Monday, December 13, 2010

Travel to Thanjavur

It’s always pleasant to mind and body when it comes to early morning drive and its more healthy to inhale fresh air, before the world wake up to spread immense debris as particles. We took yet a similar journey towards Thanjavur lately and it was ECR instead of Thambaram we took to connect Chengelpet – the NH which leads a smooth drive until we take right before Vilupuram to Thanjavur over the state highways, which wasn’t good to say about till Neyvali Lignite Corp.LTD.
Being an ardent of SHs, I liked the journey of crossing many little towns and villages, which isn’t an easy sight when traveling in NHs. We stopped at Panruti to buy some cashew nuts which is very popular here, and there are many cashew groves cultivating enough nuts to export foreign countries and it is also renowned for jackfruits and one can’t miss the aroma of baking nuts when u pass these groves following the town. There are many retail shops too selling cashew nuts on the way, but quality is not guarantee. We brought the nuts from a shop inside the town and taste is nothing to say about, but the tender coconut we drink over there is much flavor and enough content of cost.
tender drink
As I was expecting, there wasn’t enough paddy fields or greenery to expose my favor on this route but there were many canals flowing fully and somewhere children diving and swimming in the gushing waters from the unlocked barriers. Though it wasn’t up to my expectation, the full stretch vast lands of paddy fields are nice to view and Thanjavur was differ from what I thinking back as an immense rice brand rural respiratory is a moderate town hiding the name ‘rice grain repository’.
Cauvery irrigational canal
Few miles before Kumbakonam comes the Anaikarai (dam bank) - where two dams built across the river kaveri for storing water is the only way for passenger to cross the river to reach other towns and villages. The dams being a narrow bridge, allows only light weighted vehicles to pass and those travels by buses has to leave it and take another bus to continue their journey by walking across the bridge or take a share auto. The dams looks like an older one similar to Kalanai, is locked to release water through canals to save and prevent water from flowing through river to merge with sea.

The eyes were searching for the big temple tower soon we enter the Thanjavur town; and I could only get a sight of it in-between a space unbuild. The town was little crowded and the hotel we lodged being in center of the town, the constant roar of horns and movement of vehicles are something beside the share of striking sun and thus being noon, we finish our lunch and others head to hotel to get refresh before head to big temple, I stayed up to vehicle to avoid climbing the steps to lift first floor. The hotel Lion lies very beside to a branch of fully flowing river Cauvery and having hotel Saravana Bhavan in underground it’s easy for us to go with our favorite savor.
Cauvery River - Anaikarai
Just to reduce to length of the post I shatter to write as separate posts further.


Mini said...

good write up, and great photos..

venus66 said...

Beautiful scenery. Nice write.

V Rakesh said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the trip! ;-)

Deepak Acharya said...

what a place ! excellent photography !

krystyna said...

Fist of all, I'd like to Thank You Jeevan
for the fact that at the time of Kevin's illness
you always supported me and I know that you will always be supported.
I know that I can always count on you
my dear friend!

krystyna said...

I did not know that the cashews in your country may be uncertain.
I really like cashews,
and coconut water also.

Thanks for the beautiful journey
and spectacular views.

Take care, dear Jeevan!

Devika said...

"Just to reduce to length of the post I shatter to write as separate posts further."

You don't say "I shatter" Jeevan.....rather you may say "I decide to write" --

well that was not I came for...I came to say, Please share the duty of lighting Christmas joy allover (I guess its everyone's duty)....a little hummingbird may find it too difficult...You know where I'm coming from, no? -- Yes, MD's blog :)

Anyway, My Merry Christmas to you...Peace, Joy and Health be yous too in the New Year!

btw, Beautiful photographs! :)


Rajesh said...

Beautiful views on the route to Tanjavur.

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Nice Pics.. Well explained..!

Jeevan said...

Thank you all for your pleasant visit! :)

Anna said...

Jeevan thank you for sharing your experience. I can breath the fresh air just by looking at your images.
Anna :)

snigdha G said...

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