the process what is immense unknown. Let me wish positive and something change too welcome!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

True wins

Whatever, the true wins. The hidden thing is happy or misery, the intention wins finally in the infinity life. Every day we learn lessons through experience, such lessons makes wiser in thinking and gives courage to advance in future or further decision. Today I gone through intense thoughts that changes frequently in intend desire, when varies minds disclose different distress and happier, gets myself disturbs. The decision must be ours, don’t we have to think with intension and thus everyone has a purpose to think and wish. There is nothing perfect like blue sky, and have to see one have foots to walk when there is no path compare to paths, with no legs to walk. I seriously think courage is the foot does and knowledge to accept the fate!

The mirror I have here is to mention what we see is not certainly true, but we obviously believe what it shows is sure. In another point of view it shows truly our mind, where is happy or unhappy we try to hide the deed in make-ups. When our life itself not easily accepted, and thoughts are what expect to go easier?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Life unlike more

Life is just like that, love and cares are lack of veracity according to some! Few disclose there true mind sometimes, thus how well they understood the importance of close relationship and life. I could not feel how some people are senseless to not value a life such have same feelings and wish to live. Sudden lose of lives is happen to be a fall of leaf that later nothing related to the tree after it’s depart, so as a couple of incidents I come to know make me feel what the difference tree and leaves to human and relationship. Any problem in family could be solved, if not, that’s not mean to forget a relationship or goodbye to the member of a family. In the two incidents I see the problems between family relationships are dared to give up the loved ones without realizing the importance and feeling of those. Though both are uncommon and the good will process is failed to give significant and make worse the situation which happens to be a positive aspect.

I came to know one of our distance relatives’ son is missing for a month now. I don’t have much practice with him, thus I know him for long time through my uncle’s family as he was very close with them, because he was my aunt’s nephew. He lost his mother when in age he can’t understand the lose and then his dad remarried to his own aunt to take care him, as she is his own mother’s sister so that she may love and heed more. But unlike they think he didn’t get much affection and care from his aunt and after her own children he faces lack of affection and attention which turn anger and in anguish his path changed direction. His only support where the grandparent’s and father who rarely pay attention is profession to sculpture so he put him back in craving, thus this work gave him abdomen problems and though he was a cardiac patient by birth get operate recently and more his familiarity created incidents in relationships and in this situation he got missed or away in distress.

What really bothers me here is the care the family got on his disappearance. There was indifference in my uncle’s expression, because they know the information only two weeks back and he enquired directly to there home to know the worse they not even much bother in seek of him. When asked his father, he expressed nothing and ashamed to complain in police of his disappearance and in such incidents rumors are like easily spreading disease adds more puzzle to the situation that he ran along with a girl! In calculating this, more than to care, his father the only person to response is just like that to felt nothing in his hand and what admits is fate! In no certainty what really happen to him, how come these people believe in rumors, but not their son. Thinking on this I could not stop to surprise and wonder what the relationships are! Whatever he may wasn’t he a survivor and son to a father. I thought what if his mother to be alive would she left him alike. To a mother whatever her son to be misfortune or negative in character she cares truly to anything in world. Even people are kind towards animals and care for there survival, such things testify the human trusties and reflector.

My aunt and uncle are so upset because of this, as he only shares with them and they can’t do nothing than enquire at all places and make there well knows to let them know any information comes according or have see him somewhere.

Above one was opposed to what I suppose to come. In that case it was about lost, here the incident is of well known lose. Damn I feel unhappy knowing the incident, that a relationship is touched as a side dish and later the food becomes contrary even side dish get to wastage. I see how a flower before blooming is picked at its bud and thrown back to its belonging where it can’t be fixed again or into usage. I like to mention the flower here is a 3-4 year old girl child, what I try to sense the mind of her, a very difficult task to even think and felt how some are bold enough to hurt the child. Coming to the incident, it’s about one of my old neighbor’s daughter who married to be not conceiving for 4 long years adopted a child in months, to make a welcoming moving and a good concern too went all along until recently. By this time the child was 4 years, receives more affection in their family and they celebrated the child as a wonderful gift makes everyone including me to wonder at there acceptance and rejoice the uncommon relation.

I truly applaud people who accept the adoption in life, thus such executions fulfills the parentless children there rights for craving and disappointment or show them we are here to embrace. Even I spend nothing than from my dad’s pocket, I show direction to those parentless children who want to help in worth and peace. I think often at moments getting something above me deserve or desire, the thoughts come across these children who have no parents to ask or express there needs than to accept what is given. If not my parent’s where do I stand is unimaginable, but mind getting stronger in anxious to think no one to care in future where my end is! To be a parentless there courage could bring them up, but for those only with mind and no action? The option is thinking and understanding can only be the answer.

Back to incident, the parent’s who adopt the child is now diverse of anything reason, the child is back to orphanage or somewhere no idea, the women is living individual now. She works somewhere and stays with parent home – mean to our next native home, practices indifference with what the well-known could think of the child whom they introduced and make familiar with neighbors. Though we can’t be worriless, may be they could because it was a choice in there life choosing a child does not make difference to survive with them. I have a question if it was there own child will they make the same decision? They got the priceless in the world, where they lost somewhere in no cost, but what bothers the child could be lots of pain and suffer certainly. Knowing this I have no words to explain, what I witness then is lose of sight and to think is deceive right now.

