Wednesday, April 24, 2013

House shifting - close to dream home!

There are many toughest jobs in the world and house shifting is one of the hardest and beyond transporting things, there are certain things need to be addressed alongside the postal address on subscribers, ration card, LPG cylinder, telephone, net… to cause immense trouble. Unlike transporting the home appliances that takes one or two trips to load and unload, the change in address and connections are an unending annoy and tiresome take more than a week or sometime a month to settle. Those who are constantly transferred according to their job placement could well understand the toughness of reconnecting but for the only second time yet to be relocated doesn't matter much though leaving a familiar place and replacing things aren't easy.

image courtesy: google
Yes, we are shifting our house to an adjacent area from the current location in Thiruvanmiyur; Kottivakkam is a suburb included with the Chennai Corporation lately. It’s been more than seven years we shifted from our native home in Adyar to buy an apartment flat in Thiruvanmiyur, esp. for the comfort of mine who found difficult residing in a first floor, now moving to even more comfort  and spacious home. First time we are going to a rental, as well individual house excites me. I know it is not that easy to adjust to a new environment and strange neighborhood but I hope things won’t be different hence we get practice with things will only used to get better.

There wasn't much urge to shift our home, but we go on wanted for an individual home since we get to know there are few available in an area which I have passed many time going to Palavakkam beach. I too wished it would have been nice having a home there when passing that area sometime, how can I miss the chance that comes involuntarily sniffing my mind! Lol But there was also a need to change home for certain reasons that kept troubling from beginning, such as water and parking. Our apartment doesn't have a metro water connection and so far water is only bought through Lorries and filling up the sump once a week.  Because of this situation many house owners had left the apartment to rent somewhere leaving their house to rent.

The apartment has parking facility for only certain houses and when the no-parking residents also park their cars; there is heavy demand for parking space. Since we bought a SUV (Scorpio), we can’t park it inside the parking space allotted for us because the space is only favor for small cars to come in and out. We are forced to park our car only outside the apartment complex and its high annoyance when some other car parked there; we have to wait sometime for them to move away or park somewhere. In the individual house that we are suppose to move within a week troubleshoots both the problems and moreover it has number of favorable things to cheer up life.

It was somehow close to my dream home environment with enough space around the home, enclosed with compound walls and separate gate for covered car parking and a small portico to relax in evening and hustle and bustle free streets. The house is just 700 meters away from the Palavakkam beach and lil far behind the Kottivakkam KFC Restaurant on the eastern side of ECR (East Coast Road), is an easy landmark for anyone visiting us. If you are passing the KFC restaurant, don’t forget to stop by for a sip of coffee at my home :)

We have decided to shift things on weekend following a small milk boiling morning on Thursday, inviting the near ones alone. I especially like this individual house for the open space around the building that supposed to support my interest on gardening. There are already few trees around the house, including heat reducing Neem Tree and flowering shrubs on neighborhood compound, brings hope on inviting more birds and butterflies. I’m sure I’m going to miss my dear kingfisher who I receive every day here, but I still hope I would get more visitors like him there. There are number of tree around that area and I would gladly restart my evening outing in wheel chair without any fear, since the area is calm and free of pollution and vehicle traffic.

I didn't take photos on the house when I checked last week, but once shifted I will be able to post more pictures. Hence shifting I won’t be able to access internet for few days or a week until I reconnected at new house. I will write on things that I gonna badly miss because of shifting home in another post… since this post is extending. Take care and keep away from excess summer heat :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

PowerShot Sunday - Cat on the Wall!

Cat on the wall

This black cat is an excellent hunter and merciless killer! I had witness this cat prey on a little squirrel one evening while I was shooting at a cute squirrel. (You can read that sad story here…) Other day the cat was sitting on our apartment compound wall and stared at me with a killer rage. Glad the gate was closed! Lol

The black cat is the foremost enemy of our pet dog, Maya. She kept barking like unending whenever she found the cat on the wall.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Image courtesy: Flickr
A droplet 
saved inside the heart
of a shelled mollusk.

Hope deliver
like a droplet sparkle
resting on soft petals.

how soft tissues
give birth to strong pearl. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I’m not interested watching cricket!

This is the statement many look with awe when I say, when they ask me for score for which my replay used to be, ‘I don’t know’! Born and brought up in a country where cricket is the most celebrated sports and holding innumerable cricket fans unlike nowhere in the world, I wonder why cricket doesn't fascinate me even at least. I have played cricket in my childhood days and I used to enjoy batting chances whenever I get, even I don’t withstood more than dozen balls in a match, I feel wonderful every time I gather strength to stroke a ball as much distance I can.  I think I may have lack of patient to go through the matches that run for whole day. Or thought of what I gain watching cricket. But I show interest playing cricket in android device though it last for only few minutes before I get bored.

