Monday, December 30, 2019

RGB Monday

Festive season sieve
troubles, to make happiness
slid through tiny holes.

P.s. Hope you find the red, green and blue ornaments hung from a live christmas tree grown in the courtyard of my uncle's woodhouse at Thandikudi, near Kodaikanal. I capture the image from my last vacation in July and the ornaments weren't removed from the tree after festive season was over, but I loved seeing them pretty hung through the evergreen tree. Wishing you all Very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous Pretty New Year, 2020!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Partial Annular Solar Eclipse

The sun was brilliantly shone over the sky and it was dazzling to even to take a glance at it and so I was out of focus with the camera tried to capture the phenomenon. It was blank and blur whatever way I tried to shoot the occurrence of Annular Solar eclipse in point and shoot, but after many a try I got the eclipse reflected through the rays of sun itself. Around 9am on Thursday, the sun rose to an uncomfortable angle what become difficult for me to capture the eclipse but got to watch the partial annular through the solar viewer, my cousin bought from the Elliot’s beach, where people in neighbourhood thronged to watch the eclipse.    

The reflection of the partial annular (the crescent shaped   blue in picture above) was a real surprise for me as I was feeling disappointed that I unable to capture the eclipse. Though I know it wasn’t easy to shoot the solar eclipse normally to anyone but I find the reflection amazed. The annularity was visible from the East Mediterranean to south East Asia and gladly the annular travelled through the centre of Tamil Nadu and Kerala where the ring visible quite.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

My simple Christmas tree and light decoration on the balcony! I really don’t want to decorate the Christmas tree this year but got an idea later to simply tie two poles in shape of cone in the gate and put lights around it and hung some ornaments and items I made with Popsicle sticks from last year. I tried this for a change from the regular Christmas tree. I put blue colour led serial lights on the balcony rail so it over exposed the other colours lights on the tree setting.

I Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Saturday, December 21, 2019


Tenderly trapped
between the fingers, tinted
yellow butterfly! 

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

In Month of Cold

I switched off the ceiling fan
as wind blows the coolest,
heart yearns for a warm hug
the moment slipped
between noon and evening.

I took pleasure, as sunlight
took a bright step into the home;
the air still filled by cold
sends goose bumps
to places could not define.

The wind is colder
when blows through the alley,
the back door become a cooler
to chill down everything
rather my heartburns sometime.

I feel for a warm embrace
what does my blanket at night,
and from the arms of dad
there is no wonder
December is a month of cold.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Precaution is Prior - Crime Against Women

The police encounter on all 4 accused in Hyderabad lady doctor rape-murder case is something I couldn’t appreciate while every other in the country praised a lot. The first thing stroke my mind when I heard on the encounter was the accused were only escaped through this act of instant death.  I see death, killing or execution couldn’t be severe than living to feel the pain and shame. I’m not against the encounter or support it either, but this could be avoided to punish them any other ways where they regret for their cruel act consciously. Life is precious, and one could not compensate on it and at same time taking a life involuntarily couldn’t be right and those culprits deserve punishment undoubtedly. But shot to dead someone will only free them from the consequences that make them feel regret or experience pain until they die.

The encounter could trigger a fear in those who think of molesting women but I don’t know how long this will sustain fear in evil minded men, when the world instantly and constantly turn over topics. I know the violence against women and children has come to light lot these days and this has to be uprooted from our society where new found thoughts are replanted or a change in perception of men, what should thrive from the homes where children are taught or practiced to treat women with equal rights, dignity and respect. Though they deserve lot more than what reaches our thoughts. Despite the actions taken on the accused and sending alarm to men we need to take conscious measure in protecting ourselves at first place before turn over the society.

We somehow knew the society we live isn’t secure – so what we’re in need of lot more security cameras – and in this condition we have to make certain of our own safety. Though they say fear is an illusion in darkness but all conditions aren’t same and what hides in darkness couldn’t be predicted. So it is better we have a torch to guide us safely and beware on every steps forward in a place (society) where it feel suspicious. I wonder what the education system teaches us rather how to protect ourselves first and tackle a suspect trying to hurt us. Why can't the institutions, workplaces guides/practices on self-defence as prior courses before they learn some technical terms, because our life is important than what we learn or earn. Children and women should be aware of the circumstances they work, study or routes commute as these are the places vulnerable for sexual maniacs to attack. Last but not least, these are things that should never let down women who had come to a place which isn’t easily to come over and men had to protect them from their own sexual.

