Friday, July 29, 2011

My grandfather

The health condition of my grandpa worries me lately more as he’s losing his physical ability slowly and internal problem due to old age he’s in need to take care by someone now. Less than half a decade ago he was healthy and normal alike anyone in his age and only retired a decade before from his own café after we all forced him to take rest, which he was running for more than 2 decades after leaving his job as a cab driver and lorry driver early.
With my grandparents
(with my grandparents, taken in our last year’s visit to Valparai.)
Unlike earlier who was in his wheels always around touring South India as a cab driver, never out of town except seldom attending functions like grandma, their lives revolved around the café and bull shed which are adjacent to home. Only with the income of driving car and later with cattle and café he grows his four children – mom among one as a elder child, putting elder two into English medium and other two in state language, only my aunt (mom’s sister) went to college to do her and uncles did their diploma in automobile.

With the income of thus, he get my mom married by building her a new home replacing dad’s hut along with the savings among him, put everyone at surprise since my grandma and dad are siblings. Next he gets my aunt married in an enhancing manner with the help of uncle who had began his own garage in the land of great grandmother’s – dad’s mom, who’s also mother to my grandma.

Later it was uncles’ marriages, with our lives at almost comfort and welfare brings a lot of things unimagined to realize and it continues still with the realization of our dreams and wishes by exist. It’s quite nearly almost happens because of him and no one can deny that and I won’t allow anybody rejecting him and if he’s the director of our family then my uncle is the hero who did magic in our lives with the wand of love and affection towards us.

Today we miss him very badly and a place which never replaceable by anyone and I wish everyone gets such uncles in their lives to help in succeed and support in unconditional love and care. Sometimes grandpa recall the moment of me going out with him in childhood, pointing out the buildings we come across to express him my wish to built something like that one day and how I call him by nickname ‘thathu’ – which is a Tamil word for grandpa with least change in pronunciation.

I always like to have him around and take him wherever we go or he likes to go… but considering his troublesome health at judicious we haven’t did a long trip along with him after nearly a year before, now I willing to have him at home. Our homes about 2kms in distance, it wasn’t a problem checking with him and this time the grandma who take care of him is on a trip to Gujarat for 10 days is suppose to give us chance to have him along with us, but grandpa who doesn’t want to give us trouble thinking he might be adding burden to my parents who take care of me indeed, avoid to be.

I’m in need to convey he’s someone significant to me and more than anything, he’s my sweet grandfather who shows me lot of intense care, love and hazard free life. My heart craves for him to be stable good always and wish us everyone at our each step to success.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Children of heaven

Watched the movie Children of heaven from the director’s of the Song of sparrows, Majid Majidi has crafted a real movie for children in their own world of heaven. The 1997 movie describe the tale of Ali and his sister Zahra whose struggle over a lost pair of shoes what Ali missed back bringing from shoemaker after mending.
Understanding the family’s financial trouble and fear about let knowing their parents, the siblings comes to an agreement to share Ali’s shoe, which Zahra go to school in morning and return to Ali after her midday class so that he go to school wearing the shoes, as it continues… with the warning of principle couple of time being late to school, Zahra find her lost pink shoes one day worn by another student was intend to followed her till home, brings back Ali to find her father was a blind.

In meantime Ali and his father go to Iran’s posh area in search of gardening work in their cycle, press the intercom of every bungalow to receive unfavorable response, but with the help of Ali, his father get a work done while he plays with a little boy whose grandfather pay more than enough pedaled them happy in mood caught with an break failure to slightly crashed with injury. Ali, who gets to know about the interschool footrace hold with the price of a pair of shoes, put all his effort to challenge the race… won with the tears of conflict at end!
Since Iranian, language wasn’t a problem with no subtitle it was remarkable understanding via gestures. Ali’s eyes expresses the emotions truly profound than what he speaks about, thus was Zahra’s adorable visage and her endeavor to grab one of the shoes that fall into a running canal lets us include in her curious attempt. Ali’s father, the one who runs being the ostrich in ‘song of sparrows’ (Reza Naji) did a similar job wonderfully and his tone is something even mom remarks from kitchen thinking I’m watching the SOS again.

Things I liked in the movie were the big baked chapattis that were fold like clothes and wrapped; followed by the shatter of a large candle wax by Ali’s father which I wasn’t certain until observed closely. The small tank in the courtyard of Ali’s home and the fun the siblings share over blowing bubbles while washing their white shoes and Ali’s foot being massaged by the golden fishes in the tank after extreme footrace were significant!

Children of heaven, a must watch by children!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fall of rain

Fall of rain
(Click image for enlarge to read)
The picture captures a little falls followed by a stream on way to Dolphine Nose near Coonoor in Nilgiri district. I added few words to this pristine beauty in a sort of instant photo frame.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Belair cottages

The day begins for me with sunrays waking me at my bedside besides melting away the moisture dewdrops on the windows panes; I open my eyes to see the colorful flowers wiping away the windows screen. Dreaming away somewhere, the sound of twittering birds awake me from asleep inside this vintage cottage with taller roofs from the British period. Landing here at night full of darkness and mist, I missed to see how beautiful the place was where I slept asleep amid coldness without realizing how pristine and peaceful the existence was.
Daisy beauty
The chirping house sparrows from their home among the wooden portico rejuvenates smiles seeing them after long back losing their little feet’s in our neighborhood in cities were sweet surprise sweeping my first sights of birds in Nilgiri from the recent trip to Kotagiri. The mynas were everywhere put there feet’s at green grasses and lawns are pretty nice to watch while pecks seek grams and nothing more even a little flower grasp easily the eye sight very beautifully here. The lawns are something always invites to roll on and I was touched by the dewdrops at the end of grasses through the sense was refreshing.

