Friday, December 28, 2007

I and my year 2007

Just three days left for the year 2008 to born, everyone could feel the same the year 2007 exits soon, it was like last month we celebrate the New Year at home and shared the wishes. Looking back the days come across was a nice thing to revisit the experience. It was an unusual pongal we celebrate in the traditional way of placing everything at open space in worshiping the sun and nature; to visit the nearest relative village on maattu pongal was a new experience I had to see not like the past we celebrate at my grandpa’s home here. A power I got additionally this year was my power wheel chare that took me around the places in easier way and also little stress free for my parents, but oppose to it I lost to a comfortless sleep at nights was a problem till now and the only thing is I hope to manage.

Visiting some places in my area and Adyar broken bridge is one of it I got to check when looking for a place to watch Chennai Air-Show. It was a beautiful place with back waters stays like lagoons and birds flying in groups. Another place I was visiting is Adyar Theosophical Society, after over 10 years. It’s a pleasant travel inside the tranquil place of varies plants birds… I am looking for another opportunity to enter this garden. Again a visit to the village, riding at the dry lake was a joy in it. My birthday was happen to be a remarkable and memorable one in my life, lots of greets from dear friends and family sent me to happiness and friend Narayanan Venkat’s visit to home specially on my B’day gives a great pleasure. My PC system failure in June and without internet for a month is a worst time in the year and was like helpless to contact anyone to know my situation.

Felt happy that I got a physiotherapist to check my activates, but it haven’t exist for more. He was only visited me for two day and contactless till now. There was lots of expenditure in 2007 to buy new PC, my power chair and medial treatment for grandma and dad and for other unexpected expenditure brings harder in managing the family budget. Even spending on treatments there is no further changes in the health and recent days struggle by dad for his arm and shoulder pain because of nerves jam was not consoled. Bringing to side the all other happening, the pain, suffer and emotionally hurts are waited on every day in some shapes and size. Distress was lead role in this year more for my dear parent’s than feeling my own health and relations love but not to live up to wonders neither its destiny or over expectation to help in need.

And the festivals like Ayutha pooja, Deepavali comes in some desired way, where I went to the celebration at my uncle’s workshop brought me the closer of the familiar moment at events and watching colors on deepavali was more enough comparing to past years. I met some new friend this year in blogging; those are very lovable in sharing, carrying friendship and being supportive through my life and hope they would be there and I would be here to share in coming years. With this let’s give a good bye to this year and pray for a beautiful 2008 to everyone. Be Happy :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beaten waves


Same in English

In seashores we have seen waves to kissed
they have biting only on that day, those
memorial waves not only today ever going to hide

Many ran legs for the healthy body, that day alone
ran for life, not in desire, driven away in strikes
fallen in the sudden fury of the playing waves.

Early stopped pulses before realizing the happening
merged and hidden corpse fragrance in blowing salty wind
its enough the shore side tears river for the large ocean?

Plenty a wave, today our people live in a room
lost house, separated loved ones, forget the place, losing relation
distress and distress again no need a wave to born.

December 26 : 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry christmas

X-Mas 2007
For two days I was having fun with my cousins, doing some decorating arrangements for the Christmas at home. The Christmas board above was made by cousin brothers. I find interest on what they like and also making my self enjoyable the movements they are with me. Hope you all there in Holiday mood and in celebrating the Merry Christmas and looking for New Year. Have a blast dears and take care:)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chennai's foggy day

Oh there was this foggy dawn today not round my reside alone, over all Chennai. Last night me and cousin bro planned to have early morning outing at my wheels, but we all waked only at 7.30 to sudden astonish the fogs surrounded. Really we missed a great pleasure of going out on this very foggy day and till 8.45 thick fog invisibles everywhere only white felt like came to some hill stations.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Could not

It’s ego or disgust
stops further ahead
forcing one for indigent
one could not really sentient.

Arm’s urged for not to use
for love it touched another
smiles for seconds the feel
I could bring inside.

Cool the night
raindrops full day and night
tears in heart not comes out
who could justice even comes out.

