Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jana gana mana by Jeevan

Today I wanted to do something new for the Independence Day. Just now tied the flag at gateway and came to post the national anthem that I make in my keyboard. This song was originally composed in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore and was adopted to Hindi version by the Constituent Assembly as the National Anthem of India on 24 January 1950.

As I don’t know how to connect the keyboard with computer, I have recorded the music with the headphone mike, so it may not sound that much good, but it feel better. Now days I used to sit with keyboard for sometimes more to make enthusiastic on the songs with my hands. I like to play many songs, but being away from the touch, it’s taking time to practice. I wanted to do this song and tried for hours late day.

Song : Jana gana mana… (national anthem)
Player : Jeevan
Instrument: Keyboard

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Shifting Sands said...

Very nicely done

Keshi said...

wow nice post man!

Happy Independence Day!


balar said...

Happy Independence Day Jeevs...

Anonymous said...

That's wonderfully done Jeevan.

Happy Independence Day...

I have changed my blog address. You can visit there!

Alok said...

Jeevan mere bhai u play brilliantly .... brilliantly

Happy Independence Day


Anonymous said...

Good Job and wishing you the same. A great hobby is music isn't it.

krystyna said...

Tis is a great job, Jeevan! Love your idea and job!
I wish you
and to All Indians in the world

A Very Happy Independence Day!

Jeevan said...

Raj – welcome raj! Thanks.

Keshi – thank you dear :)

Balar – Same to u friend.

Kalyan – thanks so much! I know buddy, it makes difficult to maintain over 2, 3 blogs. Happy Independence.

Alok – Thank you buddy :)

Priya – Thanks priya. Hum... its it.

Krystyna – Thanks for you wishes to all Indians!!

PreethZzZ said...

cool... Wish you a very very Happy Independence Day! That too 60th!

Alok said...

Heard it again and the thought remains the same.... u play really well


Jeevan said...

preethi - Thanks dear:) happy Independence!

alok - Thank for the encourage buddy:)

Anonymous said...


Nirek said...

kalakkal starting with music! inna neriya pannuga! best wishes....