Thursday, December 28, 2006

Disappoint and enjoyment

I really not at all in the mood to blog now, but my situation is in compel to do it, with no other way to spent the times. How would it be if our cousins are in holiday’s and they are very near to us, even though we dint have fun. Its what happening here, only on Monday I went to beach with parents and one cousin bro. Couple of days backs all my cousins come to my home and spent only few hours, and went back to our grannies house. I hoped they would be with me for some days, and I request them to stay; but they refused it and went. I am totally disturbed when the loved ones depart me alone, I don’t know why should I disappoint with this, it gives only worries than nothing. My crave going ups, when I hear they are visiting other cousins house, is their any selfish in my wish that they must spent with me? If they expect any think to change with me, I am here for them do to, or I must find a way to bring them here. I haven’t any idea how to express my wishes to be with them. Anyhow I am just enjoyable with the music, at least to forget my crave.

After a long time to listen the energetic songs from Vijay. Pokeri has many peppy songs from Manisharma; I am catch with the songs and the Suchitra's rocking voice these days. En Chellaperu apple… was a youthful song from suchitra, this songs remembers the May Matham… from JA JA has become my favorite one and the song Nee Mutham ondru koduthal muthtamil…. Has comes out in the correct situation, where the Tamil has given much important recently in the Tamil Nadu. As usual there was a starting song with Pokiri pongal, which tells it would be a Pongal special. Already Vijay was an excellent dancer, now to give an additional enjoyment, the great dancer PrabuDeva's alliance expects more. I too brought some old collects from the Music exhibition recently, I don’t know now days my wish to listen to old songs has increased. This is the time to enjoy the village songs as we are heading towards Pongal a traditional festival of Tamil nadu, so got some songs from Pushpavam Kuppusami and I adore it.


Anonymous said...

pokiri songs nalla irukka??! great to hear. hope vijay breaks ajith's varaluru!

starry said...

Hope you are feeling better Jeevan.I think we all like our loved ones to stay with us and are sad when they leave.I feel like that sometimes too. I think you should have gone with your cousins to visit the other members of the family, then you would not be sad. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

Anonymous said...

Pushpavanam Kuppusami, have heard a lot about them, they are a couple right? Will look out for their CDs next time in Chennai.

As to the cousins, its a difficult situation. Not sure what to say

monu said...

wow..i heard one song from pokkiri in was ok...

hope u have fun this new year..
Happy new yr!

Visithra said...

thats normal jeevan - especially when u love someone - u want them close always - dont worry there will be other times - happy new year dear

Jeevan said...

Niker – Yes it has nice songs:) today only I watched Varalaru, very nice film, appreciating acting from Ajith!!

Starry – yes dear I wish to go with them, but my situation was difficult to go there:) Thanks and wish u a great New Year, have a healthy life:)

Angel (WA) – ya, they both sings well, I love the village songs present by them on pongal days and on special programs. Advance New Year wishes:)

Monu – I liked all songs dear:) Thanks and Wish u a bright New Year!

Visith - :) Thank you dear! Let me try to bring a worriless year. Happy New Year:)

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