Monday, December 27, 2010

(Big) Temple visit - Thanjavur

(The continuation of travel to Thanjavur)
striking with moon light - and no lightning more
After undergoing refreshing task dad’s friend who arranged a person to take care of sustain, guide us to the Big Temple in evening. There was something curious seeking through eyes to see an existence of thousand years of history which has been mingling in mind as images. After parking the vehicle, the blow of tube whistles by foot vendors greet into the temple, where the elephant standing beside blessed with trunk those agree to go withstand. We moved along those stepping in and out through the three layers of temple towers what exhibit a strong and obvious grace to the temple complex. Its let down to know the temple’s tower in the above picture lost one of its fine stone pinnacle to recent lightning strike.

The first view of the whole temple tower was in a sun setting background and the flashes of rays emitted a glorious aspect to the temple tower and the complex, which radiant to sunlight. The temple was very clean with vast corridor to go around the temple leisurely and parents who show interest to visit sanctum first, left me in care of cousin in the corridor and took elevated steps to sanctum, gave me certain time to observe the millennium temple complex. We went around the temple tower wondering how marvelous it was built on a solid platform and admiring the graceful architecture that behold.
under big tower
Tried to read the inscriptions that craved around the basement of the temple tower were hard even to find what letters they are and the temple tower was the main target for me to shoot from various angles and it was interesting and adventure to bring one into the complete structure. I pressed by cousin to lean down to get me into the vertical shot of the structure and it came out as content. After sometime parents came down through the side entrance to pose like a space soldiers completed their mission (vision), perhaps something special for them to observe.

We moved behind the temple and the sun’s radiation still occupied the tower and the clean blue sky lights the shrines to view the detail intricate works on it. The ‘arumugam’ who guide us asked me did I see the lizard and I don’t know what and I thought there might be some lizards like the ones in kanchipuram temple coated in gold and silver plates. But it was real lizards on a neem tree at the backyard that attracts everybody to look out and they said it is fortune to see three lizards at a time. Everyone was pointing their fingers that it’s here and there, but I couldn’t see one at all as they said the lizards were in wood color, I didn’t show interest.
back from vision
After a lot of shots and perspective going around the temple tower we came to an end to take rest sometime by relaxing on the platform, we leisurely observed the temple and chitchat, not quite about the temple history, but obviously related to it and I enquired about the fact of light and sound show announced by the government on behalf of 1000 years history, the arumugam said he doesn’t know about it. I requested my parents to leave temple only after it darks, so that I could see the temple how it glows to sodium lights and it was wonderful to capture it in moon lit night along the artificial lights.

It was truly a remarkable sight for being patient and conveying the parents to be sustain, since they planned to visit another temple in line. Somehow the temple was appealing for more lightening; the lights scintillated the tower were glisten alike adorn by golden inlays, particularly in front of sanctum and beside. Me and cousin went ahead and captured the radiant tower and the brilliant view that accompanied the lawn and families sitting beside, a cute toddler was giggling here and there, but it was too late to think before in hesitate, the child movies away from our focus. It was truly a great moment being there and restoring it here.
glorious night


Devika said...

Very nice pictures, Jeevan...and nice reading , :)


Deepak Acharya said...

Oh friend, they are truly beautiful shots !!!!!!

krystyna said...

Beautiful trip and beautiful, big temple Tanjavur.
I wonder who and when constructed such a masterpiece.
Thanks for the beautiful description and wonderful photos.
You look great in the background of the temple.
I also saw the temple elephant -
Welcome and blessing to the big elephant.
This is phenomenal!

Thank you for sharing dear Jeevan!

ashok said...

Night shot is beautiful ...

Jeevan said...

Thank you all for your appreciation. Krystyna the temple was constructed 1000 year back and it celebrated its millennium in 2010 and it was built by King Raja Raja Cholan - the king who ruled the south India

Aarti said...

Can u believe i've never been here??:( yes... a visit is long due