Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bestow Blog Awards

Recently my dears in blog honored me with awards for what they feel am right person to have. I sincerely thank each one made my days so happy and wonder how truly I admired to get there attention. Thank you so much dears. Now it’s my turn to pass on.

Lovely Keshi awards me with Blogging Friends Forever. We share here nearly my blogging years; it means of our long lasting friendship in blogging and wish to see it forever. So on the way this award to goes to:

Balaji – He is a wonderful mate and brother to practice; he love train journeys, observe the beautiful nature and moments he comes across, in sharing with people he is best. He always encourages me, and it’s my pleasure meeting him sometime back.

Amutha – Her tulip speaks sweet. She writes exactly what to be convinced or express. She shares whatever interesting and important event with pictures. I wish all her 2008 resolutions exist, wow she have a new car right now ;)

Sivanesan (GP) – He is my great brother, who really cares ever I miss in online and bolgging (that doesn’t mean none cares than him). He is a science fiction writer, interacts with human, universe, ghost and dreams. He is another one been in touch with me almost blogging.

Priya – As she already received the brilliant weblog award, so I pass this to her. Her thoughts are worth, and anyone can agree as those bring positive changes. She flows like stream of poems, to read it feel beautiful and nature. To add she is a good photographer, introduce many new bloggers through her site.

Brilliant weblog award given my Priya, now I pass this to:

Karthik – Even though he is no more, his reflections are more. I never know him before visiting his blog, but learning about him through his mother (now my mother too). I really wonder at his intelligent and bet someone like him to born is very rare. A perfect person to praise this award! If karthik was special to earth, just think how that could possible without his mother, who brought him to this world as best person? So I giver this award to Karthik Amma!

Kavi – He has his style of writing and made to wonder with interesting matters. Wherever he goes, capture the moments in pictures and express with words truly. These days he watches more Hindi movies and comes with neat reviews.

Sameera – She is a wonderful short story and prose poetry writer, she brings the exact scene to feel into fantasy. Her poems are more on Love and as social message. A lovely blogger :)

Meghna – She is a very young and sweet sis in 13. She could inspire anyone through her creative and gives pleasure her own fairytale stories. She shares her school experiences and pranks of loveable, and she is a reading enthusiastic.

Annie – She have the patience more than enough waiting to become a published writer. More confident person and pretty talented writer, and spent more time with nature. A wonderful photographer and turns to welcome visitors with a cup of tea ;)

Kalyan – On every events he was there to highlight the occasion and decorate with pictures and provide information regarding. Everyone can enjoy the feel in his description and whatever it may, takes us along. This Eden garden native, take us through the heavens garden of India and its culture, heritage and tradition, cuisine, peoples lifestyle ect...

Dear Lalitha awarded me this, so I pass it to:

Keshi – What she write is right from her heart and there is a wonderful writer in her. She is more fun loving person, truly enjoys her exist and her words heal our courage. My favorite blogger in the world.

Vishesh – He is very intelligent and his teen does nothing to his knowledge! He flow stream of thoughts and questions through poem. He comes out with interesting ideas and makes us think what his picture speaks!

Thooya – She is a Tamil blogger who got more affection on language and people, which brought her here. She shares her sorrow and experience in Elam, sometime gives interesting facts around. She is one sweetest and loving friend of mine and she cooks well ;)

Krystyna – She is a wonderful person in heart, prays for peace and happiness to all. She gives more useful tips to stay healthy and she read more books related to health and share with us. She has very cute and sweet grandsons, and cares more for Kevin who is undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. ‘Don’t worry dear, we all here to pray for him, and wish for positive indeed.’

Shiva – He writes more on social awareness and beautifully poems on nature, people, poverty… he have good memories and shares his experience whenever. Think he travels more to not update often, but he doesn’t miss sharing my posts. Thanks dear :)

Jeeves – She simply writes poem, lovely and what it means more.

Prema – She shares techno information; thoughts and any interesting experience. She loves children, pets and more cars!

Lakshmi – She writes her journey experience and describes the places which rarely noticed by people. She interested on exploring history, heritages, people culture, practice ect... more than enough pictures let us visiting the place and lots of information provides her blog.

All our bloggers deserve this awards; if I left someone don’t feel, i love you all for whatever u r right now if i missed.


gP said...

Nandri nanba. I shall keep this forever. our friendship means more than anything. Ive met truly amazing people online, it shall be the best of the times. :)

gP said...

ive visited karthiks blog. i felt the pain. im reflecting again on death and living.

god bless his soul.

thx nanba.

