Sunday, December 31, 2017

Greetings for a new beginning


Let us begin with joy, peace and prosperous to prevail and to be grateful to what follow as shadow, as we put forth into a hopefully bright brand New Year, let splash with smiles and colors to paint a beautiful canvas called 2018.  Happy New Year

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Nature Glow


Nature speaks its language
through swish swash trees,
write notes on leaves
through rays of light -
relayed its natural shade, green.

Reading is a pleasure
when books come from nature,
the lecture of birds
from the electric wires
teaches how to survive in wild.

Sunlight warms and warns
escapism is impossible,
in the glory of nature
rising up and down is eternal
where we can’t find fault.

Like half mowed beard
the mountain slopes,
cutting off trees, man-made tea
the refreshing brew
that treats different taste buds.

Mountain breeze take breath
through many curves 'n' bends,
the corridor of animals
turned roads, to complain
animals crossed the path!

Ps. The picture shot on a blissful morning in Cloud Mountain in march  2015 and  the poem was inspired on  same... and what you see was partially tea estates

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Home Décor

Christmas is here and I wish you all Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year. I generally like festivals and the happiness it provides. Decorating a Christmas tree is always fun and for last few years I started to put led lights to keep up the festival spirit and star to bight up the night. It’s my mom decorated the tree really but I enjoyed watching and telling her what to hang where. Here I share few photos from my simple home décor. Hope you all enjoy the holidays. Cheers! 

BeFunky Collage
Collage on lighting and start
IMG_9498 IMG_9510 

Mom's simple kolam

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cute Chamraj Tea factory outlet

BeFunky Collage
click pic for enlarge
On the outskirt of Ooty and on way to Manjoor, nestled this cute little tea outlet overlooking the Chamraj Tea factory and beautiful tea garden of same at a pretty much curve. I really loved this outlet for its cute setting around the corner of a winding ghat, with pretty neat lawn and beautiful benches to sit back and relax for a while sipping their variety of teas and enjoying the cool green ambiance. As we were heading to Upper Bhavani, I couldn’t get down or spent some time at the outlet, just had some tea and moved on as it was already noon. My camera wasn’t working then, since it fell down the night before that day, I took these photos from my brother’s Xiaomi mobile.


Chamraj Tea is promoted as one of the finest tea growing from the high range of mountains in India. The outlet sells variety of tea products from regular to organic to flavoured from their own production house. Korakundah, I guess is also the group of Chamraj which supports organic tea from the highest tea gardens. They also have a Tea Centre in Ooty town, where we bought some tea packets before we leave down.  The outlet was fenced neatly and on the road side poles linked by chain was pretty rounded about.
  I also find the big cup and saucer inside the shop was attentive. 
Some bikers taking selfie at the tea center while on their joy rides :) Pic clicked before we move
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Monday, December 18, 2017

Back to Home

On a nature walk

Things belong to somewhere
nativity could be anything
or normed, the life could be
needed to come to rest.

Name it anything abode
it take time to breathe in out;
life need retreat for a minute
to restore its energy to glow.

Retire of sun, unplugs
what gleams all the day;
life race back to abode
before lose track in darkness.

Screeching of birds indicate
the time to go back home;
as they ready to take laps
on the canopy of trees.

Sun too exhaust at the day end
withdrawing its rays; says bye
as slowly the shadow swallow
life draw back to home.

Ps. Inspired from the evening walk on Sunday around the picturesque BlueCross road, where the picture was shot, in neighbourhood - Adyar. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bits on travel to Udumalpet

Though winter is here and the weather turns chill in the morning and foggy experienced at the outskirts of Chennai, my journey to Munnar began on the early hours of November 26 wasn’t much different due to the low pressure in bay, I experienced a feel on mountains. The travel between Thiruporur - Chengalpattu, in the outskirts of Chennai south, was blissful than ever while passing the countryside beside the hill and forest terrain. The picture below will give idea how the travel was and the glasses were scrolled down until touched the national highways.


But the entire journey wasn’t on NH, and we took a detour at Perambalur instead going down to Trichy to reach Musiri, a town on the north bank of Cauvery. Crossing the river, we hit the NH again before took turn to Dharapuram to go to stay at Udumalpet where we booked rooms at govt. guest house. On the road to Thuraiyur, from Perambalur I come across a beautiful temple tower which I had no idea until I browsed using the location marked at the iPhone image detail. I shot many photos using my iPhone SE, like ever with a mobile, and it was quick and easy than a P&S.


