Saturday, December 09, 2006

Temples and Enjoyable outing

On a cool rainy day with my bro (who rarely come out with us), dad, mom and uncle visited on a plan to Tirupporur Murugan Temple. Everyone loves rain, I enjoy more rain in driving, and it’s childish to keep the hands out on the rain. The road towards the temple till kelambakam the was fed up, its full of contour and water on many places, it was lesson for not to use this road till it properly put. If we cross the city to country side, its pleasure to see bulls, goats crossing the roads and playing, but it’s a big disturbance for vehicles and these livings have chance to face bloody by the speed vehicles. Have been inside the Murugan temple some years back, but now as usual settled in the car and watching the temple tank which was filled with water, between taking snaps of tank, goats, tower of temple.
Tirupporur Murugan Temple
Temple Tank

Goat standing on the wall of the Tank
Peacock inside the Temple (took my mom)

I have memories of the silent surrounds of the temple with much spacious to play, run and rarely see peacock. Sitting on the steps and dropping the fried grain on the water to the hunger fishes, and the tank has a history of never faces drought.

After worshiping lord Muruga, we turned on East Cost Road towards Mahabalipuram; on the way the sky becomes very dark and started to pore heavy rain. Some on the road’s arriving to a hide places, and the bulls keep on standing in the center of the road without feeling the rain. Went to one of grandma’s traditional family deity Karukkathamman temple in mahabalipuran, which was on construction, as we arrive the temple, was closed because of untimely. In my childhood days I have spent much of times in the surrounding places of this temple, when ever I visit our relative’s house. It has a pond and green trees to make the afternoon cool. Many times went to the pond with cousins to bathe, as I am fear of water, will not drop my feet’s inside the pond because of an warning of mire, but my cousins bravely jumps from the rock to pond. There was also a small hill near the Temple, every time we used to climb few feet on the hill to worship Ganesh, which was carved on the rock in Pallava times. On the rocks we can find some red stain for few meters, and my grandma used to tell me a story for the red stain, that the God in the temple killed the giant person who always disturb the village people and pulled him through this rocks and bury under the temple. After spending some time we had a wonderful drive on the ECR.
Dark sky on the way
Goats running on the Rain
Lord Ganesh carved on the rock
Green sight near Mahabalipuram

Again on last Friday (Dec 1) I got another change to go a drive on ECR to attend a new home function in my grandma’s village Thiruvadanthai near Kovalam, with cousins. This village has one of my sweetest days I have spent in my life; it has beautiful lake, ponds and lovely relatives. Now our relatives are shifting from there old tiles house to concrete roof house, which has much designed works on windows, doors, roof…. It was surprise to see an old type of house in concrete roof in this modern construction. Took the car with bro and cousins, rounded the village visited the pond, temple where we were roaming with Palm fruit vehicles. They serve Tiffin with famous Kushboo Idly and the sambar was so nice, I was totally enjoyed the day.
Drwoppathi Amman Temple in Thiruvadanthai village


Vinesh said...

Hi Jeevan,
It's been a while.

Pictures nalla irukku.
Hope ur doing well too :-)

smiley said...

rain a blessing to madras... nice photos :)

Keshi said...

Jeevan it looks like u have been taking photos ard Heaven! WOW so nice. So natural and so divine. I love the Goat and the Peacock pics!! Amazing.


Anonymous said...

wow bro! happy to hear abt bakthi filled weekend! Photos are great!

Visithra said...

nice photos nice trip - never been to that murugan temple - n a different photo of mahabalipuram then the normal shore temple photo

Anonymous said...

cool fotographs yaar..nice work..really felt like going for a trip to dhrowbathy amman temple...hope u njyed...

Anonymous said...

Heyyy.. my first visit here !!!
And I must say "nalla irukku". Have been to quite a few places in south. Will post sometime.

Liked the pics and blog very much. Will come again.

P.S.- It's disheartening to know about muscular dystrophy. I can understand the pain as I know someone close to me having the same.

Anonymous said...

nice photo's man.. I personally liked the 3rd photo i think of the goat standing on the wall.. looks cute and picturesque.

Kavi said...

Cool pictures. Looks like you had loads of fun ! thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

hey amazing pics. dear... u took us there too by looking at the pics, awesome shots!!

and seems u had a good time jeevan... thats cool!! ^_^

have a great week ahead!


tulipspeaks said...

love the pic of Lord Ganesa on the rock!


EarthlyTraveler said...

very interesting post.You have taken very nice photos.I liked the dark clouds and a goat one.
The scenary photo taken at Mahabalipuram reminds me of my village.Thanks jeev.Take care--SKM

gP said...

really love this post bro. vivid story and the images are excellent. i will visit the temples in India one day. Really great post.

gP said...
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Jeevan said...

Vinesh - Yes dear, hope ur enjoying with the new place:) Thank you!

Smiley – sure and Thanks:)

Keshi – Thank youuuu dear Keshi:) nice of ur comment.

Nirek – Thanks bro:)

Visith – catch it next time when ur here:) this green fields are opposite to the lion cave on ECR.

One among u – Thank you so much dear:)

Cuckoo – Welcome here:) looking for your posts about south. Keep on coming:)
Cool u has known some about MD.

Jeevan said...

Praveen – Thanks Friend:) glad u liked it.

Kavi – Thanks for sharing with me through comments. Its very fun!

Kathy – So so happy that the photos cover u much:) it’s a plesent time to be out in cloudy and rain times. Happy weekdays dear. Hugsssssssss.

Amutha – He is my fav. Thanks

Sandai-Kozhi – Thanks Friend! It was raining so I can’t take more green fields. Glad u like the pic.

GP – Is it!! Thanks nanba:) sure u must visit the Indian temples.

Anonymous said...


Good post which brought me back old memories of Tiruporur and Tiruvidanthai. I had been to both the places. Nice to see pictures. Tiruporur temple looks the same as seen years before. I loved riding to Mahabalipuram via Tiruporur, Kelambakkam from Tambaram. The goat picture is excellent. Good that you enjoyed your trips.

Jeevan said...

Balaji – Glad u liked the post and remembers your old memories:) Its nice knows, to see some places with out any changes!!

Unknown said...

Un punniyathula Thiruporrur paathaachu. nice pictures

Anonymous said...

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