Life with up and downs
sometimes like running rivers
could not reach up once it was flow
only to reach Ocean where humans invisible.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Color's

Navy show05
Navy show06
Red blue green in the skies, the super speed fighters shows we’re not only to rescue and also grant beautiful colors in u.
Navy show09
Colors of fires like throwing balls from the war ships standing on the sea.
Navy show010
The shining ships in the glomming, its brilliant clearly there just like pained here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

First-hand of Navy show

Navy show01
Why does it was a shining Sunday, so well thinking it could help us watching the daring display of Indian Navy along seaside of marina, but late noon closely fell under clouds soon we moving out of our house and wished for a non rainy evening. Just on the way towards marina, joining my cousin and the extend came with traffic cop words of take diversion at some places disturbs where they not help us reaching the shore than put on diversion and put on delayed, but we manage to transit on small cross streets and reached the shore along the fishing hamlets stretch. Where all we get to see is vehicles parked without a space, and something we got to park was near an impurity surrounding with disfavor fragrances, but helped to move soon as we got another place in you heed.

Because of the delay the show was already kick stated and there was this first war ship we saw was a big one where a helicopter takes off from the ships base. The waves are unusual with more waves hitting the shore, even though the navy ships supports to come close. The spot we remain looking was crowded by people from hamlet and those came in vehicles, but too more visible clearly the ships and sky wonders made by navy’s fighter flights. We could only get to watch the speeding boats, sailing ships and submarine and the flights that made skies colorful in the red, green, blue smokes and flies in hundred km’s speed in a hiss above us. It was not like other, we had to receive the flights daring closely and helicopters crosses few meters above the place we stay just rocks the scene.

This show was arranged in celebrating the national navy day that comes yearly on December 4, in memories the 1971’s attack on Karachi’s harbor and a week long programs on varies shores from November to December are arranged. In connecting this there was a show planned in Chennai’s marina beach for people to enjoy the bravo activities that we could have seen only in television and pics. It holds Governor S.S. Barnala as chief gust and the delay was also for him where they stopped all vehicles moving on the road. For me also this is the first time seeing war ships alive and totally of seven ships produces a parade on the sea, but was not visible clearly of cloudy weather and in winter season. There was this war ship moves close to shore was the only one I think to be large in size and then came the delighted and the highlight of the show at the end by late evening all ships comes with in straight line glowing at bright golden lights adorning to the event. It was winding heavily the cam was disturbed to catch the golden chariots like ships on sea.

Navy show02 Navy show03

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How silver screen reaches people

It cannot be a day to talk or discussion with in a post, it’s a big industry with thousands of people involves to bring a cinema. Well what the Tamil film industry achieved is not slope to any other regional language films and its more on the way to world to visible. On this happening moment of 75 years of Tamil cinema it have lot to tell about the achievements, awards that lauds, the wonderful artists talented directors and never forgettable golden songs, pleasing romances, dream girls, mass hero’s and what not more than enough the cinema has given to us in the past and giving still and keep on going to exist for such so many experiences in the coming years.

When celebrating the 75th year of Tamil Film Industry Kollywood, it stands so strong with international quality of producing films, the newly thinking directors, hard working artists, and amazing technologies with healthy production companies could give hope for a bright future of Tamil cinema. Every thing is fine now, but could this all happen with out the audience and people who come to watch movies in theater? No. Without people could they able to see success in this field? No. Cinema is not only for those who loved that, it’s common for every one who needs entertain from watch good movies and learning the varies lives through reality movies. I feel the industry could face a worst time soon in future if it not corrects the difficulties people receive in entertaining them and those look for good cinema today.

How many people in this State of Tamil Nadu (leave other states) and people like Tamil films go to theaters to watch? In my views it’s not much after the arrival of piracy movies in VCD’s and DVD’s and thanks to the cable channels that already attracted the people with its serials and new films telecast in television. (Leaving the television and cables) Why people were changed there attention towards these is an easy question to answer that it’s because of the highly raised cinema ticket price. Are we satisfied in watching film in the television via VCD and DVD with lack in quality? Even though it would be possible for those who have the DVD players and cable connections at home, for others there is only way to check the theaters. When the rates of tickets are above 100Rs. how can a middle-class and poor can offer for that much.

This week I watch a film in theater paying Rs.120 for each, where I watch a film last month at Rs.60 for a person that too both film before it crosses fifteen days from release in Drive-In. If it was going to continues like this for all coming days and years, no one will visit theaters to watch films and piracy disks to grow where it could be difficult to control. Many may not aware of the affects by using the piracy disk that earns wealth for terrorism in boarders and for foreign terrorist groups to expand there development. We can’t blame the people (even I want to agree) for watching in piracy DVD’s just paying Rs40 for a film to own and comfort watching from home with whole family than paying triple the money spend for a single person; in case the ticket rate would be high to grant sure I will get ready to avoid visiting theater and try on DVD’s towards by policy of watching after 100 days of its release.