Lakshmi said...

Thanks so much..will post it for sure after the guest blog

Resonator said...

Jeevan..Thank you friend..

happy blogging

Sameera Ansari said...

Thanks buddy!Sweet gesture :)

Have a great weekend!

Sameera Ansari said...

P.S. Please accept this award from me :)

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you so very much for your award, Jeevan. Your kind words have more than made up for not receiving good news about my writing yet.

Yestereday, I did have another one of my photographs printed in our local paper.

Best wishes and a warm ((Hug))


Anonymous said...

wow.thats a sweet suprise Jeevz...thank you..but i value this more "She is one sweetest and loving friend of mine and she cooks well ;)" than any awards...Hugss

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
you are the one of the best friend and the best writer. Your posts, poems always delight me.
Congratulations on your awards! You deserve the best!

And thank you so much for awarded me, and for your nice words.
I feel very happy.

Have a relaxing, happy weekend!

krystyna said...

Jeevan, I visited Karthik's place.
My heart is melted.
Sorry, I'm not sure if I understand correct. Please, write me in few simple words about this great man, what happened.
I alaways saw him here and he was awesome.

Kavi said...

Thank You !! Jeevan !! As i have said many times before, you and this blog keeps me inspired and keeps me going !

Priya said...

Thaz very sweet of you Jeevan. Thank you for the award and appreciate it. Have a nice weekend.

tulipspeaks said...

Thank you so much Jeevan! :)



Keshi said...

omg Im touched Jeevan! ty so much HUGGGGGGGGGS!

**My favorite blogger in the world


Jeevan, to me, ur an awesome philosopher, a neat writer, a great man and most of all, a TRUE friend. I LOVE YA! And Im in tears now :)


Vishesh said...

Thank you :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D lol have passed it on to others :P

Shiva said...


I am delighted to see this award...

Thanks dude :)

Jeeves said...

Thanks Jeevan.Hugs. Am so glad :)))Thanks dear

Ash said...

Congrats on the awards, Jeevan. Well-deserved :-)

Jeevan said...

GP – Thanks so much bro and also for visiting karthik’s blog.

Lakshmi - :)

Resonator – happy blogging :)

Sameera – Thank you so much for awarding dear, so sweet of u :)

Annie – hope these few steps makes u climb more and supports for ur writing wish. Thanks fo publishing the award at ur blog dear friend :)

Thooya – Thanks dear thooya, its more pleasure meeting u here. Hugss

Krystyna – your words truly encourages and support me more. Thanks for being always with me here :)
Yes, u sees his pic in comment page, but who writes those comments are karhik’s mother, who lives with the memories and pain of missing his son, struggling with sorrow everyday. Karthik passed away on August 26 in a bike accident; he was a brilliant student from top university in India and learned under ex-president of India.

Kavi – Thanks so much and u too keep me interesting through ur post bro. lets blog for long….

Priya – Thank you buddy :)

Ammu – Hugss…

Keshi – you encourages me to reflect beautiful dear, love u so much. Hugss and smiles :)

Vishesh - :)

Shiva - Thank u too buddy :)

Jeeves – glad to be too dear :)

Ash – Thank you :)

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

thats great to hear!!

Congratulations and best wishes Jeevan!!


Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
as i have been roaming with a burdened shoulders , full of problems, i didn't even get time to check mails and read blogs.
As it has been repeatedly said,
now it goes unsaid, that My Jeevan is great in the real sense of the word.
NOW , it's my turn to thank you. whether i deserve the honour or not KARTHIK deserves it by all means.
Thank you jeevan.

krystyna said...

Thank you Jeevan for your answer.

I am touched.

Vetirmagal said...


I went through your blog and found you have many friends. Will you allow me to be your friend too?

The only hitch is I am 58 years old, but young at heart. I don't really write much, my posts are all in draft stages.I do not have the courage to publish,yet.

My thought flow freely when I read blogs that reflect my ideas,and then I comment. There are more comments from me than blog write-ups!

Vetirmagal said...


I went through your blog and found you have many friends. Will you allow me to be your friend too?

The only hitch is I am 58 years old, but young at heart. I don't really write much, my posts are all in draft stages.I do not have the courage to publish,yet.

My thought flow freely when I read blogs that reflect my ideas,and then I comment. There are more comments from me than blog write-ups!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!