Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sounds Different

Chew the quid

In Morbi. 60km from Rajkot (Gujarat), Gauri grabs attention for her addiction to Masala Paan. Nothing new. Just that Gauri is a cow. She visits Jagadish Sindhi’s paan shop at least six times a day. Sindhi says that it started with him giving her paan once. She returned another one. Gauri continues to come and Sindhi readily obliges.

Cobra cuisine

You may prefer the bubbly, but he loves the wriggly. Neeranjan Bhaskar of Arah district (Bihar) has been devouring snakes for over two decades now. Well, he eats them alive. The 35-year-old black magician claims he has eaten over 10,000 snakes. His favorites are Cobra and banded Kraits.

Best stroke

Almost every day for 12 years, Abdul Malik of Padinjatumuri village in Malappuram (Kerala) has been paddling a rubber tube across the Kadalundi River. It is the shortest way for the teacher to reach his school. He reaches there in just 30 minutes; it would take one and a half hours by buy. All that it costs him is the occasional change of rubber tubes.

Service 12*7

A workshop that functions 24*7? A dream comes true for motorists. Well those in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) are lucky ones. The nameless workshop owned by Mohammed Salim has never closed since 1947. For that very reason, it doesn’t have doors! The oldest workshop in Indore doesn’t charge extra for late night service. The Salims have been running the workshop for four generations.

Like a chimney

Creating smoke rings can be fascinating, but ever heard of a man who smokes with his ears? Meet 24-year-old Dharmendra Singh on Bikaner (Rajasthan), who can huff and puff through his ears. Initially he tried smoking with his ears for fun, but it soon became a habit. Now he smokes 20 cigarettes a day. It also endorsed in the Limca Book of Records and also in the Guinness Book of World Records. (check the videos here of how he smoke through ears)


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