The temple was at a village called Kurumbalur, and the temple named as Panchanadeeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the temple was built in 10th century by King Veeratarajan. First time traveling on this road the weather was helping hand, aside the cool countryside and trees guarding roadsides. Again on NH, we encountered two big blades of windmill (pic below) transported in trucks.  Around Dharapuram and Udumalpet one could find number of windmills and this region is open to many windmill farms since it falls under the straight line of Palakkad gap, through which it receives Arabian Sea breeze.

IMG_1344 IMG_1345
Across Dharapuram, the state highway was really good and beautiful with all the curves and row of trees was inspiring to shoot. The drizzling weather was like ice on the cake and we couldn’t stop have tea from the roadside tea shop even before it turned 4pm. Being a Sunday Udumalpet was bare enough with almost shops closed, and the guest house on the Munnar road was easy to move out rather going into the town. They allotted two rooms for us, but the five of us decided to stay at the AC room, though we didn’t used the AC since the weather was cool enough. 

BeFunky Collage
Collage on the scenic  state highway around  Dharapuram, towards Udumalpet

Friday, December 08, 2017

Munnar, Travel in Brief

The entire travel (from Nov 26 to Dec 2) has been really cool and comfort and except couple of sunshine moments, the travel was indeed cloudy, misty and rainy. Thanks to the low pressure and cyclone Ockhi, though it created a great destruction in Kanyakumari/Kerala and blocking certain views during my travel, the sun got total holiday from the sky. The weather was very pleasant when we started our journey from home early in morning and was drizzling though hazy just out of the city. We took OMR to reach the highway and being Sunday roads are bare enough and we felt quick transit entirely and reached our destination (Udumalpet) earlier by 4 pm and settled in the room in about an hour.

Man driving cows in drizzling rain near Udumalpet
Following dinner, we also took our breakfast from Hotel Ariya Bhavan (which was really tasteful) on Munnar-Udumalpet Rd before move into the mountains of Munnar, via Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Munnar is about 85km from Udumalpet, though it was slightly drizzling all the way to the town, we passed through heavy mist that blocked the sights of certain places including the chance of closely watching the Anamudi, the highest peak after Himalayas in India. But it wasn’t disappointed me anyway since the mist and rain has put us in sheer delight of watching number of waterfalls from the fresh mountain streams. We reached Munnar by noon, and after buying lunch we moved to the cottage (Tea Drops plantation) we have already booked.

Driving through the mist and rain in Munnar

It was really a wonderful place (nestled 7 km away from Munnar) to stay rest and relax among the coffee and cardamom plantations, and its owner Lijo is a friendly person and helps in any other ways. Except the three steps to get into the cottage, it wasn’t difficult to stay around, though it was an old house renovated into a cottage the owner has made things simply neat and hygiene. But the only thing bothered us was the way leading to the cottage. It was about 200 meters down from the main road with a narrow steep road, which at glance felt impossible to climb down or up, but we made it using our SUV which is quite difficult for any other cars.  They provide Jeep support for those come by car to be parked at their Pvt. Parking, but we took risk as I wouldn’t be comfy at their Jeep.

Night effect in Tea Drops plantation cottage

Staying there we visited various places and sightseeing from the two day and three nights. We missed many views as most viewpoints are covered in mist by the time we check, which is perhaps because of the storm but glad there wasn’t heavy rain alike we travelled to Ramakkalmedu, before climbing down the hills. The highway was like a gushing river and the muddy waters were running down the road/hillside and once rain over, mist over take. We couldn’t see anything at the Ramakkalmedu, popular for high blowing wind and viewpoint and shooting spot. The grass mound here has a huge statue of Kuravan Kurathy, a tribal couple, to mark the Sangam landscape and period.

A pleasant view on mountains and tea slopes of Munnar,  and there's a falls beneath, which u could  see in further post

Actually we planned to stay at Cumbum or Theni before taking the long back journey to home, but took a day rest at my uncle’s woodhouse in the mountains of Kodaikanal. We climbed down via Cumbum valley and took the scenic highway, which is my favourite route that travels along the Western Ghats and reached Kodai Ghats section by evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the travel between Cumbum and Kodai and the mountains covered in clouds and lush green fields, along drizzling weather was awesome feel. I also took a short detour to stop at my favourite spot (which u saw in my previous post) to take some shots, but I was disappointed a bit to see two big banners blocking the view.

