Monday, January 31, 2011

127 Hours

The time rolls on his wrist and any cost or effort couldn’t move the boulder to save him along the trapped wrist among the walls of Utah’s Canyon. The Jai Ho feel of enthusiasm leads the story of a real life mountain climbing hero Aron Ralston’s struggle with the incident and how he saves himself by cutting his wrist at last to survive was portrayed well by James Franco!
The dramatic screenplay disclose the hero as a fun loving and careless among the mountain climbing and how he treat the girls with an exciting slide into the hidden pool was amazing and cause a sense what gonna be next. As we expect there weren’t many adventures to follow and the way camera expose the canyon and man trapped with boulder looks awe… and the crossing jets across the blue sky were added fabulous.

The man not alone trapped he tapes the intense struggle and reload the collected videos taken with friends and girlfriend by recalling his childhood days with canyon and handy cam sustain the movie with sentiments despite realizing his ignore for not being informed. What’s entertaining was his funnier way of recoding his trap as a reporting news journal and the flashflood releasing him from the boulder which seems very true yet good dream.

Crashing his bones and cut through arm was something despite somehow disgust but it cause a great relief as if we had trapped with a boulder and James Franco’s expression to each part was obvious but quite not serious and thus it exuberates. The cousin who was giving me company wasn’t sure interested about the movie and just being called he sits beside me to watch.

One thing that tempting the movie was A.R.Rahman’s music and he again proves to be jubilant and somewhere in silence I were searing for his thrum and thus was his back ground score, but somewhere I felt the initial tunes of Raavanan’s Usure poguthe… which somewhat inspired him to recreate a album recently. It won’t wonder if the movie wins Academy because of its fabulous visuals and portraying a peculiar character despite moved by debut score… but somehow I enjoyed the team’s previous movie Slumdog Millionaire!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Commit suicide (a debate)

It looks like life’s becoming tough everywhere and its common that everyone want to get away from any trouble and commit suicide is not a certain way of relief. Lately many people take this decision or I come to know certain that people had developed an impatient and unbearable towards suffering or pain which caused by anything. We are easy to blame others with uncertain about their situation and even thought we learn to work against such attitude we couldn’t do anything unless people realize it on own or think positive.

The thought to commit suicide mostly happens on desperate and mental torture when things go out of hand and it mostly happens among students and youngster who can’t succeed there courses or unsuccessful love or lead a struggled married life but rarely things come to unveil there are people too who suffer a unbearable physical pain or fall into fatal illness or accidents. Sometime or many a time there are chances to reduce the desperate or insane by expressing or sharing with someone or counselors who are intend to do that.

Expressing is a way of reducing stress - a gateway to immense trouble, and people who are open minded are easily come out of trouble but faces critics from outside to setback. I just think seeing such increase in incidents are the cause of inexpressive about their crisis or lack of listening power or impatient to be to understand one’s situation to aid or support the cause. I understand it’s easy to advice somebody to seek inspiration from others who struggle to survive or fight for living with immense trouble but its inaccurate to match one with others crisis and everyone has their own attitude to look into life.

It’s nature to think that ours is the largest trouble among others but what we see and sense could not be understood by anyone unless we expresses our desire which can’t be quite similar to understand. Whatever was the wisdom does not help here when we are unconscious about our decision. The thing of suicide is a matter of second’s decision to let others struggle for life time and again we can’t totally blame others for their right or wrong decision, but overall it’s unacceptable the concept of suicide... the debate continues in mind for some time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heritage Rally 2011

Vintage cars at rally
The Chennai-Pondicherry Heritage Rally 2011 inaugurated at VGP Universal Kingdom on 8th January was a remarkable display of vintage cars. I always wish to check such a rally which reaches me only after it held somewhere in the city and come to my sight through the TV and newspapers. Thankfully this time the newspaper carried an advertisement in advance so that I make it sure to check the vintage cars and rally.

