Thursday, December 07, 2006

New suffer

As I feared I brought the Eye pain from my dad, who brought it from my bro. I hoped it’s a contagious virus, if we use some thing that was used by an eye pain person, but not while we facing other eyes and even though I was careful and hope it will not attack me, but I got the symptoms of it on by Sunday evening. I never know it will go severe like this, of giving much pain, white eyes change as bloody with swilling, headache, fever and bring me to bed for three long days. It was the first time I experienced the eye pain (Madras eye) in my life, I thought the eyes will change red and if we put drops it will go, but for me, having low defiance power to face any viral disease it reflects double as compare to others. My mom and dad was worried of my situation, because I will not lie in day times except the 10pm to 7 am at night, I just do some thing. Much of my cousins are surprise to know I was lie down for 3 days. These days I was fully shut off from my all activities, like computer, reading, walking…

My bro is sin every one was scolding him for bringing the eye pain to the house, and spread to everyone. Even I too feared of seeing my eyes, I loss the pain now, but the red eyes are still continues. Was putting medicine for my eyes for every 4 hours, and hope it will be normal soon.


Visithra said...

ohh get well soon dear - rest lots ok

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear Jeevan,
i pray [no, i wish and bless that your pain will be nullified immediately].Jeevan,i had been teaching English to +2 students for the past 20 years [till yesterday...Government school]..and since Karthik did not like it much i opted for VRS and quit the job and sitting and blinking what to do next.BTW, I FEEL LOST IF I DON'T get mails or comments from u.keep mailing.
karthik amma..[ponniyinselvi/..m/o...ponniyinselvan..karthik

Nirek said...

get well soon dear
madras eye wasn't very painful. I had it before (not this year though)

monu said...

it will soon be alright..dont worry..
just take it as the time to give your eyes, the rest they deserve..

am sure ur will be absolutely fine in 2 days.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Jeev.

Anonymous said...

my first comment jeevan..

get well n take care of health..

starry said...

Hope your eyes are better Jeevan.eye pain can really be bad.take care .

Jeevan said...

Visithra – doing dear, I am fine now:)

Ponniyinsevan – Thanks for your prayer ma:) Sure ma I will be in touch with you, it was very nice to know you here. Let we talk some time and try to meet:)

Nirek – Thanks bro! The pain was not much.

Monu – Thanks dear:) It also helps to clean the eyes.

Priya – Thank you:)

One among u – Welcome here:) thank u.

Starry – I am ok now dear. Hope ur getting well soon, thanks for the comment:)

smiley said...

is there a chance madras eye can be passed thro blog also?
take rest and get well soon :)

Keshi said...

OMG TC Jeevan!!


Jeevan said...

Smiley - Ithu over:)

keshi - I am fine now dear:)

Anonymous said...

oh hope u feel better now Jeevan... u take care!

EarthlyTraveler said...

Hope you are allright now.Don't stress your eyes much for some days atleast.take care--SKM

Jeevan said...

Kathy – My eyes are fine dear, except little reddish:)

Sandai-Kozhai – Thanks for ur advice, will do it:)