Breathtaking view on the beauty of Theni, and mountains covered in clouds

We reached the woodhouse by late evening, but it was a real challenge than the entire trip because the road to woodhouse (in Thandikudi) from the Kodaikanal main road was quite lost in mist. The visibility was very very low and we couldn’t see anything beyond two or three feet and the road was a single lane, though there wasn’t a vehicle opposite finding the road and bends were challenging. I open the Google map and using the GPS I kept telling my cousin the curves ahead and  it was really tremble passing the deep valleys. Our entire stay at the woodhouse was under mist, cold and heavy rain. Even Munnar wasn’t cold enough, but this is first time I experience heavy mist and cold in Thandikudi, where it is rainy season. And we returned home on Saturday  (Dec 2) evening.

Friday, November 24, 2017

On a dream travel

Been sometime took a long journey and explore places for the first and Munnar is one of my dream destination I have planned to visit next week and I’m so excited to take the travel through Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary instead the national highways. I have prepared my own route map that travel through the interiors (small cities and towns) that get me glimpses of many places which I miss a lot traveling on National Highways. I have been trying to achieve this trip for last few years, only this year things came closer. Actually I want to be there last month, as soon the southwest monsoon end but for some reasons it was postponed and I really don’t want to delay future so thus leaving off on Sunday.

Scenic View

During my stay at the woodhouse in Kodaikanal in July, I went up to the foothills of Munnar while took a drive to Kurangani aka Bottom Station in the Bodi valley. It was a former tram station where goods are transported from the mountains via Top Station in Munnar before loaded into Lorries. It’s time for explore the above - Munnar and I will leave you with a view on the mountains of Munnar, I shot long back on my way to cloud mountain. This is one of my favourite locations on the road to Cumbum valley near Veerapandi, but this spot hides away since the highway take detour. Hope to take many lovely photos from the travel and you all take care

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fence and Flowers – Pinto Premium White to Rose


During my visit to Kodaikanal, staying from uncle’s woodhouse in Thandikudi, in July, I come across some fence and pretty flowers around the star shaped Kodaikanal Lake. Spending time on the Kodai lake/road in evenings have been my favourite pastime whenever I was in Kodai, and sipping hot tea/coffee from the roadside shop while embracing the cold mountain weather produce a soothe feeling. There’s something always to watch out being around the lake, either people pedalling boats or riding horses or cycling around the lake and reflection of trees, colourful shops and fences and gates of houses around the lake road. And here’s a fence around a corner of the lake road, with pretty flowers bloomed from inside. My Google search revealed the bunch of pink flowers bloomed inside the fence was Pinto Premium White to Rose Geranium.


Pinto Premium White to Rose offers a unique coloration of giant 5-inch flower heads, with petals start out white turn deepen to rose-pink as flowers mature gives an pretty bicolour effect. The plants sport deep green leaves with darker zones that contrast beautifully with the light colored flowers.


Pinto Premium is a great choice for carefree, colourful summer garden beds or patio containers, bloom from the end of April until October. It prefers full to partial sun and regular deadheading for best appearance and flower production. 

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Beautiful Lights/Lamps


I like capturing beautiful lamps from the rooms where I stay during my travel. Though I capture anything that attracts me in a room, the lamps and their lights take my attention as soon I enter. Though I’m always open to windows, sometime it’s the light and lamps create beautiful ambiance and mood to stay in the room.  The elegant lights and lamps here were shot from the room where I stayed in Ooty, in April, and I find it delicate to produce a flimsy effect to stay within. For the light blue coloured walls the lamps are ornate. 


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cute lil Squirrel


A squirrel shrilling from the backyard in the morning, reminds me it’s Saturday. I’m still wondering what’s the connection between Saturday and squirrels, since childhood I hear to squirrels shrill mostly in the Saturday mornings. Usually it takes me back in memories about certain moments connected with squirrels and Saturday, but this time it remind me the little squirrel I found in the backyard of my uncle’s woodhouse, in the Kodai hills, aka Thandikudi. The woodhouse has a wonderful balcony at the rear open to the woods and vegetation, where I bird watch when I was there, I also find squirrels on the tree. Last time I found a little squirrel which seems to be residing on the jackfruit tree because rather jerking it doesn’t move anywhere or know how to climb down. While busy with other activates, I forget to check the squirrel other day whether it still perched over, but he was a cute little one where I found him even sleep on the branches and quick respond to any sound as a sign of alert. I found two more squirrels there and will share those photos in another post. 



