Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Liebster Award – Q&A

Ruth (of Ruth Fashion Diary) choose me for this award which is designed for new and upcoming bloggers who have under 200 followers and it’s such a great way to help the new blogs to grow, discover other blogs as well as welcome them into the blogging community.  I guess she must chosen me for this award seeing the followers list on my blog’s sidebar which shows less than 200 followers make her think I perhaps a new or upcoming blogger rather knowing I’m a decade older to blog. Though I don’t want to disappoint her, I just give a try to answer her questions:

1. How do you keep yourself inspired?
Reading is something keeps me going and the desire to learn something and exploring places (travelling) are the main source of my inspiration, apart observing nature and anything relevant to same.

2. What is the meaning of you blog name?
Jeevan’s World: Everything/anything related to my life/world

3. What is one piece of clothing that you cannot live without?
Anything goes on hiding the body

4. What is your favorite fashion store?
I don’t go for purchasing/shopping anywhere... so no idea about favorite.  

5. What made you want to start a blog?
You won’t believe if I say I don’t know what blog is all about when I started to blog. I just want to create a webpage for myself and thus blog emerged. But later it becomes a vital platform for sharing.

6. Which blogger is your biggest idol?
There are number of bloggers I admire and pointing out one as idol is quite impossible.

7. What's the perfect job for you?
I don’t think anything right now but I would like to become a farmer and promote the traditional farming using cattle and organic fertilizer or manure.

8. What do you first do when you get up in the morning?
Brush my teeth and only then I drink or eat anything. For the last 4-5 years I continue to take an herbal juice called “Able To”, which is a blend of green tea, aloe vera, noni, gooseberries... in the morning after brushing. The day begin with it make feel easy in digestion and excretion and fresh somewhat.

9. What place in the world would you like to visit and why?
I always love places that adjoin mountains, ocean or beaches and being in Chennai, beach is the most favorite/frequent place for not only me. But how come a place where both beaches and mountains exist together? It must be awesome then and one such place is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I think this city fascinates from every angle and famous for gorgeous beaches, statue of Christ the Redeemer atop a Mt. and the world’s largest festival called Rio Carnival.

10. How would you describe your style?
Simple and cool

11. How would you describe yourself using one word?

Thanks Ruth (for the award) and others for your support

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fence and Kingfisher

During a brief stroll around the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, in the Cubbon Park area of Bangalore, I find this White-Throated  Kingfisher, come perching the fence of the rose garden adorning the front yard of the Memorial Hall.

The rose garden has lot of roses bloomed in diverse species and colors and the presence of the kingfisher turned excited to see my two favorites together – flowers and birds – roses and kingfisher.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My first Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i19195

Mobile phones have become an essential part of the life and Smartphone’s are greater advancement in telecommunication that works versatility. Once we shifted from our native home, cellphone has become our communication tool though telecom. Although I have a mobile phone, the calls I receive or dial is very less, so we haven’t got a number separately for home and my number has been the source of communication and only mom use it frequently.

Actually I don’t need a phone, as my communication has been least, but as you all know Smart phones are used not only for dialling numbers... it’s a small PC (personal computer) comes within our palms. There are countless apps to do versatile jobs and my intention for the smart phone was to connect internet (esp. to use social media and navigation) while on the go and get a personal number which I could use when going out with cousins to leave back the mobile used at home.

I was searching for a Smartphone, to suit my need, for long time and was sure not to go for the brick or tablet size (5 or above inches), because that size could not easily hold by me and also wanted the phone to be less weight. But at this range there are least phones and those less weighted aren’t powerful and enough with storage memory. And also I couldn’t afford more than 15K. By this time I find Samsung galaxy S4 mini which comes within the budget, but not here, in the US.

Glad my friend (who was in US on onsite, then, and who get the PTA) was left with more than a week to return home and even at that short period he agreed to get me the phone and placed an order immediately on Amazon. He didn’t say anything about the phone later and in the activity of importing the Patient Lift I couldn’t enquire him but only later when I visited him, at home, he told on my request that the order has been cancelled at the last moment. But he had arranged to get the phone though his colleague, in March, when he was supposed to return.

