Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rise and down

Our nation walking through the years of sixty as independence, I went to think on what have been raised and went down in the life. Without going to the times of independence, if we look our life it has changed for more in recent times. Not only the way we live, but the development of surrounding, the food, work, entertainment, ruling, timing and so. As public we all behind every changes.

After the entry of computers, IT based education and jobs brought a big turn on the Indian employment. It was like the computer educators are making a good sum with middle and upper companies. This life is so comfort for many, not need to wander here and their, just making life better from a place. When the IT’s occupying the nation, other department has become to lack to impress the students.

Here my favorite place agriculture. I felt our many greenery villages and fields are facing hard time now, esp. those are to be near the cities. The boom in industries, companies, IT and for residential the land rate has been raising to very high and the farmers interest has turned on making money by selling their lands. The people in villages and involving in agriculture are started to think why we should work, most of the youngsters in villages are coming towards the cities in search of job and only the old and middle-aged people are working in fields. The disappointment they facing with water and lack of investment in crops change there path and mind. One thing that keeps on running in mind is why not the youngster should involve in doing agriculture. There is any law that educated youngsters should now do farming, education is to fill the knowledge. I felt the current price on food has risen of the decrease of agriculture products and Import of cereal from other countries.

When we are in the hands of British, the only aim was to get them away and bring the independent. For that the whole nation was in unity to fight against the force and has left lives, but today are we living like that. We formed a border with in us in the name of states, the distinguish of language, people, nature that brought a feel and practice of ours. Because of this the friendliness between neighboring states has gone down and looking with anger as they are longtime enemies. Struggling for water has become a usual thing between us, attacking other state properties and lives are one that comes yearly with some reasons.

Thinking continues…


Keshi said...

good one!

then u wud like my current post cos I went to the India's 60th Independence Day celebrations in Syd yesterday :)


tulipspeaks said...

we r both in independence day spirit! malaysia is celebrating her 50th birthday this month!


krystyna said...

Thank you for sharing this inform. of your beautiful country.
Congratulations for the good changing things and I wish your country more, more new, better life's changes.
Have a successful, healthy, happy day, Jeevan!

Alok said...

Good post Jeevan .... I am just too sad tht I wld be working on the 15th

the post was very inspiring

thank you


Anonymous said...

sharing is caring
lots of ppl need to understand this..:)

Priya said...

Nice of you to share it here. Thank you.

Jeevan said...

Keshi – Thanks dear. that was a beautiful post with colorful pics.

Ammu – very nice we are going to celebrate a memorable independence. Advance wishes!

Krystyna – Thank you so much dear! we are glad for your wishes. I pray for you and your family’s happiness. Hugsss.

Alok – Thank you. ho that was sad, but we can’t urge ur govt. for our independence :)

Thooya – thanks! Said well.

Priya – Thank you.