Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The four day account

Some movements on last four day with weekend went fine for me; hope u all had a wonderful time too. Day one had to experience a delight evening, where a plan whether to go or not to the beach and at last went to the shore that was empty. The cyclone situation above and over the bay of Bengal, where the deep dark clouds surrounds and wishing for a heavy pore, that only last for few minutes in heavy drops. It was not a normal Saturday beach where to sight the cricketers, children’s on sand with little walkers. Sometimes i wish for simple things like to have a walk holding the umbrella what dad had some walk on the evening. I was listing to radio one just feeling the weather; there was a fun program on live where the dialers gave opportunity to scold whom they want. It’s a good laugh for me and as well to mom sitting in back seat.

Sunday was to spent more times on entertainment box, the continue of programs the laziness to glance the news papers even though did to know whom are all was to participate in the Monday bandh. It clears that it will have 80% strike throughout state, but it didn’t extend, the afternoon flashes the bandh was canceled by Supreme Court and only hunger strike by ruling party. Though it was not arranged by government, the employs of govt. must to attend the office on oct 1 and dad was to go. There was no bus running, the stands without buses, where they put on strike individually and dad was dropped by brother. When I was looking, there was none, but surprisingly one of my cousin bro visited home on Monday, I was really felt happy for his visit. First I teased him, who are u, where have u come, mistakenly have u entered here instead of some other house?... but I have thanked at least now he thought to spent with me.

I distant all of my other works and make sure I haven’t lost interest him to spend with me. Both watched movies, played carom board, laughed, pass comments and enjoyed the movements. Had lunch and dinner, he slept beside me and both engaged with conversation till late night, played games on computer, browsed net and it was a day fully with him. Except weekend beach, nothing going out where our grandma was not well with health so I didn’t force dad to take me. I hope from the night of September that the October would be a good doing month and carry changes for me, as per what happening feels somehow satisfaction. My power wheels have some problems in moving so it creates little troubles the movement free. There is so much to type to finish the work and being away for last few days that stored more, so have to over spend time on it and couldn’t post or find time to visit many buddy’s blog. Want to share my days to know the dears here what happens. I apologies and would check u all soon.

# The last post that hold the Gandhi painting fills here continuously for three years on Gandhi’s Birthday. Thank you friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan,

Great to note that you had a great weekend. And to note that you had a whale of a time with your cousin is awesome.

People can scold whom they want? Wow, thats a good idea. Can I vent my anger at a group of people too? Say, for example, the politicians? Sounds fun.

Voracious Blog Reader

Anonymous said...

Walking in sand is so fun on a cool day. Politicians... hmmm when will citizens learn to ask them with real confidence.

balar said...

Nice to hear that u had good time with your cousin..

Keshi said...

thats a brilliant weekend then Jeevan! Im glad :)


starry said...

Nice to read about your weekend and your visit with your cousin.Another weekend is coming up what are you going to do.

kalai said...

I feel very happy that u atlast had a very nice time with ur cousin...

Just b cool & keep smiling always...

Neha Nair said...

One thing I would want to tell you is ...on Gandhi Jayanthi, the zoo at my place were giving free shows. And you should have seen the rush that day. People respect Gandhi or they actually wanted to check on the animals. I don't know.

P.S. do visit my blog.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I'm so happy that you had a good weekend, specially with your cousin.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful the Oktober too.
I wish the good health to your grandma!

Shiva said...

A goos summary of the 4 days. Glad that you enjoyed it. There was some confusion about the so called bandh - not really sure it happened or not. I dont know when this whole lot of politicizing will let us live in peace

Movie Mazaa said...

great to hear that u had a great time, jeev!

Movie Mazaa said...

great to hear that u had a great time, jeev!

Jeevan said...

VBR – ya it was really fun. I don’t know how it would sound when scolding a politician… may be violence can dance after. Thank u so much :)

Priya – hum… could be. It seems no one is really looking for good.

Balar – Thanks buddy :)

Keshi – Thank you dear, glad u too had nice time with your cousins.

Starry – this weekend seems little boring :) thank you.

Kalai – very nice to feel happy. Thanks friend, you too keep :) smiling.

Neha nair – will check, thank you.

Krystyna – Glad for you wishes my dear. Thanks for being there, happy weekend!

Shiva – Hi buddy :) nice to see you after sometimes… never, there are confuse within them and also make public. Bandh is just to create a situation of showing they have care on peoples need.

Velu (mm) – Thank you friend :)