Sunday, December 08, 2019


From time to time things change
the sky isn’t the same I look up every time
the wind blows, never the identical   
the seasons transform the colours of nature
the trees retreat in shoot of new leaves
while skin isn’t silky in dryness of cold -
lacework is something woven in lack of moisture.

Transformation is a continuous process
which is impossible without nature
the head of all significant changes;
the sky the limit of eternity
isn’t same in its pattern or colours
the remarkable sunrises and sunsets
is an inspiring from time to time.

 Life is a constant progress of changes
a change that needs to refresh
like fresh mountain rivers charged
in continuous flow of current;
the mind is something keeps changing
either for good or bad
  ponders make things different.

Ps. The spectacular sunset was capture over the mountains from a trip to western ghats around Theni in Tamil Nadu. 

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

At the end of the day

I felt chillness in wind
despite the warm sunlight
bestow, whatever under its glow;
the trees swish to wind
blew, the gloomy mood
while sky cleared the clouds
blue-sky isn’t a surprise.  

The sun’s ready to set
splashing its golden rays
to lavish, before it vanish;
the environment is greenish
thanks to eastern waves – MJO
for bringing faraway clouds
to help flourish our environs.

Rains took a break
or almost finished its course
though, the scores aren't fair
competing with other places;
it was refreshingly cool
and I could feel the cold in breeze
since winter isn't far.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Yellow Cucumber

Commute of colour
callow to ripen yellow
cucumbers, shimmer!

P.s. Image shot at Kavandapadi in Erode, during my travel to Nilgiris in 2017.

Saturday, November 23, 2019


Words or sword
rip me apart;
dream or dread
put me dizzy;
I woke up
to face provoke;
as I invoke
some in snore;
I sore for
wounds not visible.

Words are powerful
to ignite fire;
either it enlighten
or burn to ashes;
I face storm
when I need breeze;
gentle I move
harsh the contrary;
hurt the respond
little heart ache.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Surrounded by grief

I don’t know how to express myself first, the squeezing grief of losing a furry friend who cared and loved unconditionally for nearly 12 years of relationship, and bonding that could not define in words, an attachment invisible to eyes;  Maya, the magic wizard of our life has vanished (on Nov 16) for ever.   I realize fully and consciously that the departed had happened though I still couldn’t console myself she’s no more and I feel really sick to digest, because we hadn’t been closer with anybody like her in the decade and she was there every day in our life and part of our journeys and this separation brought a great void in us and I don’t know how to cope without her further. Though I feel better now, getting back to the regular activities which I forced myself to keep away her thoughts (temporarily) but I know it’s not possible to block her all of sudden, as I was conscious about her every move and tiny sounds, I get disturbed when I hear anything similar to… because I was the only person in our family to have spent much time with her when everyone goes out on their business, she would be on my side.
Maya and me at my uncle's woodhouse, during a family vacation
As you all know from the previous post, the treatment Maya had been undergoing couldn’t make any improvement at all and the creatinine level has elevated up to an extreme high where dialysis become impossible because of her age and weakness. She had turned half her weight as she stopped eating from the beginning of the month and the last two days to her demise was greatly troubled her. I didn’t want to narrate further about her demise and it was really a painful moment I noticed ever, even I have lost some dear ones in past, their final moments were apart from my sight and this departure is something I really want to forget to retain only the cheerful memories  and brushes  of furry. 

Maya is an unplanned arrival and was forced to stay into our lives when we have any idea about adopting a dog or any other animals as pet, slowly she become unavoidable as a trouble as well a pleasure to increase and decreases stress. We had never been harsh with anybody, and this little furry ball/doll took it as a favour, tagged her in us and secured a quicker place to immovable. We couldn’t plan anything without her that let to miss a lot of opportunities and many a time I give damn but ever thought of denying her or lack in prior and to be certain she hadn’t been away for a day in last 7 years except that one day she stayed in clinic for uterus removal.

It is very hard really to swallow the truth that she shut her doors permanently and how close we’re to depart this way… she cared and was conscious when it comes to me and I enjoyed this care and affection what I even miss from human. From the conscience I could tell, she trusted me lot than anyone else and was certain I would hurt her ever, because she mostly sleep comfort by lying head under the wheels of my wheelchair!  Hope I lived to her faith and she shares a bond that had any doubts… Maya the word I frequent has turned whisper into ears, and I understand she’s no more but the practised tongue would take time to change.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Hide away shyly
like a sweet sixteen, shimmer
through fresh morning dew.

