Monday, February 28, 2011

Sembarambakkam Lake

The Lake was on my list of places to be seen around Chennai for very long time and it happened at last to be my first traveled place of this year and it is enormous to see such a lake very near to Chennai, which is one of the three prime lakes that’s the source of water to Chennai. After coming across the hustle bustle of Poonamallee (a suburb town which is always crowded connecting the NH4 with Chennai) a calm narrow road leads to the lake after taking a right about a km on the NH4 with a small sign board as indication.
Sembarambakkam Lake view
After certain meters the road takeover the lake bank and the drive were around the lake with vast view of water and a lonely pelican swam on it. The road stretches for couple of km on the bank has a wonderful lake tower at the near end of the lake shutters is an attractive Chinese style of building, painted in red as a four story is housed as a measuring lever of water. It seems the lake tower is not open for public view.
Lake tower
Near the tower a women was selling fishes caught from the lake and a man was fishing from sailing on a plank like cork. We drew slowly around the lake before halt for sometime near the shutter where some boys were jumping off into the discharged water and having fun along swimming in the water pool. Lately the lake overflowed due to monsoon rain and abundant water was discharged into the Adyar River which is a rare occasion people gather to watch.

Later we moved down via the floor bridge after sighting a kingfisher, which constantly flapping it wings near the water surface in search of fish was interesting to see its many attempts by submerge into the water to catch fish. There was another road climbing to the other side of the lake bank after crossing the shutters, but having known later that Kundrathu Temple is nearby we redirect to temple by cease plan to stay back sometime.
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Friday, February 25, 2011


The indication has been blinking for some time and giving minute trouble while opening the windows and rarely give away to call the service bro to open the window reached its conclusion on Wednesday by testifying my patient to work with a monitor that 11 years old. Many reached me with the idea to change the monitor and some agreed with the clarity, clearance and wonderful resolution that content me to go with the monitor forever unless it refuse to work or loss its charm and beauty that bear my sight so far.
New LCD monitor
Brought in 2000, it has been accompanying me until day before yesterday has leant to learn so many things regarding reading, writing, sharing, viewing, drawing… through its screen and enduring the strain we gave to it immense operating. I went oh no attitude when the window screen shrunk after a constant vibration that interrupt my work sign it’s gonna suffer to die doesn’t reach my mind then and later causing a melting odor to shutdown quite.

It might have gone already if the product wasn’t good or we didn’t take care of it and amazing it never get into trouble or deliver a problem to get service and withstand the quality in its standard and smart resolution towards ending. Being patient has given me a best opportunity now to review things refreshingly and newly through the new LCD 18.5” monitor to disclose clearly the beauty across overseas and giving a content feeling of viewing the high resolution unlike ever.

The Samsung’s CRT monitor has been the best performer for me so far among the electronic items purchased which let me go for Samsung products such as LED TV and now the LCD monitor, cause a hope that it would continue to be so as so far for me.

Have a great weekend buddies!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Payanam (Travel)

Did a night Payanam (Travel) to drive-in, to watch the movie based on plane hijack which no more different or usual from the various movies released across overseas on this genre landing the Tamil cinema on a newer platform. Only few movies standup to its expectation and I no more expect anything from this movie, except hoping it would be a simply nice movie.
Radhamohan, the director of late Mozhi and Abhiyum Naanum has live up to his chance to showcase his talent in creating the screenplay does a different patrol around the hijack venue disclosing a exuberant flight with an entertaining process. The movie has no songs is the pulse point of this serious joyous and diplomatic action movie revolves in and around the plane which gives an idea about traveling in it

Almost all characters shares the journey does a vital role in leading the movie led by Nagarjuna as commando and Prakashraj as security official enhance the audiences with vibrant action and comedy impact with renewal of small scale attacks and heroic act by commandos. The screenplay was interesting perhaps no boredom to defeat even the situation where familiar to obvious the sense has been different by ploy and incorporate climax.

Moreover the movie is an entertainment pack with extensive reliable aspects to accommodate the movie as also a commercial success to be balanced among audience. The cinematography was excellent in promoting the flight journey and neatly captured the smart hijack which is more or less gracious. The commando activities are superb and Nagarjuna was befit to the character in an elegant role is yet set to go another round in Tamil cinema.

