Friday, December 01, 2006

BacKING up!!

Jeevan is back to his world after a short break from his broken computer. No no it dint broke! The much costly motherboard will take time to change may be this month or some…. Now temporarily some programs are working including IExplore in unknown situation (no idea when it will hang), till then I will be here. It has crossed over 15 days I blogged, it was bored days with out being here, and seeing u all. But these days was not bad, we where going out with family, visiting doctors, listening to some good songs from new releasing films, end of rainy days:(… and start of cool winter:)

The fearing rainy seasons gift, the Madras Eye (eye pain) was everywhere in the city, and most of our well knows had this gift, I was happy till a day back before my bro got the Madras Eye, now fear, it may come to me or some of my family members. Nowadays mom & dad were feeling hard to shift me from one place to another, like chair to Wheelchair, bed to chair…. So with the advice of doctor, brought the hoist, even though it makes me worry on a side, I realize the situation it must be used to avoid the stress of them. Last weekend was cool by spending some times with cousins, and aunty. The bro’s were so sweet to make me smile by kissing on my cheek:) Hope u all have been happily enjoying these days. I know you all were wishing me to come back soon… I don’t know non-words than Thanks, Dears.



Syam said...

gud to see you back man :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to have u back jeev. Hope things are fine and take care of ur health.

Keshi said...

WB Jeevan! Im glad ur IE is working :) Missed u alot!

That's great u got to spend some time with family. U need to. Good break then ha :)

Regarding AIDS....well it's great what u do through ur blog...u always spread imp msgs and that's what we need. Awareness and spreading of knowledge. Good job mate!


Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

happy to see u again.keep writing.
karthik amma

Nirek said...

vanga! vanga!
welcome back!

EarthlyTraveler said...

Good to see you back.Glad that you enjoyed your break and escaped from the "MADRAS EYE".have fun now--SKM

gP said...

welcome back bro! missed ur writings. Waiting for your short story.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jeevan

Jeevan said...

Syam – Hi! Nice to get ur comment as first:)

Priya – Everything was fine priya:) cool to see u here.

Keshi – Me too dear! Have missed some of ur wonderful post. We get together in a family function 2 days back. Thank you Keshi:)

Ponniyinselvan – Nice to get a lovely amma like you:) you comment on the last one was very sweet.

Niker – varaverppa parugappa… Thanks Friend:)

Sandai-Kozhi – Think Its rare if i escape from the Madras Eyes;) Thank you.

GP – Thanks for the welcome friend. Missed urs too. Let me try anything, hope it wont be bad:) Happy Karthikai Thipam!

WA – Thanks dear:)

வேதா said...

welcome back jeev:)

Anonymous said...

yeyyy welcome back dear ^_^ hugsssss!!

aruna said...

I took a break & when I came back, saw most of my blog friends were in break too. Enna otrumai?

aruna said...

I took a break & when I came back, saw most of my blog friends were in break too. Enna otrumai?

Jeevan said...

Veda – Thanks:)

Kathy – Thanks sweet Kathy:)

Aruna – Athu thaan friendship!! My pc is accepting the yahoo messanger, I miss sharing with u.

smiley said...

mebbe the computer has a virus? madras eye :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there Jeevan, You are Back!! Thats a great news buddy!!welcome back. c u around more :)