The attempts to see
the Japanese beauty, blush
behind plank of wood.

ps.  The flower hide in image is Japanese rose 

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Upset with Maya

For past two weeks, our pet dog Maya isn’t well and it’s been a week she had ate any and vomits whatever she takes in oral.  In September she had a severe wheezing and cough and was taken for x-ray and blood test revealed fluid in lungs and a bulge heart. Later she turned normal but couldn’t say she recovered fully. The one thing that always trouble us with her is she never take medicine easily and we use to apply tricks to let her pick the medicine or hide tablets in sweets and chocolates but this time we quite failed to do it either ways which perhaps led to a serious effect and kidney fault. We consulted the .vet when she refuses to eat or ate less and then a scan was took regard the signs, which exposed a gel like substance in the gallbladder but the dog refused to take a pill  and the injections also didn’t respond well. So the vet suggested taking her for a complete exam at the government veterinary hospital in Vepery, popular for treating animals. The amount for treatment is also considerably less at the veterinary hospital compared to pvt. clinics.
Maya look so tired sitting on the sofa
Again another round of scanning and blood tests confirms kidney fault in Maya, but this time she quit eating and was forced to put on DRIP as she turned weaker. For about a week she had been taken to the vet hospital for Drips, where medicine is injected as well and a blood test would be taken next week for further treatment. We really worry about her condition and she looks so pity now and had lost much weight and lie down sadly all the time. Last night she was vomiting for every two hours and mom had to wake up all night cleaning and comforting her. Though kidney fault had identified I see the gallbladder should be responsible for preventing her eating or digest the food. But we all hope she recovers and with that hope we bear all the difficulties. Though she’s almost 12 years old we hope for the best.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Contemplating Woman!

One above the far
balanced rocks, gives shape to a
contemplate woman!

Ps. The cute balanced rock sculpture was capture at the courtyard of my uncle’s woodhouse near Kodaikanal and this was arranged by the manager of the woodhouse and cottages. I was really wondering how the rock on the top was balanced vertical but the secret was revealed within two days of my stay there. The rock was glued (with fevicol) on top of the other and it fell down when it rained heavy. The glue he used seems to stick woods so it couldn’t withstand the heavy shower and the rock slid off.  

Friday, November 01, 2019

Fireworks @ Skywatch Friday

Deepavali – the festival of lights – just passed like a blink of light and flash of an aerial firework that treat eyes for few seconds. For my cousin sister, who got married in June, this was her Thala (first) Deepavali after the marriage so she had come home with groom, following an invite by us as per the custom. Thala Deepavali is treated special for every newly married couple that follows the tradition and I could see they had good time cheering the festival of lights in pretty new cloths and spirited while bursting crackers. I wonder how she enjoyed bursting crackers what I haven’t seen in a while, as she ever showed interesting on crackers was different on that day that I could understand it’s all the magic of newly married.

I had a great night that day watching the fireworks that made the new moon sky dazzle in display of colourful fireworks. I felt the crackers sounded a bit louder at my surrounding this year than the previous and many in the neighbourhood had lit auto bombs (and loud crackers) to disturb the ear eardrums and to the unusual my cousin too created some dreadful sound despite my unlikeliness. I’m always against loud crackers and particular about the choice of fireworks I buy that emit less sound and smoke. I enjoy watching fireworks either on the sky or ground level, the emitting of light and sound and the rush of fire creates an emotion that embark to a state of different and light-heartedness. I had fun lighting sparklers, the only firework I could handle enough but I liked capturing fireworks in video and photo modes.
Collage of aerial fireworks display in different forms, shot in firework mode in camera 
I share here some fireworks that lit my sky and the images in collages were all shot from the balcony. I planned to go out during the Deepavali eve to see things happening around but couldn’t move out a bit rather taking the backstreets in wheelchair. I usually go out a day before or on Deepavali night to watch for fireworks displayed in the neighbourhood even though I had the opportunity this time something conscious prevented me.  Glad I could watch some from the balcony and shoot as well.  