I am zero when it comes to knowledge about cricket and I know only the names of renowned players and who the captain is. But being a son of ardent cricket fan, I stand far away from my father and used to argue a lot against cricket, and criticize simply for nothing serious. I know he truly enjoys watching cricket and his excitement towards the mishap in match would put anyone at amaze to turn back to check everything is right. Alike my father, my young martial uncle is also a cricket enthusiast and he used to skip anything to just watch cricket. And my grandfather also used to watch cricket, even he has difficult watching TV he hadn't lose interest. But I’m not the only one in my family who doesn't like watching cricket; my late elder uncle never shown interest on cricket and I think my brother as well not interested. 

I truly disappoint with the cricket that played today and I hate the IPL (Indian Premier League) especially. With the discovery of 20/20 cricket matches I think the sport spirit has come down and cricket has become just fun and frolic. I am not against people who love watching as well playing cricket and even I like cricket but not interested that much and crazy unlike make other. For me cricket is just a sport and I don’t like seeing it apart anything… and I think IPL is conducted with phase of money spinning and not encouraged talent in anyway.  There are number of sports to play and not many know Hockey is India’s national game and even known doesn't care about it unless Olympic arrive. The good thing I see about cricket is that unites the nation and there nothing wrong playing cricket. But being crazy is what I don’t like.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cruising in Periyar Lake

Boat cruise

It’s quite amazing cruising at Periyar Lake inside the Periyar National Park in Thekkady, in the Idukki district of Kerala. Cumbum is the nearest town rearing Tamil Nadu just like Kumily for Kerala. The weather was moisture and cool when we arrived at Thekkady one evening and got tickets to enter the park area and reached the Periyar Lake boat landing - a 5 minute drive from Kerala check post. It was the last cruise that supposes to leave landing, but seeing us they delayed the steering of cruise. There weren't ramps leading down to boat landing but with the help of my family I was bore into the cruise shifted to a chair.

It started to drizzle slightly once on board but gladly it hadn't rain until leaving down the hills and the drizzle was stable continue to sooth as well shiver in cold. The cruise passes through thick shoals and grasslands, were one can find gaurs, deer and elephants grazing along. During our cruise, we got to see few bison and deer at only far distance and a crocodile lying on a bank. The cruise lasted for about two hours (4-6 pm) and ours was the large cruise boat with rooftop seating and viewing facility. This cruise can’t get close to bank to watch animals nearby unlike the other medium boats, but it was the only cruise I could board.

Cruising in Periyar Lake
There are number of teak trees barely stands in middle of lake allover and only talented drivers could steer boats amid them. One could also find eagle or vulture sometime perching those bare trees. It is also believed Thekkady is derived from the word ‘Thekku’ meaning ‘teak trees’ in the bilingual - Tamil and Malayalam. Located among the low-lying hilly area of Idukki district, Thekkady is one of an important tourist places amongst many flourished throughout Kerala.

Periyar Lake is actually a river called Mullaiperiyar (big mountain river) and the Dam build across this river had created this artificial lake, fabulous in shape amid wild flora and fauna. A tragedy took place in the lake in 2009, losing number of lives to cruise upset, had created great panic among many taking the rides and only after this incident, using of life-jackets spread across many water tourism in India. Besides all, it’s quite pleasure taking a cruise in Periyar lake and exciting to see anything dark and motion on bank. The weather prevail there is awesome since located about 1000 meter above sea level, the best time to visit was post monsoon, when water level is height.
Periyar Lake, Thekkady

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Depressed yet impressed

Image courtesy: flickr
வலியை தாங்கிடு மனிதா 
வாழ்கையில் இதுவும் ஒரு படி புரிதா?
கல்லும் மண்ணும் காலுக்கு புதிதல்ல
பாதையை நடந்து கடத்திடு மனிதா.

ரத்தம் உறைய உறைய குளிரும் 
அட்டை வலியில்லாமல்  உறியும் 
அச்சம்  என்றும் நிறைந்த உள்ளம் 
மௌன புன்னகைக்குள் மறையும்.

Bear the pain man
understand this is also a step in life?
Stones and sands aren't new to foot
man, walk past the path.

Cold freeze freezing blood
leech sucks without pain,
fear filled mind always
hide inside silent smile.

These phrases come to mind by 3 am, while I deeply distressed. But I don’t want to reveal what caused me so depressed at that mid night time. I had touched emotional core many a time during night, only the darkness could witness the silent war. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Personal Note on Sex

I don’t mind if you read or not this post, but I just want to share (record) something about sex here. No, I hadn't had sex ever before and I have no idea of having it further in future but I do want to confess I too have sex feelings and perspective on sex in general. Sex is always showcased as bad reputation in society, forgetting that without sex we are no more here. Medication and technology perhaps make different in case of lack of ability or infertility. But sex is an inherent part of every life on earth and every species have sex to reproduce their generation.