Actually I was to get this phone in December when my friend returned. But I got it only in the first week of May when his colleague really turned-up. The S4 Mini is a mid-range model of its flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone and has a similar design and software features to its high-end counterpart. It has a powerful processor (1.7 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon) with 1.5 GB of Ram and 8 GB of storage memory that expandable up to 64GB.

Like I said above, it’s the weight (S4 Mini i19195 weights just 107gm) and screen size (4.27” Super AMOLED screen) that want me to for it. The phone comes very handy in dimensions operates with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and it is an international version mobile that includes 4G LTE. The phone has 8-megapixle (mp) rear-facing camera (+HD Video recording) and 2-mp front-facing camera and also has advance features like NFC, Smart Stay, Hands free mode... For the single micro sim card holder, I use the Airtel telecom service and the frequency is very good. 1900 mAh Li-lon battery power is very decent for my limited usage.   

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Photos: Pretty Pansies

Pretty Pansy
Pansies are my favourite fancy flowers, as I find them cute and prettier. My first encounter with pansies was at Kodaikanal, during my 2006 visit to the princess of hills. I saw these flowered bloomed at Bryant Park there and I still remember that they were colored in purple and white.

First time seeing them we don’t know the name of the flowers, even seeing the flowers more than couple of time in Ooty Botanical Garden and cottages we stayed in Kodaikanal, I was null about the flower until doing some research on net. People who referred to these flowers then conveyed it to me as monkey flowers, because of the aspect of the flower that resembles the face of monkey.

Viola Tricolor
The couple of macro shots, here, are capture during two different times of visits to Kodaikanal and the Viola Tricolor (a kind of pansy, in the photo above) was captured from a roadside fence around the Kodaikanal Lake. The flowers usually found in partially shade seems to bloom from April to September and it can be in colors of purple, blue, yellow, white... 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Review: Purambokku (Engira Podhuvudamai)

I don’t think films are meant for entertainment alone, and life isn’t entertainment as well, but Purambokku does a bit along with convection of communism. People who want a change in watching from the usual valour and haunting stories; Purambokku will put you upright if you’re interested in social welfare. Revolved around a death penalty, the Tamil film captured the courageous, emotions of three young men who involved in the proceeding.

Balu has been sentenced to death by the court for involved in terrorism and antisocial activities and the assignment (to put him hang) has been given to the Jail Superintendent Macaulay, but who doesn’t have the right or willingness to do, sought-after an hangman and thus finds Yemalingam, who come from the family of hangmanship – whose father and grandfather were hangmen and he himself has done the job as a young boy assisting his father.

Yemalingam, a alcoholic, who works as a railroad switch operator, first denied taking away the task (as he already in distress being fell into the pit of hangmanship) agrees later when Balu’s comrades, who initially intend to kill him, induce him in their plan to escape Balu from the prison. Do comrades succeed in their mission? And how challenging the venture was was set in an interesting manner leading all the way to ending with anticipation and apprehension.

Arya (Balu) in the role of revolutionary has performed well and although he seems quite and fearless at his attitude he maintained the seriousness throughout which is something new for this always cool guy. Karthika Nair as his close associate is perfect choice for the female lead of revolutionaries and her right physique easily achieved the role. Vijay Sethupathi as hangman has conveyed the difficulties and distress though his perspective is highly appreciative.  

Shyam as Macaulay is one character that impressed me lot.  In the role of jail superintendent, he does a job that was animate to the character that ruled out anything humane when it comes to complete his task with great authority – what makes the climax crucial. Apart actors, who overall given fine performance, the technicians behind the screen needs a special mention. The background score (by Srikanth Deva) has been significant and pulsation of Purambokku – meaning unknown person.

The artwork, esp. in the setting of the prison and gallows, was amazing and provides great detailing that haven’t perceived before. And it is a special area (artwork) where the director S.P Jananathan’s movies standout and his earlier one (Iyarkai) has got National Award, where the old lighthouse setting was impressive. Cinematography is another interesting area where I like the light and tone setting that varies from landscapes to diminish prison cells.