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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Monsoon and Cold

Rain has come down after more than a week of heavy to moderate rainfall, since the beginning of northeast monsoon the weather is awesome cool. Last Thursday (Nov 2) the rain touched its peak of 300mm, creating a feel/fear of flooding, though the suburbs witnessed floodwater due to low-lying landscape, the city recedes to normal in a day or two. Marina Beach, which has been the downpour at core, continued to lie under flood water for and we received water up to our doorstep but glad the water doesn’t enter the home. Though not fully, the corporation had done a bit by cleaning at least around the manholes of stormwater drain to let in water and the ramp we built at the entrance of the house prevented the entry of street water. It was one of the long lasted rains for Chennai after long time and the rains of Monday (Oct 30) and Thursday was heaviest to create temporary pools.

The weather doesn’t turn only cooler but also caught cold in me. It’s giving immense trouble lately and I’m on medicine for a week now, but still couldn’t come out clearly. I haven’t caught cold in last two years and I took pride about it, but the recent change in weather and other causes has put down the grade! Lol... Spitting and snuffling continue to irritate me and kept me away from online activities including blogging. I read no blog all these days and obviously no update too… but was on Facebook for rain updates and news relevant to same. Glad the rain decided to take break which sure will help water recede in the suburbs or aid authorities to take further steps, and really need to say the govt. worked better than previous flooding, but still it wasn’t enough. Wish they make certain all the channels are clear so that it won’t be a disaster monsoon.  No doubt that we need rains, and draining/storing the water properly is quite important. 

Reflection in rainwater
Reflection in rainwater: Picture captured through the stagnant water into our courtyard and it was shot when the water receded almost... on  the bottom of the compound wall in left, you could see a line which marks  the water level rises inside.  

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Photos: Fun with sparkler

Sparkler is a popular firework and even those don’t burst crackers would like to hold sparkler which is less dangerous and harm to environment. From kids to old sparklers bring smile and merry during the occasion of Deepavali, and it’s the only firework that I could light. Every year I like creating some images using the firework mode in the camera by letting someone move the burning sparkler in random, as well certain directions to get interesting designs. Usually my father used to help me on the fun task by making different moves on holding the sparkler to let me capture the images. Following are few designs we created together, though he isn’t much interested in what I shoot he was cheerful to execute these for me to exhibit. It gave me different perspectives and I have note it down beneath each image. 

Lighting Diya or traditional clay/oil lamp that lit during diwali
Signature in sparkler 
Tennis Ball
Mersal (மெர்சல்) a Tamil film title
Smiley emotion 
Finally its me hehe

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Deepavali 2017 (remarks)

Deepavali passed off pretty well last week and I had wonderful time celebrating and going out watch the dazzling fireworks displays from the neighbourhood. I wasn’t doing much anything these days but too lazy or not interested to post or write something while I was in festival mood and relaxed being. Though the day wasn’t great or differs from a regular Sunday, that begin with watching television and having curry kulambu for breakfast, the evening turned wonderful with lighting fireworks and going to beach to watch the aerial fireworks light up from the neighbourhood. I took many photos/videos on the fireworks display either at ground or sky; it was fun shooting from three different cameras – iPhonse SE, Canon powershot and Gopro hero 5. More photos to come soon and do check the video at end of the post.

Color Fountain
Multi color fountain
Unlike earlier people don’t look or feel festival and even greeting each other has come down, but I shouldn’t wonder really about it as confronting smile had dropped from day-to-day life. But I was more cheerful cherishing my old memories and I couldn’t prevent happiness popping up and the sound of crackers makes feel festive. Compare to previous years, bursting of fireworks are less this year but there was high smoke on Deepavali evening/night. The high humidity in air and along with mild fog the firework smoke sustained into the ambience without gaps to escape. But it turned normal next day.