That was old times we get VCD’s with hindrance of crack sounds and unclear videos, but today its quality are not less to original DVD’s. It was found recently that Pondicherry is the capital for piracy DVDs of India, where we no need to visit pondy to buy DVD’s its all over at road sides everywhere. I feel why the theaters not recognizing the good movies that need for people to know, I use to check with theaters shows where I used to see just one of two shows given to films like Onbathu Ruba Nottu, Pallikudam, Periyar and some… where the other language films are filling the seats. I want to know in which way our Tamil films have imperfect to other language films and it’s not like against the other regional films, it worries where in its own state it self there is no reorganization then how our cinema do grows. I could only think when people were welcomed to watch the movie ORN free from tickets at 100 theaters throughout Tamil nadu is an example how people are brought to theaters to watch a good film when the rate is high. Could those people pay hundreds of rupees to watch Sivaji the Boss and the re-make Billa will spend for a film with good stories and thoughts? I wish all to change and good cinemas to reach every person.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A drive into Kalloori (Collage)

Kadhal thananananna... Kadhal... The humming and tunes are still pleasing on the ears. It’s the same teams that presents Kadhal (Love) is back with Kalloori. Director Balaji Sakthivel has given an enjoyable ride on the last seats of the bus, with an unusual gang of friends joining for there collage carrier whom where the same classmates from there childhood school days and taking the same course at Govt. Art College. There was a feel develops about Muthu, who is one of there friends but without disappointing he also come and joins with them. Then the celebration of the collage life starts with a funniest bus song and an introduction for there first time in college goes fine with smiles only with the new girl shobhana sitting like everything lost.

As story moves shobhana was to become one of the eight friends, after they come to know the sadness behind her lonely. Where in the friends, she was only rich girl and all others are from poor family, with different problems but everyone in an aim. Muthu (a newcomer Akil) with any other hero look, he was simple handsome rural boy with an ambition to shine in running race. With no stressful acting, just with mild characters they bring deep emotions and also to feel us. In love at fist sight, muthu get attracted on shobhana and struggles whether to disclose or to maintain only friendship. Oh he just put us on suffer to watch what to happen, but it never decrease only increases the sense whenever they comes closer.

All the others in film where newcomers with familiar faces except shobhana (Tamanna) who outstands her mode(rn)l face and looks beautiful even in anger tried her best in acted. Kayalvezi just seems like our pakkathu vetu akka (next door sister) who is very series and also very affectionate on her friendship. A beautiful acting as a responsible person in the friends and her views talks the hope and fear to save the friendship towards the love of shobhana and muthu. Leaving the main three characters all seems to be enjoying themselves on the screen, the class room humore and cultural programs are an example. The film stealer would be these two inseparable friends who bring a large blast with there never end dialogue of Ennanga neenga solunga, Eanga neenga solunga…. the highlighted comedy. Joshuva Sridhar‘s music was the reveal support of the film, where the background music nor the songs caress. June July… was briefing the friendship and Unnarugil varugayil… is rapture set beside the rocking sculptures of mamallpuram and seashores written in a poetic way.

I went with an open mind to watch this film, and totally enjoyed the first 1 and half hour before that heartbreaking and unexpected climax. I don’t know whether this is the story behind that deadly incident happen in Dharmapuri, without any different it bring the incident alive or the director taken that particular incident and narrated the screenplay. I was in desire and eager to know the friendship wins or the love gains, but both losses and disappointed to the blaze.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Unless you

Really you will not exist, never
but in my dreams I living with you
sharing every moment visually
closing through my eyes.

Growing dismay passing night
any seriousness not seize to think
the next dawn you wouldn’t be
further darkness is your demise.

Dears tears to have last sight, no
i won’t need to recognize that face
for years I live, only your smiles to fill
no memories seeing inside cadaver chest.

Left the partner, my sister to suffer
strong enough to endure the verity
retain consoling others, hidden what
the real lose was and questions to foresight.

Times rolled too fast just looking back
double triple years without you, your grace
in unbalance detaches reaches each directions
where life without sweet and remain resentment.

