Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trip to Thiruvannaamalai

We plan to escape before sunshine, but the time spent at a marriage in early hours near chengalpet put us on delay to leave on heat. But the air condition helped a lot in relieving heat while traveling. It wasn’t a travel I was expecting for, but no way it has happens and I accepted.
Gingee fort
There wasn’t much interesting to notice on the way, while it seems a perfect day for many to get married as there was couple of mini trucks caring dowry things. On the way to thiruvannamalai comes the famous Gingee fort, and it was a rock hill fort on the either sides of the road. The so well fortified fort is called as the ‘Troy of the East’ by the British and the great Shivaji ranked it as the most impregnable fortress in India.

We didn’t get down or stopped to check this fort, but just glanced from passing vehicle and clicked something. The time we landed on thiruvannamalai it was across 12 noon and the temple was closed and said to open only by So we head to lodge and finishing lunch and getting relax sometime we visited dad’s friend home in a village called nadazakananthal, about 10km from the town.
paddy field
It was a typical village and not much changed from its nature. The wide space fields and roof tiled houses, retreat with memories, along the innocent children come around our vehicle in amusement. Do we need a reason to attract kids when we have a cute pet? The children were return from their school and gather around their home, and it seems they’re all his friends and always spent time with him.
Leaving there home after a cup of coffee, we visited Saathanoor dam and the temple that evening and head to bed after dinner. Waking up deliberately the next morning, we went around the Annamalai hill in vehicle and visited again our dad’s friend home were we were invited for breakfast.
saffron devotees
Girivala paathai
The way around the hill looks somewhere green and cool, and I saw much saffron worn devotes on the way along the many small shrines. The road around the hill was empty that day and only on full moon day it seems to be crowded.
Tirukkoyilur Gopuram
Tirukkoyilur temple tower
On the way back home, parents wanted to visit a temple in Tirukkoyilur and it was another temple with huge tower similar to Annamalaiyar temple. The road from the temple to NH47 was so refreshing with green fields and villages, and the suddenly formed clouds sent fresh breeze, in-between the heat rage.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

வா மழை / Come Rain

droplets on leaves
காற்றை தொடர்ந்து
வானம் கடந்து
மேகம் திரண்டு
வா மழை

தமிழ்நாடே ஏங்கி கிடக்கு
தண்ணீர் இன்றி வரண்டு கிடக்கு
தாகம் தீர்க்க வா மழை

நேற்று வரையில் அனல் சீற்றம்
சற்றே குறைந்தது இன்று
தாமதமின்றி வா மழை

காட்டில் விளங்குகள் இருக்கு
சுற்றுப்புறத்தில் மரஞ்செடிகள் இருக்கு
நகர்ப்புறத்தில் மனிதர்கள் இருக்கோம்
வான்திறந்து வா மழை

சற்றே தெளிந்த இதயம்
ஈரமின்றி துவண்டு கிடக்கு
தண்ணீர் தெளிக்க வா மழை

இரவே இருண்டு போனாலும்
உன் வருகை எண்ணி மகிழ்வோம்
வா மழையே வா
வடகிழக்கு பருவ மழையே வா...

----- ----- -----
Pursuing wind
passing sky
cumulative clouds
come rain

Tamil Nadu is laid crave
without rain its laid drought
to fill thirst come rain

Until yesterday its heat rage
but it little decreased today
so without delay come rain

In forest there’re animals
in ambient there’re trees and plants
in urban there’re we humans
open the sky and come rain

A little cleared heart
lay withered without wet
to spray water come rain

Even the night goes dark
we rejoice thinking your arrival
come rain come
northeast monsoon rain come...

wow... the sign of Northeast monsoon begins today and caught up with fresh sense.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Majestic tower

Majestic tower
I had been to Thiruvannaamalai this week and visited the Annamalaiyar Temple one evening and felt awe by the structure of the temple tower in sodium lights. The picture above was taken with sepia tone and I love this effort taken than with usual color tone.

It’s out of my memories when I visited a temple last and I’m glad they have put ramps across this temple entrance which allowed me to go at least inside the temple premises to view somehow structures and sculptures. But except the temple tower nothing interests me and I couldn’t view much difference inside the temple since it was dark already.

The inscription says that the temple originally dated back to at least 2000 years and might have been a simple wooden structure at that time, but the present masonry structure and temple towers date back approximately 1,200 years. The temple tower in the picture is known as East Rajagopuram (king of towers) which is to a height of 217 feet with 11 tiers and the temple with 4 tower entrances offers a grand disclosure of the temple premises.

