Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She is Maya

Maya 002
Maya, just a month old pup was the new arrive at home. Late weekend my brother brings home this cotton candy like pup, which is behind yesterdays post about her (she). It is one of a prankish and overactive dog, except sleeping time it was fully in playing mood, running everywhere and behind wherever we go. Having only baby drink, she was eager to bite without teeth and most of the time trying to bite anything found. Because of this someone should always watch its movement and to take care like a baby and it behavior was too.

It was tickling and caress with the soft hair and buss with mouth; some times try to bite which is also like ticking until it have no tooth. I could not avoid calling mom to take her away, just in little fear ever she comes near my foot in manner of biting. This little has increased the burden of mom, while it irritate her doing mess everyplace and where it was more fondling with her, as well mom too. But everything was not right having maya with us, we lack for spaces in the apartment, where it could stay only inside home and can’t pose caution leaving her behind gateway.

What I was really thinking is to give away this pup from our home and leave where it was before or to those wish to have it. Understand the situation I urge more for the pup to take away and not to put unnecessary disturbance for both of us. Being very small and runs boundless, it’s hard to walk incase looking around always to avoid stamping and all above I was to fear suppose of unpleasant happens that could be distress. When moving on wheels, she come around biting wheels or entering under chair and I can’t sure it was safe. So I left the decision to my parents and bro, to keep her with us or to leave some where the pup to be greed place. Till then I could enjoy watching her playing around.
Maya 001


Anonymous said...

Really so cute...I simply love it...Now you will have a wonderful companion by your side and yes do keep yourself safe from it and for the moment just enjoy it!

priya said...

So cute, pretty, bubbly and everything about it. I had 2 dogs back during my school days and its almost like babies. They can understand every single word we speak and when you feel down and be with them, it makes u happy.

Shiva said...

So, this is SHE. I was expecting something different:)

She looks cute and the names is awesome.

Now a days, hard to manage pets with the limited space in apartments.

Honestly, I cant stand them..

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Maya is very beautiful and cute, but I understand your embarrassment.
It is responsibility too. First year is very difficult.
I like dogs, when my kids were home we MUST have. They love dogs.
But now, I didn't have (I'd like to have), because I know that it is impossible to take good care.
I wish you make a good decision.

After this difficult time Maya will be a good friend and her behavior will be well.

Best to you!

Solitaire said...

Hey Jeevan,
Thanks for visiting my blog!
The pup is sooooo cute.
I would not have the heart to give it away...:(

Keshi said...

OMG Maya took my heart away! SO DARN CUTE n ADORABLE I cant stop lookin!


alexander said...

Maya is very cute! Great shots.

Alex's World! -

Alok said...

She is such a sweet heart Jeevan ... Enjoy ur time


Ghost Particle said...

ok this is so sad now...dont give her away bro.

or better still, give to someone whose close to you so that you can visit. its such a beautiful companion. Maya. I wish i had a dog.

tulipspeaks said...

agree with gp. do u really hv to give her up??


Jeevan said...

Kalyan – Thanks buddy. Yes I was doing that only, just fun watching its activities and now pup started identifying people.

Priya – Thank you. True, dogs are more understandably and once they become familiar they listen to our words. Some times before we have a Doberman and it happens friendly after months of fearing to reach it.

Shiva – she lines are happned to be giving an expression of a women and baby, so I thought to change the direct just placing the word bitch, which means a female dog. Thank you buddy, i agree with you. We have to face too much pressure to maintain them in flat system, not alone from the dog with neighbors also.

Krystyna – I comfort with your comment dear, you have understood what I was suppose to tell in keep the pup with us. Ya they are like free birds, it’s the time they have to be properly trained. I too hope she become smart soon :)Thanks friend.

Solitaire – You are most welcome here :) Thank you and so sweet you comment, I too don’t have mind to give her away, but the situation sent these words.

Keshi – I know dear, you would love it. keep looking :)

Alexander – Thank you was good having your comment, I have missed you link and forget. Will check your blog later.

Alok – Thank you friend :) its sweet watching her and the pranks.

GP – I hope she was in home for sure some days and my bro is not agreed to give away, if it even then sure she may staying at my uncle’s place. So no problem, if we like, we can take back. Thanks for the idea bro and I also wish you for a dog :)

Ammu – honestly I have to tell, Yes! that does not mean I dislike the pup, but the situation and the space difficulty are oppose.

megacloud said...

Hi Jeevan,

How are you? This is mega, lucky I was abt to cross with your blog, I read some of your article and your own experience, really very impressive, keep this good spirit continue with lots of new experience.

All the very best for your great job.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jim said...

Maya is very beautiful and cute, but I was hoping she wud be a hott chick