Sunday, August 26, 2007

Festival of beauty

Kerala is beauty of its nature and when it comes to the celebration of this beauty? Then it said to be Thiru Onam the traditional festival of Kerala and one of the most important festivals of India. The Onam that falls on the months of August/September; this celebrations continues for ten days from the important day of Atham, by seeing the settings of the stars and ends on Thiru Onam. Onam is believed to be started from 800 AD, where the celebrations continue for a month. According to legend, it is about the King Mahabali whose rule was considered as golden age. Popularity of the king could not be tolerated by gods and they surreptitiously send him to the nether world, but King’s request to visit his people once in a year was granted by god and that annual visit of king is celebrated as Onam.

Onam was deemed equally to the Tamil harvesting festival of Pongal. The Pookalam is a special art with flowers arranged on the floor that usually circle in shape. This pookalam is the first attraction of the Onam, where the beautiful flowers and its petals used in various colors and it’s the children with pattu pavadai (silk skirt) sitting around decorating the event sweeter. Second was the Snake Boat race that conducts towards the festival, where many people in the 100 feet long boat. It was a gallantry sport with respects as it was looked as god, and those allowed to get near the boat must be bare footed. In general these are some we aware, but each day of the onam was celebrated with special of its own.

I think it’s the first time the Chennai has a government leave for Onam in schools and offices. HAPPY ONAM

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balar said...

Nice to know abt history of ONAM festival..
I been to kerala couple of times durinig ONAM festival..sure it is festival of colors...
avanga tharra andha Kizangum,aviyalum,aappamum and egg kurumavum...ahaha enna tastea irukkum..

hmm..Marakka mudiyadhadhu nature and girls and marakka kudiyadhu andha peirya sigappana rice..


arunsubru said...

Wishing you a happy and prosperous onam.

Once upon a lifetime in kerala

kalai said...


Very nice explanation. I don't know this before. But now, iam aware a little bit about Onam. Its all bcoz of u.


I agree with u. I too can't forget that periya rice. It remains me about our tour days to kerala.

tulipspeaks said...

do u know i'm half-Malayalee? hehehehe.. but we dont celebrate any Malayalee-related festival.


Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
their snake boat is really astonishing. It's a land where nature reigns supreme.

Keshi said...

I hv read abt ONAM b4...just so beautiful n so very exotic. TY JEEVAN!


Alok said...

Jeevan Happy Onam to u .... I applaud the feeling in you tht made u write this ....


Pandhu said...

Hey happy Onam to you too!!!

Jeevan said...

Balar – I never have been to this beautiful state, and eager to visit. Enakku jack fruit chips romba pidikum, esp. those in white sarees looks beautiful! Happy Onam nanba :)

Arun – welcome. Thanks, happy onam too.

Kalai – Thank you :) glad we all know about the festival.

Ammu – I doesn’t know this dear, good I do know now!

Ponniyinselvan – Its true. This boat and the race is something special to our country.

Keshi – yes keshi! Happy Onam.

Alok – same to u friend :) thanks.

Reva – Thanks, wish u the same. Hope u are doing great reva, take care :)

krystyna said...

Thank you Jeevan, beautiful!
Happy Onam!
(sorry, that too late)