Green Fountain Red Fountain
Red and Green fountains aka flower pots

I really amazed at the level of noise reduced this year and the interest on firework drop. The people say price raise, GST and demonetisation, but this isn’t matter really and from my observation, the firework price was bit less comparing last year. Moreover the sudden environmentalists has created a irk feeling and people doesn’t want to be pointed out guilty or whatever they say, its better leave alone those unwanted to burst. I’m sure in future bursting fireworks will be reduced and children who aren’t interested in firework shouldn’t be forced and it will help in transformation. The environmentalists should continue to voice against pollution instead popping head on Diwali alone. Fireworks do not rule us all the days and it highlights what really hides within and unlike crackers it destroys quiet.

More  to come soon.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Festival of Lights and Fireworks

Deepavali, aka Diwali is just two days away (Oct 18) and it feels exciting. Deepavali (Festival of Lights) always been my favourite festival and I always look forward for this day, and fireworks is the main reason for me to feel alike. I have grown up bursting fireworks and I really enjoy watching the dazzling light and colours coming out of the fireworks and the sounds that create a joy mood. I wasn’t a fan of loud crackers and I have stopped buying those (burst in the ground) long back, but still the sounds come from the neighbourhood during Diwali resonates joy. Glad I had a wonderful childhood and memories of Deepavali, a time where I felt cheerful and continue to be so with memories to cherish.

Though the only firework I could lit being sparkles, I used to buy certain fireworks to (let someone) light up to enjoy the glowing spectacle. While residing in apartment (from 2006-2013) the celebration touched beyond fireworks, where we shared the festival spirit with neighbours who share sweets and snacks (of different kinds) with each other. Dressed in new attires, it’s wonderful to watch and receive greeting from friendly residents.  And in evening/night the kids gather in front of the apartment and make a dazzling show of fireworks, and I would be out watching their activities before going to my great aunt’s house in the suburb to light our fireworks and watch others aerial outs. I really miss all the things now, but still the festival light continues to glow and engross.

I could understand the opposition rising against bursting firework and the Supreme Court has banned selling fireworks at some places including the nation capital Delhi, where it created huge air pollution during last Diwali. Though it wasn’t the only reason for a city that tops the chart in pollution normally, fireworks added light to the glowing issue. Whatever they say, it’s not easy to erase the thought of Deepavali without fireworks, though we have no trace from when fireworks included in celebration, for kids growing up bursting fireworks is least possible to give up. I don’t think those stopped busting fireworks (or ever done with it) are conscious about nature and environment.  Its sheer delight of gadgets, internet and television that keeps away people from fireworks, though it may sound good, but when it applies to all festivals and events doesn’t sound same.   Diwali is a day in a year unlike these that continue to occupy us in good as well opposite ways.

There are scientific reasons that have been boon and bane supporting those who approve, as well oppose to fireworks. I’m not saying bursting firework is good or it should be completely ban. Firework industry in Tamil Nadu is a huge one and it has been a livelihood for more than 0.8 million people, but it isn’t that we all should buy firework and support their lives. Alternate jobs will sure to be better than making fireworks, which threat lives directly and it would take long time and for that huge change to happen but instead of banning reducing its usage would be better option.  Could we stop the New Year celebrations that open with grand fireworks across the globe or any sports events that loud cry with dazzling fireworks. I think regulating things and rule stronger guidelines will sure control the level of pollution in many ways.

As for now let stop here and celebrate Deepavali and what we need to add is more light and sweetness to the festival that illuminate the country and whoever practice the lighting festival. Pls share anything that adds sweetness with your near and dear ones, and fireworks wasn’t the only thing about Deepavali (or any other festival) that I believe is based on get-together and sharing happiness and bond between family and friends.  Cheers! 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Red Letter Box


The red letter box is one of my favourite things from childhood. Many a time I wish to have one to hang on our house gate, but it never happened. Our current house had a letter box and it broke down last year, though it isn’t a red letter box.


I find the above red letter box from the side gates of the KFC restaurant in Kottivakkam, when we parked aside, I shot the image meanwhile dad went to buy chicken popcorn for me. You could also see a dog behind, and I found it friendly as it moves around undisturbed the employees coming out and in, which perhaps could be a kitchen.  

