Monday, October 12, 2009

Life these days

I had a very bad throat these days which reflects in splitting blood put me in scare again. Though it continues for few days, I was so much worried and feared about my stage, but it was my family and doctor who gave me courage and comfort to be. Since everyone says it’s because of heat and throat infection, I was thinking beyond and wanted to test something related to splitting blood, so went ahead of complete blood and urine test, which comes out in normal, but found cholesterol little more than normal in blood.

Doctor says nothing to worry about it and little restriction on certain things could put in control. It was really a hard time for me to think something out of my health condition; a lot of things have changed in my life these days and all my interest were stopped sometime. It’s more than a week I spent time on online and blogging, I was occupied by television and doing nothing than simply sitting and splitting; and in evening sitting outside and breathing little fresh air.

The climate is so badly changed and I think it could be one of the causes that affect my throat and I was advice to drink lot of water, but still the heat is unbearable. The nights are badly affected and I go through much trouble these days to sleep, but I think these could pass easily as I feel like returning to normal. The breathing exercise helps me a lot in reducing cough and pressure of splitting, and I well realized the importance of breathing exercise more than before now. But still the trouble stays with my throat while reading, talking or even being simple.

I was in state of feeling alone these days, and I really wish to be with people a lot and I realize it now, how importance and comfort it was being with people esp. our loved ones. This mood comes often when we’re sick and it brings a great distress to mind and for this I spend sometime outside home looking at people and movements around the apartment complex and the evenings are much better than days as we get some cool breeze after sunset.

I wish to get well quite soon before my favorite festival deepavali and I like a lot this festival that falls on 17th oct. Watching and leaving fireworks on this days could never hide from me inside and even it does little injure to environment I couldn’t resist fireworks and I enjoy a lot watching it.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I hope you are feeling better now! Do take good care of yourself with the understanding that nothing is worth your health - nothing whatsoever!

Devika Jyothi said...

You will be alright soon, Jeevan :)

my prayers dear...and Seasons Greetings :)


siva // ശിവ said...

Jeevan, it is because of the extreme hot weather in Chennai these days.... You will be okay soon.... With prayers....

Kavi said...

Hope you are feeling much better now ! With your kind of spirit, i am sure you will do very well !

Advance Diwali wishes !

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
we and our wishes are always with you.

krystyna said...

I'm sorry about your bad condition those days, dear Jeevan. Thanks God, doctor said nothing to worry about it. But please, take care of yourself!
I wish you to get well very soon and enjoy Deepavali!

krystyna said...

This month I was busy.
I visited my mom in Canada, and last week my mom visited me.
On Sunday she'll return to Poland.

Peace & Love & Blessings be always with you!

venuss66 said...

I am sorry about your health condition. I pray you will be better and the festival of light will showers you with better health.Take care dear.Happy Diwali to you, friends and loved ones.

Priya said...

Get well soon Jeevan and I am sure you will light the spirit of Diwali this week.

Happy Diwali to you.

Anonymous said...

Dunt worry buddy. Everything will be alright :)

Jeevan said...

Thank you everyone for your wishes and prayer. I'm doing much better now :)

Anya said...

I am happy to read its going better with you Jeevan !!
I am missing many posts
but I am back :)))))))
I send you healing hugs from us
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)