There are couple of Kuttu songs and many scenes relevant to prison are pretty older to drag over all apart some incomplete/unclear paths where understanding becomes difficult.  But the second part sustains the thrill and emotions have been well drawn. Although the film is about revolution and capital punishment, the best part I consider was the characters and expression of right emotions where the director has to be appreciated for bringing them out.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tea gardens near Coonoor

The mist striking the mountain cause an awesome view and feel...

A estate near coonoor

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Health update

For last few months I am going though some difficult with my position of sitting as well lying on bed, I experience pain around the lumbar. I visited doctor and he gave me medicine for pain relief but it worked for a short period and later I was back with the difficult and it becomes a part of life these days. Although I feel comfort while on wheelchair and sleeping at night, only shifting from to and fro the position of sitting to lying on bed strains.  I know back pains are obvious for people seated for long time and in my problem too it could be perhaps the reason, as I seated on wheelchair throughout the day and shift to lying position only while going to sleep at night and doing exercise/physiotherapy.

I have been on wheelchair for last 8 years and my body used to it so much and adapted to its own comfort. And also I haven’t changed my wheelchair all these years have put effect on my posture that was slightly recline to left and a rise in hipbone on right. I have started to lie on bed bending my right leg while lying down and wake up by dropping the leg aside the bed so that I was seated without pain around lumbar. I know the position I sit on the wheelchair is not right and it isn't the right wheelchair for me right now as I have grown from the stage I started to use this wheelchair, so no way I could remain in this wheelchair anymore. I am looking forward to purchase a wheelchair that suit me well enough esp. to prevent further changes in aliment.

Meanwhile, I wanted to go for a master health check-up since it’s been two year I went through one; consulting our doctor and on his guidance I took certain tests on Thursday which reports almost normal.  I was going though some uneasiness lately with my upper body and it makes me tense with uncertain what this feeling is about has result in taking echo-cardiogram. It was 5 years back that I took echo test when I was affected by lung infection and echo is recommended to muscular dystrophy patients who experience constant loss of muscles strength and not to forget heart is also a muscular organ and checking its function from time to time will help taking precaution measures.

Glad my heart functions so well and everything related to heart shown normal! But the x-ray (that I took for back pain) report shows small curve in the lumbar region of the spine which seem to be the reason for my back pain. The two impressions found on the x-ray report read “scoliosis with convexity to the left” and “lumbar degenerative spondylitis change”. The scoliosis is a medical term referred to “abnormal lateral curvature of the spine” and it seems like a common cause in muscular dystrophy patents who are bound to wheelchair and improper sitting position. But who affect by this the most/worst is the spinal muscular dystrophy patients whose muscles lose are abundant around the spine.

With this report we are suppose to consult an orthopedist to prevent further curving and as an initial step we’re yet to change my wheelchair that I hope to support my lumbar and rectify the sitting position. The muscular dystrophy is a condition where going back is impossible and preserving what exists is also a struggle but I am glad to be healthier enough than expected. Hope that we revealed the curvature of spine early before it become a serious problem, I am looking forward what doctor’s suppose to say or do I need to wear brace or not like the websites suggest. Let me update you later on. 

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Portable Transfer Aid, Take-along Lifts

Four months had passed since I imported a patient hoist/lift from the USA, and only started lately to use it to transfer me from one surface (sitting position) to another. As you all perhaps know that after my fracture in femur in 2013, I lost my ability to stand and transferring from one place to another has become difficult. Initially the transfer between the wheelchair and car (and car to wheelchair) has been the most difficult thing, but these days every transfer has become difficult as parents find it harder to shift me here and there. My mom too has exposed to serious health issues lately and expected to be addressed (by hysterectomy) soon, so I thought it was the right moment to go for an alternate and thus the patient lift.
(my portable transfer aid)
There are hoist manufactures in India, but Indian make are bigger in size and take away large space while being operated as well as in idle, so I was looking for a portable ones which are available only in abroad.  First I inquired about the popular one in the hoist manufacturing, the Milford Peron Lift, both in US and UK through my friends there. It is a lift that can be mounted into a car as well as walls at home, near the cot and toilet, where the transference happens frequently. But the price of person lift cost a lot and falls out of the budget. Actually there isn't a budget quota but knowing my limits I kept away the idea and went to Take-along Lift, after learning its usage, which seems to be simplest, and the compact in size grows a desire and interest to fetch.

