Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Summer, why one of my favorites?

Summer is always special in many ways like every other season has its own, and ours is a tropical country, where the temperature rose high during this time turns out to be a holiday season for kids in schools and colleges. And what more special the kids could have in life to refresh from the regular institutional life?

Being a 90s kid, I know how curiously we waited for this time to make some of the best childhood memories.

Though the days are hot enough, the summer breeze is always special, especially to me, and it blows me down with nostalgic memories of the past and a boost to look forward in life. When I think back, many of my poems or inspiration to write wake up during this time, and the silent afternoons are the best to connect with emotions and thoughts.

And also, living close to the sea, the cool breeze that rose from the sea would sway me and flatten the day's hotness!

Beaches are one of the best places to hangout often during the summer, which I guess is the mindset of all over the world, but those living close to one would truly enchant the opportunity. Beaches are my favorite places, perhaps because they're easily accessed here but never close to the water. Beaches provide small amusements watching through the activities of people, stalls, and hand carts and for me, the best time to visit beaches was on the full moon day to see the silvery moon rising over the sea. There was a time where I visited the beach constantly for few full moon days, but it's been a year since I have gone close to a beach.

Summer is also a season where we get to taste ice creams, and this is the time where parents could not deny buying us ice cream when we insist on the sign of summer. On the other hand, there are watermelon, muskmelon, and mangos, the only available fruits of the season to take down the summer heat. 

The vacations are another interesting thing we anticipate over the season and planning mostly for a cold region or hill stations to enjoy the pristine nature and weather. But things aren't the same now as we started to avoid this season esp. to keep away trouble in accommodation, booking rates, and the crowd.  Still, the thought of vacation haunts me whenever the temperature takes a toll or someone reminds me of the time spent together or the mind recollects the moments cherished.

I hope, you guys too have your favorite season that connects you in one or many ways.  If possible, share few interesting things in the comment. Thank you


Nancy Chan said...

When I was schooling, I always looked forward to holidays. When I am working, I too looked forward to public holidays. Now I am retired, every day is a holiday. We are now enjoy the mango season and looking forward to durian season.

Tom said...

...summer is a wonderful season, but sometimes it gets too HOT!

Destination Infinity said...

Summer means holidays and playing, that's why I used to like it. But nowadays I find it difficult to work with kathiri heat during May. Probably I should schedule more rest during that time...

Destination Infinity

carol l mckenna said...

Yes ~ Summer can be a lovely time ~ yet Autumn seems to be my favorite ~ the cooler weather and the gorgeous color of the foliage ~ Happy Day to you ~ Xo

Living moment to moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

bill burke said...

I grew up within a mile of the beach. As kids we used to head down there with our lunch and swim and play. There was a playground that was fenced in at the entrance to the beach. Lots of fun times and family memories.
Have a great day, Jeevan.

L. D. said...

Summer has always been my favorite as a kid and as an adult. As a teacher it was so nice to have a couple months off and do fun things. Visiting Minnesota lake areas was wonderful. Like you we are all stuck inside. I hope we can travel this summer again.

George said...

Every season has its own special charms, but I thing Spring is my favorite. That's when the world around me turns green and flowers break out in bloom. But Autumn is a close second, since the mountains around us are filled with color.

Rose said...

When I was young, I too really looked forward to summer to be away from school...but then it brought hard work as I lived on a farm and there were always chores. But I did not hate them.

Now that I am older, fall is what appeals to me most.