The temple with a 1000 pillared hall and tank – which I couldn’t view clearly, were built by Vijayanagara Empire Krishna Devaraya. The most famed celebration of this temple is Karthikai Deepam festival, which falls on the full moon night of Tamil month Karthikai. The ten day event that continues on this occasion culminates on the day of Karthigai Deepam and on that evening, a huge lamp is lit on the Annamalai hill top with three tons of ghee.

Every full moon night, tens of thousands of pilgrims visit this temple and circumambulate the 15km long Annamalai hill with barefoot. The hill is approximately 1600 feet. The time we enter the temple is 8pm, and everyone went ahead to worship god and me and my cousin stayed within the premises and taking pictures.

There were a group of children sat near a Nandi (bull statue) and counting the day collection through selling flowers and few of them were taking pictures of the tower with their mobiles, and there was a cute little putting steps about, but never came near as I was waited to picture her. The distance between our room and temple was walk able distance, so I went on wheel on the busy and dusty streets and it was great time going around a family trip.

There’re some more pictures and things to describe about my trip to Thiruvannaamalai and I will do it in time before I get lose track alike.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Colorful shower

It seems empty now without noise of crackers that almost resonated for the last triple of days. It was a great day utmost watching colorful fireworks displayed at evenings and nights on sky. The day was complete with neighbors and relative’s sharing sweets and wishes, watching movies on television, special dishes and burning crackers in evening at granny’s place in suburb.
sangu chakram
I can’t imagine a deepavali without sound of crackers and I feel it creates a festival mood. But somehow it’s a great irritation and headache to people who can’t bear much noise and it’s against animals, but still we can’t come out of sound. I felt much this time the strain of noise and it reflects in me with a great distress. It creates the mood when crackers bust at distance, but being near is loss of sense I realize. I have also decided not to buy any great sound existing crackers from now after, which I followed recent past.

It was great sight of excitement watching the fireworks displayed on sky non-stop. The fireworks shower colorful lights to delight from everywhere on the sky and it wasn’t possible to take a quite picture of any firework as it kept coming from every direction. So I pass on to video and do check the ones posted below. There were many parachutes land however and kept burning even after landing; and it really indicate the danger it might cause if it dropped on a hut or anywhere that could caught fire. It’s better to ban these types of fireworks.

More than sweets, snacks and television programs it’s completely fireworks that fills the deepavali. From childhood the firecrackers are something that bond with me and I really feel hard to loose the thread and I never think about it in meantime, but when deepavali gets nearer I get bind with it. Like the day will never return I just watched the sky and listen to the crackers sound that resonates and throb. Hope u all had a great time too...

Thanks everyone for your deepavali wishes:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Deepavali means something to everyone. May it be new cloths, sweets, crackers, worship, new film release or get-together; everyone celebrates the day with joy. There said many stories and belief behind this festival, but in my view it’s a festival of joy and lights and I see it as a traditional festival that brings enthusiastic and to share sweet bond.
Happy Deepavali
Everyone has there part of sweet memories of celebrating deepavali at their young age, but as we grow we caught up with knowledge and occupied with varies interest, some of us miss the joy of celebrating deepavali and scatter being career wise and distance to not being together with dear ones on this occasion. I think I’m giving more importance to this festival and it’s so true that for celebrating a single day we should never disturb our routine.

I wonder how we people become wiser to stop celebrating festivals unlike our younger days and the other day I felt are we becoming lazy to bring our enthusiasm out or lack of interest to share our love and bond. May I be right or wrong, festivals are some occasion created for us to get together to share our joy and love at least, while relations or neighbors are words shrinking its meaning these days. Btw. Wish you all a delighted festival of lights and enthusiastic. Happy Deepavali!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About 7.O’Clock

One of an expected movie Peranmai is to release for this deepavali and I’m so much looking forward to watch this movie and before that the songs of the film has already impressed me. One of my favourite song from the movie is Earathaza Eazhumani… (About 7.O’Clock) and it was singed by the sweetest singer Sadhana Sargam and its so melody with beautiful lyrics to stole anyone. Here I go with the beautiful verses from the song and I hope u like it too... there is an English translation at below.