Sex is also sharing of cells and building a human is an immense pleasure, as well pressure reproducing a child in progress of death or life struggle. There’s a great setback thought about sex in general and it is always seen as a taboo in society where there are none to reveal the secret of sex unless one grown on his own to understand the progress. But I don’t think it is an easy thing in the world and it remains as immense trouble esp. during the age of teen, when no one was suppose to guide on changes happening physical as well physiological. In the internet era, expose to sex is not a difficult thing whether we went on searching or rather it come and sit on the screen, produces a fake image and almost confuses with illusive fact and figures.

My first time encounter with sex site amazes me with shocking images and coming out of teen and lack of internet knowledge, I had trouble then how to keep away those things out of sight. Perhaps what others might think of me when come to notice these things haunted me intensely. I guess many internet users have gone thought such mindset esp. the initial stage internet users or teens. Of course it’s not easy to restrain the thought of sex once expose to sexual content on internet and the images watched use to keep haunting, but things where quite different now with somehow understand of sex… the net porn never seem to entice me unlike before.

But latterly I found interest on erotica, unlike porn which always end up messing with dirty images; erotica exhibits sex in an elegant way and make it feel graceful lead to ecstasy. I feel quite fascinating reading thought erotic stories and poem, but I never taken it into serious thoughts or impose in real life. I just look into the matter with conscious effect and fun attitude, but never disturbing others.

I personally feel sex isn't a matter of debate to be good or bad, right or wrong but consider by fact and knowledge we need to look whereas it is suitable or not. Sex is always depends on mind, situation, health and age as per law; love plays an inherent role in bringing lot of energy and enthusiasms to lead a peaceful relationship. When sex comes out of reliable love isn't trustworthy as hygiene is very important for safe sex, as well being conscious towards health is vital. Apart love, sex is seen plainly a physical touch, which I totally disbelief because without a intend thought and desire sex doesn't exist. 

Monday, April 08, 2013

Man behind this Blog - MD

It's me... hehe
If you are new to my blog or couldn't check my profile, I need to mention that I’m fighting with MD (Muscular Dystrophy), which is a genetic disorder of losing muscles strength and I move everywhere on my power wheelchair. There isn't any cure for it currently globally and perhaps the only way of approach to it was to exercise constantly to delay the course of loss of muscles strength. There’s also a disadvantage lies in this progress of exercise which should not last for long duration; if the exercise had been stressful or painful  will also witness in loss of muscles strength. Physiotherapy has become a part of my life from the early stage of development with MD; I was going through therapy off and on and perhaps stopped for a year or so meanwhile taking medicines on various mode of treatment.

 I was suppose to write on this only because, I want to say that I was taking physiotherapy for the last three year had been constant unlike ever before, and my therapist Rajesh is visiting me thrice a week on a content fee. I could recollect the day he first gave me exercise and it was extremely a painful moment since he hadn't handled a MD patient before and unfamiliar with my body. But things weren't same, as he kept visiting me frequently, he understood me physically and how much I could endure pain lead me quite comfort with exercise.

MD is a common word used to describe the disorder, and DMD (Duchene Muscular Dystrophy) is the general appearance in most of the patents, but there are several types of MD founded later years. Gladly I hadn't come under the general category (even I feel quite regret for those affected with DMD, whose life span is not more than 25 years) I enjoy the extremely rare exception with LGMD (Limb-Girdle MuscularDystrophy), is an autosomal class of MD which is similar but distinct from DMD and Becker. LGMD encompasses a large number of rare disorders with the term ‘Limb-Girdle’ is referred to the muscles on hips and shoulders which most severely affected in general.

I don’t want to go much in detail about the disorder, as well the distressed or frustrated moments that haunt me immensely then and now, but with better consciousness and knowledge about the disorder I come to show somewhat normal mindset in latter days. I don’t think much about the disorder, but anytime I feel hurt I dislike myself being born as burden or frustrated. But the regret feeling doesn’t used to live long or I change my thought by concentration on other things or drown into dreams. I need to say I haven’t seen a therapist being so kind like Rajesh and I never seen him in tense or harsh during exercise (it’s a different story at beginning while he wasn't well aware about the disorder) I doubt whether he knows at least how to act severely. Hehe… Hope he better stay that way for me to continue happily the exercise.  

