Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Unless you

Really you will not exist, never
but in my dreams I living with you
sharing every moment visually
closing through my eyes.

Growing dismay passing night
any seriousness not seize to think
the next dawn you wouldn’t be
further darkness is your demise.

Dears tears to have last sight, no
i won’t need to recognize that face
for years I live, only your smiles to fill
no memories seeing inside cadaver chest.

Left the partner, my sister to suffer
strong enough to endure the verity
retain consoling others, hidden what
the real lose was and questions to foresight.

Times rolled too fast just looking back
double triple years without you, your grace
in unbalance detaches reaches each directions
where life without sweet and remain resentment.

**Current congenial song is from the hit film Basha, I special dedicating this song to my uncle shyam, who lives in my hear.**


Alok said...

this was so touching Jeevan ... thanx for sharing it wid us


kalai said...

"Really you will not exist, never
but in my dreams I living with you
sharing every moment visually
closing through my eyes"

ya... very emotional one...touching too. Jeevan, ur sister should be happy always. We pray to god... dont worry friend..just keep her happy always...

Keshi said...

wow fresh template and great stuff Jeevan!

YES! I got thru this time :)


Anonymous said...

Beautifully crafted words, we can really feel it...the emotions are so touching....I like the new layout of your blog....Nice one!

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

i find no words to comment.similar feelings, identical life ,same pathos, that i undergo.words strung coherently and it engulfs me.
karthik amma

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
love your beautiful poem. Very moving. Your words live and vibrate with blessed, lovely energy.

And your new template is excellent!

Take care, my friend.
Hugs and Love!

krystyna said...

An amazing song! Best wishes to your uncle!

Jeevan said...

Alok – Thank you too buddy.

Kalai – Thank you so much Friend :) hopes your wishes to exist always. Thanks.

Keshi – Very happy to see u can be able to read and comment in my blog. Thanks dear :)

Kalian – Thanks so much friend. Hugsss.

Ponniyinselvan – Thanks for sharing ma.

Krystyna – glad for your comments dear friend. Take care of yourself, we pray for Kevin he will be all right soon. Thanks!

Priya said...

That was beautiful.

Shiva said...


It's beautifully penned! Enjoyed evry line of it.

Your new template looks good