I wake up early to not miss the chance and made a wakeup call to my cousin and got ready along with mom. We geared up at home and reached the venue in time before the rally was suppose to flag off but being postponed an hour from the actual time we had much time checking the vintage cars which are less than 40 and arranged neatly at radiant colors.
Austin classic
A well modified jeep that stands in front of the venue was pretty added to the show and being an 4x4 enthuse I was attracted by it and wanna go a ride in it. First we parked the vehicle outside to check whether vehicles are allowed inside, and we are glad to go nearby by parking the car inside to check our vehicles ancestors and the way they are maintained and polished looks awesome.
Mercedes Benz 190SL
The cheerleaders sweeping the air with colorful pompoms and dressed in short and sweet and shaking to the vibrant of drum beats promotes the show with a charm and smile and makes fun by coming across every vehicle. Getting the whole picture of the vehicles wasn’t easy since more people visiting the event and getting nearby to flash themselves and few owners allow others to check inside the vehicle and most of them are closed windows.
The vehicles are all belong to vintage category and the dodge brothers was one of the oldest on the display and there are countable Morris and number of similar vehicles belong to various companies. The Mini Cooper, Fiat 125 S, V W beetle and Thing and Jaguar are very different and fun looking vehicles and overall I like the Austin which is small like an auto and the classic one with a royal look! (place the mouse on pictures to know the car names)
Benz Tourer
The cars are vintage and old, but the visitors are more youngsters and children coming around the vehicles interestingly and wearing up trendy. The other attractions of the show was two little kids who were so photogenic and carries a smart pose for pictures but only we couldn’t get it in right way. Two participants accompany with their Labradors, who were seems scare to the drumbeats and bark with a roar later went a breeze ride on one of the topless vehicle.
dodge brothers
I thought will all these vehicles run up the compete rally and live up to its name and energy, but the rally flags off by the special guest (DGP Letika Saran) at last proves these vehicles are no less to others in speeding and attracting in style. We left the venue in advance and went further to check how these vintage cars carry themselves on roads by parking somewhere on the road side, and the rally wasn’t constant to follow either and the vehicles where racing like Ferraris to click somehow motion pictures.

Overall it was a fantastic journey across vintage cars and each vehicle is a model for everyone how to maintain a vehicle however old they are. In a situation of buying cars in mind of resale values… these vehicles are invaluable before money!

MG - TD 1953
(Check for some more vintage cars set here)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Health outlet

In initial days I had no ideas what’s happening to me and I couldn’t realize or understand what’s stopping me from progress up on myself individually and I hate for not being able to cope up with others and felt that everyone leaves me behind to walk at slow pace and struggle to climb the stairs. I feel so disgrace for being distinct from other children and what others might think about me attitude refuses me to be easy always in streets and school and being unconcerned then it doesn’t mattered me more except few moments to be disgust.

I always avoid thinking back how life has been then struggling to go to school every day and mostly the thought of how to overcome the regret of people despite overviewed by students which sense me dislike and want to stop going to school and stay home to avoid fighting every day. Somehow I managed to complete certain class and thus I was later forced to a situation where I couldn’t concentration on anything, except how to manage the day without wetting trouser and falling down while reaching and leaving home.

I really don’t understand the seriousness of my problem until one day I see my parents coming out of the doctor’s clinic with tear eyes and the series of doctors been consulted couldn’t help me or my parent to console the grievance that I could depart certainly within a time. I couldn’t sense till somehow what an immense shatter it would be to break my parents hearts which I seen through their eyes and I always see their eyes to understand what they think or feel about and certainly there’s no end for their tears and the several treatment we had gone through doesn’t gave hand.

I could not say that all treatment haven’t support me a lot, but there are few treatments and equipments guided by doctors had hold me for some time and one among them had put me on calipers which supported me till a year aback. Over all the problem of Muscular Dystrophy was seen at a particular kind that was Duchenne, but only later we found that there are more than 44 types related to it and I was gladly to come under one category LGMD (limb-girdle muscular dystrophy) which is somehow a slow processor related to Duchenne which is more severe in this category.

Today I understand a lot about my problem and what kind of activates are better for good to add and bad to avoid. My problem is not very difficult to explain because its particular cause was loses of muscles strength and wherever there are muscles would lose it strength slowly towards quite loss of death and usually the lungs are main organs to disturbed often with infection and cold because of lack of resistance power, which I am suffering from lately. I know where my life leads so and I don’t worry about it right now since our life is inevitable and don’t know what will happen next moment. But I hope for a better future.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things happens beside (pongal)

This year’s Pongal was something very simple and somehow boring until cousins came home. The thought to celebrate the festival in a traditional way never comes home easily unless I force to make it rather like the former year where rice boils to firewood under sun light and sugarcanes to hold either on the terrace, we loud Pongalo Pongal as soon the milk boils over.

Every year I wish that Pongal happens in a village and this year we went further to plan a trip to join a Pongal celebration in a village but by chance we missed the opportunity for some reason in traveling and even though I’m happy that at least we gave such concern to plan and hope next year we visit villages on Pongal festival. The festival went off usually how Chennaities celebrate it in there cooking vessels in kitchen and later watch television programs and go out the last day to conclude the festival which is known as Kaanum Pongal.
pongal kolam
This year’s Pongal was something disastrous because of the deadliest accident happened in Kerala where more than 100 Ayappan devotes were killed due to the rollover of a jeep and following stampede in a hilly terrain. It was terrible to hear such an incident before yet to go into a festival mood and even it doesn’t much bothered here, its causes are sorrow. Unlike the obvious one above, one of my dears got into an accident and happened to fracture his wrist and even he’s not relatively close, I grown up by cutting my hairs from his hands since I remember.

