Friday, December 28, 2007

I and my year 2007

Just three days left for the year 2008 to born, everyone could feel the same the year 2007 exits soon, it was like last month we celebrate the New Year at home and shared the wishes. Looking back the days come across was a nice thing to revisit the experience. It was an unusual pongal we celebrate in the traditional way of placing everything at open space in worshiping the sun and nature; to visit the nearest relative village on maattu pongal was a new experience I had to see not like the past we celebrate at my grandpa’s home here. A power I got additionally this year was my power wheel chare that took me around the places in easier way and also little stress free for my parents, but oppose to it I lost to a comfortless sleep at nights was a problem till now and the only thing is I hope to manage.

Visiting some places in my area and Adyar broken bridge is one of it I got to check when looking for a place to watch Chennai Air-Show. It was a beautiful place with back waters stays like lagoons and birds flying in groups. Another place I was visiting is Adyar Theosophical Society, after over 10 years. It’s a pleasant travel inside the tranquil place of varies plants birds… I am looking for another opportunity to enter this garden. Again a visit to the village, riding at the dry lake was a joy in it. My birthday was happen to be a remarkable and memorable one in my life, lots of greets from dear friends and family sent me to happiness and friend Narayanan Venkat’s visit to home specially on my B’day gives a great pleasure. My PC system failure in June and without internet for a month is a worst time in the year and was like helpless to contact anyone to know my situation.

Felt happy that I got a physiotherapist to check my activates, but it haven’t exist for more. He was only visited me for two day and contactless till now. There was lots of expenditure in 2007 to buy new PC, my power chair and medial treatment for grandma and dad and for other unexpected expenditure brings harder in managing the family budget. Even spending on treatments there is no further changes in the health and recent days struggle by dad for his arm and shoulder pain because of nerves jam was not consoled. Bringing to side the all other happening, the pain, suffer and emotionally hurts are waited on every day in some shapes and size. Distress was lead role in this year more for my dear parent’s than feeling my own health and relations love but not to live up to wonders neither its destiny or over expectation to help in need.

And the festivals like Ayutha pooja, Deepavali comes in some desired way, where I went to the celebration at my uncle’s workshop brought me the closer of the familiar moment at events and watching colors on deepavali was more enough comparing to past years. I met some new friend this year in blogging; those are very lovable in sharing, carrying friendship and being supportive through my life and hope they would be there and I would be here to share in coming years. With this let’s give a good bye to this year and pray for a beautiful 2008 to everyone. Be Happy :)


Kavi said...

You are a fighter and a true inspiration. Wishing you a great year ahead

Alok said...

this post of ur have touched me Jeevan ... Life memories ... Jeevan as Kavi said above ... u r a fighter and we can all learn so much from you ...

Have a gr8 gr8 year ahead


kalai said...

Jeevan... iam really moved with ur post... as u said "life is wit ups and downs".... its very true friend.. after reading urs, i was thinking abot my past... ya.. i too got many happy & sad moments... but our coincidence is, i too got many new friends & the happiest thing is i started my blog dis year...

i always feel very happy to share wit u all... dont worry.. God is always wit us... he wont leave us... Iam sure dat, dis forecoming year wil giv u all as u wish... b happy always friend... take care...

Vinesh said...

wish you continued good cheer and strength through 2008, buddy Jeevan!

Anonymous said...

Love you buddy..may god bless you...happy new year and givmea 5 mate

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Generally it was a happy year!
Hope next will be better!
Thank you for sharing.
I am sooo happy you were and you are my friend!!!

Please, take a Award from my birthday post.

G U R U said...

That was a sweet post !!

Jeevan, wishing you and your family a very happy and spectacular new year !! In this coming year, may the dearest of your dreams come true !!

Priya said...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Ash said...

You are really an inspiration.

Happy New Year!!! Have a wonderful 2008 :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely reading & visiting your blog as always...Here's wishing u and ur dear ones also a wonderful year ahead...May the beauty of this festive season,fill your life with the laughter of loved ones, the warmth of good cheer and all the joy to light up your heart. And hope the dawn of the New Year marks the beginning of a prosperous future!

R Girls said...

Hey Jeevan, ur life is full of jeevan. You have the spirit to fight your way of life and you always face success. May god give you enormous strength, will power, knowledge and wisdom which will overrule your tiny physical trauma. You are the best. Wishing you a very very happy new year and may all your dream come true

gP said...

jeevan...its been a wonderful year for all of us knowing you. Your sincerity made us admire you. Love always bro.

Happy New Year.

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Jeevan!

Here's hoping that year 2008 will bring u GOOD health, HAPPY times, TRUE friends, BEAUTIFUL memories and LOTSA love!


Jeevan said...

Kavi – Thanks a lot buddy, have a great year too :)

Alok – Thank u so much alok. I am pleased to be you friend. Hope u have an enjoyable celebration on this season.

Kalai – glad I make you think about your past moments. Thanks for sharing in this life with ups and downs… I wish you a happier year kalai, take care and do well in ur life. Hugsss.

Vinesh – thank you dear vinesh, I wish you the same. May this years brings more beautiful and happiness in your life :)

Thooya – Thanks for sharing in my life as a beautiful mate thooya :) wish you for happiness always.

Krystyna – hope the coming years could be a best for all of us. Happy too getting a lovable friend like you krish. Hugssss, wish you many more good to happen in your life and for your dears around.

Jeevan said...

Guru – So much glad for your comment guru, thanks a lot. Hope we met here at end of last year, wish we have more to go around and to share :)

Priya – Thank you and same to u.

Ash – Thank you :) have a great and beautiful year ash, I wish u to come up with more beautiful pictures in 2008.

Kalyan – you put a very warmly wishes to the beginning of this New Year buddy. Thanks so much, Cheera!!

Barbienan – Happy to welcome your comment at this place after so long Nandhu :) hope you are doing fine. And Thank you for the inspiring words and enormous energies I got here. Wish you a Happier New Year buddy, take care.

GP – Its my pleasure to knowing you and to become friend. Hope and I desire to be with you in this journey of life shiva.

Keshi – Hope u had a wonderful celebration at this season of Christmas and New Year dear. Thanks for the lovely wishes keshi. Hugsss.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
Have a happy, healthy, lovely and successful 2008!

Jeevan said...

Thank you dear :) same to u!

Anonymous said...

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