Sunday, January 01, 2006

World 2005 Part II

The former South African president Nelson Mandela announced retirement form public life to lead support to a new global campaign for abolition of poverty on February 3.

The wreckage of the Afghan passenger plane with 104 crashed near Kabul on February 4.

The President of Tango, African longest-ruling leader died on Feb 6.

After many years of bloodshed, the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared a formal end to violence kindling hopes of a possible revival of the stalled peace talks on Feb 8.

The British Government gave the creator of Dolly the Sheep a license to clone human embryos for medical research on Feb 8.

An explosion in a Coalmine in China killed at least 203 people on Feb 15.

Disease fuelled by freezing weather has killed more than 120 afghan children, in Feb.

A powerful earthquake, which measured 6.4, in southeast Iran at least 500 people died on Feb 22.

The founder of Amnesty International, Peter Benenson, has died on Feb 27; Amnesty is the world’s most important Human Rights organization.

Million Dollar baby captured 4 top awards at the 77th Academy Awards including best Director Clint Eastwoon, best Actress Hilary Swank. Jamie Fox won Best Actor award. The Aviator, which has the most nominations, 11 in Oscar Award in Feb 28.

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton undergone a new round of hear surgery on March 11.

China’s parliament elected President Hu Jinta as chairman of the State Central Military Commission on March 13.

James Callaghan, the Labour Party stalwart who served as Britain’s Prime Minister in the late 1970’s died on the eve of his 93rd birthday on March 26.

A huge undersea earthquake measured 8.7 hits northwest Indonesia at least 2,000 people are feared dead on March 28.

Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugale’s ZANU-PF won the Parliamentary election on April 1.

Iraq’s new parliament chose a former Kurdish rebel fighter, Jalal Talabani, as the country’s first freely elected President on April 6.

Russia and NATO signed an accord facilitating joint military training and transit of troops through each other’s territory on April 21.

Accused of 9/11 attacks, Zacarias Moussooui said that Osama Bin Laden, personally chose him to crash a plane into the White House in a second-wave attack planned for after 9/11 on April 23.

After a gap of 29 years, Syria has withdrawn almost all its forces from Lebanon on April 26.

Singapore’s beloved and versatile former President Wee Kim Wee 89, passed away on May 2.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was back in Downing Street after leading the Labour Party to an unprecedented 3rd successive term in office on May 6.

In a historic vote, the Kuwaiti parliament has granted Women the right to vote and stand for Parliamentary and local election on May 17.

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s “The Child” about a 20-year-old petty crook suddenly faced with the responsibilities of fatherhood, won top honors at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21.

BBC journalists and other employee’s observed a one-day strike over job cuts on May 23.

Natalie Glebova of the Canada was Crowned Miss Universe 2005 on May 32; the 23-year-old was born in Russia but emigrated to Toronto as a young girl.

A week of torrential rains and heavy flooding has killed at least 200 people in china on June 1st week.

Famous Hollywood Actress Anne Bancraft (73) winner of the 1962 best actress Oscar as teacher of a young Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker has died as cancer on June 8.

Pop Star Michael Jackson 46, was cleared of all charges in his child molestation trail hearing the world’s not guilty uttered 14 times in a deathly still courtroom on June 13.

The U.S. is at war in Iraq because of the 11/9 attacks, U.S. President Bush said. we went to war because we were attacked, and there are still people out there who want to harm our country and hurt our citizen’s on June 18.

Indonesia confirmed its first human deaths form bird flu on July 20.

At least 88 people were killed in a string of bomb attacks that rocked this tourist-packed Red Sea Resort in Sharm el-sheikh (Egypt) on July 23.

On July 23, The London police shot a innocent man Jean Charles de Menezes who had been living and working in London for 4 years.

On July 26, Discovery and 7 astronauts blasted into orbit on America’s 1st manned space shot since 2003 Columbia disaster, ending a painful 21/2-year shutdown devoted to making the shuttle less risky and NASA more safety-conscious.

A U.S. Astronomer announced that he had discovered a new planet larger than Pluto in orbit around the sun on July 30.

Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd (84), who had been ailing for some times, died, ending a 23-years reign on August 1.

On Aug 3, A space walking astronaut gently hulled two potentially dangerous strips of fabric protruding from the Discovery’s belly with his gloved hand, successfully completing an unprecedented emergency repair job.

A Russian naval mini-submarine with 7 sailors aboard is trapped some 190 metres down on the sea floor off the Pacific coast after becoming caught on a fishing net, on Aug 5.

The space shuttle Discovery glided back to Earth to a predawn landing in Edwards Air Force in California, nearly 14 days after its 9.28-million-km journey began on Aug 9.

Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Minister Lakshman Kadirgmar (73) was short dead by an unidentified gunman in Colombo on Aug 12. The island nation declared a state of emergency to track down the assassins of Kadirgmar.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance orbiter blasted off into Space on Aug 12.

An Ecuadorian ship with 113 migrants on Board sank in the pacific off Colombia killed 104 on Aug 17.

Russia and China have lunched the first ever joint War games seen as a demonstration of the two nations resolve to challenge the U.S. dominance in world affairs on Aug 18.

The Israel military has evacuated all settlement in the Gaza strip to end 38 years of occupation of the Palestinian territory on Aug 22.

Robert Moog, the man who transformed the sound of popular music with his Moog synthesizer has died age 71 in North Carolina on Aug 23.

Oil prize topped $ 70 a barrel for the 1st time as a powerful hurricane wreaked havoc in the crude-producing Gulf of Mexico, home to 25% of U.S. oil and gas production on Aug 29.

At least 1,000 Shia Pilgrims are feared dead following a stampede on a bridge while they were on their Way to a Shrine in Baghdad on Aug 31.