What truly bother me was that within minutes he left our home finishing my hair cut he was hit by a share auto. I never saw a person like him, who never changed in his attitude and care for our entire family and closely associate with us since we began to practice. What touched me a lot was even in this condition with a fractured arm, he was thinks about my next hair cut which has a month time and there’re many barbershops in our neighbor and he employs many in his shops to serve and still he care for me is simply astonishing and such people are rare in this society.

He’s not alone a barber; he’s a finest Nadaswaram artist who performs for any rituals and temple festivals and there isn’t a function happen in our family certainly without his concert and we are not even to invite him, he understands and comes to play without an invitation and money comes next to him before us and anyone. I couldn’t say anything in front of things happen and I thought that moment what all his plans got disturbed because of his fracture and for a barber and who plays Nadaswaram the hands are very important and source of life and what he going to do having festivals at phase.

Beside these the festival days went off peaceful even there isn’t much happiness to cheers and experience to share, the last day went out on a brief ride on ECR and it was fun going along with cousins in car and chatting and teasing either. Everywhere it was congested on Kaanum pongal which is usual and to believe it was unusual to see so many people crowded the ECR till Mamallapuram. Yearly the counting just increases in crowd and never seems to reduce and it’s enchanting to see people crowded for happiness and fun! And I’m happy in sharing with you all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Harvesting

Pongal, as we all know it is a harvesting festival celebrated across India in various names and one among it is renowned as Sankranti. Though the festival is celebrated in various forms according to states culture and tradition it commonly signifies the harvest and Maker Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into Capricorn on its celestial path.

Today the harvesting process has taken various stages in development and machineries taking over the man power in reducing his stress and to increase the productivity. Though we are advanced in technology somehow and somewhere we are still poor in productivity and many people are lacking for essential commodities to harvest and cultivate.

The harvesting is not an easy process like we proceed in Farmville and it need lot of patient and care before going for harvest in time. Thought I am not well aware about the process which could be simple and yet easy we need to feed the seeds and irrigate properly in time before they go dry completely or flooded with water to decay almost, but these days nature has changed irregularly to affect the food productivity that witness in inflation.

Not alone the process has changed; even there are no lands to increase the cultivation to feed the increasing population that taking place the lands to constructions and real-estates. Though we still have enough lands to cultivate grains and vegetables the interest among farmers have reduced to give prior to farming more than seeking for a settlement and questioning why we need to work hard when all comforts goes to citizens living in cities?

I am not intend to talk about the causes that affects in inflation or farming but thinking about the festival the things come automatically in comfort and we couldn’t think any more on this time than farming and harvesting which is the concept of this festival. Though we all have thoughts about farming and want to see it saved from the causes that affect the productivity, the non proper price fixed for seeds and grains produce the trouble among farmers and dwellers who affected by the high rise in price and money.

The Pongal is less than a day ahead and thinking that we are thanksgiving the nature and famers and livestock’s that support us to nourish and survive healthy, I feel so content and happy. The mood of festival cheering me the times thinking about Pongal, which I see it as the best among festival celebrating the harvest. On this occasion I wish that more youngsters come into the field of farming to help our poor farmers and save our future that truly depend on farming.
pongal greeting
Here I go with my Pongal greetings that I designed the latter days and it’s always pleasure to greet with our own depict on thoughts and feeling and it’s been sometime I created greetings that I send to my cousins and I brought one of if here to greet u all a very Happy Harvesting festival of joy, peace, happiness and reliance between relationships esp. friendship...

There are two more cards in flickr here and here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tie up Interest

Like everybody I too have a lot of interest and passion to be but getting someone to accompany or support the cause could be little difficult and hardly impossible by quite minded and even though they are forced to be perhaps end up bored or annoyed. Even it is not right to urge anyone or those unconcern about our interest we are in need to withstand their disapproval manner if we are indent to do something indeed depend on them and only if we are certain about their despite we could go further quite comfort.

There is a tendency mind that always seeks to see is there any ways to satisfy their deeds done to us and think how certain are we about their interest. I always think two different things before going to ask someone aid that I don’t disturb their work concern and personal space, because it is very important to me more than my cause and thus because I too have my own life that I never what to be disturbed by others.

I miss many chances upon interest due to many other works of others and not intend to be free in time and more than that it’s their unconcern about my interest. Those are the times I always go back in mind thinking how chanced we are to be inadequate of substance and try to console myself that what intend to be sustain when things go out of hand. But I am well conscious about my status that helps me to resolve the issues arise in mind.