Payanam is a pleasant journey to be laid as one of milestones in Tamil filmdom.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Myna myna

If there could be a song I watched plenty of times lately would be the Mynaa Mynaa... from Tamil movie Mynaa, followed by a huge fan affair in early and latter year and of course top stars were praised to not able to be a part of the movie. The song captured wonderfully the awe... of a man who discovers a new phase of aspects in his girlfriend which cause a combat within his heart.

Amala Paul as heroine cause a na├»ve expressions that could melt any solid mind and of course I was someone seize by her visage. The song sequence, music, lyrics are all produce a fantastic extravagant and put on aviation throughout the song. It is one of the best of 2010 and continues to be so… Happy Valentine’s to everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Milk, depravation and agitation

Our first drink and food are certainly feed by milk from our mother’s breast which is significant than anything that could be compared with healthy and nutrition value to a child, but we aren’t constant to feed from our mothers lap after certain months and years thus shifting to feed on cattle’s such as cows, buffalos, goats, camels… according to available on states and countries.
We all know the significance of milk, which deals with our nutrition and health as a daily usage convenient to our taste and flavors by creating our own recipe. From our birth to death we deals with milk for immense reasons and most of all it’s a treat when it combines as coffee or tea that cause a refresh according to our state of mind and sense and defuses the yawn at dawn and tiredness at dusk.

We all know how the inflation has affected our daily usage and milk isn’t a thing except from this cause and its need and price aren’t at less these days and more over the Milk producers are at intense struggle to increase their purchase price. There are many ways to express their protest but what they do to showcase their request is atrocious and against their own livestock by pouring the collected milk on the roads and putting their cattle’s at diet restriction to produce less milk.

What agitate me more than their protest and threat to stop supplying milk was their way of aggressive towards cattle’s and wasting liters of milk on roads to deprave in unmindful. What they poured on roads are not their one day collection, it’s the collection of trust and value the immense liters that convey health and nutrition to children and many who survive on it and no mind will forgive seeing such atrocious attitude.

At other hand the petrol price is increasing at instant and we are unmindful at constant rise, but let’s stop here and think back at least now to do something to show our protest. The public has issued to not fill petrol on February 14th to disclose our agitation against the price rise to show our overall unity and strength against depravation. Lets hands together for a best cause!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Semmozhi poonga

Things changed certain to close the Woodlands Drive-in couple of years back to create a botanical garden in its premises after the lease to run the restaurant comes to cease and hold on to horticultural department. It was a surprising shock for many similarly to give away their favorite place to check with flavor and favor among woods amid the concrete jungle of metropolitan.
Semmozhi poonga
I visited the woodlands at last to meet a blog friend and it was a memorable one and could be easily remembered for been wandering among woods in wheels after years become immobile and staying within cars to enjoy my favorite crispy Dosai which I miss very badly these days. Even though we were partially happy about the decision taken by govt. to create a botanical garden for chennaities like the many other tourist places holding an attraction, I was half minded to give away the only restaurant I visit and the playground and the pony ride I enjoyed as a child.

The Semmozhi Poonga (garden) which represents the woodlands today attracts many people and I was among them to check it on a schools holiday which was much crowded to view completely or quiet minded. Just thinking to do another visit to the garden sooner or later, it has a wonderful archway to welcome with lust green walls of various species of plants and mound, with bamboos roof was the main attraction to the garden.
Barrel cactus
The children were standing in uniform to get the tickets to enter the garden that floors beautifully in titles and fountains sprinkling water followed by stone slapped pathway that makes a hard and rough ride for my wheels throughout the garden. There are some beautiful arch passages that built with bricks and planks that make visitors to take elegant photographs out of it and in front of the information center there is thorn balls called Barrel cactus placed on pebble pots.