ஏறத்தாழ ஏழு மணி என் இமயை பறித்து சென்றாய்
இமயை திருப்பி கேட்டேன்
இமயை திருப்பி கொடுத்து என் கண்கள் பறித்து சென்றாய்
கண்கள் திருப்பி கேட்டேன்
கண்கள் திருப்பி கொடுத்து என் இதயம் பறித்து சென்றாய்
ஏதோ ஒன்று பறிக்காமல் இருக்கமுடியாதோ உன்னால்
ஏதோ ஒன்றை இழக்காமல் இருக்கமுடியாதோ என்னால்
ஏறத்தாழ ஏழு மணி என் இமயை பறித்து சென்றாய்

காதல் வந்ததும் பறந்து பார்த்தேன்
வானம் ஒரு துளி மிஞ்சவில்லை....
வாக்கியம் எல்லாம் கூடி களைது
வார்தை ஏதும் மிஞ்சவில்லை....
அழகே உன்னை நெருங்கும்பொது
ஆசை ஏதும் மிஞ்சவில்லை...
அன்பே உன்னை நினைத்துபடுத்தால்
ஆடை ஏதும் மிஞ்சவில்லை...

மிஞ்சியதெல்லாம்.... கௌ்வி ஒன்றுதான்.
காதல் செய்தேன் செத்துப்போவதா
செத்துக்கொண்டே காதல் செய்வதா

ஆணுக்குள்ளே இத்தனை உலகம்
உன்னை கண்டதும் விடையறிந்தேன்...
பெண்ணுக்குள்ளே எத்தனை பூக்கள்
என்னை தொட்டதும் விடையறிந்தேன்...

துடிக்கும் வின்மின்கள் எத்தனையோ
தூங்கா இரவில் விடையறிந்தேன்
கொட்டும் மழைதுளி எத்தனையோ
கொட்ட விழித்து விடையறிந்தேன்

விடையும் தெரியா.... கௌ்வி ஒன்றுதான்.

Translation in English

About 7.O’Clock you snatched my eyelids and left
I asked to return my eyelids
you returned my eyelids and snatched my eyes
I asked to return my eyes
you returned my eyes and snatched my heart
why can’t you be without snatching something
and why can’t I be without losing something

When love came, I tried to fly
thus a piece of sky doesn’t remain…
All sentences gather and scatter
thus no word remains…
Beauty when I get closer you
no desire remains…
Dear when I lay down in your thoughts
no dress remains…

whatever remains… is only the question.
I do love to die or die while doing love.

How many worlds inside men
is the answer I get after seeing you…
How many flowers inside women
is the answer I get when I was touched…

How many the throbbing stars
is the answer I get through waked nights
How many the droplets in rain
is the answer I get through deep awake

Unknowing answer… is only the question.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Life these days

I had a very bad throat these days which reflects in splitting blood put me in scare again. Though it continues for few days, I was so much worried and feared about my stage, but it was my family and doctor who gave me courage and comfort to be. Since everyone says it’s because of heat and throat infection, I was thinking beyond and wanted to test something related to splitting blood, so went ahead of complete blood and urine test, which comes out in normal, but found cholesterol little more than normal in blood.

Doctor says nothing to worry about it and little restriction on certain things could put in control. It was really a hard time for me to think something out of my health condition; a lot of things have changed in my life these days and all my interest were stopped sometime. It’s more than a week I spent time on online and blogging, I was occupied by television and doing nothing than simply sitting and splitting; and in evening sitting outside and breathing little fresh air.

The climate is so badly changed and I think it could be one of the causes that affect my throat and I was advice to drink lot of water, but still the heat is unbearable. The nights are badly affected and I go through much trouble these days to sleep, but I think these could pass easily as I feel like returning to normal. The breathing exercise helps me a lot in reducing cough and pressure of splitting, and I well realized the importance of breathing exercise more than before now. But still the trouble stays with my throat while reading, talking or even being simple.

I was in state of feeling alone these days, and I really wish to be with people a lot and I realize it now, how importance and comfort it was being with people esp. our loved ones. This mood comes often when we’re sick and it brings a great distress to mind and for this I spend sometime outside home looking at people and movements around the apartment complex and the evenings are much better than days as we get some cool breeze after sunset.

I wish to get well quite soon before my favorite festival deepavali and I like a lot this festival that falls on 17th oct. Watching and leaving fireworks on this days could never hide from me inside and even it does little injure to environment I couldn’t resist fireworks and I enjoy a lot watching it.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Maya’s new avatar

She got her hair cut last week and looks cute and different now. She didn’t allow cutting the hair on her face, so it turned her appearance and look into different style.

After the hair cut she got cotton candy like fur and I love caressing her these days and she also improved in her behavior, but still the mischievous and stubbornness bitch.
With a body like young goat and the left over beard now inspires me to call her again as aatu kutti (goat kid). Sometimes back dad passed my wheels on her tail and from then whoever pulls my wheels she used to hide somewhere and it’s one of her weakness now for us to take advantage while she behaves arrogance. But she never fears when I drive on wheels and she trusts me that I won’t strike her and always sleep beside my wheels in hope and safe.