The Belair cottages nest in the 80’s British bungalow has a lot to admire within its premises and its wooden floor was something soothe to our foot and bringing down the coldness inside. The hanging Japanese art in the hall was beautiful and the curtains screened windows bring light embrace into the room where an indoor fireplace framed in simple designed wood. The pink painted building festooned by bloomed creepers along the front porch beings fairness feel to this simply tiled roof with two pretty vents on top.
Indoor fireplace embrace light
Similar to homes stay sort, the Belair treats with homemade dishes served by the Manipuri’s thus have an attached restaurant at its backyard in a dome style also services at our doorstep with advance booking an hour before. The whole stay was somewhat comfort and very pleasant attended to the chirping birds and hills mound of tea estates and green carpet nearly with a heart of patch brings a destination itself. Less than two km from the Kotagiri bus stand, the Belair brings a feel of partially surrounded by tea gardens, lonely if there’s none occupies either portion.

Since visited in April I recall the moments often in dream, refreshes every time thinking about want to do a post on it... perhaps a lot more to write, I looking forward to constant motivation which I lack lately to write.
pretty gateway
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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Jingle bangles

Jingle bangles
Replacing glasses into gold
the dream of young girls
is wearing colorful bangles

Hands turn more beautiful
once women worn bangles
are said to have happy dreams

The jingling glass bangles
clink the heart of girls, who
sparkle smiles in delight

Like anklets, bangles pop
sometime as a sign of love
or message to her sweetheart

However girls perhaps grown
life rejuvenates, once
colorful bangles are worn.

- Jeevan

ps. The lovely hands belong to my sister was captured by me some time before, while she worn colorful glass bangles. This photo got to my sight while browsing the photo folders and thus come out this post inspired by bangles.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

180 – No rules

Watched this beautiful movie named Nootrenbadhu (180) last evening in drive-in with my uncle and cousin since parents doesn’t show interest on this movie, the theater was empty within fingers count of vehicles. The movie’s plot wasn’t unusual to Tamil cinema, which I don’t like to enter, but has a modern way of viewing with stunning visuals and enhanced love scenes.
Kickoff ashore of Varanasi, the visuals began to behold with some sophisticated slow motions is a techno- treat which continue to behold by various aspects till the end, captures happiness, fun and flirting amusingly that almost take place in the first half bears pieces and bits at rear. Holding the suspense till partially after the interval doesn’t emphasis unexpectedly but without touching deep in emotions the movie keeps moving in a hope unlike any other movies that end with regret.

The 180 – symbol of days, revolves around Siddharth, who break the rule in Boys stunts now there is no rule via reentering into Tamil cinema after his debut. He looks very smart and acts indeed well, expressing his emotions are good at phase except somewhere overrules and without a guess what his next move was. The movie has two cute heroines – Nithya menen and Priya Anand, gets our attention next to the visual enchanting and there each gesture expresses sweetness and every move has been captured lovely into the frame.

The director being an expert in Ad film making has made the movie without losing the prettiness on screen but at many places his ad sense arise away without logic which is similar to almost fairy tale advertisements. The concept behind the 180 days of rejuvenate is a good decent entertainment and enjoying the day today life is what many younger’s dream of today has well portrait even the reason has been different, and least flashback is the pulse of first half.

The sequence of songs has been captured in a remarkable way of appreciation and the no rules song is a great challenge to cinematography and composition of the song. The other one which is very sweet among them was Nee Koorinal… which is one of a best romantic songs so far has been captured very beautiful unlike ever. I just love this song for its adorable music and love expressiona… Niyayam Thana is too good! 180 – Behold everything beautifully but lacks to hold everyone’s attention.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Secret lover

Love ashore
Moon, the light of night
glisten brightly like her
who sits beside me
on this full moon night

We never know each other
and ever gonna know
but I enjoy her presence
and adore each gesture silently

She don’t mind me seeing her
because she never know
I admiring her beauty, since beside
she kept giggling with her friend

Words become silence to express – her beauty
because she’s a beautiful flower
resume always fresh in mind
ever still without fading away

Sometime her keen eyes wander sky
lips whisper something sweet – and gesture
which I never understand
unless I become a friend alike hers

The wander eyes come pause
when she adjust her hair
leaving behind her salwar scarf
she expresses an excellent style!

The active eyelid closes
when she comes into mind;
and I come across many lasses
but none stays like her in mind (e).

PS: Something beautiful happens a year before but only now get inspired to write about. The picture above was taken by me on a full moon night lately in beach, where a couple or perhaps lovers sitting ashore in the company of moon light and whispering waves which bears the silver shadows of the moon. I was just focusing on the moon and its shadows, but it comes out lovely with the couple inside. So sweet isn’t it. :)