Galaxies created by fireworks
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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Deepavali and Its Electric Feel

Deepavali or Diwali – which is around the corner (Oct 27) doesn’t need an intro to the world, and India is a multicultural nation with each has its own richness of colours, dynamic, values and unique practices progresses with zeal; and Diwali is a festival unites the nation under the limelight called festival of lights, just like the festival of colours - Holi. Every part of the country has a reason and belief to celebrate Diwali with common intent of good against evil and light in place of darkness. Though not everyone celebrates Diwali in India and you really don’t need to celebrate the festival but the mood of the festival of lights is delight! Those who grew up in 90s and 80s and further decades below would knew the real essence and spirit of Deepavali or any other festival in common, and we as kids used to begin the celebration weeks ahead to Diwali by bursting little firecrackers that we buy from the petti shops in neighbourhood.

Sparkler effect in playful way
Deepavali is an uplifting feeling leap off every year during the festival time and it has something to do with me, perhaps it was a favourite time of the year for me from the beginning and bursting fireworks was the intention behind the enthusiasm. During school days, we draw Diwali greetings on the black board on the last day in school before the Deepavali holiday and what we draw was rockets, flower pot fountains, sparklers… and some terror boys drew Lakshmi vedi, auto bombs and electric crackers and the girl students drew Diyas. Those days Deepavali means fireworks and still I could not imagine a Deepavali without the same and the sound of firecrackers. I don’t encourage the sound and I too stopped buying fireworks that exits sound, except for the Aerial shots, I handle only sparklers.

Apart fireworks, Deepavali is a festival of sweets and this was the only time that we make sweets and snacks at home. But these days many prefer buying sweets from the shops perhaps because of laziness or workload where they are not ready or impossible to spend time on preparing snacks at home. During our resident at apartment (from 2005-2013) we get to taste different sweets and snacks shared by the neighbours but we ever turned from Adhirasam and Murukku – the traditional sweet and snack that mark Deepavali. The Adhirasam made of rice flour and jiggery and Murukku with same flour and other ingredients produces a distinct sense and cheerfulness as we go through the smell and hunger for same. The snacks were later distributed to relatives and friends the same way we’re treated by them.  

Though new cloths are part of the festival, like any other festivals, Deepavali clothes has a special place and this was the time where purchases reach the peak and offers come in grand what people never wanted to miss. The online shopping has took a huge leap these days, where the festival rush to shopping streets and malls had gradually decreased and the great Indian festivals at online websites and apps like Amazon becomes an advantage to people who lookout for low-price and stress-free shopping experience. I remember going to shopping for Deepavali and Pongal festivals,   when I was a kid, even though I wasn’t much interested on dresses that was a time new dress made sense and gave happiness showing it to others. Only in last couple of years I took shirts for Deepavali and this year that too was nil, as I got stitched dress only lately, but generally I wasn’t interested shopping on special occasions.

For me it was the feeling, the cheerfulness of celebrating a festival and gathering of people and cherishing the memories that I hold dear from past celebrations makes Deepavali special. For me the past is always significant, not only because those moments unreturned but hold back the spirit and becomes a force to take forward.  I believe a festival is to celebrate and a celebration is impossible without sharing. For me Deepavali bring a feel of togetherness, what the sounds of fireworks on this day reproduce and I don’t see bursting fireworks as a rite or reasonable act but I like watching firework display that happens only during Deepavali and I buy some on my personal interest.  Enjoy your day and have fun.

Monday, October 21, 2019

RGB Monday

A colourful depiction of traditional south Indian wedding ceremony!

No, this is not from my grandmother’s Golu arrangement but this could take an easy place at any similar arrangement of dolls. This miniature of a marriage ceremony was found at a café’s showcase while stopped for a coffee break during a leisure ride on Kodaikanalghat road. The café bearing the board of popular Kumbakonam degree coffee is located half the way on Kodai road and the café displayed some more craftworks, which I’m unsure it’s for sales, and too sells some hygienic snacks. 

Btw. the weather was very pleasant today, and also become the wettest day of the year with continues drizzle from the dawn and occasional heavy rains temperature had pushed to the least to heaven like feel. Things look pretty refreshing around and trees gleam in greenish green and the rain drops had decorated the balcony rails as rows of LEDs, a feel that often missed lately is back with commence of northeast monsoon.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Moon Watch

Last month I capture the full moon at my comfort zone, and it rose just behind a neem tree then and it wasn’t up quite, I liked to have some neem leaves playing a silhouette against flashy moon drop. The moon was bright enough that day that the optical zoom (of my canon sx220hs) couldn’t get the details and so, I was to extend to digital zoom to quench details on the moon.  Though I tried to make shoot through leaves, the moon was almost up with leaves just brushing the edges of perfect round moon as wind blows.

