Sunday, December 03, 2006

Young Veyyil (Sun Light)

G.V. Prakash Kumar this name is the hottest in the cine field now. Director Shanker who introduced him as a kid singer in his film GentleMan 10 years ago, and who also singed the Kaadhal Yaanai from Anniyan, now he has introduced him again as an young Music Director for his banner Veyyil (Sun Light). I brought the album Veyyil with A.R.Rahman in my mind, because Prakesh’s Uncle Rahman was 18 when he composed music for Film Roja, but Prakesh’s composition was very different its’a mixture of all Western and Indian. In his album Veyyil it has folk, soft melody, duet and village music.

The First one Veyyilodu Vilayadi Veyyilodu Uravadi…. Brings the small enjoyments we had in our childhood through the lyrics. The song starts with the big band sound and continues with the festival drums famously know as Thappadi. Guess this song would popular in rural villages.

The soft melody Uruguthae Maruguthae… the song has Shreya Ghoshal awesome voice and the try of Shanker Mahadevan in the melody voice was different. Prakash should be appreciated by the way he handling the song, it remains me the song Asai Asai eppoluthu… from dhool.

Ooran Thottathil Varathu potta velarikka… was energetic and a youthful song, which has some traditional games in the lyrics and the instrument’s used in the songs, gave a feel of dancing, the high pitch voice in the middle have a mix of Anniyan style.

Here goes my favorite song from Prakash is Kadhal Nerupin Nadanam… It has something special from him. It starts with the Arabian Vocal cords Ena Rackin my luv En odi my luv…. It has the touch of Harish jayaraj’s Omasa eya Mariyaya… form kaka kaka. I was impressed by the lyrics, esp the second para of the lyrics is soothing and the voice of my fav karthik & the Chinmaya has good combination. Here I share the Lyrics of the song (the original and translation of the song) :

Love is dance of fire
Melt the life and lose of travel.
Love is movement of water, cyclone sleeps
silent of sea.
Love a magic world, cheetah catch in spiders net
spotted deer’s, smile and redeem it
Eyes change as a plant, which blooms dreams because of u
In the age and mind, the colors flows let by let because of u
To cushion on ur playing beautiful hands, a stage have to fell of my head.
Live rain, when the time umbrellas were absent.
Your two hands change as an umbrella.
Colors changes in your breath,
one crore rivers rushes into body.
Like a bird, you and I can go of the other side to the sky.
Like the roots, can we go long on the bottom of the earth.
Crore clouds crawl and dance above the head.
Love asks the language and becomes rain.
Haven’t seen the flower smell for hundred centuries,
it blow everywhere on the earth.
You inside me and me inside you
Time creates the Love doll.


Keshi said...

some great music there to check out then. Ty Jeevan!


Nirek said...

Will def listen to it! Heard good reviews abt it earlier also!

gP said...

i have to get this music after reading it here bro. Sounds amazing.

Btw...the contest deadline is now on the 20th! so u have more time.

monu said...

wow..good to c u back..
and nice lyrics!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome lyrics Jeevan, hope i can hear the song ;(;(

glad to see u back dear, and am back too after long time hehe!


Jo said...

Good to see you back man! :-)

I heard that Veyil songs are good and GVP is a promising talent.

Anonymous said...

Nice review Jeevan :)

Nirek said...

Veyils songs ellam padam bro! romba raschirenkanga polla. just now got chance to tune into them. lovely!

Iravanai- song is my fav. yar padinathunu theriyilla...ana manasa ennomo pannuthu

Ellam song engeyo ketta mathiri irukella... ennomo song reminded me of virumandi songs!

ana nalla irukku! Great!

tulipspeaks said...

Uruguthae Maruguthae is my current fav! cant imagine going to bed without listening to it at least once! im addicted to it. simply amazing.


Anonymous said...

super jeevan. veyyilukkae jeevan koduthu vitteergal.

Anonymous said...

Nice review !!

Anonymous said...

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tulipspeaks said...


Jeevan said...

Keshi – try to listen, the songs are cool:)

Nirek – Yes I too like that songs Iravani unarkera tharunam athu, engea vazum tharunam athu… this song has its voice from Prashandhini. One song remains the virumandi style. I am looking forward to see the videos of the songs. Take care bro:)

GP – give a try, its very nice album. Thanks for extending the date for the storys, I am doing on it:)

Monu – Thanks’s Friend:)

Kathy – Thanks dear, hope u will listen some time:) Wish u a Happy weekend.

Jo – I am back:) heard ur recent song from Thalabathi, its beautiful!! Young prakesh is much talented.

KK - Thanks u

Amutha - Its good to addict for the good music. Enjoy with it:)

Kittu – Welcome here:) Mikka Nandri.

Pavi – Thanks.

Amutha – suffer from eye pain.

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