**Current congenial song is from the hit film Basha, I special dedicating this song to my uncle shyam, who lives in my hear.**

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Puzzle time (pls check)+ New template

##This new template gives a cool look I feel, and also hoping it would be able for my friends to read and comment. Let me know if it gives trouble.

Dear keshi was telling me she couldn’t reach my comment page for last few days. I don’t know how many of my friends are facing this problem here. Let me know if some one can’t open my comment section like keshi.

I was checking my blog in Internet Explorer and come to know the comment link is not responding, but works well in Firefox browser. I have been in puzzle now to solve the problem with empty hands. For over a month long, I had trouble in posting blogs and was successfully working through Thanks to buddy Siva to solving the error message I get whenever clicking the new post in

I hope the Firefox browser is working right for my blog and comment, if u not have this fox pls wait for sometime. Who can read the post and couldn’t comment just mail me at, i hope to overcome this problem soon, and I would try some other way in changing the template or...

Suggestions welcome...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

மண் வாசனை(Earth smell)

green field 2

பனை மரத்தடியில் பச்சை வயல்வெளிகள்
மெகம் பறந்து போகையில், காற்றில் மண் வாசனை
மாடு கன்று போகையில் இயந்திரம் கொண்டு உழுகிறோம்.

மண் வாசிக்கும் விவசாயம், சரியான விலையில்லை
இவர்கள் வசம், ஏர் விழுதல் நாற்று நடுதல்
நம் நாட்டின் நாடி தானே இவர்கள்.

வாழ்க்கையில் பல சுமை, இவர்கள் அளிப்பதோ சுவை
சேற்றில் வளரும் கரும்பு, இனிப்பு தரும்
பயிரில் வந்த நெல், பல்ஆயிரம் உயிர்களின் செல்வம்.

கடந்து சென்ற பாதையில், பல புதுமை காண்கையில்
கனத்த வாழ்க்கை சிறிதுத லேசானது போல்,
இனிய பொங்கலை நோக்கி இந்த நெல் பயிர்கள்.


In the bottom of the palm trees, green field space
when clouds flying across, earth smell in the wind
when cow and calf going, we are bringing machine to plough.

Earth reading agriculture, no proper value
in there custody, plough setting transplantation
they are our countries pulse isn’t it.

Many load in the life, what they present is zest
sugarcane growing on the mire, gives sweet
crops come paddy is wealth of many thousand lives.

From the passed path, when seeing many novelty
weighted life was like little lighter, where
these paddy crops looking forward to the sweet Pongal.

green field

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monkey safari

click here if Flash not works to see pictures.

It was some 30 km’s away from Chennai towards south where see for little people moving and wagons. The 15 foot road still from those olden days, getting down to mud from tar if to pass another vehicle that comes opposite is a never change that connect the Rajiv Gandhi Salai and Chengalpattu that hold much forest, hills and villages. If u where to travel on this road, u won’t get to miss the sight of monkeys sitting along the road. Every time we get chance to travel on this stretch to reach my grandpa’s native village, we stop for some time to see monkey and feed what we have. So long after some five-six years, I went on this road for a small outing like picnic.

It was excite to catch them for visible, first find two monkey sitting on the side of the road. I get ready to capture them in camera, when we slow down the vehicle they where running near us and soon there was many coming out from the forest and climbing down from trees, but we still moving slowly. It was poor to just watch and to leave without any thing done. Dropped the snacks to not fool them, whom where giving us some thrill and entertain on the way. They are nice some sitting and standing in different position, small monkeys sitting innocently and cute looking. Not dissonantly behaving quietly stands even then we stop for snaps.

There was a videos at below of a monkey in dressed, just comes down from the Nilagiri hills… hehehe… cool, it wasn’t a monkey actually, it’s my cousin bro Aravind only just swing in the banyan tree roots. He was just spending his winter holidays at my place with me right now; he was the sweet disturbance for me and also showing affectionate often. We playing caroms at nights, chatting for much times weekend beaches and sharing his hostel experiences at Kothagiri, he has some stories to tell about his surrounding and mates.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Enable for special people

ஊனத்தை மதிப்போம், நல் உள்ளத்தை மற்றும் பார்போம்
சமமான சமுதாயம் வளர்போம், வேலை செய்வோர்க்கு
சிரமம்அற்ற சீரான இடம் அளிப்போம்.

Dignities the disability, lets only see good minds
grow an equal society, for workers
exertion less, give a uniform place.

World Disability Day : United Nation

Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities