Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Heart breaking Tsunami!

English translation of this poem is below!

One cold morning of Sunday
Sun get up form the sea
Everyone knows this.
In unexpected time, that giant wave gets up,
Reaction, we lose our relations

Two years ran
But the cruel scenes,
Never runs from our mind.
What we lose is not one or two,
Its equal to loses form an atomic bomb.

Because of the death fear created in our mind,
Can’ close the eyes in the nights.
The waves we saw in the televisions,
Screaming of those who loses their relations,
Arrangement of the corpse heaps,
Makes the body tremble and tights our mind.

December 26, 2004 unforgettable day in the history, it’s the Tsunami!!… which attacks our south Asia with loses of above 2 lakhs lives.


Anonymous said...

nice poem dear bro!thats nice to remember abt the tsunami! the whole blog world are remembering the sad incident last year!

Anonymous said...

pray we never have a disaster like that again :)

Anonymous said...

Its only two years. For some reason it does feel like a long time ago

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)
My first time to ur page! :) Lovely poetry ....
And a good thought abt t sad incident .
Well, we have to look for the best in years to come...
Wish youa very happy new year! :)

tulipspeaks said...

well.. its a tragedy i dont wish look bck :(


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan!
It was unforeseen tragedy day! Very sad...I don't know what to say...
Thank you for memento.

Anonymous said...

tsunami has left a great scar in everybody's heart...but adhaiellam marandhu, varum aanduku pudhumaiyum pasumaiyum serkum, evvidha gora sambhavangalum nigazhamal irukka nan iraivanai prarthikiren...

en iniya nanbanukku puthandu nal vaazthukal...wishing u a gud luck n prosperous nu year..

Syam said...


Wish You a Wonderful New Year!!!

may this new year brings you everything as your wish....