I decided to go for it with confident only after getting nod from one of the mobility aid manufacturer in Chennai, who I know for long time and who understand the needs of disabled so well. But moreover it is because of my friend, who was on onsite to USA, boosted my confidence. Because I believed someone being there would be great helpful in communicating with the company and can confidently progress with purchase. I just passed the link of the website to him and he takes care of the entire procedure and updated me with each step forward. He also paid the entire sum, including the shipping, to repay when he returns home. What really caused trouble was the imposed customs duty at the airport, which we didn't expect?

This is the first time we are importing something from abroad, although we aware about the customs duty but what make us carefree was that my friend told, the shipping company (USP) has said to deliver at home. He was further told the hoist will be delivered within a week of payment, so I was looking forward to receive it without going out anywhere. Meanwhile, I received a call from the shipping company agent in Chennai and he asked us to collect the hoist from the airport, via custom house agent (CHA), by producing the document which he had sent through email. Before that he asked us to come over their office and take away the dispatch notification by paying an amount and only showing that at the airport will lead out the hoist.

Initially he hadn't said anything about visiting his office, so we proceeded with a relative, who is working at cargo and who helped us with each step within the customs regulatory and I am sure if he hadn't it would have been great difficult with the proceeding. He had been in touch with airport authorities on the arrival of flight (BA 035) and also arranged for a CHA to clear away the customs proceeding, where we are insist to pay 25% of the entire cost ($2215) of the hoist. Although they reduced 10% on the customs duty later when we produced my medical documents and letter from our family doctor on the purpose of importing the hoist, we spent more than 10% of the amount of duty here and there on the progress including the rupee paid for the releasing order from the shipping company.

It was less than a week progress from the time I received the call from the shipping agent, and the flight hadn't arrived at the time/date he had mentioned in the mail and when we inquire about it, only then he told about the order to get from them.  In the other mail he indicated that only 1 pack of the 4 packs had arrived and our relative also confirmed it, so we waited for a couple of days for the others packs to come. But after a day or two day when we called the agent, in doubt, as I read the packing would be done as a sole carton, he told that it was only 1 pack and the other 3 were marked mistakenly. So no way blaming others, as we have to pay extra charges for the days it had been retained by the customs.  

Image courtesy: takealonglifts

Coming to the Portable TransferAid (PTA), it weights merely 20 kg and could lift individuals weighting up to 136 kg and though it’s a manually operated mechanism, it’s the easiest among the patient lifts I have seen. This lift can be used both at home and transported in a car to use where we needed and it can also be disassembled into two parts of approximately equal weight for easy transport. Unlike other hoist/lift that elevates patient in hanging or swing position, the PTA lifts like seated in chair and comes in two lifting options. The Seat and Split Slings are both used for transferring and the seat sling is positioned underneath the patient, while waking up from bed, with closed bottom, to feel not unease while travelling out of doors and quick transferring. But the split sling is designed to lift patient from their sitting position and is mainly used for toileting as the sling provides access to clothing and under-garments.

Just began to use it slowly, we are supposed to practice it more for easier transferring. The seat sling doesn't need much effort like the split sling which has extract strap to connect for safety feature and the force required to turn crack (to lift patient) is typically less than 5 lbs. So far we have been used it many time for transferring me from wheelchair to car/SUV, but haven’t take it out anywhere. I hope it will be very useful in coming days as my parents feeling tough to transfer me, and the PTA doesn't need much manpower to access and look after others. 

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Gate & Lock


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