The garden offers plenty of herbal, aromas, crotons and flowering plants that belong to 500 categories of species and 80 more trees that are already exist as woodlands in which some are more than 100 years old. The playground is filled by children whose hustle bustle activities enhance the garden to some extend and the flowering plants that conceal in the shades of nets craves to captures by the cameras enhance.
dry cascade
The cone like orange flowers were pretty and many species got its sign boards to identify the names and arranged in various shapes and circles across the garden with pebbles creating a pretty sight. The rocks are used well to create an interesting cascade which doesn’t give us a pretty sight since lack of water and the ponds and canals were also sludge and sluggish where gooses were wandering simple since clearing process was going on.
Garden fountain
The garden has beautiful green lawns and ponds and fountains adding pretty much, and besides being nearby Anna flyover the interior garden has some quietness (even it’s crowded) and eye catching spider lilies to adorn the banks of pond and the fountain amid them could seize ones present. The lawns greeting in green wants anyone to roll or least move into it but people are warned by guards to not keep off-track from pathways which annoys somehow means couldn’t stop to appreciate the effort taken on it.
purple fountain
What’s worth about the garden was its color changing fountains that delights after dusk and there are two more differentiates in it and one among them was the rising sun fountain, which resembles the ruling party’s emblem. The garden also own a amphitheatre to conduct concerts and public festivals, which also acts as a public get together for fun like gesture and chitchat with friends sitting around the gallery under the fencing trees. The most welcome move was its ramp facilities wherever need to climb, but what anxious was its uneven pathway that caution slippery.

There are wooden bridges too to cross the canals and over the garden has touched varies forms into it to make certain a standard garden and get listed as one important place to check within Chennai. Somehow it looks artificial if not there wood-lands!
Semmozhi poonga

Saturday, February 05, 2011


A life had gone no one could bring back and what I request is at least stop humiliating. It’s news about a college student who committed suicide in Chennai because being disgraced by her teachers suspecting her to be stolen money from her classmate. The news published and comes to everyone’s attention and the teachers were arrested after a group of protesters highlighted to issue in front of the college.

But things never stopped there... the newspapers highlight the news everyday with its progress mentioning about the girl being shamed. What an intense cause could feel the dear ones who repeated to review the disgrace conveyed by the newspaper which could be something more than being lost her.

I condemn such act the media continue to handle esp. the Tamil newspapers and there way of describing the incident as if they had witnessed is worse. Whether or not such a treatment given by teachers should be condemnable and they are our responsible creator of a better future and whoever unveils the secret without their permission should be contempt to crime.

We have the law and the thing we need is courage to fight the battle... one can easily point finger on others and we never know are they enough to bear the critic to sustain and this is something that stops us from blaming others even they are suspect. A life is indeed important even they commit mistake or done something wrong.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Aadukalam (playfield)

Based on the story of traditional cockfight the movie has some enchanting moments of cock fights which causes an excitement about which one defeats other. The first half carried off through the competitions between two cock fighter teams involving traditionally into the plot once got vigor to clash with cocks to showcase who’s is top in this prior and one end up winning the match with an envy within themselves which crack up in the next half with ego, jealous and provoke to rule the field.
There is no better field to showcase this south Indian traditional game that nearly belongs to Madurai and the Aadukalam had done something to the dying game to cause an interest and deliver a special feeling for cocks. Danush as one who let go cocks into the cockpit had well suited the roll except for his low voice modulation and unclear dialogue which seems necessary for his character to drop us in need and Tapsee as his girlfriend light the movie through her appearance which seems somewhat shady. Anywhere she resembles latter heroines of Mumbai.

I must say something about the director Vetrimaran who interests me through his speech in a talk show and the way he picks up the plot was very different and I liked his latter movie for using a Bike (Bajaj Pulsar) as a main asset and holding the cockfight this time he resembles again being distinct. Except couple of identified faces many characters portray the essence of nativity and esp. the old man who renowned as Vettaikaran (hunter) does a great job supporting the suspense (even apparent) till last and arrogant become very nature to him.

To talk about songs and music, it comes along the movie wherever it needs and doesn’t take part particularly the movie to boredom or slow pace. The Yathea yathea song was lovable while listening... The background score for certain moments are superb and cause an energy perhaps the effort taken for cockfights which somehow seems like graphics was the best part of the movie and we couldn’t appreciate quite which has its part of discrimination and unfair feeling among characters dilute consequence.

Perhaps the movie is a welcome move towards south with a caught of cockfights and the treatment given to it to the outcome result which means something... The government has restricted these cockfights certain and a proper permission is request to hold it despite the aggravations comes from those working against animals being agonizing.