Later I tried to capture moon in b/w mode and was impressed.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Grandma’s Golu

My grandmother has been keeping Golu at her home for less than a decade, except couple of years due to grandfather’s illness and demise, she follows the custom of arranging dolls yearly during the Navaratri festival.  Navaratri, which means nine nights, is a Hindu festival celebrated in devotion of the goddess of power, wealth and knowledge  and the end of the festival (10th day) is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

This year she couldn’t get support from anyone in setting up stairs  for arranging the dolls, so she just filled dolls on cupboard, table and on floor. The dolls are a collection from her various trips to north Indian states and some other decorative items are handmade by grandma. Here I share some photos on grandmother’s Golu this year and the images were shot by mom with camera.  

Here's a set of two south indian customs of marriage (on left) and first tonsure and ear boring of a child (on right).
A set of playing cricket
A rural setting of village and market
This looks like a setting of forest and tribal lifestyle

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Ayudha Poojai Thoughts

Ayudha Poojai is a festival occasion that was so delightful once and full of joy, in the presence of my late maternal uncle, and the celebration take place at my uncle’s car workshop right in front of our courtyard. Begin in year 1990 at the courtyard of our house, he headed the workshop till his last breath in Dec 2001, where ended all our celebrations, though my younger maternal uncle led the workshop which is in condition of almost closed, no one could replace his place and an anticipation itself is wrong. Generous is one word I could describe about him and his personality is something unique and could be among an million but destiny gave him short life.  

Ayudha Poojai is a festival celebrated at the workplaces and houses wherever people deals with mechanical devices or machines and it is a festival related to prosperity and worshipping of the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Ayudha Poojai is a festival time to remember quite my uncle, because it is him occupies our thoughts during this occasion or hearing the word Ayudha Poojai is irresistible recollecting the memories of his presence and dearness we hold. I thought of writing something about the festival celebrated but everything I think about the festival reads his face in flashes as memories.

The spirit of Ayudha Poojai is long lost or missed but thinking of past make sense and this time the festival came around the weekend, though every day is not unusual to me, with the thought of people celebrating around I felt cherish. Today my cousin conducts Ayudha Poojai at his bike service centre and yesterday my brother celebrated at his gym/fitness centre attended by parents and few close relatives/friends.  I see there’s less in celebration or spirit prevail among people or at work places it exists plainly a formality or divine worship unlike those days which was a celebration of whole and keeping festival at core the activities surrounds it bring cheers. I’m glad for my conscious mind-set that gets caught fire through sparking thoughts.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Skywatch Friday

Sunset sky on Madipakkam - Velachery road during a recent ride around the area. 
Looking over the Madipakkam lake (in lack of water) and skywatch.  
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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

NEET Impersonation

NEET impersonation had come to light through a couple of cases registered following found evidence. NEET is an all India entrance exam to pursue medicine in India and there’s already a dispute across the country in implementation of NEET exam esp. Tamil Nadu is against this rule and some lives were lost due to lack of makeup to the exam. But this is nothing to do with the impersonation which is punishable whatever the case or makeable and what really surprise was the students involved in impersonation were sons of Doctors! And the doctors themselves were behind all this conspiracy.  No wonder at the people involving in impersonation and this is something could happen at any department or course of exam with incapable candidates, but being doctors and well known about the significance of the course and preciousness of lives execution is malicious and crime.