‘If we desire for a fish and in some situation the pond is collapse, it’s the same desire could renovate the pond to give life a fish.’ When it’s not a desire and only the decision towards anything to show absolutely and time comes the rain wash away the true or lie to displace. There was another couple I know, who really cares for their adopted child and I see true craving for a child after so long patience and I visible the wise behind there decision. First, ones relationship should be smooth, so that any lives or things pass in pleasure and secure. And if we are enough to accept any life similar to us, is not life just like that and unlike more.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

தொட்டில் குழந்தை / Cradle child

தொட்டில் குழந்தை திட்டம்
குப்பைத்தொட்டியில் விழும்
குழந்தைகளின் அடைக்கலம்

ஆசைக்காக கருஉற்று
பிறகு சுமை என்று விட்டுச்செல்லும் குழந்தைகள்
பாசம்இன்றி வலியை மட்டும் ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளும்!

குழந்தையின் அழுகையில் மருந்திட்டுக்கொள்ளும் அன்னையர்
தலைநிமர வேண்டிய நிலையில், சமூகம் என்னி
தலை மறைத்து போனாலே

தங்கள் உறவே உறுதியற்ற நிலையில்
உணர்ந்தும் உணராமலும் செய்த பிழைக்கு
பெற்ற பிள்ளை பலியாகி போவதோ கொடுமை

அவை சாலையில் வீசப்பட்டு கைதாகி போவது
அனாதை தொட்டில்கலுக்கோ அல்லது
அன்பான தத்துபிள்ளையாகவோ, இல்லையேனில் விதி

Translation in english follows:

Cradle children project
refuge to children
fell into dustbin

In wish pregnancy
then load to leave children
affectionless only accept the aches!

In child’s cry healing mother
to stance upright, thinking society
she head concealed to go

Where there relationship itself unstable
to feel or without feelingly done mistake
their brought child to sacrifice is such cruel

They are thrown in streets imprison to
neither orphanage cradles nor as
loving adopted child, or else thus fate reach!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Its interest

I come, will not come, nothing in my hands, all decides someone what can I do. He is definitely puzzled he himself told, then why do people what to practice the confuse state and wanted to pull the unwanted I don’t know. Politics is not to show the power one has in-between public or his beloved, it’s an interest in peoples need those have to come in. As happening recalling his famous punch dialogue En vazhi thani vazhi (my way self way), why does people wanted him to do usual things alike other film stars? And unique could not be the same, if it was then where the significant is?

Interest should grow; as if we can’t make stable a tree without it roots grasp. Well how can we think a person make things certainly without an interest? I felt much badly sometimes make use of others for my interest that may not concern them, but surely they continue unless they get distress or something bothers. And I won’t give it much to reach, when I sense the discomfort in making I stop them doing. Must appreciate the star actor to think rightly on interest what I believe in survival. A hard work can brought easier when there is an interest in work and someone’s excitement is impossible in us unless there spirit sparkle in us.

There was a question asked in the interview ‘we are your fans, what have u done for us?’ I don’t know what really the actor what to do them. Are they expecting worth in his earning, or a chance in acting with him or they loved him for what? To his acting style, dialogue delivery and so as a fan anyone could expect those, but don’t we have our own works to do than imagining and expecting he will do this or that if we become a member of his fans club. None can force one to join in anything and its there own interest coming together to rejoice the common enthusiasm with those with same interest. Thus we share the friendship in blog, with no interest we can’t stay more and move in search of what next. There is two thing common interest and self interest. Common interest goes with those having similar taste and feeling, when it comes to self it’s the development and difference belong to us and those are unique sometimes. Thus interest is more in decision and must not felt later picking the uninterested.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Garden of lights & water

Bringing beside the uncertainty, decided to visit the Brindavan Garden after cuppa evening at relative place in mysory when holidaying summer. It’s a place never get away from memories, the distance and stress coved then a more decade back and it was more interest and hesitate to visit the garden again. We follow a guide arranged to take us to Krishna raja sagar or KRS shortly known, and it was blowing when reaching time by the way up and down route. The sun was ending in yellow sky, the difference was and memories ease looking our mid way entry in huge parking space. The chillness in wind blows, from distance the fountain in mid water bend towards wind as I felt the only pleasure going to give up to pathway, but assure comes the landing surface leaving me to enjoy the light and water.

Thus the dusk incomplete that make visible the garden clearly, remembering the conflict rollover the steps and paths come across the garden, I thanked personally the developments helped. Its troublesome those visited past and fear cleared now of walking long distance and horror sound of channels open. It’s up to those wish to cover the large portion of the garden, but for someone who really enjoy every bit is happier with about lights and water. The wonder is I made till this! The water splashes in fountain and wind to drizzle is such pleasure along to share with loved ones and little guest children. At some moment its special being there and go throw the stress carried to watch the musical fountain to walk out hardly gratification.

The freely moving space instantly covers by people soon the darkness enters, flashes thrown everywhere by still cameras and unstable poses before light water splashes. Its greener around and water flow fully and surprise is the dazzling water lights. By chance my power wheels move easily on gardens and fountains in brief, but it really felt why not been so earlier to spend more times on garden. In hesitate and uncertain facilities there are much to miss deed, but to see little infrastructure is increasing at varies sites are unaware to people with unable which I realize thought this.