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State govt. employees salary has increased to a height of ever; perhaps the double amount of their salary. But what bothers me here was doubt. When the employees were protested to bring back the old pension scheme, the govt. was very quiet or showed ignore attitude and even high court condemn and request employees to go back to work. Now the salary has ample increased! Why should we not doubt that this is a way to shut their mouth, so that they won’t speak out the corruptions or unheeded about it? I wonder when they could increase the salaries to all high, what the rulers would take home? I doubt will it grant to great heist ever in Tamil Nadu.

At other hand liquor rates has increased in the state run wine shops (TASMAC), will sure fall on the labours head.  I think the mighty rate of customers is labours and daily wage, who drink letting his family suffer and this price rise is sure to cut pocket of the family. No I am not supporting drunkards or encouraging. When the common interest is to close all the liquor shops, the govt. increasing the price and planning to open the shutdown shops only welcomes the drinkers and social illness. The price rise is obviously to compensate the elevated space of govt. staffs salary. So the govt. is only balancing the state without improvising either side (positively) or built a parallel income to liquor. Looks prohibition is like only a dream project that will never takes place, unless govt. takes conscious decision and rehabilitates drunkards.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017



Endless envelopes 
unfolded, as I watch waves 
sent out peace message 

P.s. The picture shot at Palavakkam beach in neighbourhood during a visit last week and the haiku was inspiring on the spot. 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Knocked down Butterflies


While riding on the national highways in July, on way to Thandikudi (Kodai) for vacation, we sadly hit number of butterflies which came knocking on the windshield and side windows around the belt of Tindivanam and Villupuram. It wasn’t an unusual thing while riding but this time we hit butterflies in plenty and the butterflies were emerging in and out of the median where flowering plants were at bloom. At many places across the highways flowering plants and shrubs are grown on the median to prevent flashing light from the passing vehicles in opposite at night and also to enhance the appearance of road.

I have taken the NH 45 many times and ever hit the number of butterflies alike and we felt pity for these tiny lives. The butterflies that mostly knocked down were yellow and light green ones apart some red brown and orange butterflies. My cousin was driving the car and the knocked down butterflies leave back their trace on the windshield, turning it colourful and we counted about 5 different colours. The plants that adore the medians were mostly oleander and some kind of yellow flowers that produce nectar. So the butterflies were busy feeding on the sweet essence and being a highway it’s not possible to drive slowly, so could only feel sorry for these beauty species.


The rock painting of butterflies (pic above) was captured while waiting at the ECR toll gate to collect tickets. ECR toll gate is beautiful as same and I always try to capture some thing and the rock paintings are one. 

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

My perception on God!

Lot has changed with my perception on things, as I keep learning and experience life people do not notice it easily or I haven’t exhibited or chance to do. Being mostly home bound, except my parents no one observes things at close or interested to look into but with each passing phase the transformation happens as I ponder over things. One such thing was stop believing there's  God!  This wasn’t a decision of all of sudden but layer by layer the thoughts inbuilt within and it isn’t a reflection of my frustration of being disabled or anxiety. It’s a conscious decision truly based on rational thoughts and inner feeling.  Perhaps it could be my inability to obtain the feel of god but I wasn’t blindfold to stamp against others feelings and at same time I’m reasonable to feel unlike.

I don’t hide or deny that I believed God once when I wasn’t truly conscious about things or understood life. Though I don’t say I quite aware everything, but from my understanding which perhaps wrong, I couldn’t feel the god or hold faith. I might be wrong if I seek evidence and definitely there’s a power behind the rotation of earth and universe setting, but I couldn’t come to a term there’s god behind this exist. The transformation began within me more than a decade ago and many silent moments and questions answered me the same. Though my perception has changed I continue to capture or record things related to devotion or idol worshipping, and it doesn’t matter upon what belief it hold, I can’t deny the reality happening around me.

But still many things haven’t changed or turned down and I like going to big temples not for worship but to admire the craftsmanship and take photos on the architecture and sculptors. I see big temples or churches as a landmark of history and marvel at same and some are beautiful (even they’re small shrines or mosque) to watch. I still get to smear sacred ashes on the forehead by the dear ones which I have no mind to stop or argue in disbelief, and that doesn’t mean I praise the lord but respect their feeling and prevent hurting. I never like hurting anybody and couldn’t do so and not only because it hurt me more than I do, I dare to confront not in fear but love. While I stay away from others religious belief, I can’t stand up the superstitions and will protest when needed.

