Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jeevan’s world Election proclamation (notice)

We all know this is the election time, every political parties release their election proclamation for Coming Assembly election in Tamil Nadu. So here is my proclamation for election, if I contest in election as a chief minister candidate, these things will be on that and I will try to finishing it my government period. We can see one by one.

First. Will Improve the Agriculture:

Form a team to advice and guide the farmer, how to develop the agriculture and which is the good time to do plough and harvest. What type of grain will grow nicely in the requested land?. This team will inspect every village and ask the farmers about their need and what type of help they want from government. If we see, it clearly shows that our future will be depending on agriculture. Now a days the agriculture lands are decreasing, because farmers sale there land for factories and built flats. For example some years back, if we cross the Chennai Metro and travel 7-8 km we can see farm lands and with green fields, now, if we travel at least 25 or 30km only we can see fields, so we will concentrate on this issue, if we need, we will launch a law for ban of selling farm lands. If we leave this issue now, we don’t know how many hackers of agriculture lands are going to change as concrete floors. Our team will visit every village, and realize the farmers about the benefits they are going to get form agriculture in future. Some farmers don’t know about the recent changes in nature, so they used to grow fields as routine how they do before, so we will explain about this. Like our President Abdul Kalam said, we should develop the satellite technology to find which is the correct season for plough and harvest. So our team will start to work on this satellite technology with scientists and with the advice of our president. (I request farmers not to leave the agriculture, because they have a fertile future).

Another important thing is irrigation facilities. In Tamil Nadu, many farmers are hope of Rivers. We have biggest rivers like Cauvari, Vaigai, Thamaraparani… in Tamil Nadu. We all know that our farmers have faced a heavy drought and heavy flood in recent years. We know the Humans activates against the nature are the main reason for this drought and flood, because we have dig the river bed and take sands illegally, so the running water was stopped in middle and its speed was reduced and it cant go further. Already the current government have banned taking sands form requested rivers, but the lorry owners are not hearing the government and taking sand secretly, some time the lorry drivers have killed many officers who stop the illegal sand lorries. Another thing is many people have occupied the rivers and constructed buildings, and short the river breath. For this our team will survey the buildings that were constructed on the rivers and remove them. We will find the signs for linking the rivers and approach the central government for funds to connect, so we can avoid the drought and floods in future. By this we can also give work for unemployed and poor by this project. There are many things like this will be coming on your government.

Agriculture universities in every district:

If we see in Tamil Nadu there is only one-agriculture university (Collage of Agricultural Engineering, Coimbatore). If we take Engineering universities (collage) for courses like BE, EEE, ECE, Btech, MCA ect… there will be at least one or two in every town (a city which was populated at least 10,000 people). By this we know that there are no much agricuture universities in TN. So how will the agriculture develop, with out learning about agriculture. So we will build at least one Agriculture University in every district. We will create awareness about the importance of agriculture among students and advice to join in agriculture universities and help the farmers to see a fertile India in World.

Proclamation will continue….


Anand Prabhu said...

Hi jeevan, saw ur comments in my blog..thanks so much...yeah its me in the snow..:) i have been a silent visitor in your blog for a long time...:) you got a wonderful blog over here...keep them coming...

My days(Gops) said...

gud move jeevan..
btw, issuing orders to ban farmers to sell their farm field...nice point,
but ths doesnt solves the problems...as we all knw, concerning agriculture=> w/out nature's help nothing can do.... and also not all the lands are enough gud to cultivate everything...

increasing Agriculture colleges might solve the problems bit.. but? who dare to do the course?

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

good points..

and yea u could even include something about organic farming :)

lil _kath said...

...hope for the best in Tamilnadu yaar,may the deserve one win in the election and solve the agricultural problems in your place.
May God touch their heart.


priyums said...

very good points...anaalum nee election ninda makkal vote podanumla so you have to give color tv or bags of rice..Ippadi nalla plan ellam potta makkal eppadi unnai nambi vote poduvanga..? Routai mathu..By the way if you are a minister u have get some deal with the multi national corporations..and help the farmers sell the lands..Ippo landa kasu tharathu..Film city aramikalam..illai perisa Software tech park podalam..Enna panrathu lands vechundu..rendu factory kattalam..oru naalu fly over podalam ippadikum appadikum..flat kellam land kudutha supera swimming pooloda veedu katunvanga..Tamilnaduve kalakkala jilu jilunnu irukkum..

This is my 'vayatherichal'. I appreciate your thoughts - may be one day you will get the authority or help to implement it. I have seen problems with farmers and small scale industries in India. Thooki vidarathu government kadamai. India lives in her villagesnu Mahatma sonnathai maranthomna kashtam than.

Keshi said...

Funny how the ancient kings knew all the tactics of great agriculture and in this modern era with all the technology and help we still seem not to be up to the standards...hehe...


WA said...

great election manifesto Jeevan, looking fwd to the next part of it

susubala said...

Very good points to be considered. Exactly u caught the point of Agricultural lands and it is the identity of our country ! Well said Jeevan !

வேதா said...

jeev, en votu unaku thaan:)

Jeevan said...

Anand – thanks a lot:)

Gops – if we think, we can change the uncultivable land into cultivate land. Our team will do that work. We will test that land and find what will grow in that land. (Have u seen Vetri Kodi kattu, were parthipan used to take the farm land mud and go and ask the agriculture office what will grow in this mud, the officer will tell, in that mud land curved grass will grow.) Like this if we try we can grow any some think, I got this idea form this movie.

Who dare to do the course? If we realize the students about the use of Agriculture by conduct an awareness camp, they will come forward to join. Our study should not only be helpful for our future, but it should be a useful for people.

Kunsjoi – thanks, u said a good point, I forget to add this, organic fertilizer, even the manure fertilization will also helps.

Kathy – will hope :)

Jeevan said...

Priyums – if any one has land and don’t know what to do, just come and ask our guide team for idea. Its free:) Some year’s back, the farmers in Tanjavur grow tones of paddy, and they ask the government to change the paddy into rice and buy it, but our Tamil nadu government refused there demand, so tones of paddy have been waste in rain. This thing really feel me sad. Kaalam mari pocchu, mahatma sonnathu maranthu paochu, namba makkaluku.

Keshi – its true. We should encourage students to learn the technologies and help farmers.

Angel – Thanks friend.:) Thinking, will post the part 2 soon.

Susubala – Thank you:)

Jeevan said...

veda - nandri vakkalara:)

tulipspeaks said...

interesting..i've been watching the suntv news everynite..election time huh? parpom this time enna nadekuthunu..

btwn, ur proclamation..waiting for the next one..hmm..


Known Stranger said...

my proclaim will be - i will kill all politians except myslef.

priyums said...

Also jeevan - take a look at these sites for more ideas- never know one day our dreams will become true.



Jeevan said...

Amutha – interested to know about Tamil Nadu election, good. Thanks, hope u like my proclamation.

Known stranger – welcome here:) are u a politician?

Priyum – thanks for the sites, it’s interesting to read.

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