Saturday, December 15, 2007

How silver screen reaches people

It cannot be a day to talk or discussion with in a post, it’s a big industry with thousands of people involves to bring a cinema. Well what the Tamil film industry achieved is not slope to any other regional language films and its more on the way to world to visible. On this happening moment of 75 years of Tamil cinema it have lot to tell about the achievements, awards that lauds, the wonderful artists talented directors and never forgettable golden songs, pleasing romances, dream girls, mass hero’s and what not more than enough the cinema has given to us in the past and giving still and keep on going to exist for such so many experiences in the coming years.

When celebrating the 75th year of Tamil Film Industry Kollywood, it stands so strong with international quality of producing films, the newly thinking directors, hard working artists, and amazing technologies with healthy production companies could give hope for a bright future of Tamil cinema. Every thing is fine now, but could this all happen with out the audience and people who come to watch movies in theater? No. Without people could they able to see success in this field? No. Cinema is not only for those who loved that, it’s common for every one who needs entertain from watch good movies and learning the varies lives through reality movies. I feel the industry could face a worst time soon in future if it not corrects the difficulties people receive in entertaining them and those look for good cinema today.

How many people in this State of Tamil Nadu (leave other states) and people like Tamil films go to theaters to watch? In my views it’s not much after the arrival of piracy movies in VCD’s and DVD’s and thanks to the cable channels that already attracted the people with its serials and new films telecast in television. (Leaving the television and cables) Why people were changed there attention towards these is an easy question to answer that it’s because of the highly raised cinema ticket price. Are we satisfied in watching film in the television via VCD and DVD with lack in quality? Even though it would be possible for those who have the DVD players and cable connections at home, for others there is only way to check the theaters. When the rates of tickets are above 100Rs. how can a middle-class and poor can offer for that much.

This week I watch a film in theater paying Rs.120 for each, where I watch a film last month at Rs.60 for a person that too both film before it crosses fifteen days from release in Drive-In. If it was going to continues like this for all coming days and years, no one will visit theaters to watch films and piracy disks to grow where it could be difficult to control. Many may not aware of the affects by using the piracy disk that earns wealth for terrorism in boarders and for foreign terrorist groups to expand there development. We can’t blame the people (even I want to agree) for watching in piracy DVD’s just paying Rs40 for a film to own and comfort watching from home with whole family than paying triple the money spend for a single person; in case the ticket rate would be high to grant sure I will get ready to avoid visiting theater and try on DVD’s towards by policy of watching after 100 days of its release.

That was old times we get VCD’s with hindrance of crack sounds and unclear videos, but today its quality are not less to original DVD’s. It was found recently that Pondicherry is the capital for piracy DVDs of India, where we no need to visit pondy to buy DVD’s its all over at road sides everywhere. I feel why the theaters not recognizing the good movies that need for people to know, I use to check with theaters shows where I used to see just one of two shows given to films like Onbathu Ruba Nottu, Pallikudam, Periyar and some… where the other language films are filling the seats. I want to know in which way our Tamil films have imperfect to other language films and it’s not like against the other regional films, it worries where in its own state it self there is no reorganization then how our cinema do grows. I could only think when people were welcomed to watch the movie ORN free from tickets at 100 theaters throughout Tamil nadu is an example how people are brought to theaters to watch a good film when the rate is high. Could those people pay hundreds of rupees to watch Sivaji the Boss and the re-make Billa will spend for a film with good stories and thoughts? I wish all to change and good cinemas to reach every person.


Alok said...

am a complete illetrate when it comes to Tamil Film Industry but one thing I am aware of tht it is bigger than the Hindi Film Industry ... it is a gr8 achievement to have completed 75 yrs of quality entertainment

and these days am not much into any films either (so I save money on DVDs and hence am not part of the pirated industry as well .. thus I can take pride in the fact tht i am not promoting the pirated movies industry :))...

But I would like to dissuade u from one thing (If I can as a friend) from using the term Kollywood ... Kerala film Industry or Tamil film Industry is so appropriate ... anything with "wood" for any film Industry is so clichéd and to my mind is derogatory to a film Industry and when it is as big and respectable as TFI ...


gP said...

all these years...thousands and thousands of films...this is indeed a cultural achievement. Tamil cinema is part of our culture. What makes it different is that we can relate to it in ways we can never do with other language films. It kept Tamils all over the world in touch with the mother land.

What will destroy it is the future. If they dont adapt, they dont evolve and stop the masala crap and give better movies, there wont be Tamil films created cultural reference point anymore.

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

i understand your concern.can the middle class afford to spend Rs.500 to view a movie.I used to go to Mayajaal [ karthik,I and senthil ].for the trio, in 2001 and 2002 [ I don't know the present scenario ] it would cost minimum 500 including parking charges.
my opinion is , if the great stars have the great heart to get less amount ,all people can go to theatres and see the movie as naturally the ticket rate will come down.invariably, CD piracy also will fade away.

tulipspeaks said...

there is a show in m'sia in conjuction with 75 yr of tamil cinema. heard many tamil movie stars are coming down for the show.

i think here a movie ticket costs around RM6 (Rs60) (with voucher) to RM12 (Rs120, and it doesn't go beyond that unless its a gold class/twin seat kinda thing. as for m'sia, i think the price is still relevant and not every tamil movie plays in our theatre here. only selected good ones, and i don't think m'sian indians have any problem parting with that small amount for a quality movie.


Jeevan said...

Alok – good u didn’t get to take part in pirated disks. You are always and should be there to advice me buddy :)

GP – I agree with you bro, yes the masala and over violence stop the further steps of cinema. But here the high rate tickets not making people to come and watch films in theater and uses DVD’s. Very true, it grows the Tamil all over.

Ponniyinselvan – the multiplex theater are not cared about the middle or poor there attracts are rich and who can spent more. I feel all theater is trying to follow them where ordinary theaters changed to AC and increase the tickets rate.

Ammu – it’s going to happen on dec 21 in m’sia and another day in Singapore where much tamil actors participate. Glad for the costs of tickets there.

kalai said...

excellent post Jeevan... our tamil movies are worth & perfect... but the only thing is people are bored to watch movies like periyar,... as it gives nice messages... dis is very bad about our people mentality.... must change in the future...

Shiva said...

Hi Jeevan,

You have done a thorough research on this and captured it in the post so well. Piracy, infact will endanger the Tamil Cinema. But, the reason behind is the unwillingness of the market to go open. Why dont they think of releasing the official/origional DVDs on the day of a movie release? Why dont they think of producing some sensible movies, rather than big budget masala movies. Instead of released hundreds of movies, why dont the production houses think of joining hands and release 10 quality movies? Why do you have to have a 3 hour movie? Why do you want to have songs and dances as part of the movies? Why dont we think of having separate music video albums for the movies?

I dont still see a reason one movies like Bharathi, Mogamull, Avathaaram, Guna, Periyaar..... etc should fail in the box office?

Hope, tamil cinema as an industry will mature to the level of Malayalam & Bengali industry that depicts reality?

Recently, I had a chance to watch a couple of Iranian movies by filmmaker Majid Majidi.I just can say that we hav a lot to learn from the world cinema. Progess doesnt only mean technology, but the content plays a major role.

Hat's off to Prakash Raj, Thangarbachan, Priya V who have given some quality movies in the recent past and took them through the box office too.