Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Back from Blue Mountains

Last week I was in Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) for a week vacation and stayed in Kotagiri with parents and cousins. It was a wonderful journey traveled across the Blue Mountains carried by enormous mist, twittering sparrows and fun floating amid cousins and the space for breathing fresh breeze off valleys and mountains are fabulous. Couldn’t still come out of the sights and scenes that carried on mind and memories still inhale the fresh breeze of Blue Mountains, which are greener and sandstones taking place.
Bliss - wild bellis
Wild bellis
Traveled on paths that have never been or even imagined and checking the innermost nature as it is through mind, sense and images are a greater opportunity I got through this travel. It was well comfort and pleasant stable at Kotagiri for 5 days and 4 nights in the Belair cottages surrounded by somewhat tea plants and green lawn are best at leisure.

The intend of this travel was to visit avalanche and to stay in the forest rest house for at least a night, but I couldn’t get the chance as it was booked for nearly 2 month, we just checked in and out getting permission from forest office in Ooty. It was an awesome ride into the dense forest of Avalanche and Upper Bhavani, and the whole ride was among road-less with either sides of shoals and grasslands.
Belair cottages
Belair cottages kotagiri
I decided not to release any pictures that captured inside the prohibited area as it is worth to be protected from outside world knowing that it could attract anyone easily to be disturbed and I never know that I need to travel through this thick forest to check upper bhavani backwaters. Throughout the way it was astonishing climate and weather and was splendid beautiful. There was an excitement carried on within everyone as there was no man’s activity along the way and it was quite silent except for twitter birds and streams and falls noise.

Most of the travel happens between Coonoor-Kotagiri and Kotagiri-Ooty as the places we wanted to check were laid on northwest we touched either city to connect the roads and was suppose to be tire hold to the many curves. Partially it was a successful and dream come true travel, but still I hang for these places to be revisited and wanted to go beyond these place next time. Thanks to the Scorpio and its tubeless tires, and excellent driver come cousin and without them it’s hard to move into this off-road terrain in and around avalanche towards upper bhavani.
countryside ooty
Countryside near ooty


Priya said...

Great pics as usual and its always beautiful to visit hill stations. It been years I went back here.

Lakshmi said...

I love kotagiri..such lovely pics..my parents are visiting again this week but I had to cancel it

Devika said...

Beautiful pictures again, Jeevan...you are lucky enough to travel; and it is said, he that travels much, knows much :)


Rajesh said...

Beautiful images. Good to know you really had a exciting trip.

Babli said...

Very beautiful place and the pictures looks gorgeous. Very nice scenic beauty.

V Rakesh said...

Brilliant pictures, Jeevan! This, especially, is close to my heart, for obvious reasons! Lucky you are to be travelling so much!

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
glad to read that you enjoyed your trip very much.
with all best wishes,
karthik &mom