Thursday, December 13, 2007

A drive into Kalloori (Collage)

Kadhal thananananna... Kadhal... The humming and tunes are still pleasing on the ears. It’s the same teams that presents Kadhal (Love) is back with Kalloori. Director Balaji Sakthivel has given an enjoyable ride on the last seats of the bus, with an unusual gang of friends joining for there collage carrier whom where the same classmates from there childhood school days and taking the same course at Govt. Art College. There was a feel develops about Muthu, who is one of there friends but without disappointing he also come and joins with them. Then the celebration of the collage life starts with a funniest bus song and an introduction for there first time in college goes fine with smiles only with the new girl shobhana sitting like everything lost.

As story moves shobhana was to become one of the eight friends, after they come to know the sadness behind her lonely. Where in the friends, she was only rich girl and all others are from poor family, with different problems but everyone in an aim. Muthu (a newcomer Akil) with any other hero look, he was simple handsome rural boy with an ambition to shine in running race. With no stressful acting, just with mild characters they bring deep emotions and also to feel us. In love at fist sight, muthu get attracted on shobhana and struggles whether to disclose or to maintain only friendship. Oh he just put us on suffer to watch what to happen, but it never decrease only increases the sense whenever they comes closer.

All the others in film where newcomers with familiar faces except shobhana (Tamanna) who outstands her mode(rn)l face and looks beautiful even in anger tried her best in acted. Kayalvezi just seems like our pakkathu vetu akka (next door sister) who is very series and also very affectionate on her friendship. A beautiful acting as a responsible person in the friends and her views talks the hope and fear to save the friendship towards the love of shobhana and muthu. Leaving the main three characters all seems to be enjoying themselves on the screen, the class room humore and cultural programs are an example. The film stealer would be these two inseparable friends who bring a large blast with there never end dialogue of Ennanga neenga solunga, Eanga neenga solunga…. the highlighted comedy. Joshuva Sridhar‘s music was the reveal support of the film, where the background music nor the songs caress. June July… was briefing the friendship and Unnarugil varugayil… is rapture set beside the rocking sculptures of mamallpuram and seashores written in a poetic way.

I went with an open mind to watch this film, and totally enjoyed the first 1 and half hour before that heartbreaking and unexpected climax. I don’t know whether this is the story behind that deadly incident happen in Dharmapuri, without any different it bring the incident alive or the director taken that particular incident and narrated the screenplay. I was in desire and eager to know the friendship wins or the love gains, but both losses and disappointed to the blaze.


gP said...

read some good reviews of this movie. will watch it soon. thanx nanba.

Alok said...

I love the way u write the reviews ... though I doubt whether I would be ever seeing the movies (I have grown old u see .... no more a movie buff :))


Neha Nair said...

some added information on Tamanna , she is the highest paid bar dancer in Mumbai. That has nothing to do with the movie though. Ill def watch the movie..

kalai said...

very nice review Jeevan... it increased my interest in watching dis movie... i heard dat its a real story & thanks u confirmed it... once in visuvin arattai arangam, one guy talked abot dis incident. atlast he accepted dat of the three girls who died in the bus, one was his lover... really its sad to hear from him...

Keshi said...

Sounds like a great one! Gotta see it then :) tnxx Jeevan!


Movie Mazaa said...

I am gonna put this up on my must see list!!
Thx Jeev!

Jeevan said...

GP – Thanks nanba, it was too good to watch.

Alok – Thank you buddy.

Neha nair – that info was something very different about her, I know she is model and but anything abut the bar dancer.

Kalai – thanks that u confirm me it’s a real story. It’s a much watch film, the screenplay of the collage period and friendship is wonderful to feel.

Keshi – Watch is dear, its very nice movie.

Mm – Sure do it friend :)

Shiva said...

That was a deyailed review. Thanks.

Looking forward to watch Kalloori