I think it’s the social pressure had made these doctors to approach impersonation for their children’s NEET exam. There’s a general thought among people to anticipate a doctor’s child to become a doctor and doctors themselves see it has a status or pride to produce a successor had dragged them into the pit of impersonation. It’s not necessary for a doctor’s son or daughter to come up in life as a doctor because no one can decide their intention, ability or passion to be same. I see there’s a pressure always on individuals, forcing them to do beyond their excellence or anticipate what they underserved rather knowing anything about them or their individuality. And comparison is another dragon ready to fire-breath to blow them completely out of the world. Many a life lose or accidents happen because of unqualified professionals (and I know every work has its parts of risk) but with underserved the causes are easier. This impersonation is a black mark that going to chase them for their life and spoil the carrier.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Destruction of water sources and Madipakkam Lake visit

First time, drive through the Madipakkam, Pallikaranai (marshland) and Sholinganallur-Akkarai (the extended areas of south Chennai) road after 2015 flood and really fed up seeing how things changed around esp. multi-storeyed buildings on the places where some water bodies or marshes existed not long ago. I’m never against development but what kind of development or cost matters and destroying a water body or lake or marshes could never gift anything to society… everyone knows the importance of fresh water and preserving the ground table water could never compete with any other. The December 2015 had greatly flooded the entire areas mentioned above and countless were rescued through boats and uplifted by helicopters, as well food dropped from same and the main reason for submerge of houses up to first floor were because of  the construction on lakes and marshes. I had seen the transformation of these places from marsh grasslands to concrete grounds and had felt sad many a time how the water sources had turned to concrete blocks. It’s apparent that without government approval these are impossible… corruption, improper planning had made an unbalanced development and whatever reason we built in front us to justify, the nature rules out quite.

The Sunday outing had been disappointing seeing the disappearance of water bodies to concrete blocks and building and the only console was to see couple of lakes being dredged and waiting for the freshwater (though i doubt) from the upcoming monsoon. I stopped at the Madipakkam Lake view road for some time, and while having a coffee, I could see people relaxing in benches and taking walks on the paved public walk along the road and the lake. On the other side or east bank of the lake have rows of palms trees, which is a common sighting around the lakes in Tamil Nadu once, as these trees helps preserve ground water near and around lakes even during dry seasons.  The Madipakkam Lake is also dry right now, where kids playing cricket but I wish it was maintained clean.

From there we went past the Pallikaranai marsh and it was another place to put me upset. The weather on Sunday was pleasant, and just coming out of a noon shower (rain),   I enjoyed a super cool ride through rolled down windows. But it wasn’t same nearing the Pallikaranai marsh on Radial road, and we’re forced to close the windows quickly as it smelt very unpleasant. The very reason for the bad smell was, the Chennai dumping yard is located at the heart of marshland and I was shocked to see how speedily the garbage dump is swallowing the shallow marsh that’s home to many species of aquatic, fishes and birds. I have seen flamingos and pelicans in large numbers during migration season (October-May) and I would say, still it’s a best place for bird watch and I could see couple of watch towers but I really wonder how could one watch birds there when even standing for a minute is hazard to health! The Sholinganallur-Akkarai road passes through Buckingham channel is another spot I had seen birds and it’s an open landscape adjoining the channel is another groundwater preserving area sliding into the same pit.

Pallikaranai marshland rapidly filled up by garbage dump, creating a great environmental destructive 

Monday, September 23, 2019

RGB Monday

Walk by colors!

A rain scene by street... where a young mom and daughter walk the street by holding colorful umbrellas during a rainy day.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Interesting skywatch

The weather has been different, pleasant and cool these days in Chennai with pretty sunny day times and gloomy evenings mostly end up with mild showering to thunderstorm. Sky watching has become interesting pastime these days from different cloud patterns emerging across the sky and built up of massive clouds make wonderful evening show on the west sky, which sometime glows to orange to pinkish. These days mostly, altocumulus sky pattern is visible through the day and many a days with such pattern brings showering in the evening. Fish scales or altocumulus, is   groups of puffy clouds traveling on a humid morning can mean afternoon thunderstorms. I really enjoy this pattern of weather or a mixed pattern of sunshine and rain or overcast sky by the end of evening, where either it rains or not it’s welcomed.

Last night and early morning there was widespread rain across Chennai or almost part of north Tamil Nadu, with Thiruvallur district (to north of Chennai)  received best of almost 140 mm of rain, which is unusual for this month. The rain in evening is quite a disturbance to commuters, who were returning from office, but everyone understands the urgency of rain and rain is must as all reservoirs around Chennai are dry. Here I share few sky shots captured from this month.

The balcony and a step outside home, from where I frequently skywatch… on the left corner in the image is the adopted dog Jack, sleeping from a mat.
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Monday, September 16, 2019

Dog-tired Maya

Our pet dog Maya isn’t well for last few weeks and she looks exhausted all the time. She restrain herself from regular activities and was not even barking what she regularly do with house maid, guest, my therapist, insects… and started to wheeze after going through a medical check-up at govt. veterinary hospital. She did have wheezing problem already and if she barks intensely she experience cough and pursue wheezing which would take some time to settle or need some medication. We do remember she’s already aged 11 ½ and perhaps this should be age related despite her unchanged attitudes. She was injected medicine and put on drips for some time at the hospital and they took blood test and x-ray to examine her condition but once at home she started to wheeze immensely so she was took to the regular veterinary clinic where an immediate x-ray revealed congested lungs and swelling at a part of the heart. Dr injected her again after seeing the x-ray and next day she was taken to hospital and to get blood test report but gladly nothing alarming was defined instead a slight injury at intestine which caused the infection. She’s doing well and improving much right away and slowly backing to normal and barking her regular way but not that louder or energetic to make feel normal.
Picture shot from our vacation this year at uncle's woodhouse in mountains
Maya was brought up like a kid in our family and for last 11 ½ years she travelled all our lives through many up and downs and seldom departs us at few road trips. So it wasn’t easy to see her suffer, though we understand that we can’t expect her to be like earlier and her energy level and level of activities will strike as she almost lived her life. I hope and wish her further stay with us is at peace and happiness as long her destiny.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Ban banner culture

In recent times keeping flex banners has become a culture in Tamil Nadu, as well as in other states of India. I think keeping banners, as a promotion to a leader or party has started with emergence of Dravidian parties and what has been restrained to political and film scenario has went down all way to everything on their personal choice. From a child’s first year birthday to someone’s last rite and some even extend banners to commemorate the day of their demise. These days any small event has a promotional banner and what matters was all of these were kept on public roads as an obstacle to people. Though the personal banners are limited, and commercial banners do have regulations but where it creates trouble was when the rules aren’t followed.
credit: the hindu 
Today the entire state wake up to the news of Subashri, a 23 year old woman in Chennai died on spot when a wedding (political) banner placed on the median dropped on her and a lorry ran over her as she fell down on the road along her bike. Though this isn’t the first time an incident   happened alike, the accidents related to banners resonated many times in past and get mute followed by other. But this time the High court has voluntarily come forward to question the government related to banners and accidental death of Subashri and contempt the political parties and strictly warned on banners. This is the first time a great move held by the court against the govt. and the entire state stern opposite to banners. While she closed eyes (and let other tear) she opened the door of law where almost political parties had come forward to withdraw the banner culture, the public also has responsible to stop these banner culture from their personal celebrations as well

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Chameleon and Rain Tree

Perhaps it was afternoon when I casually came into the balcony; spot a chameleon taking nap on the branches of the Rain tree or Monkey pod (Albizia saman) grown opposite to our house on the roadside. The chameleon wasn’t taking nap quite but was on its usual slow pace push ups and I didn’t want to miss the chance, so quickly reached the camera and took few shots because the iPhone don’t zoom for that long.

Actually the Rain Tree was wrongly planted in our street or unaware of what tree was it when planted because there isn’t enough space for the widespread tree to grow in our street and the tree separated into two branches at few feet from the ground went growing wild in multiple directions to look distracting and blocking the wind. Though we managed to cut few branches of the tree sometime back it started too grown again to damage the look. Post winter the tree lost many of its thick pinnate leaves to leave ground yellow carpet but it hasn’t bloomed yet in white and pink.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Ganesh Chaturthi at Home and Neighborhood

Home Ganesh
One of the prominent Indian festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated on Monday and we too had a piece of the event at home. Dad bought Ganesh clay idol from the temporary street shops selling the idols and other elements for the worship and by the end of the noon things came to conclude and we had lunch with dishes offered for the Ganesh. The day was celebrated in front of the television and by the evening the clay idol was left in a bucket of water – the usual way of dissolving the idol that we are following for more than a decade.

The clay idol left in a bucket of water to dissolve
The clay idols are designed to drop in rivers by the time where rivers are flooded following the rains, but the climate change or delay in rains had left rivers dry during this season forced people to look after lakes, ponds and sea. Many in the neighbourhood, including my cousin drove to the beach to drop their idols but we found this method (dissolve in bucket of water and use it later for trees/plants) comfort and eco-friendly. I always keep this upfront to encourage others to follow this easy and need of the hour… but we can’t force unless they wake up. In the evening there was a cart procession from the street end Ganesh temple but as soon they started the rain interrupt and delayed the procession and the time it come over our place I had dinner, so couldn’t take proper photos and the one at below comes from dad.