Sometimes out of knowledge and perception an awestruck happens in mind that could not console my concern but little bit to understanding could do better if we understood others. What I really wanted to say here was a personal interest could not do better if the circumstance do not understand u as a person and we always face discomfort when forcing someone to aid your interest esp. when one become physically depend on others, the situation becomes worse.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Beyond the end

Following the Big Temple visit we moved to an Amman temple, naming ‘Punnainallur Mariamman’ which seems so renowned and a older one in Thanjavur and somehow 7km from big temple. It was also a big temple, occupying a lot of space outside the temple with rows of shops sheltered by cement roof sheets. I wasn’t interested by going inside the temple and not knowing a wheel chair could enter freely, but nice to see the temple itself provides wheel chair and being non able to avoid the parent’s force I went inside. It’s been a very long time I entered an Amman temple, after a lot of time accompanying mom in scholar days, it sense something strange for me.
Orange Geiger for u
The temple’s outlook wasn’t charming and having a certain tower, the interiors are similar like inside a mosque with green gray tiles for floor and rows of pillars and pials to discuss. Cousin and I just went a quick round inside the temple and came out and waited for parents to complete their vision. We see many people coming here with their new and old vehicles to conduct rituals and decorate the front phase with garlands which reflects in our vehicle also. It was early night when we left the temple and went to hotel and checked with govt. guest house as the hotel bears some steps to climb, we are glad by hap to get accommodation and leaving grandparents in the hotel room since we had paid, we moved into the guest house which is on the other bank of the branch Cauvery river.
beautiful bungalow
The room was very spacious to accommodate 5 of us and pretty cool due to blowing a/c and through it was comfortable, slumber was something struggled. The other day we wake up leisurely and I went out to see the guest house has a beautiful garden and quiet neat environment to attract me seemingly. There was the Geiger tree (also known as Cordial Sebestena or Scarlet Cordial) to bloom in pretty orange was down to earth from its clusters and it was so nice capturing the vivid flower hold it to hand. The garden was very green with little footbridges and very small canals painted in white and blue indicating the house belongs to PWD. Few meters away flows the Cauvery wholly caressing the banks of river which’s floating was well alike the backwaters of Kerala. Even there wasn’t heavy rain derives from the season by then, the least to overflow canals gaze me in happiness. It was the overall feeling from the tour to Thanjavur.
mom and dad in front of guest house garden
It might come to a conclusion here, but the memories would last ever and the excitement of visiting the big temple and come across the district will always remain in mind and cheer to go around another round in near future. The many places I have been visiting in 2010 and memories that are more enough still pending and with the arrival of New Year and lately events, I wanted to complete the current ones in time before going in to a leisure depict about the past experience and memories. Thank you!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A year aback

A New Year had begun and flourishing fresh energies more or less everywhere and into everyone else causing a relishing relationship between well known and unknown ones to built a bridge between strangers and with no intention we share the joyous moment with no certain boundaries to distinguish the meditation and silence. Even we are in the time of looking further into the year, we are yet to think back the past that pushed here with a remarkable year of experience where sacrifice and struggle strengthen and weaken the life and so sorrow and happiness.

A lot of things happen in a year and recalling every moment into the mind is impossible and there are few moments and time that strikes hardly remarkable for good or bad. Mistakes are something we learn to make not again and being careful upon doing anything and the past has taught us many lessons and I have learn many things that suppose to shape me as a person as well conscious to debate on things depend on life. And life has changed a lot in previous year and I have lost some aspects that sustain my movements and kept physically occupied and stimulating a source of energy and being content to be on foot step with the help of caliper.

The year went off partially taking medicine for lung infection which troubled me a lot with cough even now and then and it still couldn’t relieve me completely out of trouble by the easy caught of cold and dust infections. The year was a great setback to me that completely depend me on wheels and losing touch with many activates I wanted to sustain and touched greater elevations in emotion that I couldn’t think back certainly. My blog space is also an evident how far my activates have lacked similar to latter years and I lost many thoughts that I couldn’t bring up in time and moment and overall it’s intense struggle that stop me coming out of trouble. I still think the best are yet to come or shared, and a lot of travel experience are stored in memories as folders to be unfold.

The conscience has made me so humble and patient these days and controlling me from being expressive unlike ever even though I understand the need to be addressed, I couldn’t do anything more than being silent and asking myself what I have done to request? But somehow I manage to be selfish in getting what I need and looking for people to help me in surviving and exploring the world to be expand in life. And my life is largely loaded with emotions that often seethe like a volcano neither to erupt or fume into space or ashes into the surface nor leave behind the truth to be explored later.

The latter year also has a part of enhance taking me deep into the mind and somehow wild to think about life and relationship that takes me away from the practice that almost relationships are instant queries and come on request. I am obvious about my thought on relationship and not all are cared from their inner thought and sense except the moment of enquires. More than happiness and peace that nature gave me through its existence across the year, the festivals and relationship adds delight to my life and mind painted with colorful dreams and imaginary, the photography takes me into creative thoughts and knowledge and experience to build a strong memory.
blue sky
However the year went off peacefully across the globe and hope the future have nothing to break apart and we save the nature to human kind and coordinate with common sense.