I think it’s time to go to bed now… time 10.13 pm. Thanks for all your support and encouragement on behalf fight with my MD! :)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

PowerShot Sunday - Black-Rumped Flameback

Black-rumped Flameback

This photo was shot at the current season last year and I saw this bird for first time only then in our neighborhood. The bird is a kind of woodpecker called Black-Rumped Falmeback or Lesser Goldenback, came perching the flame tree in front of our house, but on next compound. I shot the bird from inside the home and through the window’s grill, but I couldn't avoid the rods interrupted the picture since I took it in hurry, I couldn't think of anything rather not to miss the chance.

The bird seems to found widely among the Indian Subcontinent, has a typical woodpecker shape and distinctive golden yellow wing and rump in black. The under parts are while with dark chevron marks and the red crest on the fore-crown  fascinated me personally. Like any woodpeckers, this species has a straight pointed bill, a stiff tail to provide support against tree trucks and feet with two toes pointing forwards, and two backward.

I saw this woodpecker couple of times in neighborhood after my first time shot with the bird, I also got to capture few more pictures on the bird when it flew near last month and I will post them later. 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

KBKR - Just Fun

I had some fun watching this Tamil movie KBKR (Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga) in theater a day ago, packed with wholesome comedy and entertainment; I couldn't find anything worth missed if you skip this movie. But it’s good to be left with lighter scenario, filled with moments of laugh riot.  From the director of national award winning film ‘Pasanga’, Pandiya Raj, has sought to succeed his name once again, with humorous genre, since his latter movies hadn't done fair business even the concepts were different, the indifferent screenplay doesn't make amuse.

KBKR is a story of two youngster (friends) who wanderlust without doing any job, but joyfully aspiring to stand for local body election to make easy money. Meanwhile both fall in love with different girls, and does funny and silly things to develop an attachment and also work as a volunteer under a politician to seek seat for contesting in election. The film almost travels on humorous track, with usual friendship factors such as combine drinking, pulling legs and silly fights (nowadays there aren't movies without showcasing drinks, while politician in Tamil Nadu wanted quite ban on liquor).  I think for filmmakers showing drinking scene seems giving reality feel, but I don’t know how long they are going to promote liquor as normal thing in cinemas? 

The upcoming heroes Vimal and Sivakarthikeyan play the lead role of Kedi Billa & Killadi Ranga – I couldn't connect what the title conveys, as both characters show similar characterization, Siva does better with his natural humor sense and Vimal’s tone come as his plus. As usual, Soori with his supporting role in friendship made ticking a lot.  Kazugu fame Bindu Madhavi (one of two heroines), come as homely but only to show some action… a distinct character reversible to heroes. Regina, apt to her name in film as Paappa (baby), does a cute performance.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja! No song was re-callable and except somewhere the BGM rocks and take forward the film… there’s nothing to say.  The director had tried to make it serious at climax but it hadn't stimulated well and rather bored. Overall ‘KBKR’ can be watched just for fun and time pass!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Masilamani Nather Temple – Tranquebar

Masilamani Nathar temple

Just few meters away from the Danish Fort in Tranquebar, towards north, situated the Masilamani Nather Temple on the water splashing shore of Coromandel Coast of India. It’s the only temple on the land of colonial buildings, churches and bungalows! The temple looked like a mid-size shrine was constructed in 13th century under Pandyan Dynasty. Results from coastal erosion and salt breeze, the temple turned ruin in later days breathing life on the verge of Bay of Bengal.

After visited the Fort, we moved to the temple area through the newly laid platform from the fort entrance and moving close to rock shore, I felt cool, expose to mild drizzle cause by splashing waves. During our visit, the temple was going through renovation work and only yesterday I come across news in television about its completion supposes to be observed by a ritual. It was about 2 pm when we explored its ruins structure and restoring building adjacent to the main shrine.

Masilamani Nathar temple
It was a hot sunny day, but being close to sea we couldn’t feel the heat, instead I enjoyed the shelter of bright blue sky and sparkling sea and splashing waves along the rock shore. The temple is protected by both sides of rock seawalls, preventing the ruins getting more damaged. Below are the pictures showing the rock shores (on both sides) of the sea facing temple, cheering up with wave splashes, like holy water sprinkled on devotees.
Rocks Shore - Tranquebar
(The left hand side of the rock shore and the below is the right one on this east coast)
Rocks Shore - Tranquebar

Monday, April 01, 2013

Beach Girls

Image courtesy: tumb
Two piece of cloth 
is so fun on shore;
under sultry sun
bodies bestow in glory.

Blessed by hot sun
beauties beckon in bikinis;
embrace to cool breeze
bodies glare under golden
- sunshine.

Sometime in lace bikini
girls fascinates to core;
lying on the hot sand
babies set ablaze.

Expose to sunlight
and out of salt water;
babies sparkle a lot
like starfish out of sea.

It’s so fun and frolic
watching girls in bikini;
expose to their sweet bums
baked under warmth sunbeam!