I grow up from a family that has been pious and my dad never misses a day to worship from the house altar (puja room) and going to temple on weekends. Mom does not miss her Friday worship and any monthly special days of worship apart celebrating festivals, people could wonder how come I differ in thoughts and against their devotional lifestyle. I believe faith can’t be forced on anyone and if it could be only distrustful will remain. Religion or faith should always be individual’s choice to accept or not. As a child one doesn’t have an idea or choice rather following their parents belief until they reach a stage of understanding and realize themselves what they want to be. Obviously I have all the rights already to choose what I want to be, but the only thing was I haven’t exhibited the transformation held within and I don’t think it’s needed anyone to know.

Friday, September 29, 2017

My Late Ayudha Pujai Celebrations

Ayudha Pujai is a south Indian festival, means worship of instruments, and is celebrated by all working people towards their occupation of tools. Ayudha Pujai had once been my favourite festival next to Deepavali and Pongal, and I always looked forward for this day (until my maternal uncle was alive) since our house was attached to my uncle’s Maruti (car) workshop. My parent’s was an inter family marriage and my dad married his sister’s daughter, so our relationship with my uncle doesn’t need an explanation and we are close enough to celebrate it as a family festival, calling close relatives, along with his co-workers the festival will go off enthusiastically.

Actually it was the night before the festival day we (me and bro) enjoy lot. Throughout the night the employs will involve in activities of cleaning the workshop, whitewashing the walls and repainting the tools and machineries. The employs were like brothers and uncles to us and a step outside the home will land into the workshop which means we often end up playing with the employees and have fun during their free times. And when a night and day is left to spend with them, how could we miss the fun in helping them and decorating the workshop to look colourful for the festival. Even our parents put us in bed forcefully, we couldn’t sleep really and mind kept thinking about going out and joining the workers but we make certain being outside till midnight or uncle warns to go to sleep.

Photos from the archives of 2007 celebration
On Ayudha Pujai, the day begin with a fresh feel looking at the workshop, free from all the greasiness and floors washed off and walls painted neatly in white with colour papers and festoons adorning  the workshop. We play songs in tape recorder to keep up the celebration mood and two big banana trees will be tied on the entrance of the workshop and all our vehicles will line up in front of the garage with flowers and sandal sprinkled on them after the water wash. The items for worship like aval pori, fruits, sweets and snacks will be bought in bundles and after puja (or worship) the items will be distributed in carry bags to workers, customers, drivers whoever attend the festival and also to nearby shops and friendly neighbours. Pori (puffed rice) is the main part of the festival, so mostly it would be a big sack to go into many carry bags and I also like watching how it take place along with fruits and snacks. Added to this a set of cloth (to be stitched as shirts and pants) was given to each employ apart a month salary as bonus.

I don’t think anyone would have given such benefits to their employs like how my uncle did.   He always cared and been generous with his co-workers, friends (whom were standing beside him when he opened the workshop) and anyone comes in need of things. I would say he has been a philanthropist throughout his growth and until he was alive; and our comfort level has risen almost because of him and the love and affect he kept on us. For anyone their father used to be their hero but I would consider him. During the festival our close relatives (whom were cousins overall) is invited and all our aunts were honour by saris and sometime we all have dinners together. As kids joining with cousins doesn’t need to say anything and its joyous occasion overall. Today we quite miss the fun and celebrations; since my uncle passed away (in 12/2001) things turned different and faced an end. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hi Fi (high fly)

Hifi (high fly)
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Up in the air, birds
flying aloft kindle man
to fetch wings to fly

Monday, September 25, 2017

RGB Monday


A land promoter’s colourful gateway at the outskirt of south Chennai. Picture shot during a recent outing on Sunday

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lovely Sky Watch III

Traveling from Trichy to Dindigul on NH 45 is always my favourite route to sky watch and fluffy cumulus clouds are found a lot on this stretch. Being a bare landscape for almost, the sky is wide and vastly open and against the blue skies the floating clouds turned to be a magnificent vista. The fluffy white clouds turned grey and pinkish at some places where playing light and shadow throughout the journey. While nearing Dindigul and beyond the town more grey clouds arrived at the sky and started to drizzle slowly.  And further will be shared in future post.

Vast sky with fluffy clouds (all pics can be enlarged)
IMG_6196 IMG_6192
Church on Trichy-Dindigul highway
A beautiful Church on Trichy - Dindigul highway 
Floating across

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