The cart procession shot from the balcony - actually there's two Ganesh Temples in our area and only one took to street on Ganesh Chaturthi (monday)  and the other temple cart is postponed to Sunday.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Indoor plants, a new hobby

As an initial step to bring nature into home, I purchased couple of air purifying plants (Spider and Golden Pothos) in black ceramic pots from the Amazon. The plants come well packed and undamaged with boxes having holes for the plants to breath. In our previous house in backstreet, we had enough space around the house and mom had dozen of pot plants lined the alley and the courtyard had a neem, tree jasmine (Indian cork tree) and custard apple trees outgrowing from the neighbour’s compound turned our stay cool and close to nature with birds like the babblers, koels, parakeets… made pleasant the evening as they pass by these trees. Our current house too faces trees lining the opposite side of the road, as well as the trees and plants from the neighbours (who have enough garden spaces) produces a green scenario that I love facing daily.

I like having flower pots at home and once had roses, hibiscus, marigolds and some jasmines but the plants haven’t stayed long or continue to bloom as we couldn’t maintain properly. Our house in first floor, now, doesn’t have spaces to keep plant pots and it was the reason we left some pots at the previous house and some gave away to grandma but now I like to have some plants that grow inside the home that could be placed on corners and at available spaces. I was also concern about the air quality inside the home, as we living on the main street, lot of dust enter the home during the day time and we also have a dog so I was specific about the indoor plants that act as natural air purifier. We already have electric air purifier that we use only at night but I like to have these plants that clear the air and keep interior green. I decided to buy couple of plants monthly to place it wherever there’s space and also looking for flowering and bonsai plants.

Monday, August 26, 2019

RGB Monday

Colorful night lamp!

During my stay in a homestay in Ooty in 2017, our room had a fix night lamps next to the cot on both sides. Though we switch it off at night, as the colorful lights keep distracting the sleep, only switched on to take snaps.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mulaipari - A technology to choose right seeds!

Carrying over the head, Mulaipari (pots growing with nine different kinds of grains) is a traditional south Indian festival popular in Tamil Nadu and takes place mostly in Tamil Month called Adi (July-August). Adi is a month celebrated all-over the Amman (goddess) Temples and carrying Mulaipari is a kind of offering to the goddess, and traditionally prevailing legacy requesting good rain and fertility of land, in order to secure a rich harvest. Most of the Amman temples still follow this tradition which is intense in villages, where farmers preserve a part of their harvested grains yearly in order to use in next season and to check the standard of the seeds the Mulaipari is conducted. 

At the villages or towns, they built a strip shed close to the Amman Temples and on the day beginning of the festival Mulaipari (nine kinds of grains) are cast at the shed and the women in the villages gather over there and throw 21 varieties of seed grains and grow them over the next nine days. During the nine days, women sing and dance around the Mulaipari praying the goddess for a good harvest and on the day ten Mulaipari is carried over by the women on the baskets as a procession towards the temple is offered to the goddess. In this process whose Mulaipari has grown well will share the seeds with others or that who’s Mulaipari doesn’t show up. This traditionally conducting festival is celebrated to bring prosperity along the way to farming and it’s supporting natural sources. 

Moreover, seeing the growth of the crops in Mulaipari, the year’s yields is calculated and so was taking Mulaipari is considered as a rite. Cultivating Mulaipari isn’t just a rite or worshiping but a technique to pick out the seeds of vigour to agriculture and cultivate quality seeds for next cultivation comfortable from their villages itself and it is a festival in name of Mulaipari celebrates technology!

The Mulaipari captured in the images above was shot at Pannaikadu; a mountain village slightly diverted from the road to Kodaikanal on the Ghats section. Pannaikadu is just about 13km from my uncle’s woodhouse and cottages in Thandikudi and we come across this Mulaipari procession during a course to Kodaikanal while staying at the woodhouse last month. Women cladded in colourful sarees carried the Mulaipari baskets on their heads and some with milk pots walking to their destined temple. Pannaikadu has many temples and people out there seems to have great devotion and faith on god and on Fridays no meat shop is opened there perhaps because Friday is consider auspicious to go on fast and most of them here worships lord Murugar.